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Port Charles Transcript Thursday 9/19/02

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jamal: All of -- they took all of our food?

Jack: Yeah.

Jamal: Weren't even gone for that long.

Jack: It's gone. All of it's gone.

Marissa: Sandwich stuff, veggies, potato chips -- nothing. Nothing's left.

Ricky: Almost. At least they didn't steal the tap.

Jack: Yeah.

Jamal: Jack, what do you think it was? Do you think it was that thing that we saw in the bushes, in the trees earlier?

Jack: I think it could've been a bear. I should've tied all the food up in a tree.

Jamal: Did you say "bear," jack? What are you talking --

ricky: What are you talking about? There's bears around here?

Jack: Uh, yeah. News flash, ricky -- bears live in the woods.

Jamal: Well, I thought they didn't come around people.

Marissa: Yeah, but not their food.

Ricky: What if it comes back for seconds? We don't have any protection out here, man.

Jack: Then i guess you'd better take off. Hope you make it.

Marissa: You know what? Don't worry, guys. You know, the last i heard, four-legged furs are not this tidy.

Jamal: What are you talking about?

Marissa: There's no trash. There's no wrappers. The food wasn't even eaten here. It got carried off.

Ricky: Carried off? Where? Like to its den or lair or wherever the bear hangs out?

Marissa: All the bears I ever heard of hang out with the honey pot, ok?

Jack: No, no, no, you're right. You're right. This place would've been trashed out if a bear would've been here.

Ricky: All right, so if it wasn't a bear or --

marissa: Or any other kind of animal --

jamal: Except the human kind. Somebody took our food.

Marissa: Meaning we're not alone out here.

Kate: Ok, colleen, just a few re things. I promise.

Colleen: No problem. We've got the pillows and the blanket that he likes.

Kate: Oh, and the window. The window needs to be open just a crack at night. He likes the fresh air.

Colleen: Ok.

Kate: And don't forget the music. In the morning, it's classical.

Ian: And in the evening it's jazz. We got it.

Kate: Oh, the ambulance is bringing him in right now. I hope i'm doing the right thing.

Ian: You are.

Colleen: Kate, don't worry. We're going to take real good care of him.

Kate: Thank you.

Ian: You ok?

Kate: Yeah. Yeah, thanks to you and everything you've done. Thank you for setting me up with lucy and making all the arrangements here.

Ian: Not a problem.

Kate: I'm just so used to taking care of everything for brennan.

Ian: And you did a great job.

Kate: Yeah, well, I know him so well. I can anticipate everything he would want. I wish you knew him before. He was such a strong, capable man. But now --

ian: Now he needs a little help. Happens to all of us. Even you, kate.

Chris: Ok, you're not going to regret this decision. I mean, you can transfer to me right now. I mean, there's nothing we can't do together.

Avatar: Only a just man can be my host.

Chris: Ok, that's perfect. I'm the most just guy around. I'm the host you deserve.

Karen: Chris, you don't know what you're doing.

Chris: Karen -- look, I am smarter than frank. I'm wealthier. I can work the press like a pro. I'm everything he's not.

Avatar: Then you will serve me?

Chris: Yes. God, yes. You already know how much i respect you and how much i believe in you. Just -- just let's do this. Is there anything I can do?

Karen: Chris, i mean this.

Avatar: Silence.

Chris: Yeah, karen, silence. The avatar knows what's best for you and for frank and especially for me, so let's not waste any more time. Let's do this. I mean, what do I need to do? A little chant or something?

Avatar: You believe I would waste my gifts on someone like you?

Chris: What do you mean, waste your gift? I mean, we've connected here. You can't find a better host.

Avatar: Oh, no -- I have something very different in mind for you.

Chris: What?

Avatar: Shame.

Rafe: Alison? Come on, alison.

Rafe: Come on, you couldn't have gotten far if your leg was hurt that badly.

Rafe: I know you came through here. What is it? What got to you? Where did you go? Where are you? Come on. Alison?


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kate: I'll be fine. I'm just -- I'm concerned about brennan.

Ian: Trust me, he'll be very comfortable.

Kate: Right. But I'm just --

ian: You're not.

Kate: I'm not comfortable with everybody knowing every little detail about my private life.

Ian: Hmm. What are you afraid of?

Kate: I'm not afraid of anything.

Ian: No, as long as everyone stays at arm's length.

Kate: I'm a very private person.

Ian: Ok. Or maybe you're afraid people are going to find out that you are as imperfect as the rest of us.

Kate: You, of all people, should know that i think i'm far from perfect.

Ian: You're right. And look at that, I still like you.

Kate: Well, I like you, too, most of the time.

Ian: Most of the time? When? Except when? What?

Kate: When you're being pushy.

Ian: Like now?

Kate: Yeah, like now. I'm going to go check on brennan.

Chris: Ok, let's just calm down and back up, ok, avatar? I'm your friend, remember?

Avatar: You are nothing. You will always be nothing.

