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Port Charles Transcript Monday 7/8/02

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man: Hey, get us down! Help!

Jamal: Oh, right, right, right, after you guys both messed with and robbed mary. No, I think you two punks got exactly what you deserved.

Man: Come on, man.

Jack: All right, the cops are on the way.

Frank: How'd they get up there like that?

Ian: I don't know. Maybe we should take them down.

Man: Yeah, yeah.

Frank: You think?

Jamal: Calm down, man.

Frank: Yeah, yeah, I guess so.

Jack: Get you down when the cops get here.

Man: Please.

Jamal: You're not too bad now, huh, messing with a little old lady.

Jack: Bunch of tough guys, huh?

Man: You don't even know. Come on. Hurry up!

Jack: Yeah, you don't even, there, cowboy.

Man: We're free!

Second man: Let's get out of here, man!

Ian: Hey, not so fast. Why don't we sit you down.

Man: Man, you don't know what's out here!

Ian: Well, then why don't you tell us.

Man: You don't know what did this!

Ian: Shut up! Tell us what's out there, and don't leave anything out, or i'm going to sic these guys on you and they're going to hang you back in the tree.

Man: Ok, ok, man. We were just hassling this old lady, nothing serious. We were just messing around.

Frank: Hey, that old lady is my mother, punk.

Man: I'm sorry, man.

Ian: Go on.

Man: Anyway, this shadow comes out of nowhere, man, and we're hanging by our heels.

Ian: What did this shadow look like?

Man: Like death. It looked like death, man.

Woman: I heard this mystery man wears a hood. No one knows who he is.

Second woman: Whoever he is taught that wife-beater a lesson he'll never forget. Good for him.

First woman: Kind of sexy, isn't it?

Second woman: What?

First woman: To have somebody riding to your rescue like that. I'd like to meet him.

Kate: Look, I know i'm taking a loss on the securities, but I need the money, so just wire it to my account, ok?

[Knock on door]

alison: Come on in.

Kate: So how's my favorite client?

Alison: Hi. I am very grateful to have my makeup back, and I'm ready to get out of here.

Kate: Well, you look happy. What, no more hospital jell-o?

Alison: No. It's rafe.

Kate: Why am i not surprised?

Alison: Kate, he came to see me. He wants to know how we fell in love.

Kate: Oh, so still no memory?

Alison: Well, no, not exactly, but i really think that maybe i got through to him. You know, I think that there was some sort of connection. I could see it in his face. And I think for the first time in a long time, I think things are going to be ok.

Rafe: Wait, wait, wait, whoa, whoa, wh. You're pregnant?

Livvie: Yes, rafe, I think so.

Rafe: What do you mean, you think so?

Livvie: Well, I'm late, and I'm never late, and I got sick this morning. This is just the worst thing possible.

Rafe: Well, did you see a doctor? I mean, it could be a mistake.

Livvie: Obviously. You know what? I'm sorry, rafe. I'm sorry to be a burden to you. And do me a favor -- just forget about me, forget about us.

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man: And that's all we know. The shadow guy, he attacked us.

Doree: While you were strolling through the park, minding your own business?

Man: Come on, man. We copped to the robbery on the old wom-- just get us out of here, man.

Andy: Yeah, my sentiments exactly, punk. Take them down to the station. Shadow guy?

Frank: That's what they said.

Andy: This town is nuts. Come on.

Jamal: Man, if you ask me, it's prettimpressive, actually, I mean, the way this shadow guy just wrapped up these two punks and left them hanging in this tree like a couple of christmas presents.

Jack: Hey, he didn't even stick around and take the credit. It's kind of like the lone ranger or something.

Ian: Yeah, maybe.

Jack: What?

Ian: We had an abusive guy show up at the hospital about his wife and just terrified, and he said that, you know, she fell. He almost got away with it till this hooded guy showed up.

Jamal: So there's been two attacks like this?

Ian: Yeah, two, but no one ever saw his face. He's just described as looking like death, whatever that means.

Jamal: Wow, damn. What do you make of this?

Jack: All three of us have been through enough to answer that question. It's happening all over again.

