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Port Charles Transcript Monday 8/26/02

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[music plays]

Alison: You're wrong, Lucy. That cannot be true.

Lucy: I'm afraid it might be because it's the only thing that makes any sense.

Alison: "Sense"? None of this makes any sense.

Lucy: Shh -- please. Kevin's still upstairs. Keep your voice down. Come on.

Alison: Oh, I'm sorry. All I'm saying is you know Rafe. He's your cousin. You know that he knows good and he knows bad. He knows heaven and he knows hell. He wouldn't do that. He would never do that.

Lucy: I -- i know what he would do for you because I know he would do anything for you, including sell his soul. And that radio -- that's proof over there.

Alison: What proof?

Lucy: That radio came on, Alison, by itself. I didn't touch that thing, and it came on, and it played that song, and that is a sign.

Alison: No. No, it's not. Stop it. None of this is. Lucy, knock it off.

[Music stops]

Alison: None of this is a sign. He would never do something that awful.

Lucy: Now, where are you going? No, you're not going anywhere, Alison, please.

Alison: I don't want to talk about this anymore, and I don't want want to listen -- i don't want to talk about any of this.

Lucy: I understand what you're feeling right now. Believe me, I do. This has got to hurt to think that Rafe would sell his soul. But don't you see?

Alison: No.

Lucy: There is absolutely no greater love than what he's done.

Alison: "Greater love"? Lucy, you're making this sound like a romance novel.

Lucy: But that's just it. Maybe that's what this whole thing is all about is that love is everything. I mean, wars have been fought over love and mothers can lift a car off their children out of love. Love is what gives us all our strength forever.

Alison: I know, I know, I know. I understand all of that. And what i understand most of all is if Rafe really did do this, then, Lucy --

Lucy: What? Then what?

Alison: If Rafe really did sell his soul, he can never go back. He will never be able to go back to heaven.


Ed: Come on, girls, you're so close. You've almost got it figured out. Come on now.

James: Edward -- you sniveling bull's pizzle. I caught you red-handed.

Ed: You talking to me, James? You got the right guy? I mean, red's really not my color, you know.

James: Why are you blushing? You're cheating.

Ed: The hell I am.

James: Do you expect me to believe that those two earthly amateurs could discover the truth based solely on their own merits? Oh, no, old man. You're cheating, and that means you've lost.

Ed: Not yet I haven't.

James: Yes, let me count the ways. It's right here. Line 666. Not only did you cheat, but your son Rafe did not find his way back to his one true love, which means, by my reckoning, you lose your soul and Rafe loses his.

Ed: You really think so?

James: Yes. I win.

Ed: Mm-hmm.

James: And you can take it from me, Edward, that two souls of your caliber are indeed much, much better than one.

Ed: That's the first time we agree. Two souls are better than one. And one soul has been cheating, and that soul is not me.

James: Are you accusing me of cheating? Oh, my god, that's absurd.

Ed: Why don't we talk about your friend the avatar.


Ian: It's over.

Avatar: No!

Rafe: Avatar, stop fighting. You won't escape.

Karen: Ian, you tricked me into this. How can you trap this man like some animal?

Ian: Karen, calm down. He's not what you think.

[Avatar roars]

Rafe: Ian, this net is made with a special alloy, but --

Ian: How long will it hold him?

Rafe: I'm not really sure. We have to get him to the place i set up to control him. We'll take the hood off there.

Ian: And find out who he really is, huh?

[Avatar roars]

Karen: No.

Ian: Karen, go home!

Rafe: If you can't help, then go, please.

Karen: No. I am not going to let you hurt him, ok? I am going with you.

Ian: Karen!

Rafe: All right, guys, there's no time to argue. Let's go.

Karen: Just careful. You're hurting him.

Ian: Come on.

[Avatar roars]

Livvie: Oh, god. If they find out who he really is -- I can't let that happen.

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Lucy: You're right. I don't want to believe this any more than you do. He's my cousin. He's pretty much all I've got. I don't want to believe it, except selling his soul would be the explanation.

Alison: But it's such a huge leap.

Lucy: I know, but it explains everything in one big, fell swoop. Don't you see? Rafe's losing his memory of falling in love with you, of being an angel, and how Rafe ended up with Livvie.

Alison: Ok, no, listen to me. You know Rafe. He's your cousin. I mean, you knew him first. He would never do this. He would never -- he would never do something like this. He's a good angel, and he likes being one. He likes to help people. That's who he is, and that's what he does.

Lucy: And you know Rafe better than anybody else, and you know he would do anything for the people he loves, and he loves you better than he loves himself. Don't you remember when you needed him so much and you called out to him? He found a way to come back to you because you needed him.

Alison: No.

Lucy: Yeah, I'm afraid so. I think he's found another way to come back to you. But this time he has paid one hell of a price.

Alison: No. No.

Lucy: Alison --

Alison: No, I can't believe any of this, Lucy. No. You tried to contact the universe, and you've played with your cards, and you tried very hard, but i can't believe any of this. There is still no real proof that Rafe has sold his soul. I can't believe any of this. I never will. I just won't.


