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Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 9/4/02

By Amanda 

Marissa: Ricky? It's marissa. Ricky, you in there?

[Ricky groans]

marissa: Ricky? Oh, my god! Ricky, what -- what happened? Who did this to you?

Ricky: That shadow guy, your lancelot. He did this to me.


Jamal: Hey, ali. Hey, ali? Hey.

Alison: Hey. Hi.

Jamal: You're going to trip into something if you keep staring off into space like that.

Alison: Yeah. Hi.

Jamal: Look, ali, i know this is not my business --

alison: Oh, right, of course, yes. You -- you talked to jack.

Jamal: Yeah. He told me you're back on this rafe train thing again.

Alison: Yeah. I really don't want to talk about this right now. Ok?

Jamal: Ok. Ok.

Alison: Because even if i were to tell you, you know, you wouldn't understand. I don't think that anybody would understand.

Jamal: Yeah, you're right, probably not.

Alison: Ok. Why are you agreeing with me like that?

Jamal: Because I know that there's something you really do want to talk about, so i'm just going to wait until you get done doing what you're doing and get to it.

Alison: Yeah. I guess I do. Come over. Bring your sandwich.

Jamal: So, jack told me -- jack told me that it was a matter of life and death. What's up with that?

Alison: It's worse than that.

Jamal: It is?

Alison: It's like the worst thing you could ever imagine.

Jamal: Ok. So let's just pretend that i won't think it's crazy or nothing like that, ok? What do you need to do?

Alison: Nothing much, really. I just need rafe to fall in love with me again so that he doesn't spend all of eternity rotting in hell.

Rafe: Why would you say you don't deserve to live?

Livvie: Just leave me alone!

Rafe: I don't want to leave you alone! I want to help! Now, just tell me. What -- what's wrong?

Livvie: Oh, it's so awful.

Rafe: What is? What -- what happened?

Rafe: Livvie, if you want me to help, you're going to have to talk to me. Now, what is it?

Livvie: It's my father. Rafe, I can't find my father.

Rafe: What -- ok. What do you mean, you can't find him?

Livvie: What word don't you understand? I can't find my father! I can't find him! He's gone, rafe!

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Ricky: This hurts, this hurts! This hurts.

Marissa: Ok, just -- just hold on, ok? I called an ambulance. They'll be on their way really soon. Look, you'll be ok, ricky. Just hold on.

Frank: What happened?

Marissa: I don't know. It was lancelot. He went off on ricky!

Frank: Do a primary assessment. Now, what happened?

Ricky: Like you care.

Frank: Look, ricky, I'm trying to help you. Just tell me what happened. Why did lancelot attack you?

Ricky: No -- no reason, ok? No reason.

Frank: There's always a reason, ricky. This man never attacks someone unprovoked.

Ricky: Look, I was hanging out with karen, ok, and she took off. Then it -- that thing came after me. It's got a thing for karen.

Frank: Karen? What are you talking about? You're not even with her anymore.

Ricky: I carried her here, ok? To get her away from you.

Frank: Well, that was brilliant. Lancelot must have thought you kidnapped her.

Paramedic: There are no obvious fractures or deformities. The bleeding is controlled. I'll start a line in the rig.

Frank: All right, all right. They're going to take some x-rays at G.H. Now let's get you on the gurney, all right?

Marissa: Is he going to be ok?

Frank: Yeah, he's going to be fine.

Ricky: Oh!

Frank: Easy, easy. All right?

Marissa: Ricky? Look, I know it hurts, but you're going to be ok. You're going to be ok. All right?

Frank: Close call, though.

Marissa: It's ok.

Frank: Very close call.

Rafe: What do you mean, your father's gone?

Livvie: I didn't know he was coming over. I didn't know it was him.

Rafe: Ok. Your father -- he was here?

Livvie: You told me that the avatar was gone. You told me that everything was fine, but it's not fine. He's alive and -- and now my father --

rafe: Wait a minute. You -- you think the avatar has your father?

