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Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 6/26/02

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Kevin: I can't take this. I feel like I'm losing my mind. A little more every day. Every day, a little more alone. No, I will not -- I will not let this place drive me crazy. I will not lose my connection. I will not lose my connection to you. Ok, come on. Come on. Remember everything about her. Everything. Remember every inch of her face, every smile, every dimple. No! Come on. Come on. Come on. See her. Feel her. Come on. Concentrate! Oh, God. I'm losing you, Lucy.

Lucy: Doc? Hey. It's me. I -- I don't know. Maybe you can feel me here. I sure hope so because I don't know where you are anymore. You know, for the longest time, I just knew you had to be out there somewhere. I could feel you. I could sense you. It was like I could almost hear you calling to me and -- and I don't know what happened. You -- it was like you were slipping away. And then they came to me and told me they'd found your remains. Well, I didn't believe them, of course. You know me, I -- I always swore if you ever left before me, I would know it. I would know for sure if you left this world. But then they said that they had proof. Oh, Doc, I didn't want to believe them and now I don't know what to -- I -- what do I believe? I've got everything turned upside down right now. Kate told me that Alison's confession isn't true, and Jack is saying that Livvie planted Ryan's ashes just to set up Alison, that those remains aren't yours. Oh, I want to believe that. I want to believe that so badly. So I -- I have to do something. Doc, listen, I told Livvie that you're still alive because I wanted her to come to General Hospital. And I know I'm tricking her and I'm going to hurt her, but I got to do it. I have -- I have to find out the truth -- for me and for you. All of us.

Rafe: Ok, here. Just take it easy, ok? Breathe. No, breathe -- breathe slow. Slow. Ok, now, what happened? What happened? Who was on the phone?

Livvie: My stepmother.

Rafe: Ok.

Livvie: My father --

Rafe: Yeah?

Livvie: He's alive. My --

Rafe: What?

Livvie: My father.

Rafe: He's --

Livvie: And I have to go. I have to go. I have to -- I have to get to the hospital.

Rafe: I -- I thought you said Alison killed him.

Livvie: I have to go, ok?

Rafe: Give me the keys, I'll drive.

Livvie: No! No, no! No, Rafe, you can't come to the hospital with me.

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Kevin: I can't give up. Rebecca said the only way to get through this is to keep alive what's in your heart. Oh, Lucy, you are my heart, and I will make you come alive. I wonder what she'd be wearing here. Bathing suit? No. Probably a pair of shorts and one of those little t-shirts that you like to wear. Oh, I like those, too. I wonder what you call those things. Little t-shirts.

Lucy: They're called mini t-shirts, Doc.

Kevin: Oh, my God, Lucy -- is that really you?

Lucy: There's only one way to find out.

Kevin: It is you. Oh, God, Lucy, I missed you so much. Oh -- wait a minute, wait a minute. How did you get here? How did you find me?

Lucy: Shh. Doesn't matter. What matters is I'm here and I want you to hold me and never, ever let me go.

Kevin: Oh. Oh. That's the best thing I've heard in so long.

[Music plays]

Lucy: What is -- what is that?

Kevin: You like it?

Lucy: How'd you do that?

Kevin: Oh, Lucy, you're going to love this place. It doesn't matter what you want -- whatever your heart desires, you can have it. You -- you want to go to the beach? Do you want some wine?

Lucy: No. No, I already have what my heart desires.

Kevin: Lucy, I've been trying to get back to you for so long. I carved your name in a tree. I called out to you. I -- I have sketched so many pictures of you.

Lucy: Oh, Doc, please, keep drawing my picture. Never stop. Not ever, ever stop. But for right now, in this moment, let's just concentrate on you and me being together. If you want something to believe in, believe in us.

[Lucy giggles]

Rafe: Why won't you let me take you to the hospital? You're in shock. You shouldn't be driving.

Livvie: No, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Rafe: No, you're not. You're not. You just found out your father's still alive and you thought for months he's been dead. Ok? So I'm going to drive you. I want to meet him anyway.

