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Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 9/17/02

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jack: Heads up. Coming through. Going to load it in the car.

Marissa: Oh.

Jamal: Bike gear's all ready. I'm going with you. Be right back.

Marissa: Ok, you guys go ahead. I'm going to go get us some high-octane coffee for the ride.

Jamal: Hey.

Ricky: How's it going?

Marissa: Hey, ric.

Ricky: Hey.

Marissa: How you feeling?

Ricky: I feel like a giant avatar did a tango on my face.

Marissa: Hmm.

Ricky: So, you going somewhere? Not chasing monsters, I hope.

Marissa: Um, nope. Road trip with jamal and jack. No, I'm doing a story on biking, strictly for fun.

Ricky: Fun?

Marissa: Mm-hmm.

Ricky: Now, there's a concept.

Marissa: What about you? You got a gig this week?

Ricky: No, things are pretty quiet.

Marissa: Yeah, well, knowing you, things are going to heat up, right?

Ricky: Right.

[Marissa laughs]

ricky: So, where you guys headed?

Marissa: Um -- I don't know -- a little ways out of town. Up north, I think.

Ricky: It's pretty up there.

Marissa: Yeah. So, hey, you want to tag along with us?

Lucy: You realize that's the fourth time you've done that?

Ian: I'm sorry. Done what?

Lucy: Looked at the door. Four times. I mean, are you expecting somebody else?

Ian: Maybe.

Lucy: What? What do you mean, "maybe"? What are you doing?

Ian: I need you to help a friend of mine. Ahem.

Lucy: Oh, no, no. I can't talk to anybody right now. Oh --

ian: It's --

lucy: Hi, kate.

Kate: Lucy. I thought I was meeting ian.

Ian: Well, I wanted -- I wanted you to meet with each other.

Lucy: What?

Kate: Why?

Ian: Ok, you're both going through a rough time because the men you love can't be with you, and i thought maybe you could find some comfort.

Kate: You told her about brennan?

Ian: This is not going exactly the way I'd hoped.

Rafe: "My darling rafe -- by the time you read this, I'll be gone. I know it seems sudden, but please understand that i've given this a lot of thought, especially in the past weeks, knowing the problems i've caused you and livvie. I care about you too much to interfere with you and your family. Besides, i realized in the end that nothing --"

livvie: Hey. Hi. I got your message. Is everything ok? Did you meet with alison?

Rafe: No. She never showed up. She just left this instead.

Livvie: Oh, I'm sorry, rafe. I know how much you wanted to meet with her and figure things out.

Rafe: That's right.

Livvie: But obviously alison felt the same way I do -- I mean, about us. So i guess -- I guess her leaving is for the best, then.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I'd say that were true if I believed for a minute that alison actually wrote that letter. But since I know in my heart that she didn't, i'm just beginning to wonder who did write it.

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ian: All right, now, let me try to explain something before you start yelling me, ok?

Kate: No, I'm out of here.

Ian: Hang on. You're both my friends, and this means something to me.

Lucy: You know, funny thing, I don't think a friend would do this to another friend.

Ian: Come on. What i'm trying to do is -- you're both very stubborn here.

Kate: I'm not stubborn.

Ian: And the advice that you can give to each other is much better than anything I can come up with. So, please, just sit down. Ok. I'm leaving. Curse me all you want, but when you're done with that, just listen to each other. Ok. Bye.

Ricky: Thanks for the invite to go on your little trip, but, no, thanks.

Marissa: Little trip?

Ricky: Yeah, I got stuff to do.

Marissa: Really? What stuff? You just said things were quiet.

Ricky: Yeah, with the band. But like you said, things are heating up.

Marissa: Really?

Ricky: Yeah. I mean, tonight, i'm going to hit every club in this town and I'm not going to stop till the music does.

Marissa: Oh, come off it, garza. Ok, your eyes totally lit up when i talked about this road trip.

Ricky: Ok. Why would I want to go on this stupid little trip, huh? Why would I want to sleep on the side of the road, probably on a patch of poison ivy, and eat food out of cans?

Marissa: Because you're lonely. It's written all over your face.

Ricky: You are so wrong.

Marissa: Really?