Livvie: My dad loves me. And you said you loved me. And I thought -- i thought i was finally -- finally going to be happy.

Rafe: Look, livvie, please, please. This is important. You have to answer my question. Do you think the avatar has your father?

Livvie: No! I don't know! I --

rafe: Then why do you think he's gone?

Livvie: Because he's missing!

Rafe: But you said you --

livvie: My dad is missing, I know he is!

Rafe: You just saw him, you said.

Livvie: None of this would have ever happened if I didn't always have to worry about everything. You said you were going to keep me and the baby safe. You said you would always be with us.

Rafe: What is that supposed to mean? I am.

Livvie: But, no --

rafe: I am.

Livvie: There's alison and the avatar. Everyone keeps taking everything away from me, and now my father -- my father -- god, what's happening to him?

Rafe: Just stop, stop, stop! You're acting like --

livvie: What, like i'm crazy?

Rafe: No.

Livvie: I am not crazy! Is that what you think?

Rafe: No.

Livvie: I am not crazy!

Rafe: Listen to me.

Livvie: I am not like my mother! I am not my grandmother! I'm not my uncle! I am none of them!

Rafe: Ok.

Livvie: I just wanted to have a family, and I thought that's what you wanted, too. I thought that -- but why can't you be here for us? Why can't you be here --

rafe: Damn it, listen to me! Listen to me! I am trying to help you, ok? I am trying to be here for you, but I don't know what you want! All right? I mean, one minute you're fine, the next minute you're going off the deep end! You don't even know if your father is missing. You haven't been able to reach him for, what, one hour, two? I mean, he's probably fine. He's probably on some emergency house call somewhere. He's fine.

Livvie: No, no, no, rafe! No, he is not, fine. But you know what? You wouldn't know that because you're too busy caring about alison. Why do you always have to save everybody? Why can't you just be with me and the baby? None of this would have ever happened --

rafe: Just stop it! Just stop it, ok? I am so sick of you overreacting, and now you want to blame this all on me? I'm just sick of all of it, ok? Damn it! You know what? I want to go to bermuda, huh?

Livvie: Bermuda?

Rafe: Yes. Bermuda. I'm just -- I'm just tired of all this. I want to be free. I want to feel free. I want to be free of all responsibilities. I want to be free of feeling like i have to protect the world. I just want a life, you know? Just a normal life, just like everyone else. If that's too much to ask, I don't care, I'm asking anyway.

Alison: See, i just -- i knew you wouldn't get it.

Jamal: So you think that rafe's in hell being married to livvie and you're the only one that could save him from a miserable, loveless life, right?

Alison: I just can't -- I can't let rafe give up on love. And this is going to be the biggest thing that i will ever do, and i don't even know where to begin.

Jamal: Ok. Well, when someone like rafe has made a decision like he's obviously done and he's just kind of cruising like he is, you got to -- you got to do something to just -- wow -- to just shake things up.

Alison: What do you mean, shake things up? What am I supposed to do?

Jamal: Ok. Like make him see how life will be different, not just for the better but for the worse.

Alison: No --

jamal: Ok?

Alison: You lost me. I don't --

jamal: Exactly -- make him think that he's going to lose you. Then he's going to start think about what life he's stuck with right now.

Alison: Are you saying date someone else?

Jamal: Nothing gets a guy's attention faster.

Alison: No. I don't -- i don't want to date somebody else.

Jamal: No, alison, look, you're not following me here, ok? You make him think that you've moved on. Ok, you remember how chandler worked for your grandma? You remember that?

Alison: Are you talking about jack? Because I highly doubt that he even wants to hear my name right now, much less pretend that he's my boyfriend again.

Jamal: No, no, I'm talking about jack. Ok? I'm talking about me.

( Doorbell rings )

Marissa: It's ok, ricky. We're here. The doctor's going to take really good care of you, ok? Hang on.

Karen: Oh, my god! Ricky? What happened?

