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Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 7/24/02

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jack: Oh, I could not believe pizza shack would not deliver to a park bench. This is ridiculous, you got to be kidding me.

Alison: Jack, we really could've eaten there, you know.

Jack: Yeah, I guess we could've, but you know what? I thought tonight we'd just do something a little bit different.

Alison: Why? What's so special about tonight?

Jack: Tonight, as in -- happy birthday! Aha, big 21!

Alison: Oh, my gosh, i can't believe it. With everything that's been going on, I totally forgot.

Jack: Yep, well, i didn'T. So happy birthday.

Alison: Jack, that was so sweet of you to remember. I can't believe that.

Jack: Yeah? Well, don't thank me too fast because I have something a little better than pizza.

Alison: What is that?

Jack: Hmm. Little birthday cheer. And god knows we both need it.

Alison: Champagne?

Jack: You got it. You want to do this right, don't you?

Alison: Well, yeah -- I mean i do, but i --

jack: Great -- because tonight we're going to forget about rafe and we're going to forget about livvie. And we are going to celebrate.

Alison: I don't --

jack: Your big 21.

Alison: Jack ramsey.

Jack: Are you ready?

Alison: We should do this, huh?

Jack: I think.

Alison: You know what? Yeah. I am. I'm definitely ready.

[Jack chuckles]

alison: Should i?

Rafe: What happened to her?

Ian: She fainted. Summer? Get me a b.P. Cuff, please.

Rafe: Is she going to be ok?

Ian: Yeah, she'll be fine. Pulse is strong. She' come around in a minute.

Rafe: Why would she just pass out like that? I mean, I know she hasn't been feeling well, but she said she was fine.

Livvie: Monster -- a monster's growing inside of me.

[Woman screams]

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alison: So here it is -- my very first legal drink.

Jack: Uh-huh. Bet you thought you'd be spending your 21st birthday somewhere a little more exciting than a park bench, huh?

Alison: Yeah, that's ok, you know. I'm not really actually one that's been big into birthdays. It's being with friends that's important, you know?

Jack: Yeah. You know what? I guess we have been through a lot, huh?

Alison: Yeah, we really have.

Jack: You know, I will never forget you standing by me through that whole vampire stuff from beginning to end.

Alison: Well, touche, because there was you, and you stood by me through the whole rebecca thing. You were the very first person to believe me and you'll never know how much that meant to me.

Jack: Guess we're pretty lucky, huh?

Alison: Yeah, we are pretty lucky.

Jack: Well, I'll drink to that. To friends, whose lives pretty much suck right now, but -- hey.

Alison: At least we have each other.

Jack: Always. Cheers.

Alison: Cheers. Mmm. What?

Jack: I was just --

alison: Ooh, that's good.

Jack: It is pretty good. I was just thinking about the first time we met.

Alison: Are you talking about how I tried to make jamal jealous with pretending that you were my boyfriend?

Jack: I don't know which was worse, that or posing as chandler at dinner with your nana.

Alison: Oh, I forgot about --

jack: What were you trying to do to me?

Alison: I completely forgot about that. You must've thought I was some nut case.

Jack: Yeah. I thought you were the most whacked-out chick I've ever met.

Alison: Yeah, and now I'm just so put together.

Jack: Well, you've changed.

Alison: Hmm.

Jack: I guess we all have, huh?

Alison: Yeah.

Jack: You know what? It seems like that was such a long time ago, doesn't it?

Alison: Yeah, it does. It seems like a lifetime.

Jack: I never would've thought in a million years that things would've turned out the way they did.

Alison: I know. Me, neither.

Jack: But I think it's time for another toast.

Alison: Yeah, I do, too.

Jack: To you, that this will be the best year you've ever had. To alison barrington, that she'll find happiness, joy, and the love she deserves.

Alison: Thank you.

Jack: Cheers.

Alison: Thanks.

Jack: Hey, are you ok?