Ricky: And even if I wanted to tag along, I wouldn't.

Marissa: Why not? You would just rather sit in your room and mope all day when you're probably eating food out of cans anyway.

Ricky: You know what, some reporter you are. You're supposed to be so smart, so observant, and you don't even have a clue.

Marissa: Ok, tell me -- what is this big important reason why you can't come on this trip?

Ricky: Because of you, all right? Because of you.

Livvie: I know alison leaving you must be hard for you to accept.

Rafe: Yeah, try impossible.

Livvie: Come on, rafe. I know you're hurt, and it's only natural for you to be denying it right now.

Rafe: Oh, no. There's no way alison left town, and she wouldn't have written this note.

Livvie: No? Well, rafe, this is alison's handwriting. I mean, I should know. I was her best friend.

Rafe: No, but the words, the actual words -- they're not her words.

Livvie: No offense, rafe, but you barely even remember alison.

Rafe: You know what? I know her now, ok? I know what she would think. I know what she'd do.

Livvie: Nothing is ever enough for you, is it? Insist that you out and explore your feelings for alison even though it nearly killed me, and when your precious alison tells you exactly what i've been saying, you still don't believe it.

Rafe: Something's wrong, ok? I can feel it.

Livvie: Well, it's all here in black and white, rafe. Alison decided to leave port charles. And maybe -- who knows? -- Maybe she got tired of chasing after a married man. I mean, what part of "it's over" don't you understand?

Rafe: Why are you trying so hard to convince me?

Livvie: Because you are trying so hard to ignore what's staring you right in your face. Rafe, look, I know -- I know you are -- i know you're hurt and that you're really feeling connected to alison. But maybe her leaving is for the best because now we can concentrate on this baby.

Rafe: Everything turned out exactly the way you wanted it to, didn't it?

Livvie: For us. Yeah -- you, me, and the baby.

Rafe: And for alison?

Livvie: This is what she wants, rafe. Face it, she's gone and she's not coming back.

Alison: Ow.

Alison: Ow. Ow. Rafe -- rafe --

marissa: You wouldn't take this road trip because of me? What did i do?

Ricky: Karen and I just split, ok?

Marissa: Ok.

Ricky: I'm a little shaky.

Marissa: Right, which is why it would be a good reason for you to be around other people.

Ricky: You're not "other people," marissa. Every time i see you, I just --

marissa: You think of -- of casey.

Ricky: Yes. Yes, you look just like her.

Marissa: Look, ricky, if you just got to know me a little better, you'd probably --

ricky: I don't want to get to know you better.

Marissa: Thanks.

Ricky: Look, jamal is my friend, ok, and i don't want to mess that up. But he'd have to be pretty blind not to see that I'm -- that I'm attracted to you.

Marissa: Ok. Yeah, this is getting seriously weird. Yeah.

Ricky: Marissa, it's just because you look so much like casey. And, yes, you're right. I am lonely, and you have her amazing eyes. And that voice -- the whole idea of you and me being close together in a car for a long trip -- it's a bad idea.

Marissa: You're right. You know, you're absolutely right. I'm sorry it took me so long to get it, you know? Why look for trouble, right?

Ricky: Yeah.

Jamal: What's up, bro?

Ricky: Hey, hey, hey, what's up? Nothing, nothing. I'm, you know, just a little bummed out about karen.

Jamal: Well, there's only one cure for that -- put some distance between you two, you know?

Ricky: It's not that easy, man.

Jamal: Well, it is if you come with us on our road trip. In fact, i won't take no for an answer.

Lucy: Ian wanted us to sit for whatever reason, so why don't we do that and, please, sit for a second. Um -- I'm not exactly sure what he wanted us to do or what he was hoping to accomplish because he knows that at this point right now, i'm probably not capable of talking to anybody about anything.

Kate: Ok. I don't really want to talk about my personal problems, either.

Lucy: Ok. I -- i'm not meaning to be rude here or offensive. It's just something has happened to kevin. He had some problems and they've taken -- they've taken him away and I'm not sure when he can come back. And so, you know, I want to help with whatever you have, but I can'T. I'm sorry.

Kate: Lucy -- my boyfriend's in a coma. Maybe that's why ian wanted us to talk.