Kate: So you're going to live happily ever after, right?

Alison: Well, it's not exactly that simple, although i wish it were.

Kate: Livvie?

Alison: Yeah. You know, there's still the issue that they're actually legally married now, you know, and I know that she won't give him up without a fight.

Kate: Well, hopefully, rafe will get his memory back.

Alison: Mm-hmm, but even if he doesn't, even if he never actually remembers it like I remember it, all of the specific details, I really think that we would find our way back to each other. And livvie, she doesn't know him. She doesn't know him like I do, you know, his heart and his soul, and I almost -- almost -- feel sorry for her.

Kate: Don't waste your sympathy on livvie. She is the kind of viper who gives women a bad name. No, in fact, you should hope that she twists in the wind for all the lies that she's told and the pain that she has caused. She's a lying, conniving little bitch.

Alison: Oh.

Kate: Sorry. That sound like a harsh closing argument?

Alison: Well, I would vote to convict.

Kate: I'd vote to execute. Not literally, but you're right. Livvie's not going anywhere. She's like a virus that will infect everything that she touches, and she's got a big bag of tricks.

Alison: Yeah. But she'll never have rafe.

Livvie: Ugh!

God, you told rafe a big lie, livvie, that you're pregnant. I'm going to have to do something. After hearing him and alison whisper sweet nothings, I had to. I just really hope my guilt trip worked.

Rafe: Livvie?

Livvie: Go away, rafe.

Rafe: Listen to me. Hey, listen. Now, i am sorry if i hurt you.

Livvie: Yeah, well, it doesn't matter.

Rafe: Yeah, it does. It does matter. But you were right -- considering our situation, having a baby right now is the last thing we need.

Livvie: Alison got to you, didn't she?

Rafe: To be honest with you, I don't know what to believe anymore, with you or alison or anything else because there's just way too many gaps. But I got to tell you, you're not making it any easier with all this lying.

Livvie: Rafe, listen to me, I have made some really stupid mistakes because I was scared. And next to me, alison must look like a saint. And it doesn't help when everyone's filling your head with all these alison-and-rafe greatest love stories, and no one is telling you about is because no one knew our story, rafe. Our love was a secret.

Livvie: But this child i'm carrying -- your child -- I thought it was the one thing in the world that you wanted most. I mean, don't you -- don't you remember how much you wanted a family? It was our dream. We used to talk about it all the time, how we were both growing up and -- and we didn't have a father or any brothers and sisters and we were such lonely kids. And I just -- I just thought so even if it was a little bit early, big deal. I hoped that i could give you this child and it would be the greatest gift I could ever give you.

Rafe: I wish i could remember us, all the dreams we had, all the plans you say we had.

Livvie: It's just like when i was a kid all over again, how lonely i feel right now, because I can't compete with the fantasy of you and alison, rafe.

Rafe: I'm not asking you to.

Livvie: All I can do is keep loving you, like i'm loving the child that's growing inside of me right now. And I just -- I pray to god that you remember how much you love me.

Jack: Come on, guys. Vampires, magic candles, pictures that talk from over a hundred years ago? Now we got something running around in the woods with some kind of cape or something and we don't even know where it's from.

Jamal: Jack, we don't know that for sure.

Jack: Well, it's some kind of possibility.

Ian: Yes, it is. It's also a possibility that this is just a man, a man with his own unique sense of justice.

Jamal: Yeah. Yeah, you said it yourself, too. The lone ranger. He was a man, right?

Jack: I've just got something about people around with capes.

Ian: Slow down. Slow down a bit. This isn't caleb. Not feeding on people. It's just someone who punishes people he feels deserve it.

Jamal: Look, so why don't we just admit it, ok. This shadow dude actually does what we wish we could do. Ok, he takes the bad guy and he actually kicks him to the curb. I don't have a problem with that, jack, at all.

Jack: Look, haven't we learned anything? Something weird goes on in port charles, we automatically move to something normal, there's got to be some kind of rational explanation. When we find out there's not, we're already 10 steps behind. It's like some of those stupid horror movies where we're, like, about to be the next victims.