Alison: I just -- I just miss him. I would give anything if i could just -- I'm so sorry. This is so stupid.

Jack: Hey, hey. It's all right to cry, all right?

Alison: Yeah.

Livvie: A monster -- oh, my baby --

ian: Hey, you're ok. Your baby is ok.

Rafe: It's ok, livvie, there's no monster. Do you hear me? There's no monster.

Livvie: Monster? What are you talking about?

Rafe: You were just talking about your baby and a monster. The baby's going to be fine, just like ian said.

Ian: You had a little fainting spell, that's all.

Livvie: Yeah. Yeah, I remember now. I remember. I -- i heard you guys talking about a monster or something, and I -- ooh -- well, I just kind of lost it.

Ian: Your husband said you weren't feeling well.

Rafe: Yeah, before she passed out, she thought she felt the baby kicking.

Livvie: I did feel it. I felt a movement, ian.

Ian: No, it wasn't that.

Livvie: Well, then what was it?

Ian: It's probably your body adjusting. It's too early for the baby. You know what? We'll have you checked out, ok? Summer's going to check you out and make sure you're ok.

Livvie: Ok.

Summer: Let's start with your blood pressure, livvie.

Ian: Can I have a moment, please?

Rafe: I'll be just a minute.

Livvie: Ok, hurry back, please.

Rafe: What's wrong? Is she really ok?

Ian: No, that's what I said. You know, she got frightened and she fainted.

Rafe: You know, she heard me talking about the avatar.

Ian: And you know how frightened she is of otherworldly things.

Rafe: Well, I heard what happened with her and caleb. I just wish I knew she was listening.

Ian: Well, it's not just her. This whole town -- we've had a lot of bad news lately, so we'll just try to keep our conversation between us.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah, I hear you. I wouldn't feel any better about this than they would. This creature being here in port charles -- it's not good. It's harder to fight down than a vampire.

Ian: Why is that?

Rafe: Well, see, a vampire has its own set pattern.

Ian: What do you mean -- pattern?

Rafe: A vampire has to feed, so eventually it has to come out in the open. But, see, this creature, it works in a far more insidious way. It tries to get everyone to think it's this big hero and gets everyone in entire communities to trust it and depend on it, and by the time they figure out that they're being controled by it it's too late.

Ian: So the big question is, if we find this avatar, can we destroy it?

Rafe: Well, the host body can be killed, but eventually it will find another host -- hopefully someplace else.

Livvie: Rafe?

Rafe: Could we finish this another time?

Ian: Yeah. If livvie checks out with summer, you can take her home. Make sure she gets plenty of fluids, plenty of rest, and try and keep her calm.

Rafe: I will. Thank you.

Kate: Something wrong, dr. Thornhart?

Ian: Kate.

Kate: You look like you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Livvie: What were you two talking about?

Rafe: Oh, well, ian said as long as you check out ok, I can take you back. I just have to make sure that you take it easy from now on.

Summer: Everything looks good, livvie.

Livvie: It was really good seeing you again, summer. Did you wind up passing that biology class?

Summer: Yeah, thanks to you. If i can ever return the favor --

rafe: So, you ready to go home and be spoiled rotten for the next eight months?

Livvie: Yeah, but -- but before we go, you have to tell me the truth.

Rafe: The truth about what?

Livvie: Rafe, I need to know everything there is to know about this avatar. Everything.

Jack: You ok?

Alison: Sorry.

Whoo, I'm such a party girl!

Jack: Hey, easy. Don't talk about my date like that. Will you apologize, please?

Alison: I'm sorry.

Jack: Thank you.

Alison: I just spent so long believing that this wasn't true. And now that it is and rafe is really with livvie -- how did this happen? How did this happen?

Jack: I thought livvie was lying when she said she was pregnant.

Alison: I did, too. And for once she was telling the truth. She really is going to have his baby. You know, but he really is -- he's a good guy, jack, he is.

