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Port Charles Transcript Friday 9/13/02

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victor: Lucy? Are you ok?

Lucy: Hey, victor.

Victor: I stopped by to see how you were doing and if there was anything you need.

Lucy: Don't -- i don't -- please, I don't want you worrying about me. I know this is just as hard on you as it is on me, so don't, ok?

Victor: I think it's -- it's nearly incomprehensible thinking of monk away in that place.

Lucy: You know, what makes it worse -- if that's at all possible -- is the fact it's not really doc, is it? I mean, it's not even him there. I mean, doc's gone -- again -- and now what we have left in his place --

victor: Is ryan.

Lucy: Victor, please tell me how this is happening. How has this happened? What are we going to do?

Victor: Oh, sweetheart -- what is all this? You're throwing out --

lucy: It's junk. It's my junk, and I simply have to get rid of it.

Victor: Junk?

Lucy: Yes.

Victor: This is your tarot cards.

Lucy: Yeah, they were my tarot cards. Well, these cards have failed me. The entire universe has completely failed me. So there aren't any answers anymore, and there's no comfort in all of this, not in the candles or tarot cards or runes or -- even stupid crystal balls.

Victor: Lucy --

lucy: No, victor, please don't do that, because if those things worked, I would have seen this coming. How did I not see this coming, and how did my husband end up having some sort of breakdown straight from hell and the god-almighty universe did nothing to stop it?

Rafe: I just can't believe you're actually saying this.

Livvie: Well, if spending time with alison is the only way for you to figure out what's in your heart, then I want you to do it. I'm not going to try and stop you anymore.

Rafe: Why, livvie?

Livvie: What?

Rafe: I mean, you know, why now all of a sudden?

Livvie: Because I'm tired. I am tired of feeling this constant threat hanging over our marriage. I'm tid of feeling jealous and insecure. I'm tired of wondering every time you walk out that door if you're going to see her, if you're even going to come back. I can't live like that, and that's not the way marriages are supposed to be. I want you to want to be with me, like you did before.

Rafe: Livvie, I --

livvie: Look, rafe, this has been really hard for me. I have done everything i can to prove to you I love you. We've made a life together. I am carrying your child. And you still question whether or not you should be with me, if you belong with me. And I know -- god, i know for a fact that you don't belong with alison. I'm more sure of that than i've ever been of anything, but you need to find out for yourself, for the three of us.

Rafe: Well, I'm glad you finally see it that way.

Livvie: I do. And as much as it hurts, I understand.

Rafe: Thank you.

Livvie: Hey. I do, however, have one condition.

Alison: Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to me? Does this have something to do with rafe? Are you trying to get back at him by scaring me or something, because it's working and I'm really scared. And I think he might be afraid, too, because i'm supposed to be somewhere right now, and if i don't show up, then i'm sure he's going to wonder. So why don't you just untie me, ok, and I'll go to him and I swear I will tell him what it is that you're trying to tell me. You're trying to teach him some sort of a lesson or something or you want him to back off, and I will let him know that, that you're trying to do that. Don't hurt me.

Please. Please, I beg you. Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to blifold me? Why are you doing this?

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lucy: We sure had it all, huh? Finally, everything we ever wanted.

Victor: I'd never seen monk happier in his whole life.

Lucy: Then how is it life can be so cruel? I mean, I don't understand that. We have survived everything, I mean, things ordinary people survive, things extraordinary people survive. Anything that could happen to us happened, and we survived it. So how is this happening?

Victor: Lucy --

lucy: How is it that he's gone to hell in his own mind and there's nothing that i can do?

Victor: Lucy, don't do that.

Lucy: Ok, ok, ok. I'm not, i'm not, I'm not going -- victor, you know him better than anybody in the whole world. You can fix this, right? I mean, you know something we can do. You know somehow we can solve this problem. You know how, don't you? You tell me we can, right? Right?