Karen: Chris, tell him you didn't mean it.

Chris: Well, I didn't mean to upset you. I thought you'd be pleased.

Karen: Chris, listen to me. Just take back everything you said.

Chris: All right. Let's just -- let's just stop and talk about this.

Avatar: I can no longer tolerate you.

Chris: Wait, wait, whoa, whoa. You're making a huge mistake. Now, i gave you the cover you needed and the p.R. I've been loyal to you.

Avatar: I know your kind.

Chris: No, no, no, I have done nothing but try to help you and be good to you, and I would love to do it some more, but -- ok, look, let's just stop. Karen, tell him to back up and just stop. Can you say something to make him stop?

Avatar: Silence! You are no longer any use to me.

Karen: Ah -- my wrist. Please, I need your help. I can't move it. I think it's broken.

Avatar: Never! You will not escape!

Karen: Please. Don't, frank. Let him go, ok? Please let him go.

Rafe: Alison?

Rafe: Alison?

Rafe: Alison?

Alison? Wait a minute. Something's not right. This is the same spot. God, i'm going in circles. She can't stay out here alone much longer. Come on, rafe, just think. Just think. If she were strong enough to keep moving, where would she go? Where would she go? If she wanted to be safe, where would she go?

Alison: Well, at least you -- you remember that you're married, right? That's sething, you know? It was a really beautiful ceremony, wasn't it?

Rafe: It was in this old barn.

Alison: I stood there with you. We promised our love to god for all of eternity. Remember? I wore those little flowers in my hair.

Rafe: Yes, of course.

Kate: You were right. Brennan is fine, and the nurses here have been really fantastic.

Ian: Good.

Kate: I was so nervous about bringing him here.

Ian: I know you were.

Kate: I mean, after all of the poking and prodding by every specialist in new york in the past two years, I mean, I'm telling you --

ian: This place is different. I'm different.

Kate: You mean, more pushy?

Ian: Yeah, maybe more pushy for answers, for new treatments like that, you know.

Kate: I am a little afraid about getting my hopes up again.

Ian: People come out of comas and lead normal lives.

Kate: Can I ask you a question?

Ian: Is it personal? I don't know, I'm a very private person. I --s serve that. What's in this for you?

Ian: I'm a doctor. I like helping people. And for my friends, it's even better.

Kate: Well, I'm not very good at this, but thank you.

Ian: Why don't you buy me a burger?

Kate: Ok. Yeah, I think I can still afford that. Tomorrow? Lunch?

Ian: No, I'm hungry now. There's an all-night diner. You want to --

kate: No, I --

ian: What? No, brennan's fine. He's all settled in and we're -- I'm pushy, aren't I? Yeah.

Kate: Yeah, just a little. I'm going to go sit with brennan for a while now.

Ian: Sure. Sure, yeah, mm-hmm. It's just a burger.

Jack: Ok.

Marissa: Ah!

Jack: I don't know about you guys, but the idea of someone skulking around here in these woods just doesn't make me feel too good.

Jamal: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Tell me about it. I've had my fill on things that go bump in the night.

Marissa: Wait, "things"? You mean, plural, like besides the avatar?

Ricky: Oh, ok. Change the subject, all right? You guys are creeping me out.

Marissa: No, no, wait. Jamal, this is cool. There could be a-story here.

Jamal: Marissa, come on, don't --

marissa: No, no, we should check it out. It sounds very "blair witch."

Jamal: All right, look, I hated that movie. Ok, they couldn't even keep the camera still. Secondly --

jack: Ok, you know what, guys? There's not witches out here. All right, but this is starting to get kind of freaky.

Ricky: Look, maybe it was just some campers, all right? Some kids.

Jack: Then why are they hiding from us, ricky?

Ricky: Because they stole our food.

Marissa: Yeah, but that doesn't explain why somebody's been watching us, you know, spying on us.

Jack: All right, you know, who cares who's out there? But I think we should get out of here.

Jamal: I am with jack on this one. I don't like the vibe going on around here. And besides, it does feel like somebody's been watching us or something.

Marissa: Oh. Oh, ok, so now i'm right? There is somebody?

Ricky: You guys are all being paranoid, all right? At least it's not a bear.

Jamal: You know what, ricky? I'd rather face a grizzly than be stalked by some kind of freddy krueger nut job, ok?

Ricky: Ok, all right. I got you.

Jamal: I think we should make tracks, go back to that motel that we saw, ok, and then come back first thing in the morning and then take pictures with that new bike.

Jack: That sounds good to me.

Jamal: All right, cool. Let's go.

Marissa: No, no, except i could be missing out on a really great story. You guys are being wimps, ok?

Jamal: Look, you want a story, marissa? I got plenty for you to hear, ok? Just come back to the motel with me --

marissa: Yeah?

Jamal: Yeah, mm-hmm.

[Wolf howls]

ricky: What was that?

Jack: Sounds like a wolf.

Jamal: Sounded like a wild dog or something.