Lucy: What? But -- he's in -- how did it happen?

Kate: He had a heart attack on our anniversary when we were dating, and I was supposed to meet him for dinner. And I was late, so he was all alone. Anyway, if i had been there, he'd be ok. But I wasn't there, so he's not all right -- long story short.

Lucy: You -- you don't really believe that's all your fault, do you?

Kate: Sure feels like it, lucy.

Lucy: I'm so sorry. How long has he been like that?

Kate: Two years.

Lucy: You must go through sheer hell every day.

Livvie: Rafe, I don't want to fight. This should be the happiest time of our life. Look at me. Everything -- everything is going to be even better now that alison's gone. You'll see.

Rafe: You know what, livvie? It's been so easy for you just to get me to take any road that you want me to.

Livvie: Where is this coming from?

Rafe: I mean, you know, ever since i first lost my memory, you've been all too willing to fill in the blanks and just tell me about my life.

Livvie: You used to say how grateful you were that i was there for you.

Rafe: Yeah, and you were. You were there for me, whispering in my ear, telling me -- telling me what to think, what to feel, no matter what my own instincts said. And I listened to you and I believed every word.

Livvie: Aren't husbands and wives supposed to help each other and make each other happy?

Rafe: And you tried so hard to convince me that the only way we could be happy is if we left town, and that i had to forget about my past and forget about alison. And you said this again and again and again until it was just drilled into my head.

Livvie: Well, if you're trying to hurt me, rafe, you're succeeding. All because of alison's letter?

Rafe: Oh, and this is another thing. This letter -- whoever wrote it made a big mistake because i talked to alison, and she promised me she would never give up on us.

Livvie: Oh, what, you believe every word out of her mouth?

Rafe: I should've. I really should've. This is what you wanted all along, isn't it? Isn't it? To separate us -- me and alison -- right?

Livvie: No. Rafe, I had nothing to do with alison's travel plans. If she told you one thing and then just went off, I mean, that's just the way alison is.

Rafe: No. No. See, this is all your doing, livvie. You know how i know that? Because you are so suddenly understanding about me seeing alison. And then this phony letter just shows up? It all points to you. I'm not going to follow you anymore. I am going to follow my instincts. Livvie, you need to tell me now -- what did you do to alison?

Ricky:Ok, jamal, I can't just take off like this, all right?

Jamal: Ah, look, if the grammys call, then leave your cell phone number or something, ok? Why are you tripping? It'll be a blast, man.

Marissa: Excuse us, you guys.

Jamal: Come on, man.

Ricky: Go talk to her.

Jamal: What's up, babe?

Marissa: Jamal, you know, I was -- i was sort of looking forward to it just being us, you know?

Jamal: Well, it can't be just us with jack around, anyway. Plus, asking ricky is all part of my master plan, ok? That way jack won't feel like a third wheel, and you and i can sneak off and be alone in the bushes.

Marissa: It's just going to be so crowded.

Jamal: Look, if there's a reason you don't want ricky to come --

marissa: No, no, no. Jamal, look, if it's cool with you, I mean, please, it's totally cool with me.

Jamal: Cool. All right, so, it is all settled. You're coming with us on our road trip. Right, marissa?

Marissa: Right. It'll be ok, ricky. It'll be fun.

Ricky: Sure. Why not? Great.

Jamal: Now that's settled. Let's roll. You ready to roll?

Ricky: Let's do it.

Jamal: All right. First one to the car gets to d.J.

Marissa: Oh, me, me!

Jamal: Here, let me -- we don't want to listen to your music, baby. Whoa. What's up?

Jack: What's up, man?

Jamal: What's up?

Jack: What are you trying to prove with this whole ricky business?

Jamal: Ricky? I'm just being a nice guy, inviting him to --

jack: Yeah? Is this some kind of game? You know, putting him and marissa together?

Jamal: Look, come on, dude, he lost his girl, man. He's lonely. Plus, he can help you with the shoot because i'm going to be busy.

Jack: No, he's not going to be helping me. Besides, i'm just pointing out a potential problem.

