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Port Charles Transcript Thursday 9/5/02

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timothy: You actually caught this thing? You had the avatar?

Ian: Yeah. And then he got away, and now he's madder than ever.

Timothy: Oh, boy. I need to get to port charles.

Ian: No, you don'T.

Timothy: Ian, come on. I've been studying this sort of mythology half my life. To see this creature come to life --

ian: You need to stay right here in manhattan. Tell your mom thanks for taking care of the boy, ok?

Timothy: Ah, she loves it.

Ian: At least until this avatar thing is gone.

Timothy: It's no problem. As long as you need.

Ian: Ok.

Timothy: Looking for someone, are we?

Ian: What?

Timothy: Well, I can't help but noticing that we've come to this place every night since you got here. You wouldn't, per chance, be hoping to accidently on purpose run into someone?

Ian: Come on, timmy. No -- no comment, all right?

Timothy: All right. Have it your way.

Ian: Where you going?

Timothy: I have to use the phone. I'll be right back.

Kate: If you're following me, I'm going to be very angry.

Rafe: So, you two are back together?

Jamal: Yeah, we had a good thing once and -- actually, it was a great thing. So we actually both realized and came to our senses and realized it was worth fighting for everything. And, you know, we're back together. Isn't that right, spunky?

Alison: Jamal --

jamal: Come on, you don't -- look, you don't have to hide it anymore, ok? Rafe -- I mean, he doesn't mind. He's happily married with livvie, right? So why don't you tell her. Tell her that we're -- it's good. You're happy that we're together.

Lucy: Colleen, i am so sorry to keep bothering you, but just if doc checks in, if he calls in or anything, could you please just tell him to call home right away, ok? Yeah, ok. Thanks. Ta.

[Phone rings]

lucy: Doc? Hello? Hello. Anybody there? Answer me!

Victor: I checked everywhere i could think of. Nobody's seen monk. But I -- lucy, are you all right?

Lucy: No. I can't -- i can't do this again. I can't face losing him again. I can't --

victor: No, no, no -- lucy, no, no. Now, don't do this. Don't get ahead of yourself. We don't know anything for certain.

Lucy: Yes, we do. We know he is missing.

Victor: Not necessarily. Now, he might just be delayed with a patient.

Lucy: I don't think that's what happened at all. I -- i know he's missing, victor. I can feel it.

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ian: Kate. What a surprise.

Kate: Is it?

Ian: I'm not following you.

Kate: Oh, no, of course not. You just happened to be in the neighborhood?

Ian: No, I'm here for a reason.

Kate: Which is?

Ian: I'm leaving danny with a friend.

Kate: Leaving him?

Ian: Until this avatar thing is settled.

Kate: Did something happen? Did he threaten danny again?

Ian: I just don't want him in the line of fire.

Kate: I'm sorry, ian.

Timothy: I see I was right.

Kate: Right about what?

Ian: Uh -- tim, this is kate. Tim dolan, kate reynolds.

Timothy: Very nice to meet you, kate.

Kate: Likewise. I'm sorry. I've taken your chair.

Timothy: That's ok, that's ok. I have to be going anyway.

Kate: Are you sure?

Timothy: Positive. Dr. Thornhart is all yours. There you go. Ian, my boy, talk to you later.

Ian: Thanks again for everything.

Timothy: Yeah. Nice meeting you.

Kate: Likewise. Are you sure i wasn't interrupting something?

Ian: No. It's good to see you.

Kate: You, too.

Ian: Um -- what's it like being back in the city?

Kate: It's good. Yeah. Yeah, it's good to be home.

Ian: Have you eaten dinner? Do you want to join me?

Kate: Yeah. Yeah, that would be nice.

Ian: Come on. Sorry.

Ian: Ahem. I have to tell you, I'm a wee bit surprised.

Kate: About what?

Ian: I don't know. I thought you'd be here with your boyfriend. You know, I thought you would've worked things out by now.

Kate: Well, nothing's changed. Everything's just the same.

Ian: I don't get it.

Kate: What?

Ian: Well, you know, you quit your job, you move here and -- and this boyfriend of yours -- he sounds like a real jerk to me.

Kate: How dare you. You don't know him, ian. You don't know him at all. Don't talk about him that way.

Jamal: We can all talk about this as civilized adults, right? I mean, rafe, it doesn't bother you that ali and i are back together, does it?