Livvie: No, no, no, no -- Rafe, no, no, please, that's -- that's the last thing I want. Please.

Rafe: What? What?

Livvie: What -- do you really think I want to see my father after all this time with a husband who isn't even sure he wants to be married to me? Come on.

Rafe: Ok -- I'm sorry. Can we just forget about --

Livvie: How? How do I just forget something like that?

Rafe: I -- I don't think you should be alone right now, ok, and I really -- look at me. I want to be there for you.

Livvie: Well, I would like nothing more than the comfort of somebody who loves me, but that's obviously not you.

Rafe: I --

Livvie: Right? No, no, no, save it. Save it. I don't want your sympathy right now. Rafe, I'm just -- I'm just really overwhelmed, ok?

Rafe: Ok.

Livvie: Ok.

Rafe: I understand. I do. So, is there anything I can do?

Livvie: Just let me -- let me do this my way. Please, I -- I have to see my father alone. It's a better idea because I have -- I have so much explaining -- explaining to do about so many things, including -- including us. Me and you -- us.

Rafe: Ok. So I'll drive you and I'll wait for you at another part of the hospital. Come on.

Nurse: Still no change. Such a sweet girl. I remember when you were a candy striper here. What a breath of fresh air. That's what you need, princess. You need a prince charming to kiss you awake.

Ed: Hey, James, maybe you should see this. Rafe is going back to the hospital. Didn't count on that, now, did you?

James: So who's manipulating the situation now, then?

[Ed chuckles]

Ed: Not me. That's a natural course of true love.

James: Oh, stop it. You're making me sick.

Ed: That's why you're going to lose, James. See, those two still love each other. They're going to find each other, and then they will get to stay on earth with each other. You see?

James: You've been watching too many Hallmark specials, Master Ed.

Ed: And you're nervous, Master James.

James: On the contrary. Olivia's machinations will trump any happy storybook reunion. I mean, she's a treat, isn't she? Hmm? Master Caleb had good taste. The timing was just wrong, that's all.

Ed: Of course, Livvie could come clean, now, couldn't she?

James: Yeah -- when hell freezes.

Ed: Hmm.

James: Now, I do understand how disconcerting this must be. I mean, who would've thought that Rafe could fall into the clutches of such a deliciously evil young woman.

Ed: Oh, please, give me a break. We both know that Livvie's out of control.

James: You wish. Eternal optimism is so self-defeating. But it's something I'm always willing to take an advantage of. Would you care to place a side bet?

Ed: A side bet?

James: Yes. A little side wager. I mean, Olivia has convinced herself that she's in love with Rafe. Now, I'll bet the charming little vixen will convince Rafe that he's in love with her, too.

[Ed chuckles]

Ed: Never happen, James. Never happen.

James: Don't be so sure. You know, you must never underestimate the power of a dark soul, especially when wrapped in a beautiful package.

Livvie: Rafe, wait! Wait. Listen, I -- I know you want to help, but I really, really just need to see my father alone. Ok? Why can't you understand that?

Rafe: I'm trying, ok? You know, if you need some company or you change your mind, you know where I am.

Livvie: Thank you.

Rafe: Yeah.

Livvie: Thank you.

Rafe: Livvie -- listen, I know you're going through a lot right now, a lot of emotions, but I think when you get back we still need to talk. Just talk, ok? No fighting.

Livvie: Ok. I won't be long.

Rafe: Why is this so hard?

Lucy: Doc? I -- I feel like I sense you here. It's almost like your spirit just washed over me. Is that -- is that possible? I feel like you were holding me and your arms were touching me or -- this is the closest I've felt to you in so long. Can you feel me? I wonder. Doc, can you feel me?

Kevin: You told me to never stop drawing you, Lucy, and I won't. I won't because I do believe in us. And I can see you now. I can see you.