Jamal: Look, um -- jack, I'm not trying to make the same mistake i did with ali. If marissa wants to be with me, it's because she wants to be. Understand? Plus, I trust her. You know, if you don't have trust --

jack: You end up like me and livvie.

Jamal: Yeah, basically. So it's not looking for trouble, all right? We've already had too much of that, anyway.

Jack: I just hope you know what you're doing.

Kate: I just don't know what to do with all the guilt and all the love that I have inside me with nowhere to go. That's why i work myself into the ground.

Lucy: Yeah, I can see that. I don't know what we take out of this, i guess, except that we're not supposed to give up.

Kate: Yeah. I still hope that I'll hear his voice again someday, or maybe i'll just come home and he'll be standing there waiting for me.

Lucy: Maybe he will. I miss -- kevin has this smile that, when he looks at me that way, makes me go all weak in the knees.

Kate: So i guess i know why ian wanted us to get together. Unfortunately, we do have something in common.

Lucy: Yeah, but maybe what we should have in common is hope. I mean, that's kind of all we've got, right? So maybe we have to have hope that the men that we love will come back to us like themselves.

Kate: Ian thought that maybe i should bring brennan here to general hospital, but i don't know if I can accept his offer.

Lucy: Why wouldn't you do that?

Kate: Well, he said he would make some arrangements financially, but i really -- I just can't afford it.

Lucy: Um, I can.

Kate: Oh, no, lucy. I couldn't ask you to do that.

Lucy: You didn't ask me. You didn't ask me at all. I just offered.

Kate: Oh, I don't know.

Lucy: I would like to do this. I mean, I can't have kevin near me right now -- it's impossible -- so i could help you get brennan near to you.

Kate: He's in an institution?

Lucy: Yeah, yeah. I don't know how long, and i'm not sure he can come back because if he does, I think they might lock him up for things that ryan did.

Kate: Well, maybe that's where I can help you. I mean, I'm a pretty damned good lawyer, after all.

Lucy: Yeah, you are. But you know, maybe that can happen and you can help me. But right now, please, let me help you get brennan right near you.

Kate: I don't know what to say.

Lucy: I do know. I want you to say yes. Please say yes, because somehow, if you let me do this, maybe we both can feel a lot better.

Kate: That ian, huh?

Lucy: Yeah, that ian.

Ian: I hope kate and lucy are talking. Because if they're not, I'll never hear the end of it. Anyway, who knows? Maybe -- maybe they'll be some comfort to each other. Yeah. The only comfort i have is coming here, hanging out with you. I miss you. That's why i thought maybe i'd come up here and hang out for a bit -- you know, read to you for a while. Does that sound like a good thing? Ok.

Ian: "When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes, I all alone beweep my with my outcast state and trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries, and look upon myself, and curse my state."

Livvie: I can't believe you would accuse me of doing something to hurt alison.

Rafe: You know what, this is all starting to make some weird kind of sense. I mean, you made it so easy for me to go just talk to alison about my feelings.

Livvie: Rafe, I thought I was doing something nice.

Rafe: Uh-huh. And that's when I should have gotten suspicious. I mean, you let me go talk to her because you somehow knew that she wouldn't show up.

Livvie: Alison let you go, so now you're punishing me?

Rafe: I didn't want to believe it because I didn't want to think the worst of you.

Livvie: Ok, now you are -- you are being really cruel.

Rafe: No, no, what i'm being is concerned about finding alison.

Livvie: You know what, I'm tired and this is getting us nowhere.

Rafe: You know what? No one has seen her. I haven't been able to find her, and you know where she is.

Livvie: I don't know and I don't care! Now let me go!

Rafe: You better rethink that answer, all right? Because we're going to find alison, you and me together, and you're not going home till we do. Let's go.

Alison: Oh, god. Ouch. Rafe -- please. Please, I just -- I need you. Please come back to me. You always came back to me, really, when i needed you. I need you right now, my -- my own personal angel. Please. I just need you to help me. Please just come back to me. Come save me just one last time. Please.

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chris: I want to be the avatar's next host. I want to be lancelot.

Rafe: There's nothing there. All her clothes, everything -- it's all gone.

Livvie: Now do you believe me, rafe? Alison's gone. She left you.

Alison: Ow. Ow, ow.

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