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Port Charles Transcript Friday 9/20/02

By Amanda

lucy: Thank you very much. Oh, victor, hi. Oh. I came straight from the airport.

Victor: Are you sure you weren't followed?

Lucy: No, I don't think i was. I'm not sure, but I don't think so. How's doc?

Victor: Well, he's not -- he's not raging out of control, but I can still see it behind his eyes.

Lucy: Has he talked? Has he said anything else? Did he say anything about what happened?

Victor: He's trapped in his own mind.

Lucy: He's not going to stay that way. He's going to get better.

Victor: I know, I know.

Lucy: He's going to come back to us.

Victor: Sure. Sure.

Lucy: Ok, he will. He will.

Victor: Yeah.

Lucy: So -- I really need to see him.

Victor: Lucy, I --

lucy: I have to. Victor, no matter what condition he's in, he's still my husband.

Victor: All right. The attendant will let us in.

Entschuldigen sie, bitte.

Lucy: Victor -- I really need to see him alone.

Victor: See you back at the hotel.

Lucy: Ok. I need some help here -- whatever strength you have to spare. You know, I want to be strong for doc and go in there and try to do something -- help him break through -- i don't know -- just something, ok? So be with me.

Man: Mrs. Collins?

Lucy: Right. I'm ready.

Karen: Come on, chris, work with us.

Ian: Hook him up, colleen -- two large bore i.V.S. Where's the crash cart?

Karen: Chris, it's karen. Can you hear me? Colleen, how you doing with that line?

Colleen: I'm trying, doctor.

Ian: Pupils are sluggish. We got to do this fast.

Colleen: I can't find a vein.

Karen: You ok?

Colleen: Yeah, got it.

Ian: Focus, please. B.P.?

Colleen: 70/30.

Ian: Ok, good. Open the i.V.

Karen: Head trauma. Decreased breath sounds bilaterally. Abdomen's still soft.

Colleen: What kind of animal would do this?

[Monitor beeps]

karen: He's in v-fib.

Ian: Got to start fighting, boy.

Karen: Ok, start C.P.R. I'll get the epi.

Ian: 200.

Karen: There you go.

Ian: You're not going to die. Not today.

Karen: Ok, clear.

Ian: Clear.

Karen: He's still in v-fib.

Ian: 300.

Karen: Ok, clear.

Ian: Come on, ramsey.

Karen: Come on, chris, we can't lose you.

Ian: Again! Karen?

Karen: Got it. Ok, clear.

Ian: Clear.

Colleen: Still in v-fib.

Rafe: Alison, thank god.

Alison: Hi.

Rafe: When i found that trap, I thought something horrible had happened to you.

Alison: No. My -- my leg. It's -- it's ok, though. The bleeding -- it stopped, and it doesn't hurt as much as it did.

Rafe: How'd you get out of it?

Alison: I don't know. I don't know. I thought that i saw someone coming to help me, but i was so weak and I was so scared -- I don't know. I just sort of passed out. But then i woke up, and -- i don't know -- there was some food there, and i -- I was so hungry, so I ate a little bit. And I started walking, and I just sort of -- I came here. Our names -- you carved them again.

Rafe: Because I had to.

Alison: After all that's happened, why did you do that?

Rafe: Because i -- i love you.

Alison: What?

Rafe: I love you, alison.

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ian: Keep going, colleen.

Karen: Ian, it's no use.

Ian: Don't you give up on him.

Karen: Do you really think i want him to die?

Ian: We're going again. Charge to 360, karen, please.

Karen: Doctor --

ian: He's not going anywhere. Not today. 360.

Karen: Ian, it's no use --

ian: Clear.

Colleen: My god --

karen: I don't believe it.

Have bradycardic rhythm. We have a pulse, but it's weak.

Ian: .5 milligrams atropine and a 12 lead E.K.G., Please.

Karen: I don't believe this.

Colleen: Rhythm is stabilizing.

Karen: B.P. Is 86, systolic.

Ian: We did it. He's coming through. Good job.

Karen: Ian, look, are you ok in here? I just need to do something.

Ian: We got it covered.

Karen: Great. Thanks.

Karen: Frank.

Alison: What did you just say?

Rafe: That i love you. I do. I do. With all my heart.

Alison: Oh, my god, I thought you would never remember.

Rafe: No, no, no --

alison: I thought that it would never come back to you.