James: Avatar? Avatar, Edward? What Avatar? I haven't the faintest notion --

Ed: But he's one of yours, James.

James: Oh, no, no, Edward.

Ed: No, huh?

James: An Avatar does good works. He saves people. He's one of yours.

Ed: Really? You really expect me to fall for one of the oldest tricks in the cosmos -- pacifying people with candy when you really want to rot their teeth? You sent him down to Port Charles, and you, my satanic enemy, are busted.

James: Oh, big whoop-de-doo-doo. So he's one of ours. He just happens to be in Port Charles.

Ed: You did it on purpose -- what do you give me -- to distract Rafe. Then that monster got Livvie pregnant. And you've been cheating outrageously.

James: Edward, you know, you really should read the fine print.

Ed: Give --

James: No, no, don't snatch. Don't be so rude. I'll give it to you.

Ed: Yeah --

James: You really should read the fine print a little more carefully because you'll find that the Avatar --

Ed: You are so --

James: The avatar must have a human host, someone who's willing to let in a dark soul. You see? Now, once you introduce free will into the equation -- well, changes everything, doesn't it?

Ed: You listen to me, you little twit.

James: Shut your mouth. Please, Edward. Whatever happens next, there's not a bloody thing you can do about it.


Rafe: Ok, let's go.

Ian: What do you think? It's going to work?

Rafe: It's ok for now.

Karen: And what if something happens to him in there? Why can't you just let him go?

Rafe: Look, I know you're trying to help --

Karen: No. How can you use me like that, Ian? I thought we were friends.

Ian: We are friends. And if we'd asked for your help, you would have given it. Is that what you are saying?

Karen: After everything he's done?

Ian: He's a spirit, Karen.

Karen: What?

Ian: An ancient spirit.

Karen: What are you talking about?

Ian: An evil spirit that's taken over a man.

Karen: And you believe this, too?

Rafe: I know it to be a fact.

Karen: But I don't understand. If he's evil -- with all the good things he's done, even rescuing me --

Ian: In the beginning, his intentions were good, but they changed. He changed. He threatened Alison. He threatened my boy, my family. And, what, this is someone you want to have dinner with?

Avatar: They lie!

Karen: Did you do the things they say?

Avatar: They are deceiving you.

Rafe: You care about what she thinks, don't you, avatar? You're fond of Karen. Well, you know what? She can't return those feelings until you prove to her that you're worthy of her trust.

[Avatar groans]

Karen: Rafe, please, don't.

Rafe: Come on. Prove to her how good you are.

Karen: Don't make him do something he doesn't want to do, ok? You're not being fair.

Rafe: Come on. Come on, show yourself. You got nothing to hide, right? Come on. Unless you're afraid.

Avatar: Enter, slayer. See for yourself.

Ian: Rafe --

Rafe: I'll be all right. I'm coming in.

Livvie: God, no. Rafe -- he's going to find out.

Rafe: Come on. Show us who you are.

Avatar: Come closer, slayer.

Rafe: Come on. Show us the face of your host. Leave his body. Leave Port Charles forever.

Ian: Rafe?

Avatar: You will never unmask me.

Livvie: Rafe! Rafe -- oh, my god.

Ian: Are you all right?

Livvie: My god.


Ed: Come on, James, we had a deal. You're not going to get away with this.

James: Blah-de-blah, blah, blah. You know, you angels -- you do nothing but whine. Now, why do you blame me for finding a few new loopholes? That's what we demons do best.

Ed: All right. Meanwhile, I'll have to take it to the elders. They'll decide if you're cheating or not. And if they say what I think they're going to say, you've lost everything, James.

James: Or they'll decide that you're overreacting, given that your son is at the center of this. And who knows? They could charged you with making a false accusation. And you know the elders. Immortal or not, they hate to have their time wasted.

Ed: Well, then, I guess I'll have to find another way to resolve it.

James: But you mustn't cheat. You can't get in touch with Rafe.

Ed: Don't worry, James. I have something else in mind.

James: What?

Lucy: I'll tell you what. I'll go with you for a second. Let's just say that Rafe did not sell his soul. Then how do you possibly explain everything that's been going on?

Alison: Ok, what about this. If Rafe really did sell his soul, then he wouldn't be able to perform any sort of miracle, right? But he did. When i fell off the cliff, he rescued me. He got to me without even touching me.

Lucy: Ok, that's true.

Alison: So if he really didn't have any sort of heavenly connection, he wouldn't be able to perform any sort of miraculous event.

Lucy: Oh. I want to believe that so badly, I do, but I just don't think it explains all that's been going on. It doesn't.

Alison: Lucy, stop it. I cannot -- I can't even think about that -- that Rafe would have an entire eternity without love and without a soul because of me? No, I can't.

Lucy: Wait, wait, wait. No, no, no, no, no. Listen to me. You know Rafe. He has his own mind and he has his own heart. This is absolutely not your fault. It's not.

Alison: No -- yes, it is. It is my fault because I'm the one who asked for him back. I'm the one who kept praying for him over and over, day after day. I lit the candle. Lucy, I bargained with god for him to come back. Why couldn't I just leave it alone? Why couldn't I just let this go?