Victor: Lucy, I'm so sorry. All I can say is -- tell you is to pray and to not give up hope.

Lucy: Somehow I don't think that's going to be enough this time.

Rafe: What's the condition?

Livvie: Well, it really is very simple.

Rafe: What is it?

Livvie: Ok. If after spending this time you need with alison and you figure out that you can't live without her in your life, then i will never bother you again about this, not another word.

Rafe: Ok.

Livvie: Ok? But if the opposite happens and you decide that you don't belong with her and that you belong here with me and your child, you decide that's where your heart and your place in life is, then you have to promise me something.

Rafe: I'm listening.

Livvie: You have to promise me that we can leave port charles for good.

Rafe: Leave?

Livvie: There is nothing left for me here anymore, rafe. I've lost my mom and my dad. All that's left are sad memories and constant painful reminders of everything bad that's ever happened to me in this crazy town. I mean, except for you. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I just -- I just want the chance for you and i to be able to build something great together, the life, the family we always dreamed of, but we can't do it here. At least i can't.

Rafe: Livvie --

livvie: We have to be your number one priority, rafe. No more alison, no more fighting evil spirits and forces. Just the three of us so we can finally have the chance to have the peace and happiness that we deserve.

Rafe: Ok.

Livvie: You agree?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Livvie: Oh, rafe. Honey, you won't be sorry, I promise you won'T.

Rafe: Ok, listen to me. You still have to understand that i cannot promise you that --

livvie: I understand. So you go and do whatever it is you have to do. Go ahead.

Rafe: I guess I'll -- I'll talk to you later.

Livvie: Oh, you may think you're meeting here, sweetie, but alison won't be there to meet you. It's actually really too bad it has to end this way. But she couldn't give up, and now it's going to cost her her life.

Alison: This is supposed to be our day. Mine and rafe's -- this is our day to figure out if we could get back what we once had, to see if he would remember us or anything. And I think that he wouldthat he's starting to. There's no way you can stop that. You just can't. Nobody can -- not livvie, not anybody else, except you. Please, I don't know if you believe in any of this, but rafe and i being together, it's not just about love. It's about his soul, saving his soul. Do you hear me? His eternal soul! That's got to mean something to you. If you have any heart or any soul in you whatsoever, that's got to mean something. If you've ever loved anybody that much, you ought to know how important this is. Please, why won't you say anything? Why won't you just let me see you? Why are you hiding? Are you still there, or am I just talking to no one? What is the matter with you? Oh, wait a second. You know, don't you? Yeah, you know. You know that I've never done anything so awful to anyone to deserve something like this. Aren't you supposed to be, like, some hero? Aren't you supposed to protect people, especially women? Well, this isn't exactly heroic! Are you trying to get back at rafe, or is it that you hate me? Why? What have i done? Or is it that somebody else hates me? I mean, that's got to be it. There's -- there's just no other explanation!

Avatar: You should have stayed away from rafe. She warned you.

Alison: Oh, my god. Is this about livvie? Is livvie trying to do this to me? But why -- why would you be helping her? Why?

Lucy: How could you do it again? Tell me that, doc. How could you leave me again? I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to cry. I am not going to shed one more tear over you. Do you hear me? I can'T. I just can't do this anymore. I can'T. But how can I lose you? How can I let you go?

Kevin: Lucy, you taught me that life should be nothing less than a grand adventure, that opening my heart and listening to my soul is the key to being alive. And life with you is the grandest adventure of all.

Lucy: "Listening to your heart and opening your soul" -- that's what you said. I can't do it. I can't let you go. There's got to be something in these cards or something in these candles, something to give me an answer of how to help you. There are just some things --

rafe: Alison! Sorry I'm -- late. Hmm. Ok. Huh. Maybe i'm not. I'll just sit here and wait.

Rafe's voice: I'll meet you there.

Alison: Where are you going to be? Like, by the bench, or what are you going to do -- wait, I'm sorry. You -- you got me there. My sweater.

