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Port Charles Transcript Thursday 6/13/02

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Kevin: Ha-ha!

Rebecca: What shall we do now, Kevin? More dancing?

Kevin: Don't look, don't look.

Rebecca: What are you hiding?

Kevin: Oh, nothing, nothing. Oh, well, it's something. It's just that you've worked so hard to make me feel comfortable. I wanted to do something for you.

Rebecca: For me?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. Oh, what the heck. I know it's not much. It's that I'm still getting used to this "snap your fingers and it appears" idea.

Rebecca: Oh, Kevin, they're beautiful.

Kevin: You think?

Rebecca: They're gorgeous. God, it's been so long since anyone's done anything nice for me. Almost 100 years.

Kevin: Well, that's way too long.

Rebecca: Oh, Kevin, you make me feel so alive again.

Kevin: Oh, easy now.

Rebecca: I couldn't be happier if --

Kevin: Oh, my God, Rebecca --

Rebecca: Oh, no.

Kevin: No, let me see it.

Rebecca: No, no, no, please.

Kevin: Rebecca, it's all right.

Rebecca: No, Kevin! You don't understand. I swear that no one would ever -- would ever see --

Kevin: Rebecca --

Rebecca: No!

Kevin: It's ok.

Rebecca: Kevin, don't!

Lucy: Jack, the spotlight -- let's put it up over there. That would be good, going back this direction. Ok -- oh, Jamal, aren't you finished hooking up those cables yet?

Jamal: Yeah, almost, almost. Where's the duct tape? I just had -- Jack, do you have the --

Jack: Right here.

Jamal: Oh, thanks.

Lucy: Guys, we have to hurry. Our guest of honor's going to be here any moment. Let's hurry, hurry, hurry!

Kate: Lucy.

Lucy: Oh, hey.

Kate: Listen, I'm having second thoughts about this.

Lucy: No, you're not having second thoughts because you're not allowed to have second thoughts.

Kate: No. This whole thing could backfire on us.

Ian: It's a chance we'll have to take, ladies.

Kate: Listen, this judge -- he's no nonsense. He's not going to take --

Lucy: Listen to me. We don't have anything else we can do. Alison is running out of time and options. And Doc -- if we don't clear Rebecca's name, then I don't think Doc can make his way back to us. And that's what we're going to do. We're going to do this. Come on!

Kate: But if I get thrown off her case, I'm not going to --

Alison: Whoa, wait, wait. Are we doing this for real? Like, full-bore?

Lucy: Yes, we really are.

Alison: And you -- you're ok with this?

Kate: Does the word "disbarred" mean anything to you people? I mean, what if this works? The best-case scenario is --

Lucy: The best-case scenario -- Doc shows up. That means there was no murder. Alison's cleared.

Kate: Or we could be making license plates by daybreak.

Lucy: Oh, boy.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey, he's arriving. He's arriving here.

Lucy: Oh, my gosh! Ian, Ian, are we sorted? Ok, we're ready. Ok, let's go.

Kate: We better be.

Lucy: Places, places, everybody. Come on!

Livvie: Please -- I'm almost done.

Rafe: Livvie?

Livvie: Rafe? I was trying not to wake you.

Rafe: Hey.

Livvie: Hi.

Rafe: I just -- I heard the faucet.

Livvie: Well, you would've heard me coming in, but I've been walking on air ever since you said you wanted to get married.

Rafe: Oh, yeah?

Livvie: Yeah. I mean, you really did mean it when you said -- about not wasting any time, right?

Rafe: Not another minute.

Livvie: Yes! Oh, yes! Then let's go tonight. We can drive to Niagara Falls and we can get married, and then we can go on the longest, most romantic honeymoon and keep going and going and going and --

Rafe: Wait, wait, wait. We can't just take off like that. This is our home.

Livvie: But there's nothing here for us anymore.

Rafe: What are you saying?

Livvie: I've taken care of everything. We can leave Port Charles behind us forever.

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Livvie: I thought you were ready.

Rafe: I am. I am ready.

Livvie: Then what's the problem? The falls are really beautiful this time of year, and we can cross over to Toronto. I took out plenty of cash.

Rafe: Ok, don't get me wrong. The getting married part -- that's what we both want. But leaving town?

Livvie: Why not? I mean, I only lived here a few years. It's not my home home, and it's not really your home, either.

Rafe: I know, but the trial. Alison murdered your father.

Livvie: Yeah, don't worry about that. I'll keep in close touch with the D.A. I'll testify. It's not like you have to be in court every day. I don't even want to.

Rafe: I'm sorry, but I can't.

Livvie: Why not, Rafe?

Rafe: I appreciate you doing all the footwork, but, you know, I really think the key to me getting my memory back is here in Port Charles.

Livvie: That's because I'm here. That's because we fell in love here. But you know what? I've lost my father and I almost lost you. I want to go to a new place, somewhere we won't be haunted by bad memories. Somewhere where we can make new memories of our own. Please.

Rafe: Hey, it won't work.

Livvie: Why won't you trust me?

Rafe: Because it's like you're running away from something. So it's time for you to stop and tell me why.

Alison: There he is.

Ian: Thanks for coming, sir. It's a real pleasure to have you here.