Alison: You don't have to answer that because jamal --

rafe: You know what? Um -- of course not. Of course it doesn't bother me. I mean, you know, if this is what you want, alison, i mean, I think it's great, you know? You deserve to be happy --

jamal: You know what? It's what we both want, ok? I mean, the simple fact of the matter is, is that alison and I -- we never stopped loving each other. And nothing's ever changed that and nothing ever will, ok?

Marissa: Oh, really? That's news to me.

Ian: I'm sorry. All I was saying is he doesn't deserve a woman like you.

Kate: You don't understand.

Ian: I don't understand what?

Kate: It wasn't always like this. He wasn't always like this.

Ian: No?

Kate: No. No. Brennan and I used to be very close. We did everything together. We -- we traveled and we had parties and we had a really wonderful life and we had plans for the future.

Ian: What changed?

Kate: Everything. I ruined everything.

Ian: You talking about this business with you working too much -- is that it?

Kate: Yes, because i did. You know, nothing could get between me and my ambition. I -- i put work before everything. I put it before him and I put it before us, so there's really no one to blame but me.

Ian: Come on, kate.

Kate: So i'm not going to let you or anyone else paint brennan out to be the bad guy because he's not. Because I know how hard he tried and I know what an incredible person he is.

Ian: I never said he wasn't an incredible person. He must be for you to be this devoted.

Kate: Well, I'm devoted now. So i can't let anyone interfere with that. I think dinner was a bad idea. I'm going to get going.

Ian: Wait a second.

Kate: No. You have a nice dinner, and -- and maybe you can get your friend back, ok?

Ian: Kate -- why do you keep running from me?

Jamal: Um, marissa, let me -- let me buy you a drink and I can explain all this, ok?

Marissa: You guys are back -- back together? Is that what i heard you say, jamal? You --

alison: No, no, that's -- jamal --

jamal: Look, it's a long -- it's a long story, ok? So i'll just tell it to you over that drink --

marissa: I don't believe this. No! Look, I asked you straight up if you were over alison, and you said yes, jamal. You said yes, but you lied?

Jamal: Marissa --

marissa: No, no! You lied because what? What, jamal? Because you wanted to get me into bed? Is that why you lied?

Jamal: No. Look, if we could just --

marissa: God, no.

Jamal: That's not how it was, ok?

Marissa: I can't believe this. You actually made me believe that we had something, that you cared, and all this time you were still hung up on alison?

Jamal: No, no, that's not how it was, marissa. Ok, look -- if we can just go somewhere and discuss this in private --

marissa: No, I'm not going anywhere with you. No, you are nothing but a low-down, lying, two-timing --

alison: Ok, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Ok, stop, stop. This has got to stop right now.

Marissa: Yeah, you're telling me.

Alison: No --

jamal: Ali -- ali, don't --

alison: No, don't -- please. This is getting out of control really fast. I appreciate what you're doing. I do. But I told you it wouldn't work.

Jamal: Ok, alison, look --

alison: No.

Jamal: It's fine. All we got to do is work out a couple of things, and we'll be fine.

Marissa: "A couple of things"?

Alison: Look. Look, look, look, look. Jamal and I -- we are not back together. We are just friends.

Marissa: What?

Alison: He is just trying to help me out --

marissa: Excuse me -- help you out?

Jamal: Yeah, um -- she's telling the truth. Ok, we're not back together and we're not in love or anything and I didn't lie to you.

Marissa: Jamal, i don't understand.

Rafe: Yeah, me -- me, neither. What the hell is going on here? Why would you two lie to me? Why did you tell me that -- that you're still together? You know -- oh, my god. Did you do this for me?

Alison: No.

Rafe: You want to make a fool out of me? You want to manipulate me?

Alison: No.

Rafe: That's it, isn't it?

Victor: All right, lucy, now, i know you're afraid, and with what we've all been through, god knows i wouldn't blame you, but -- but you've got to try to stay calm. You can't go leaping to conclusions.

Lucy: Fine. Ok. How do you suggest i stay calm?

Victor: Simply by remembering that, at this point, we have no reason to believe that kevin is in any difficulty at all.

Lucy: Ok. Ok, you're right. Any minute, he's just going to walk right through that door and say --

victor: With a big hug and a kiss for you and the girls.

Lucy: Oh, the girls. Oh, I am so glad they're staying at scott's tonight. I don't think I could face them. Why hasn't he called? Victor, why hasn't he called?

Victor: Lucy --

lucy: I should've heard from him by now.

Victor: Lucy --

lucy: I need to hear from him. I don't know where he is, and I want to know!

[Knock on door]

lucy: He forgot his key. It's got to be doc. Doc! He forgot his key! I always tell him to make a key, but he never does -- hi, mac.