Jamal: Jack --

jack: No, come on, guys.

Ian: Shh.

Jamal: You're paranoid, dude.

Ian: There's a lot of truth in what he's saying.

Jamal: You're totally paranoid.

Jack: Yeah, a lot of personal experience, too.

Jamal: Man, get out of here.

Ian: Guys, please. Let's find out what we're dealing with first. Now, i think it's human. Can we just start with that?

Kate: With a friend like livvie, you don't need any enemies.

Alison: You know, it kind of sounds like you've had some experience with the livvies of the world, hmm?

Kate: I'm just suspicious. Maybe that's why i'm good at my job.

Alison: Kate, I'm sorry. I don't think that i've actually properly told you thank you.

Kate: Oh --

alison: No, thank you for everything that you did for me, thank you for being my attorney, thank you --

kate: Ok, stop stop, stop. I don't like compliments.

Alison: Wait, but you deserve them.

Kate: Yeah, well, they make me feel like i have too much to live up to. So, anyway, part of the reason i stopped by was just to say good-bye.

Alison: Good-bye?

Kate: I'm heading home to manhattan.

Amanda: Oh, I don't think so, ms. Reynolds.

Alison: Nana. Hi.

Amanda: Hello, darling.

Alison: Hi.

Amanda: You look so much better.

Alison: Thank you.

Amanda: Don't you ever check your messages?

Kate: Oh, I'm sorry, mrs. Barrington. I've been busy packing.

Amanda: Well, then, allow me to be the first to congratulate you on your promotion.

Kate: Excuse me?

Amanda: Well, you did such a brilliant job of defending my granddaughter here that i've assigned you to head up our office here in port charles.

Alison: Oh, that's great.

Kate: But my whole life is in new york. The man I love is there.

Amanda: Well, certainly you can commute on weekends.

Kate: But that's not the point.

Amanda: Just what is the point, ms. Reynolds? I'm offering you a position that any other attorney would kill for.

Kate: And I'm flattered, I really am, but i can't accept your offer.

Amanda: Well, I'm afraid then it really is good-bye.

Kate: What?

Amanda: But, you see, I've already assigned your position in new york. Did I mention that i'm paying you double your salary?

Alison: Nana, you can't do that. Thatot fair.

Amanda: Oh, I'm being very fair, i think, darling. I'll see you later.. Oh, and, ms. Reynolds, I think you should reconsider my offer. Port charles is a lovely place, much nicer than the unemployment office.

Alison: Ok, I apologize. I will talk to her.

Kate: No, no. I'll work something out.

Alison: Well, what about this guy in new york?

Kate: Well, I guess not every love story works out the way you want it to.

Livvie: You know, I have always dreamt about the day I was going to find out i was having your baby, but it was never, ever like this, rafe!

Rafe: Ok, just calm down.

Livvie: Calm down? I'm having a baby and I'm alone and I'm scared! You know what? Just -- just don't worry, ok?

Rafe: Hey --

livvie: Because I'll do it myself.

Rafe: You know what? You're not alone. If it's true, if you are, then i'll be there for both you and the baby.

Livvie: You will?

Rafe: Yeah. I'll take responsibility. It's the right thing to do.

Livvie: So do you want a boy or a girl?

Rafe: Ok, whoa, hold on. Now, before we start naming the kid, we need to call a doctor and make an appointment.

Livvie: Ok. Ok, first thing in the morning.

Rafe: Good. Now, i need some air, so i'm going to take a walk.

Livvie: Wait a minute. Where are you going?

Rafe: Livvie, I'm just taking a walk, ok?

Livvie: You will love me, rafe, as much as i love you. And this little child I'm going to have is going to make it all better. Now I just have to find a way to get myself pregnant. A

Ian: Are you staying or leaving?

Jamal: I'm going to chill here for a little bit. What about you?

Jack: Oh, I'm going to stay and feed my paranoid self with some pizzas.

Ian: Sometimes a shadow is just a shadow, ok?

Jamal: You do that a lot, you know.

Jack: What?