Jack: Yeah, taking on his responsibilities.

Alison: Yeah. I mean, that's just something that he would do. And can I really blame him? I mean, no. That's the man that I fell in love with. But this is -- this really hurts. How am i ever going to get through something like this? How?

Jack: Well, I might have something that would take your mind off him for a while, at least.

Alison: What?

Jack: How would you like to be my partner in crime?

Alison: Crime? Ramsey, I don't do crime.

Jack: No, whoa, it's not, like, "crime" crime. It's crime -- well --

alison: What?

Jack: When they're going to pay us -- how much they're going to really pay --

alison: "Us"? What are you talking about? What?

Jack: I would be the photographer. You, model.

Alison: Model? No. Are you crazy?

Jack: No, no --

alison: No, no, no, no, no.

Jack: I'm not crazy.

Alison: Oh, jack!

Jack: Alison, no, I'm up for this job for this cycling magazine. It'll be really cool.

Alison: Are you really?

Jack: Yes.

Alison: Oh, that's cool. You didn't tell me any of that.

Jack: Yeah. Well, the thing is they went to me a couple weeks ago, but they need a portfolio.

Alison: So?

Jack: Well, so i don't have one. And I would have to take a lot of pictures really fast if i'm going to be even considered, and so that's where you come in. Come on, please, alison. Will you be my model?

Alison: Jack, I don't have any experience in that at all.

Jack: Well, like, I'm -- i mean, i'm -- like, I'm a photographer? Come on! Hey, look at you. You have blond hair, your eyes, your smile --

alison: Oh --

jack: You'd be -- listen to me. You'd be natural. I'm telling you, they would want both of us.

Alison: Jack, do you really think that i can do this? Are you just trying to make fun of me?

Jack: No, I know you can do it.

Alison: Well, we did say that we should always stick by each other.

Jack: Yeah, we did.

Alison: I really could use the distraction -- and some money. Fine, I'll do it.

Jack: I knew i'd get you.


Alison: Ok, I'll really do it. Fill my glass. We're going to make a toast.

Jack: Well, all right.

Alison: To new adventures.

Jack: Ok. And new beginnings.

Alison: Ok.

Kate: What has that brow of yours so furrowed? Any more news on our shadowy friend?

Ian: No, that's -- that's all kind of dying down now.

Kate: Is it?

Ian: Yeah. Consensus is it's a crazed vigilante with a superhero complex. That's what I think, anyway.

Kate: Hmm, my goodness. I go away for a few days and everything changes.

Ian: How was your trip?

Kate: It was good.

Ian: Did you get to see your boyfriend?

Kate: Of course.

Ian: That must've been nice.

: Yeah, it was.

Ian: Did you get to go to your favorite restaurant?

Kate: As a matter of fact we did.

Ian: What's he like? You never really told me about him.

Kate: Ok, ian, let's have it.

Ian: Well, let's have what?

Kate: All these questions -- what are you trying to find out?

Rafe: We should really be getting you home, all right?

Livvie: No, rafe, answer me. What do you know about the avatar?

Rafe: I don't want you to get worked up about this stuff, ok? I told you that --

livvie: I know, I know, and I promise -- listen to me -- I promise I'll stay calm.

Rafe: I know you get freaked out by these kinds of things.

Livvie: What kind of "things"?

Rafe: I know about caleb.

Livvie: You do?

Rafe: Yeah, jack told me.

Livvie: Rafe, listen, don't --

rafe: And before you start telling me how i shouldn't believe anything he says, just know that it wasn't like that, ok? He just told me how hard it was for you and everything that happened. And I'm glad i know, ok, because I feel like i understand you now. I feel like I know you better. I understand why you are --

livvie: The way I am.

Rafe: Yeah. And if i went through everything you did, i'd be doubting everybody and everything, too.

Livvie: Rafe. Oh, honey, you really do understand.