Mac: Lucy, I got your call. I came as soon as I could. Victor, hi.

Victor: Mac.

Mac: What's going on? Kevin really isn't missing again?

Victor: Well, we don't know for sure that --

lucy: He -- he is. Mac, he is. Something has happened. I can feel it. You know -- you know me. You know how i am when i get these feelings. I'm not wrong.

Mac: All right, all right. Slow down. Sit down. I need to --

lucy: Ok.

Mac: Let's start at the beginning.

Lucy: All right. Fine. What?

Mac: Let's start with the basics. When was the last time you saw kevin?

Lucy: It -- it was hours ago.

Mac: And you're this worried? Lucy, it really hasn't been that long.

Lucy: No, I -- it has. Something has definitely happened because, you see, I was -- i've been waiting for him. He -- he knew I'd be waiting on pins and needles here.

Mac: Did you guys have a fight or something?

Lucy: No! No. No, not at all. It's nothing like that. It's just -- he was doing something, and he knew i'd be very anxious to hear about it.

Mac: What did he have to go do?

Lucy: He was going to meet livvie.

Mac: What was he going to meet livvie about?

Victor: Lucy, we need to know everything.

Lucy: I know, and I'd like to tell you, but i -- I don't want to share a confidence that kevin has shared with me unless i know it's happening. Let me just tell you this much, ok? He found out some information that was pretty disturbing about livvie and he went to confront her about it, but he never got there.

Mac: Come on, lucy. You've got to give me more than that.

Victor: Lucy, we're talking about my granddaughter, my son. Surely you can confide in me.

Lucy: I know, victor. I want to. It's -- I really do. I'd like to. I'm just scared here and i want to do what kevin would want me to do.

Mac: Ok, look, if you can't tell us what kevin was upset about, can you tell me anything other than this feeling that seems suspicious or out of the ordinary?

Lucy: Oh, yeah. You know, I have been getting some pretty strange phone calls.

Mac: Phone calls from whom?

Lucy: That's the point -- I don't know. I say hello and they don't answer back.

Mac: That's it?

Victor: Nobody says anything?

Lucy: No, they don't say anything. But don't you think it's a little odd, coming on the heels of kevin not being here, disappearing? I want to know who those phone calls are from and why.

Mac: All right, well, we'll trace the phone.

Lucy: Ok. Victor?

Victor: I haven't got a clue. I don't know why anyone would do such a thing --

[phone rings]

lucy: Oh, my gosh!

Mac: Let -- let me get it. Let me get it, all right?


mac: Hello. Yeah, he's right here. It's for you.

Victor: Hello? Yes, this is he. He's where? Oh, my god! Uh -- yes. Thank you very much for calling me.

Lucy: What? Where is he? What -- who was that?

Victor: It was the constable, jasmine island. He keeps an eye on the house for me.

Lucy: Jasmine island? Jasmine island! Oh, doc --

victor: Monk was seen there earlier today.

Lucy: Oh, my gosh!

Mac: Why would he go to jasmine island?

Victor: I haven't got a clue. Nothing good has ever happened in that place.

Mac: I've seen that for myself.

Victor: That's the last place we were together as a family -- me, melanie, kevin, and ryan.

Mac: I know. I know what happened there. Facing it nearly killed kevin. I had a front-row seat. I didn't think he'd make it through it.

Victor: I thought we were past all the terrible things that happened in that house.

Lucy: Victor, listen to me. You are past all of that. We all are. Doc is past that. I don't think this is -- this isn't about the past. This is about what's going on right now and about all the demons doc used to face. I think he's so afraid that maybe livvie has to face those demons now.

Victor: Lucy, that doesn't make any sense.

Lucy: It does. It actually does. It makes some sort of horrible kind of sense. Don't you know? Kevin is so afraid all his life that those demons -- all that evil, all that craziness -- is going to fill him back up again. And now he's not worried about himself. He is worried that that insanity is going to happen to livvie.

Victor: When will that horror ever end?

Mac: Do you think he went there to face down those demons again, to remind himself that he can beat the odds?

Lucy: No, mac, i don't think that's it at all. I think he went there because of livvie. I think he's so worried. He doesn't know what to do for livvie. He doesn't know how to help her. Oh, my gosh, i should've seen this coming. He was under so much stress with that stupid portrait and being gone and now everything going on with livvie. I should've seen it coming. I got to -- I got to go to jasmine island.

Victor: No, no, lucy, no --

lucy: I am going. I got to find him.

Victor: He's not there.

Lucy: What do you mean, he's not there? Where is he?