Lucy: I'll tell you why. I'll tell you why. Because you love him with everything you are and he loves you.

Alison: Did he really do this? God, did he really do this? Did he really sell his soul to come back to me? Please, you have to tell me. Please, I -- I just need a sign..

[Alison gasps]

Livvie: Rafe, are you all right? You bastard!

Avatar: Fools!

Livvie: Please, Ian, hurry, hurry.

Ian: Get him out of here.

Avatar: You will pay.

Ian: Karen, get the door.

Avatar: No!

Livvie: Rafe? Rafe?

Rafe: Livvie?

Livvie: Rafe.

Ian: You all right?

Rafe: Yeah, I'm fine.

Ian: Karen, what's going on?

Rafe: What are you doing here?

Livvie: Look, I was worried, so I just -- I followed you and I snuck away from Victor --

Rafe: What? Why?

Livvie: I did it because I love you, ok?

Ian: Deal with your wife later. We got bigger problems.

Rafe: No kidding. Getting the shroud off him is going to be harder than we thought.

Ian: Yeah. Do you think he's harmless?

Karen: I don't know.

Ian: Need your help here. I need you to help him. There's a host in there somewhere. You're connecting to him.

Karen: Ian, I can't --

Ian: Listen to me. If we can't help him --

Karen: What are you saying? You mean you'd actually --

Rafe: If it comes to it, yes, we'll kill him.

Karen: No.

Rafe: Help if you want, but if you don't want to, then --

Karen: All right. Fine. I'll talk to him.

Ian: Be careful.

Karen: Don't worry. He won't hurt me.

Avatar: Please, everyone, come in. You, too, slayer. You were so effective last time.

Ian: Karen --

Karen: We don't have much time. You have to trust me. Please. You have to show them who you are.

Avatar: They cannot know.

Karen: If you don't show them, they'll destroy you.

Avatar: Others have tried.

Karen: Let me help you. I want to. Please? Show me who you are.


Alison: Oh, my God, Lucy, what is that? What's happening?

Lucy: I don't know. Just stay very calm.

Alison: But that light -- I mean, it's so bright.

Lucy: Yeah, it is -- no, no -- don't look at it, ok? Just maybe don't move.

Alison: Ok. But where do you think it's coming from?

Lucy: I'm really not sure. I tell you what -- why don't you just take my hand, and let's just try to move a little toward it.

Alison: But I'm afraid.

Lucy: No, it's ok. It's --

Alison: Oh, my God.

Lucy: It's gone. Hey, look at me. Are you ok?

Alison: Yeah, I'm ok. Are you ok?

Lucy: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Would you look at that.

Alison: What?

Lucy: On the floor.

Alison: That wasn't there before the light. What is it?

Lucy: It's -- it's a message in some of the most beautiful script I've ever seen.

Alison: What does it say?

Lucy: It says "A soul without love is a lost soul." Oh, Alison, you wanted a sign. You just got yourself a sign.


[Ed whistles]

[Ed hums]

James: Subtle. Very subtle.

Ed: What's the matter, James? I do things my way, you do it your way.

James: And what's this pithy little light show to prove?

Ed: Well, you had your little distraction with your Avatar friend. I then went and clued the girls in that what they suspect is true. So now we have a level playing field.

James: That's what you think.

Ed: What is that supposed to mean?

James: It doesn't matter what they discover. My little treasure will never take her hooks out of her husband.

Ed: You're pretty sure about that, aren't you?

James: I'm even more sure of her. Livvie will never let Rafe go.

[James whistles]


Karen: Please --

Ian: Karen, don't. Get away from him now.

Karen: No.

Ian: You've seen what this thing can do.

Rafe: Wait, Ian, wait. I think she's getting through to him.

Avatar: Closer.

Karen: What is it about you? Something so familiar.

Rafe: She's reaching him.

Karen: I knew you wouldn't hurt me.

Rafe: Come on, Karen. Go on. Lower the hood.

Karen: I knew you'd always keep me safe.

Ian: Be careful.

Karen: No, it's ok.

Rafe: What? What are you doing? Just do it. Come on.

Karen: No, I don't need to.

Ian: Well, that's it, then. Get away from him.

Karen: No, no.

Ian: Come on.

Karen: Ian --

Avatar: Don't worry. I will be free again, Karen. I am not alone.

Livvie: Thank god.

Rafe: Wait. What does he mean, he's not alone?

Ian: I don't know. I don't know.


Lucy: A real sign.

Alison: My god, I can't believe it.

Lucy: I can't believe it, either. This is amazing. You got -- you just got an actual message from heaven.

Alison: "A soul without love is a lost soul."

Lucy: Oh, no, you know what this means? This means we were right and we just received proof.

Alison: I can't believe it. It's really true.

Lucy: Rafe's soul is lost forever -- unless you make him fall in love with you again.

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Jack: We leave in a few hours. Are you ready?

Alison: Hey. Oh, my god -- Bermuda.

Jack: Yeah.

Alison: I'm sorry, but i just can't go.

Rafe: My wife, Livvie -- she's expecting our first child.

Avatar: Your child?

Rafe: Yes.

Avatar: There's something you should know.

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