Rafe: No, that -- that's the thing. I don't -- i don't -- I still don't remember.

Alison: What?

Rafe: You know what? That doesn't matter. Because I don't love you for our past and all that. I -- I love you for now. I've fallen in love with you, alison.

Alison: Oh, my god.

Rafe: I know -- I'm sorry for everything that i put you through, all right? Can you forgive me? Can you --

alison: Oh, god --

rafe: It's ok. Please.

Alison: What are you doing?

Rafe: You said you want to get married, right? Remember, I'm kind of new at this.

Alison: Ready? Set, go.

Rafe: Ok.

[Alison giggles]

rafe: Ah! I've never been happier than this moment. There is nothing in heaven and earth just so glorious. I mean, we're getting married. Right here, right now. We're doing it.

Alison: Ah!

[Alison laughs]

rafe: I've never seen anything more beautiful in my life. I promise that we will be joined together as one for now and into eternity.

Alison: And I promise you, rafe kovich, to carry your love with me forever. My heart and soul now belongs to you, from now and through eternity.

Alison: What's the matter? What is it?

Rafe: I remember.

Alison: What do you remember? Do you remember us? Do you remember us being together? What do you remember?

Rafe: I was just -- everything! All of it! It's all come back to me. I remember you. I remember me. I remember us -- us together -- before -- before. I -- I remember everything.

Karen: Wait, frank. Stop.

Frank: Not now, karen. I can'T.

Karen: You know, how does it feel to almost kill someone?

Frank: Chris could have killed you.

Karen: It was an accident. I fell. You know that.

Frank: The avatar reacted to you being in danger. Chris had to be punished.

Karen: It wasn't the avatar, frank. It was you. You reacted. You almost murdered someone tonight. And chris still isn't home free. What were you thinking when --

frank: Now, wait, wait -- wait a minute. Back up just a minute.

Karen: The avatar is not a gift, frank. It's a curse. You can't control it.

Frank: So what should i do, karen? Tell me. What is it you want me to do?

Karen: I want you to get rid of it. Do you hear me? I don't care how you do it, but you've got to get rid of it.

Lucy: It's so good to see you. You know, I was so surprised switzerland's warm like this. I'd always heard it was so cold, you know? I just had this image of a very cold, icy country, and it's really warm. You know, everybody misses you. Everybody asks about you all the time -- everybody at the hospital, all your friends. And the girls miss you so much. Especially me. I -- i bet you miss all your stuff. So you know what i did? I brought some of your favorite things, things i thought you might miss, like your music. I brought all your favorite c.D.S. And photos. Most of all, i brought some photos that I thought you really might like having around. You know, you might enjoy seeing. Like our wedding. And remember that thanksgiving that we were all sitting around having dinner and everything was going really great? I actually cooked the turkey sort of right, and then sigmund came in, and he presented us with his family -- all those baby ducklings. And we laughed and laughed. It was -- and remember when christina drew her first picture and we ran and we hung it on the refrigerator? We were so proud. Right next to serena's. She was so proud. She was just glowing. I have a picture of that, too. I brought all this because i was trying to remind you who you are. Doc, you're a father with a wonderful family, and you're a doctor -- a very good, fine doctor, who uses his wonderful words to help heal people that have no more hope. That's who you are. And you're also the man who brought christina back to me. You're the man who taught me about love. The most important thing i guess i'm trying to remind you of -- you are my husband.

Rafe: I remember!

Alison: You came back to me. You came back.

Rafe: I'm trying to think of all the things that i did to you. I have pushed you away. I believed everything livvie said, and --

alison: No. No, no, no. It wasn't your fault. Listen to me. No, don'T. It wasn't your fault. You didn't have your memory. Ok, livvie -- she fed you all of the stories --

rafe: I'm sorry. I almost let her push me away. I don't know why i did that. I --

alison: It doesn't -- it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. All that matters is this moment, ok? I have waited so long for this moment. Nothing she does ever again or that she has done matters. It'll never come between us, ok? I just want to think about this moment. I just want to think about you. Ok?

Rafe: About us.

Alison: Yeah. Yeah.

Rafe: Do you know what it feels like to be this close to you again? To feel my lips against yours?

Alison: I almost -- I almost gave up. I did. Because I was scared. You know? But I didn't.

Rafe: I know.

