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Port Charles Transcript  Tuesday 7/23/02

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ricky: I can't believe what a dump this place is. I bet you're real glad you took time off from work for this.

Karen: I don't care about the hotel.

Ricky: Karen, did you hear that sound check? I mean, the system at that club is a joke.

Karen: It really wasn't that bad.

Ricky: Oh, come on, karen, you can't tell me that you were impressed by all this. This is a lousy excuse for a tour.

Karen: Come here.

Ricky: No, karen, we don't have time, all right? There's a lot of problems that i have to fix.

Karen: Well, make time. Come on. Sit down. Sit. You know, you've been uptight ever since we left port charles.

Ricky: Uptight?

Karen: Wound up, whatever. First it was the delayed flight, then the cabdriver, the club, and now the room.

Ricky: Karen, this is our first tour.

Karen: No, that's not it. You've had something to say about everything since we woke up this morning -- except what's really on your mind, and that's casey. You're thinking about casey.

Jamal: So, when is your mom supposed to get here?

Marissa: Soon. Thanks for hanging around with me, jamal.

Jamal: Yeah, no problem.

Marissa: I don't even know why I'm doing this. My mom would never lie to me. You know, if she says my twin sister died at birth, then she died at birth.

Jamal: Well, she's already on her way, so might as well.

Marissa: This is crazy. I am not asking her. I mean, just because some girl looks like me doesn't mean that she's --

woman: Sweetheart -- it's so good to see you.

Jamal: Hi. Hi. Jamal.

Woman: Teresa.

Jamal: Teresa. Nice to meet you.

Teresa: You, too. I've never seen you this quiet before. What's so important you needed me to come to port charles?

Marissa: Is this my sister?

Frank: Hey, ian.

Ian: Hey, how are you?

Frank: I'm ok. Look, I drove by that rundown tenement, and you're not going to believe it.

Ian: What?

Frank: It's like a whole new place. There were work crews cleaning up, painters, an exterminator. Somebody was even putting up a swing set.

Ian: I'm not surprised.

Frank: Really? Because it didn't seem like the landlord was listening to kate. How did she finally get through to him?

Ian: She didn't. This shadow guy did.

Frank: That guy showed up there?

Ian: Yeah. Tied up the landlord and let him experience living with rats firsthand.

Frank: Man, he's everywhere. The town is really going nuts for him.

Ian: Mm-hmm. I don't know if that's a good thing.

Man: Package for dr. Thornhart.

Ian: Thanks. Thank you. All right --

frank: "Catalogue of urban legends"? Are you into that sort of thing?

Ian: I live in port charles. I figured I'd expand my library a little bit.

Frank: Well, maybe that's a good idea. Look, I'm going to head back out. I just wanted to let you know about the tenement.

Ian: Thanks.

Livvie: No one will ever know where you really came from, sweetie. As far as the world is concerned, you're rafe's baby and rafe's your daddy. And he's going to be such a wonderful daddy.

Rafe: Hey. You all set?

Livvie: Absolutely. The baby and i can't wait to come home.

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teresa: My god, marissa. She looks just like you.

Marissa: She looks exactly like me. Like a twin. But she isn't, right, mom? Because you told me that my sister had --

teresa: No, no, no, sweetheart. This is not your sister. She died when you were born.

Marissa: I thought so. I knew that you would never lie to me.

Teresa: Where did you get this? Who is she?

Marissa: She's some girl named casey. Her boyfriend -- ex-boyfriend or whatever -- he gave me that.

Teresa: She lived here?

Marissa: For a little while, I guess.

Jamal: Not too long, though.

Teresa: You knew her?

Marissa: Yeah. And, mom, when i first came here, everybody thought i was her. Mom, it totally weirded me out, but then i saw that picture, so, you know, I freaked. Sorry. I know i shouldn't have, like, dragged you all the way out here for this, so --

teresa: It's ok. Did casey have a family?

Marissa: No, it didn't sound like it. Her boyfriend said that she was always in and out of foster homes, you know, running away, living on the street. She had it pretty ugh, I guess. That is why I am so glad that this is not my sister because I don't know how i could live knowing that I had it so good while casey had it so bad.

Teresa: Oh, god. My baby. My poor baby.

Livvie: I was just telling our baby what a wonderful father his or her daddy is going to be. Did you happen to check out the apartment?

Rafe: Oh, yeah, I went by.

Livvie: Well, what did you think?

Rafe: It's nice. Your mother left you a beautiful place.

Livvie: Yeah, well, it's our place now, rafe. I'm glad you like it.

Rafe: Well, you know what? If that's where you want to live, it's fine with me.