Rafe: Yeah. So, it -- it's a date?

Alison: Yeah, it's a date, and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Rafe: Come on, hurry up.

Livvie: I've tried everything to stop you, alison, to keep you out of our lives. If you had just stayed away and left us alone, but, no, you kept pushing and pushing. And now you've given me no other choice. I've got to get rid of you forever. Ok, I think that's everything. Oh. Now, you can't leave this behind, now, can you? No. It's all you have to remind you of him. Ok.

[Glass breaks]

livvie: Now I think you're ready to go.

Alison: You are doing this because of livvie, but how? Why? What kind of hold does she have over you? How can she hurt you? Please don't do this. Please don't let her make a monster out of you. You're better than that.

Livvie's voice: You need to know everything before it's too late, karen, what frank did to me. I was alone in the woods, then he suddenly appeared, wearing the shroud. He raped me! They couldn't stop him!

Frank: Raped you? You begged me to give you a baby to save your phony marriage!

Livvie: I think my memory's a little hazy about that. I mean, who do you think karen's going to believe, frank, a man who's playing host to some evil spirit or a poor, defenseless, pregnant girl?

Frank: Karen won't believe you.

Livvie: Can you really afford to take that risk, frank? Because if you can't, I suggest you get rid of alison -- today.

Alison: Please, I don't want to die.

Avatar: You have to.

Lucy: You -- you can go. You can leave.

Ian: I want to help.

Lucy: No. I don't want your help. You know, I shouldn't have called you. It was a big mistake.

Ian: It's ok.

Lucy: No, it's not. I can't keep doing this, can i? I can't keep calling out to you and running to you, and I can't keep expecting you just --

ian: What?

Lucy: I talked to victor, you know, we talked, and I decided that i just need to be alone. That's what I decided.

Ian: Is that really what you want right now?

Lucy: Yes, yes, it is. I want to be alone because i am alone, so I want to be alone.

Ian: Well, I can't do that.

Lucy: Yes, you can. Don't -- please don't --

ian: Come here.

Lucy: Don't, don't, don't, no, no, no, no --

ian: Come on. That a girl. Come on.

Lucy: He's gone. What am I supposed to do?

Rafe: Hmm. Come on, i don't get this. This is what we've both been waiting for, right? So, where are you?

Livvie: Now, let's see. What would alison say?

Livvie's voice: "My darling rafe, by the time you read this, I'll be gone. I know it seems sudden, but please understand that i've given this a lot of thought, especially during the past weeks, knowing the problems i've caused you and livvie. I care about you too much to interfere anymore with you and your family. Besides, i realize in the end that nothing, including myself, could ever come between you and your wife. It's her you love now -- who really you've always loved -- and it's time for me to accept that, to bow out and give up the fight."

Rafe: Ok, something's not right.

[Phone rings]

rafe: Come on, alison, pick up. Come on.

Alison's voice: Hi, it's me. You know what to do.

[Answering machine beeps]

rafe: Alison? It's me, rafe. Where are you? You were supposed to be here, in the park? Unless i got the place or time wrong or something. But I'm sure i didn'T. Anyway, I'm getting kind of worried, so can you call me as soon as you get this? Ok? Please?

[Answering machine beeps]

livvie: Well, I'm sorry, rafe, but you're never going to see alison again.

Alison: Please don't do this. You don't want to kill an innocent person. Please, that's not you. You're -- you're better than that. You're noble and you're honest and you're good. Please, I swear to you, you don't have to do this.

Avatar: I have to.

Alison: "The lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures and he leads me beside the still water. And he restores my soul."

Avatar: I'm sorry.

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lucy: He tried to strangle me. And if that avatar thing hadn't come along, he probably would have killed me.

Rafe: Who could possibly have stopped her from coming to meet me?

Alison: If you're going to kill me, then just do it.

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