Marissa: It was lancelot.

Frank: Apparently, lancelot thought ricky kidnapped you.

Karen: Is that so?

Frank: Good thing marissa got there when she did. It could have been worse.

Karen: I doubt that. It's ok, ricky. I'm here, ok? I'll take care of you. Could we get him into two?

Frank: It's just some cuts and bruises. There aren't any broken bones that we could tell.

[Ricky groans]

karen: Thanks. Ok, ricky, i'm going to give you a painkiller. Hold on.

Ricky: Ow.

Karen: I am so sorry this happened to you. What lancelot did was brutal and unforgivable and terrible. I was obviously wrong about this so-called hero.

Jamal: Why are you looking at me like that?

Alison: Because I can't believe you just suggested that -- being my boyfriend.

Jamal: But wouldn't it make sense to rafe if you and I hooked up again?

Alison: First of all, aren't you forgetting something?

Jamal: What?

Alison: Your new girlfriend, marissa? Who I actually happen to like.

Jamal: No, no, no, no. She's cool, trust me. She loves all this little undercover spy stuff.

Alison: Oh, she does, does she?

Jamal: Yeah.

Alison: I wouldn't be so sure of that.

Jamal: All right, fine, I'll talk to her, then. Don't worry about it.

Alison: No.

Jamal: Why not? Why?

Alison: Because I just -- I can't trick him like this. I can'T. He's got to come to me on his own, without any other sort of influence.

Jamal: Come on. Who made up that dumb, stupid rule?

Alison: So thank you very much for your offer to play my fake boyfriend, but the answer is no.

Livvie: I'm sorry. Rafe, you're right. I -- i don't know what's gotten into me. I think it's just hormones or something.

Rafe: It's more than hormones, livvie.

Livvie: No, rafe, it's just my dad was supposed to come here and he never showed.

Rafe: He didn't?

Livvie: No.

Rafe: Wait a minute. You -- you said that you didn't know he was coming, but he did, he was here. That's what --

livvie: I did?

Rafe: Yeah.

Livvie: God -- you know, I don't even remember what i said, I was so out of it. But my father was supposed to come here, and he never showed, and it just kind of reminded me of the last time he disappeared, when --

rafe: You mean when you thought he was dead.

Livvie: Yeah, but you know what? You're right. You're right. I'm probably just overreacting, and he's probably out on some emergency house call or something and i'm really paranoid.

Rafe: It makes sense why you'd be scared.

Livvie: Yeah, but it doesn't excuse my overreacting. Rafe, I know you're trying so hard to protect me and the baby and to make sure we're safe, and I am so, so sorry, ok? Please. I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything i said, I swear. I swear. Please forgive me. Please?

Rafe: Ok, but some things you said about not feeling like you deserve to live --

livvie: No. No, rafe, I didn't mean any of that, either. Please, I want to live. I want to live.

Rafe: All right, all right.

Livvie: You and the baby mean more to me than anything. You are my life and I love you, ok?

Rafe: All right.

Livvie: I love you.

Rafe: Ok. You know what? I bet you haven't eaten. So i'm going to go get us some dinner, ok?

Livvie: Yeah, that would be great.

Rafe: Yeah, so you just relax, ok? Calm down. And when i come back, we'll make a few calls, try to find your father, all right?

Livvie: Rafe?

Rafe: Yeah?

Livvie: Thank you. And I -- i am really sorry, again.

Rafe: Yeah. Me, too.

Livvie: Hey, get over here. I need to talk to you about the drugs you sold me. Well, I think the person who took them could be in some serious trouble.

Karen: Ok, you have a few stitches and you're going to be sore for a while. But I'll get you some painkillers that you can take after this wears off, ok? How are you feeling?

Ricky: I'm -- i'm better. Thank you.

Karen: I'm so sorry, ricky. You didn't deserve this.

Ricky: It looks like you got a couple of crazy guys watching your back, huh?

Karen: Excuse me?