Alison: I couldn't.

Rafe: I know you didn'T. I knew something happened to you because i know you never would have given up.

Alison: I'll never give up on you. Never again. I'll never let you go, ok?

Doree: Dr. Thornhart?

Ian: Ofc. Doree, hey, how are you?

Doree: I just heard. So, he's going to make it?

Chris: My chest -- it feels crushed.

Doree: And you look like hell, too.

Chris: That must be doree.

Ian: All right. Don't stay too long. He needs his rest.

Doree: Thank you, doctor. You know, chris, if you weren't laid up in this bed, I'd personally kick your butt.

Chris: Somebody beat you to it.

Doree: Well, I'm glad you're not dead, anyway.

Chris: You always had a way with words.

Frank: It's no good, karen. You don't know what you're asking me.

Karen: I know exactly what i'm asking. You asked me to save you, frank. I thought we both wanted the same thing.

Frank: I thought so, too. But that was before chris tried to take it from me, and I couldn't let him do it.

Karen: That's why you beat him up. It's not about me.

Frank: This is who I am now, karen. And I'm not letting chris or ian or rafe or anyone else take that away.

Karen: Does that include me? If i were to ask you to choose between the avatar and me, what would you say, frank?

Frank: Ask me anything, karen, but please, please, don't ask me that.

Karen: Please don't -- don't turn your back on everything --

ian: Karen? Karen -- you all right?

Karen: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Ian: What's going on? Frank was here, wasn't he?

Karen: Yeah. It's -- it's over. He won't give up the avatar, not even for me.

Ian: He almost killed someone tonight, and it's only a matter of time before he crosses that line. I'm not going to let that happen.

Karen: So, what do we do?

Ian: We force him to give up the avatar whether he likes it or not. And you might be the one.

Karen: The one?

Ian: The one to force him into it.

Lucy: Oh, you heard me, didn't you? Oh, thank god. I got through. Listen to me. Doc, it's ok. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that you're broken somehow and you can't be fixed, but you can be. We can fix anything -- anything in the whole world, you know? It's almost like you're just in the dark and you need to turn on a light. We can do that. You won't be in the dark for long. Ok, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm moving a little fast here. I'm rushing things. You know how i am. I'm so impatient. I'll stop that. But you need to hear one more thing. Nothing -- nothing has changed. I still love you the same way, and we're still going to have that amazing future together, and everything we've planned is going to come true. We're going to get everything we want. And you're going to get all better. You have to just believe in that because I do believe it.

Kevin: I'm not doc.

Lucy: Yes, you are. You're my doc. You're kevin collins. And I have been waiting for you, and I will just keep right on waiting until you're ready. I will wait until you come back to me.

Kevin: Don'T.

Lucy: Doc, wait. Don't -- don't go. Don't leave like that. Please -- doc, please don't go. Just turn around and look at me. Please. Doc, look at me. Doc -- doc, i need you!

Rafe: You're the only woman i ever loved. Just you.

Alison: When we said our vows here in our place, i didn't really know just how much that we would be tested. I promised to carry your love with me forever.

Rafe: Forever.

Alison: See, i feel like i was such a different person then and i was such a little girl because i didn't -- I didn't really understand what it was that we were actually saying and doing.

Rafe: And now?

Alison: And now I know what it means to really love someone when it seems like it's impossible. For better or for worse.

Rafe: In sickness and health.

Alison: Forever and forever. The love you carry inside you that one minute can rip you apart and the next minute can make your heart beat faster and faster.

Rafe: I feel so lucky just to be standing with you here right now and to have nothing but -- but love in your eyes coming towards me after everything that I did.

Alison: No, rafe -- no --

rafe: You know what? Loving you is like breathing. And just as much as air or water, you give me life.

Alison: Oh, rafe.

Rafe: It's the purest, most holy thing that god ever created, that ever happened to me ever. And I love you. I love you. I love you so much.

Alison: Well, now, if you would like to, you may kiss your bride.

Rafe: My wife. My alison.


alison: Rafe? Rafe?


Rafe: My angel --

alison: Rafe -- oh, my god! Oh, my god!

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ian: The man you love almost killed chris ramsey tonight. We can't let that happen. We got to stop him.

Frank: I think we have a little unfinished business.

Alison: I need to call 911.

Rafe: No, no, just stay with me. Just stay.

Alison: No.

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