Livvie: Good. Because it is. I think it is a perfect place for us to start a new family and raise our child. God, you have made me so happy.

Rafe: I don't know if i deserve all the credit for that.

Livvie: Are you kidding me? Every one of my dreams have come true because of you. I am married to the man that i love, and even though it's a little bit sooner than we planned, we're having a baby. We're really finally a real family. And you know what else i was thinking?

Rafe: What?

Livvie: We only have, like, eight more months of time alone together before the baby comes, and i was thinking that maybe -- maybe we could, you know, start taking advantage of our alone time, you know?

Rafe: What's wrong?

Livvie: I think I just felt the baby kick.

Rafe: I'm not an expert on these things, but i think it's a little too soon to be feeling something like that.

Livvie: No, no, no, I'm certain. I'm certain something moved.

Rafe: Let me see. Are you sure? I don't feel anything.

Livvie: Ok. No, no, you're right. You're right. It's way too soon, right?

Rafe: Maybe I should get a nurse.

Livvie: No, I just -- I think i need to sit down. I think it's just a cramp. Can you get me some water, please?

Rafe: You got it. Sure.

Livvie: What is happening to me?

Karen: Marissa's got you thinking about casey, hasn't she?

Ricky: She looks just like casey, all right? And it kind of freaked me out, that's all.

Karen: Hey, it's ok. It's not like I want you to forget her. I just wish that you would talk to me about it instead of keeping it all inside.

Ricky: It's kind of hard to talk about.

Karen: Yeah, I know. But I just want you to feel that you can with me. You lost somebody you really loved.

Ricky: I'm mad that she's gone, ok? Casey deserved a longer life. She deserved a chance to see this. You know, when i first met casey, she was crazy about coming here. It's all she ever wanted to do. She'd get these big stars in her eyes, like she was on a mission. Now I'm here, and we're here, and she's not.

Karen: Yeah, well, I know life's -- life's not fair. But it sounds like you were lucky to have the time that you did with her, and she's lucky to have had you.

Ricky: I don't know what i ever did to deserve you.

Karen: Yeah, right. I haven't exactly been the easiest person to be with.

Ricky: I love being with you. You know that?

Karen: Well, it hasn't been exactly smooth sailing. I mean, for the longest time, I did everything i could to push you away. But I don't want to push anymore, ricky.

Ricky: And I don't want to live in the past.

Karen: Then let's both stop doing what we don't want to do and start doing what we do.

Marissa: Casey really was my sister?

Teresa: I'm so sorry.

Marissa: Sorry? You're sorry? Do you know that when I was a little girl, all i ever talked about was my twin sister? I missed her so much. I didn't even know her, and I missed her. Mom, i hated myself because I thought it was so unfair that i lived and she died, and you know that, mom. You knew that. So how could you look me in the face and lie to me about something so huge, something that meant so much to me?

Jamal: Give your mom a chance to explain.

Teresa: I didn't know how to tell you the truth. I thought it would be easier --

marissa: Easier?

Jamal: Marissa, just let her talk. Just let her talk, ok?

Teresa: We were so young when i got pregnant. We didn't have any money.

Marissa: So you gave one of us up? What did you do, mom, flip a coin?

Teresa: We gave both of you up.

Marissa: What?

Teresa: We couldn't take care of you the way you needed to be. I didn't want to do that to my babies. But then dad got a job, and we fought so hard to get both of our girls back, and we were able to get you back --

marissa: Not -- not casey.

Teresa: We searched for years and years, but we could never find her. But if you know where she is --

marissa: You want to know where she is, mom? I'll tell you where casey is. She is --

jamal: She's in europe. She -- she had a tough time for a while, but she got her act together, and by the time she left port charles, she was really happy. Yeah, she changed her name and everything. We really haven't been able to locate her, but i'm sure wherever she is, whatever she's doing, she's still doing really, really great. So don't worry about it, ok?

Teresa: I'm so relieved.

Rafe: I think maybe we should get a doctor or a nurse to check on you before we leave.

Livvie: No, no. Honey, i think it's just my imagination.

Rafe: Maybe. But just to be safe.

Livvie: Ok. Thank you for taking such good care of me. No, I am not imagining this. Something's wrong. Something moved. But how is that possible?

Rafe: Dr. Thornhart?

Ian: You can call me ian.

Rafe: Right. I'm still not used to everyone.

Ian: Mm-hmm. How can I help you?

Rafe: Could you maybe check on livvie? She thinks she felt something. The avatar.

Ian: What, you know about this thing?

Rafe: I not only know about it, I've seen it in action.

Teresa: I know we still have a lot to talk about.