Ricky: Frank and lancelot.

Karen: Well, you won't have to worry about either of them, I promise you. This should never have happened. I'm so sorry.

Ricky: It's not your fault.

Karen: I'm going to go get your painkillers. I'll be right back.

Marissa: Hey.

Ricky: Oh. Hey.

Marissa: Careful. It's ok.

Ricky: Hey, thanks for -- for getting me help.

Marissa: No, no, no, no, no. I'm just glad I was there. Are you and karen ok?

Ricky: We're not together anymore, if that's what you're asking.

Marissa: Well, it's what i kind of thought. Rough day, huh? Sorry.

Ricky: I've had -- I've had better.

Marissa: You know what? I'm going to start writing different stories about this lancelot, ok?

Ricky: No --

marissa: I'm going to give him a different name, too.

Ricky: Don't, ok? No --

marissa: Look, he can't get away with it, ricky.

Ricky: He's dangerous, ok? I don't want you messing with him. I don't want you to get hurt.

Marissa: Yeah, well, I --

ricky: Look, look, I just want to say I'm sorry if i've been creeping you out with all this casey stuff, all right?

Marissa: Ok, no, no, no, no. No worries, ok? Look, I would have tripped out, too, if I were you.

Ricky: Hey, why did you come by my place, anyway?

Marissa: I -- i wanted to tell you the rumor that lancelot was alive.

Ricky: Yeah, well, I guess i found out the hard way, huh?

Marissa: Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry. Look, I thought you'd want to know because of karen. I didn't think that he would actually, you know, go after you.

Ricky: Knowing wouldn't have stopped this creep from coming after me, ok? Is that the only reason why?

Marissa: Um -- I guess I was thinking about casey, and i thought maybe we could talk about her some more?

Ricky: Anytime. You know, you're a lot more like your sister than you think.

Karen: How dare you. How can you do something so cruel?

Frank: Things were knocked over at your apartment, karen. I thought he was hurting you.

Karen: I was gone when you got to him. You knew i was fine.

Frank: He needed to learn he can't take you away against your will.

Karen: So you just go after him, just like that? I can't forgive you for this, frank.

Frank: Of course you will. I didn't hurt him that bad, just enough so he'll stay away.

Karen: Well, you're making me want to stay away, too, frank.

Frank: You don't mean that.

Karen: As long as you're out of control like this, I do mean it.

Frank: But you don't understand, karen. I can't be controlled.

Jamal: Rafe -- he needs a little kick in the pants.

Alison: You're very persistent, aren't you?

Jamal: Speak of the devil. Dang, just back from hell, too.

Alison: Jamal --

jamal: What?

Alison: Hi.

Rafe: Oh, hi.

Alison: How are you?

Rafe: I'm ok, I guess. You?

Alison: I've been better.

Rafe: Yeah. I know what you mean.

Alison: So, I guess we really haven't gotten the hang of this not bumping into each other thing.

Rafe: You know, it seems like we keep seeing each other without even really trying. It's almost like it's des--

alison: Destiny.

Rafe: Destiny, yeah.

Jamal: Hey, baby. Hey. Hey, did you hear the good news? Me and alison are back together again.

Livvie: Hey. Come in, come in. All right. My friend who I gave that drug to -- what happens if he took too much?

Man: I seem to recall us talking about lab rats.

Livvie: Yeah. Well, my friend -- he took it by mistake.

Man: Big mistake.

Livvie: Well, what's going to happen? Please.

Man: Beats me. Do i look like a doctor? I shouldn't even be here.

Livvie: No, no, no. Please, please. You got to -- you got to know something. Please, you got to tell me. What happens if he took, say, like, double the dosage?

Man: Double the dosage? Either he's gone crazy or he's dead.

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ian: This boyfriend of yours, he just -- he sounds like a real jerk to me.

Kate: How dare you.

Jamal: Alison and i -- we never stopped loving each other.

Marissa: Oh, really? Well, that's news to me.

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