Victor: He was seen leaving.

Lucy: What? Where did he go?

Victor: Nobody has the slightest idea.

Mac: Well, then the question is, if kevin didn't find what he was looking for on jasmine island, where did he go?

Lucy: I have no idea. None.

Ian: Why do you keep running away from me?

Kate: I told you, I -- I can't get involved with you.

Ian: What are you talking about, involved with me? We're having dinner. We're not doing anything wrong here.

Kate: I feel like I am.

Ian: Why?

Kate: Do you really have to ask?

Ian: Yeah. What are you talking about?

Kate: What are you doing here, ian?

Ian: I told you, I'm --

kate: What are you doing here in this restaurant that you know i always come to? Why are you here?

Ian: I wanted to see you. I've missed you.

Man: How long you think you could hide from me?

Kate: Sam, i --

sam: Forget it. Save your excuses. I've had it with you.

Ian: Who the hell are you?

Kate: No, ian, don't -- don't -- I will speak with you at the bar. If you go over there, I'll be there in a minute.

Sam: No. We'll talk right here, right now.

Ian: The lady told you --

sam: I don't care what the lady told me because now i'm telling her. I cut you some slack, ms. Reynolds, because of your situation. But now you went and bounced another check, so I got no choice but to cancel our little arrangement. But first you're going to pay up in full, and this time i want it in cash.

Rafe: I'm just having a hard time believing that you'd actually do something like this.

Jamal: No, no, hold up, rafe. Look, this was all my idea, ok? I was just being a friend to alison, trying to help her out. That's it.

Marissa: Oh, yeah, and that's just wonderful, jamal. You didn't even think about how i would feel, now, did you?

Jamal: Marissa -- marissa, I didn't even have any idea you would walk in on this, ok?

Marissa: Oh, no, of course not, because you just wanted to make me look like a fool behind my own back, right?

Jamal: No, no --

marissa: No. You know what, jamal? I am so not interested in being your consolation prize, ok? So, you know, I --

jamal: Marissa -- wait, marissa, no. Come on. This is just a big misunderstanding, that's all. Let's just talk about it, ok? It'll be fine.

Marissa: No! No! No, no, no, no, I don't want to talk about it, ok? Ok? I've just had a really rotten night. I want to get out of here. I want to go home.

Jamal: Ok, wait, just --

marissa: No. Leave me alone, jamal.

Jamal: Wow. Me and my bright ideas.

Alison: Well, you better go after her.

Jamal: Yeah, but --

alison: No, I can take care of it, thanks. Go on.

Jamal: Look, rafe -- never mind.

Rafe: Just go.

Jamal: Yeah, I'm out.

Alison: Ok. I didn't mean for any of that to happen. It all sort of got a little twisted. I just -- you really believe me, don't you?

Rafe: Listen, alison, I got a lot going on in my life right now, you know? I got real problems to deal with. So the last thing I need is someone else to be lying to me and you and your friend to be screwing with my head, ok?

Alison: I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for any of that to happen.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. All right, ok. It's ok. But I got to go.

Mac: Ok. Great. Thanks. All right, it's all set. Every cop I can spare will be looking for kevin.

Lucy: Ok. Thank you. You know what a good friend you are to us. Thanks.

Mac: Well, just try not to worry, lucy.

Lucy: Ugh --

mac: I know that's like saying try not to breathe, but kevin will be all right. He always is.

Lucy: Right, right. Ok, where do we start, though? You know, I figure if we split up, we can cover more ground and find him. What?

Mac: You need to stay here in case kevin comes home.

Lucy: No, I don'T. I cannot sit here, staring at the walls. I'll be pulling all my hair out. Come on.

Victor: Lucy, mac's right. If kevin's in trouble, he's going to need you, and he's going to need you to be where he expects to find you.

[Lucy sighs]

lucy: Fine, fine. You're right. Would you please find him?

Mac: You know we will. All right, come on, let's go.

Lucy: Ok, ok, find him. Victor, you find him. Ok.

Victor: Ok.

Lucy: Ok. Doc. Doc, why'd you do it? Why did you go to jasmine island? Why? Oh, I wish i was with you. I hate to think of what you might be going through right now. I just hate to see you suffering like this. Oh, doc.

[Door opens]

lucy: Victor? Doc. Oh, doc. Oh, my -- my god, you're ok. Oh, I was so worried about you. Where have you been? Oh, doc, i was so scared. I am so glad you're home. I'm so, so glad.

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Ian: You're a liar.

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Frank: I promised you punishment, livvie. You knew i was coming.

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