Marissa: Why don't you just go back to the hotel, and I'll see you in a couple of minutes, ok? I need to talk to jamal.

Teresa: Thanks for telling me about casey. You don't know what a relief it is to hear how happy she is. I'll see you soon, sweetheart? I love you.

Marissa: Why didn't you let me finish telling her the truth, that casey is dead?

Jamal: Didn't you see how hurt your mom was? Huh? Your parents looked for her and they couldn't find casey. So after you finished blasting to her for lying to you, for lying to protect you, you were going to say what exactly, marissa? "Hey, mom, you want to feel really, really horrible? Well, guess what -- the daughter that you gave away, she's dead."

Marissa: I was mad.

Jamal: Yeah, well, she got that loud and clear.

Marissa: Yeah, well, she shouldn't have lied to me, jamal.

Jamal: Probably not. Look, do you think your mom -- do you think she loves you?

Marissa: Yeah.

Jamal: And you love your mom?

Marissa: Yeah.

Jamal: Well, go make it better.

Marissa: Hey. Do you want to meet me and mom for dinner later?

Jamal: No, I've got some stuff I should probably get to.

Marissa: Ok.

Jamal: Marissa -- yeah. I'll be there if you want me to.

Marissa: Thanks.

Karen's voice: So, tell me, why was it so important for you to get casey's stuff? Have you heard from her?

Ricky: If i told you, you'd think I was crazy.

Karen: I already think you're crazy, so tell me.

Ricky: I know -- I know in my head that she's gone and she's not coming back, but --

karen: What?

Ricky: I keep seeing her.

Karen: Seeing her?

Ricky: Yeah, everywhere i go. Everywhere i go, she's there. Only, it's not her, not really. And then i thought this stupid old candle had something to do with it. I mean, how whacked out is that? I must be losing it.

Karen: I don't think that's whacked at all.

Ricky: You don't?

Karen: I know what it's like to lose someone you care about. You miss them so much, and you wish they were here, your mind starts to play tricks on you.

Ricky: Yes. That's exactly it.

Karen: Well, it's not all that unusual.

Ricky: So, what do you call something like that?

Karen: I think you call it love.

Ricky: Hi.

Karen: I better shower and get dressed if we're going to make dinner.

Ricky: I'm right behind you.

Karen: Ok.

Casey: Listen, ricky, ok? I'd really like to help you out, man, really, but i already told you, i got to get to the city, to new york. I've already stayed here way too long.

Ricky: What's in new york, anyway? And why the big hurry to get there?

Casey: You wouldn't understand.

Ricky: I undend now,casey. I wish you could have made it.

Ian: What do you mean, you've seen this in action? You're saying this is the real thing?

Rafe: Oh, yeah. It's very real. See, as a vampire slayer, I don't just deal with the undead, I deal with creatures like this, too.

Ian: When did you see it?

Rafe: When i was about 10 years old, I decided to run away because i didn't want to have to wait to be a slayer. So i went out into the world before my training was done.

Ian: Ok, what happened?

Rafe: Well, I got lost, and I ended up in this village that was being controlled by this avenging spirit.

Ian: Avenging spirit that looked like this?

Rafe: Yeah. A shroud with a dark hole where the face should be.

Ian: Ok. What happened to the village?

Rafe: Well, eventually, it was completely destroyed, burned to the ground. They said it was an accident, but I think it was an act of vengeance.

Ian: Have you been watching the news in port charles?

Rafe: The news? No. I've had a lot going on.

Ian: Well, there's this shadowy figure -- it's punishing people for crimes against others.

Rafe: And you think it's the avatar? You think it's here?

Ian: I don't know. I don't know anything about avatars. But it sounds like that, doesn't it?

Rafe: Does it demand justice?

Ian: Yeah.

Rafe: Ok, well, maybe it found a new host here.

Ian: A friend mentioned this host thing. Explain it to me again. What is it?

Rafe: See, well, an avatar cannot exist independently. It has to find a human body to inhabit, a willing and receptive host.

Ian: But it could be anybody?

Rafe: And you'd never know who it is just by looking at it, but gradually, its human qualities are overtaken by the avatar's desire for control.

Ian: Its need for power overwhelms its need to do justice.

Rafe: Exactly. And as soon as it pushes all the evil out of town, it starts to create its own so it gives it a reason to sustain it and continue to punish.

Ian: By the way, there's only one?

Rafe: Yeah. There's only one spirit, but it can reproduce.

Ian: In human form?

Rafe: Well, I have no idea.

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alison: Let's toast to new adventures.

Jack: And new beginnings.

Livvie: A monster -- a monster's growing inside of me.

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