Lucy: Doc, listen to me. I'm about to do this, and I need you to know that everything I'm about to do I'm doing for you and for me and for everybody who cares so much about you, including Livvie. This is for her, too, so -- oh, please give me strength to get through this and do the right thing. I need you. Wherever you are, I need you, because you know me.

Lucy: Sleep well, Doc. I'm going to keep right on wishing on my beautiful star, and I guess you need to wish me luck. I got to find Livvie. Oh!

Livvie: Lucy!

Lucy: Livvie, hi.

Livvie: Where is he?

Lucy: Oh, he's going to -- he's going to be here any minute. In the meantime, while we're waiting, we can just have a little chat, huh?

Ed: You know, not surprisingly, you know nothing about love.

James: "Love?" What is love? I know it can be used to manipulate better than power and money.

Ed: She may be able to manipulate Rafe's memory, but she can't make him fall in love with her. Doesn't work that way. In fact, it's bloody impossible.

James: Every heart can be corrupted. Edward, why not spice up the pot and wager on sin?

Ed: You are seriously underestimating my son. As long as Alison is still alive, so is our bet.

James: Well, given poor Alison's condition, that may not be too long, in which case that means game, set, and matching souls for the bad guys.

Ed: James, old man, we'll just see about that. We'll see. Odds may be stacked against them now. Trust me, they'll find each other.

James: Why, because your Rafe has a good heart?

Ed: I couldn't think of a better reason.

James: Huh. Well, the purer the soul, the sweeter the conquest. That's what I always say. And I predict it'll be his downfall. Let's see what our clever little vixen is doing to draw the sweet young man closer.

Rafe: I don't know what I'm thinking anymore. I know that everything about being with Livvie right now -- it just feels wrong. It feels so wrong, but -- and she's going through everything with her father, and it's like a -- it's like a roller coaster. I should understand. I know I should understand. I should understand everything she's doing because of what she's going through. But I don't.

Livvie's Voice: I don't want to talk about this right now.

Rafe's Voice: No -- look, listen to me. You're going to talk about this right now. Ok? So tell me. What's going on, Livvie? What are you really running away from?

Livvie's Voice: I mean, you say running doesn't feel right, but, what -- what are you really trying to say? What doesn't feel right, what, is being with me? Is that what doesn't feel right?

Rafe's Voice: You know what? You're right. Being with you right now doesn't feel right. No. Doesn't feel right at all.

Livvie's Voice: So why didn't you leave when you had the chance, Rafe? I -- I asked you to decide if you wanted this marriage to work, and you said you did, so --

Rafe's Voice: I'm sorry, ok, but something's not right. Something's missing. I keep telling you that, but you keep telling me that I should stop looking back.

Livvie's Voice: Because it's hurting you!

Rafe's Voice: It hurts more not to know!

Livvie's Voice: I can't believe you are saying this to me, Rafe! Do you have any idea -- do you have any idea what I've gone through to be with you, what I've given up to be with you?

Rafe's Voice: No, no, no, no, no, I don't, but tell me, please. Tell me. What have you gone through? What have you given up? Please. Livvie, I lost my memory. Do you have any idea what that feels like? So, guess what. I got questions and I deserve answers, so I don't need you to stand there and just turn this around like it's all my fault!

Livvie's Voice: It is your fault, Rafe! It's all your fault! I didn't want to fall in love with you! I had a perfectly good life before you got here, and you turned that upside down! It's your fault! It's your fault!

Rafe's Voice: Livvie, it's ok.

Livvie's Voice: No, it's your fault, Rafe!

Livvie's Voice: "Guess who I ran into today. Rafe! He came into the Recovery Room while I was waiting for takeout. We talked so long, my order was ice-cold by the time I left. But I didn't care. There's just something about him."

Nurse: Did you see that?

Second Nurse: It was just a reflex.

Nurse: Should we page Dr. Thornhart?

Second Nurse: No, it was definitely involuntary.

Nurse: Poor thing.

Second Nurse: Hmm.

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Lucy: This does prove that Alison didn't murder him and -- maybe we should just talk about why you made it look like she did.

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