[Wolves howl]

marissa: Ok, I'm convinced.

Jack: Yeah.

Ricky: All right, let's jet. Watch out, man.

Karen: No, frank. I won't let you go.

Avatar: Out of my way.

Karen: I can't do that. Frank, i know you can hear me. Don't let the avatar take control.

Avatar: No!

Karen: Can't you see? You can stop this. I won't let you hurt chris. We talked about this, remember? The wonderful life we could share. The way you could use your power to do honorable things, noble things.

Avatar: He will pay.

Karen: No. You can't use your power for revenge. I won't let you hurt people. Violence only makes you crave more violence. Please, there are other things.

Avatar: No!

Karen: You say that you love me. Well, if you mean that, do this for me. Do this for us. Please, I am begging you. Please just drop this and come home with me.

Avatar: Justice -- justice will be done.

Karen: Frank, no! Frank!

Rafe: Alison. Are you here? Alison? I know you're hurt. It's ok. You can come out. You know what? I really thought you'd be here. I don't know, I just trusted it.

Rafe: Because, you know, you always said that this is your special place, you know?

Rafe: I can see why. Who knows, maybe this is a special place for both of us. God. Why did it take me so long to figure out? It's the only thing that makes sense. It's the only thing that ever made sense. We belong, alison. We belong together.

Jamal: Let's get the last of this stuff packed and get out of here asap.

Ricky: You said it. Let's get this show on the road. So, hey, you riding back with me?

Marissa: Oh, you know what, ricky, i changed my mind. I'm just going to hop on jamal's bike, ok?

Ricky: Ok. Suit yourself.

Marissa: You know what? Here, take this with you. We can't carry it on the bike.

Ricky: All right, so, see you back at the place we passed on the way here, right?

Marissa: See you there.

Jamal: So, jack, you going to be ok?

Jack: Yeah, I'm cool, man. You guys go ahead and split. I'm right behind you, all right?

Jamal: You sure you're going to be ok out here by yourself, though?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I'm just going to look around for some trash and pick things up, and I'll meet you guys back at the motel.

Jamal: Ok. Come on, marissa.

Marissa: I'm right behind you.

Jamal: See you back at the motel, jack.

Jack: All right, save me a beer.

Jamal: All right, man.

Jack: All right. Get this thing packed up. You know what, i need to go buy a new bag.

Jack: Just take one last look around this place. Put out this fire --


jack: Ok. Who's there? Ok, whatever's out there, come show yourself, please. Huh? No? Ok. Oh, boy. This is starting to freak me out now. No. A pumpkin? No. There's not a pumpkin patch within like 20 miles from here. And especially carved out. Damn. Smells pretty good. Soup. Soup in a pumpkin. Now, why would some guy follow us out in the middle of nowhere, steal our food, and bring us soup in return?

Karen: Ian -- ian, you've got to help me.

Ian: What happened?

Karen: I don't know what he's going to do.

Ian: Slow down. What's going on? What's going on?

Karen: You were right.

Ian: Right about what?

Karen: Lancelot is frank, and frank is lancelot.

Ian: I knew it. Why were you denying it?

Karen: I didn't want him to get hurt, and now it's out of control.

Ian: Ok, ok, so what happened? Why are you telling me this now?

Karen: We don't have time. He's after chris.

Ian: Ramsey? I thought they were friends.

Karen: Not anymore, ok? He's going to kill him, ian. He's going to kill chris.

Chris: No. No, I've already picked up my passport at the hospital. Yeah, I should be down there in 15 -- no, not later tonight. Now. The next flight, you understand me? Yes. Anywhere! I don't care. Just the next flight. Yes, 15 minutes. You got to be kidding me. Just get me out of here. Just get me as far away from this avatar as possible -- somewhere he'd never think to look in a million -- ok, what was that? I don't need this.

What's going on? Oh, no. Oh, no.

Ian: Come on, ramsey, answer your phone.

Karen: Frank's not answering his pager.

Ian: Neither is ramsey.

Karen: If frank finds him, he's going to kill him.

Ian: If anyone knows about self-preservation, it's ramsey. But if the avatar gets ahold of him --

karen: Look, ian, it's still frank, ok?

Ian: We don't know that. Not anymore. From what you said, it sounds like the avatar might have taken over completely, and if he has, there's no time to lose.

Karen: Ok, well, there's some places we can look, places he might go to hide.

Ian: Let's just hope he's ok.

Karen: Oh, god -- chris.

Ian: Ramsey?

Rafe: There it is, right where it belongs. Right where it always belonged. I wish you could see it, alison. I looked everywhere for you. I can't find you. Just come to me. Come to me. Come to our special place. I just need --


rafe: Who's there? Who's -- alison.

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lucy: You are my husband. That's who you are.

Karen: The avatar is not a gift, frank. It's a curse.

Frank: What is it you want me to do?

Karen: I want you to get rid of it.

Rafe: I remember everything.

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