Rafe: Yeah, it's ok. And don't worry about all that crazy talk about the avatar. There's nothing to be afraid of. Trust me.

Livvie: You know what I need.

Rafe: Livvie? Livvie, what's wrong? Just believe me, ok? There's nothing that's going to hurt you or the baby, all right? All right?

Livvie: Ok.

Rafe: Ok, ok, all right. Now let's go home.

Livvie: Ok.

Rafe: Come on.

Avatar: Shame.

Rafe: I'll tell you what, I might actually miss that seedy motel room, but it feels good to be home, doesn't it? I mean, you know, really, really home. You must feel better already.

Livvie: Yeah -- it does. It feels much better.

Rafe: Can I get you anything? Blanket, something to drink?

Livvie: No. No, honey, i'm -- I'm fine. Really.

Rafe: All right, well, what about some ice cream? Some pistachio and sardine ice cream?

Livvie: Listen, I really love that you want to take care of me, but i'm ok.

Rafe: All right.

Livvie: I am. I just want to -- I want to relax. I'm just going to lay down and close my eyes and rest for a while.

Rafe: Ok.

Livvie: Ok?

Rafe: All right, well, I'm going to go out to the car and get the rest of my stuff, all right?

Livvie: Ok.

Livvie: Oh, god. What have I done?

Ian: What are -- I -- I'm not trying to find out anything.

Kate: Then why all the questions about my boyfriend?

Ian: I'm just asking you something. We're friends. I -- i'm sorry, is that a problem?

Kate: No, no, no, that's not a problem, no. You want the scoop? Let's see -- brennan is a wonderful, charming, handsome guy and we had a fantastic time in new york.

Ian: Perfect, i'm thrilled for you.

Kate: Yeah. You want specifics? We went to dinner, saw a play, did a little shopping, took a long walk in the park. Ok, one night I rented a movie and we had chinese. He had the kung pao, i had the moo shu -- oh wait, I forget, maybe it was the other around. You know what? Why don't I call him and i can double-check.

Ian: No, no, that's all right. That's fine. I believe you. Actually -- suddenly i have a craving for chinese food. You want to join me?

Kate: No. I'm really tired from my trip. I should try to catch up on my sleep.

Ian: Some other time, then?

Kate: Yeah, I'll talk to you later.

Ian: You know where to find me.

Ian: Hmm.

Bartender: It's been a while, but kate used to come here all the time. Everybody here knows her. She looks amazing. And she always eats alone.

Ian: Now why would you be lying to me, kate?

Jack: Oh, yeah, that -- that's it. Hold it right -- right there, right there, right there. Oh, now that's the pose I'm looking for!


Alison: Is it? Is it?

Jack: Now watch out! Here comes alison barrington on madison avenue! Look out, gisele! Whoo!

Alison: Gisele? I'm so impressed. I'm so impressed, mr. Ramsey. Now get over here and help -- ok, did you hear that, world? Did you? No, because I didn't say it yet. Alison barrington has now arrived. This is the new, improved alison barrington and I've achieved it at the ripe, old age of 21. I'm going to be the biggest supermodel this world has ever seen. And my good buddy here, franco, is going to be the biggest photographer you've ever seen in your life. And we are going to take the world by storm!


Jack: That's right.

Alison: Pow! Pow!

Jack: Oh, my god. Ok, easy --

alison: Watch out!

[Alison screams]

jack: Gosh -- who --

rafe: Why do i feel like i should be with her right now -- with alison? No. I have to get those thoughts out of my mind. I got to focus on the baby and my life with livvie. And now, god, help us, the avatar.

Livvie: Look, sweetie. Honey, your daddy's here. Yeah.

Rafe: That thing is not mine. That thing is a monster.

[Livvie screams]

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alison: So, are you here alone? Because I was just --

jamal: Oh --

marissa: Jamal, there you are. I've been looking all over for you.

Livvie: You're only a few days old. What is happening to me?

Rafe: Livvie, you ok?

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