Jamal: Throw this whole vampire thing up in my face.

Jack: What do you mean, "vampire thing"?

Jamal: Look, the whole "i have personal experience in the dark arts, therefore, i know everything and everybody else doesn't know anything."

Jack: So your pissed off caleb didn't bite you, is that it, that didn't you live a dream of feeding on people?

Jamal: No, no, no. I'm just suggesting that sometimes, like your ex-girlfriend livvie, you guys see evil where it ain't, all right?

Jack: That is messed up, comparing me to livvie. Thanks a lot.

Jamal: Look, would you just chill out? Chill out, ok? Can we just -- can we have a nice meal? Can we eat, all right? Pizza with the works? Is that cool, huh?

Woman: Look! There he is!

Alison's voice: You are my destiny. This is our destiny. I believed that then, and I still do.

Rafe: Even though I don't remember?

Alison: Even though you don't remember right now. But why else do you think that you would have walked into this room, a room to where you don't even know who's in there, and you kissed a woman that you don't even know? And you woke me up when nothing else could. Why? Why

rafe's voice: Tell me what's going on with you. I'm not going to let you leave here till you do, so --

livvie: Nothing. Just the worst possible nothing, that's all. And it shouldn't be. It should be something to celebrate.

Rafe: Something to celebrate? Wait, what to celebrate? Celebrate what?

Livvie: Pregnant. Rafe, I think I'm pregnant.

Rafe: Hey. Is this yours?

Boy: Yeah. Can I have it back?

Rafe: Yeah, sure. Here. Whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait. Come here. Why don't you sit down a sec. So what's going on? You got a game going on?

Boy: Yeah.

Rafe: What position do you play?

Boy: Shortstop.

Rafe: Shortstop? Wow, give me a high-five. Yeah. You must be pretty good.

Boy: I guess. Do you like baseball?

Rafe: Do i like -- hmm. I don't know. I didn't play a lot growing up. I would have liked to.

Boy: Why didn't you?

Rafe: Hmm. I guess my family kind of had different ideas about what i should be doing with my life.

Boy: My dad taught me.

Rafe: Your dad? Well, he must be a pretty special guy, huh?

Boy: He's the best. Got to go now, mister.

Rafe: Ok. Huh.

Alison: Kate, I really can fix this if you just let me.

Kate: No, it's ok, but thanks.

Alison: I hate to see couples separated, though, because there are so many livvies of the world out there just lurking and waiting for unexpecting men.

Kate: My boyfriend and i have been through worse.

Alison: You know, you've never actually mentioned about him.

Kate: Oh, there's nothing to mention. He's just a regular guy. You know, I really should consider your grandmother's offer. I mean, it would be a good move for me professionally, and, frankly, who couldn't use the extra money?

Alison: Right. Well, now that you're not my lawyer anymore, i was thinking maybe we can be friends.

Kate: I'd like that.

Alison: Me, too. So from one friend to the next, what do you think I should do about rafe?

Kate: Well, I don't for one second believe that absence makes a heart grow fonder. So i would stop waiting for him to remember and I would go to him, alison, and I would make him remember. I'd make him remember every -- every loving, wonderful thing that you two ever did or said. You and rafe have something that is so special. Don't waste another minute of it. Go to him, alison, now.

Alison: Hmm. Bye.

Kate: Yeah.

Livvie: Hmm. Hmm, hmm, hmm. What do I want? A little boy with rafe's eyes or a little girl with my smile? Oh. Who cares? I've just got to figure out a way to get pregnant or it's going to be over.

Rafe: Hey, i'm back.

Livvie: What's in the bag?

Rafe: Here.

Livvie: A pregnancy test?

Rafe: Yeah. I figure why -- you know, why wait to see a doctor when we can do this now? A few seconds, we'll find out for sure if you're really pregnant.

>> On the next "port charles" --

alison: Livvie, you better really hope that you enjoy that time with rafe because it's about to end soon.

Livvie: Pregnancy test? They're just not reliable.

Rafe: Well, why are you dodging this? Aren't you as anxious to find out as i am?

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