Judge: Dr. Thornhart, is that you? What the devil? My associate said this was a charity event --

Ian: Judge --

Judge: Not at the home of someone involved in one of my cases.

Ian: Let me try to explain.

Judge: No, no. This is improper -- utterly, completely improper.

Ian: This whole evening is for you, sir.

Judge: For me?

Ian: It's a cause that's near and dear to your heart, all our hearts. But we need a champion.

Judge: Thirty seconds, Thornhart, for this cause. But that's all you've got.

Ian: Just sit, sir. Thirty seconds is about all I need.

Judge: Well, if this is such a worthy cause, where are all the other guests?

Ian: They're about to get started, sir.

Judge: But that's --

Ian: Shh.

Alison: My name is Rebecca. Rebecca Barrington.

Lucy: Louder! More feeling.

Alison: My name -- my name is Rebecca Barrington. I lived in a time where people considered me to be different. I don't mind being unique and I don't mind using the special gifts that I was blessed with to help other people. But helping other people is how I got into the trouble and the mess that I'm in today --

Judge: That's it! That's enough! I swear by God I am holding you and you -- all of you -- in contempt.

Rafe: It's just you want to leave town so fast. That sounds like --

Livvie: Like I want to run away?

Rafe: Yeah.

Livvie: Maybe I do.

Rafe: Why?

Livvie: It's Alison. Rafe, I'm just afraid she's going to find us and then hurt us again.

Rafe: Hey, hey, no, no, no. I'm not going to let her get between us, ok?

Livvie: But she's dangerous.

Rafe: No, no, no, no. I am telling you, nothing is going to separate us.

Livvie: You really mean that?

Rafe: Of course I do. You are my angel.

Livvie: Oh, Rafe. I love you. I really love you.

Rafe: Hey, hey, hey. Are you sure about that? You sound a little surprised.

Livvie: Well, no. I mean -- I mean, yes. I, uh -- yes, always. I'm always surprised at how fast my feelings have grown for you. It's just --

Rafe: What?

Livvie: We have a real shot to make this work.

Rafe: Right, as long as we don't stick around here and we get out of town.

Livvie: Please? Come away with me, Rafe, please.

Rafe: I want you to be happy.

Livvie: So then leave Port Charles. Come away with me, please.

Rafe: How do I say no to this face?

Livvie: Yes?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Livvie: Yes? Oh, sweetheart!

Rafe: Ok, ok, ok --

Livvie: Oh, God, we're going to so happy, I promise you.

Rafe: Wait, wait, wait. We have to pack.

Livvie: No -- yes. We don't have any time. I have to -- I have a lot of things to do and --

Rafe: What about me?

Livvie: You pack everything, pack nothing, do whatever! I won't be long, ok?

Rafe: Ok, I'll --

Livvie: I love you!

Rafe: I'll be ready.

Rafe: Ok. This is it. Just going to pack up and leave and get out of here. What the hell? What do I got to lose? There's something I got to do first, though.

Kevin: Here, let me put this on.

Rebecca: Don't --

Kevin: Let me just put it back on. Move your hair.

Rebecca: We were having such a good time. I just -- I didn't want to be reminded of --

Kevin: Say it.

Rebecca: I can't. I can't say it.

Kevin: Yes, you can. Yes, you can. Your death. Your hanging.

Rebecca: Please, Kevin, can't you just forget that you saw that?

Kevin: No. No, I can't, and I'd rather try to help than forget. Rebecca, you were hanged for a crime you didn't commit, and all this time later you're still hurt, you're still angry.

Rebecca: Please!

Kevin: You can't just ignore it forever.

Rebecca: Yes, I can. How do you think I've been able to bear it here? Unjustly punished and then stuck here forever when all I ever wanted to do was good with no chance to make it right?

Kevin: And 120 years later, you're still waiting to be understood, to be vindicated.

Rebecca: If they would've just listened to me, if they would've just listened.

Kevin: Then tell me.

Rebecca: I made candles, Kevin. I made candles, and I had a gift to help people. That's all I wanted to do. But they were so afraid that they -- they wouldn't listen to my story. If they had just listened. And I begged them for my life. But no one heard me. No one even cared.

Ian: Judge, please calm down.

Judge: Never have I seen more blatant disrespect for the law. And as for you --

Kate: Your honor, as an officer of the court, if anyone is to be jailed for contempt, it should be me. But I beg of you -- please, please just listen.

Judge: This had better be good, Ms. Reynolds.

Kate: 120 years ago, the law failed, Your Honor, and an innocent young woman suffered the ultimate penalty -- death -- at the hands of her community. We are not here for Alison Barrington. We're here for Rebecca Barrington.

Lucy: You know something, judge? I have done a lot of research on you, and I discovered that you've allowed some pretty unorthodox methods to get to the truth in your courtroom. So, please, won't you let us try?

Judge: No, Ms. Collins. Not on your life.

Lucy: "At the end of the day, the pursuit of truth in the interest of justice far outweighs the importance of sticking to the rules, my friends."

Judge: That's --

Lucy: The speech you gave at the graduation at your alma mater. It was a good one, too, judge. Won't you just stay maybe for a minute and let us give you our little pitch here, please? Please? Thank you. Ok.

Alison: As I was saying -- as Rebecca was saying -- one day a friend of mine came to me.

Jack: My name is Horatio. I'm a simple man, a minister of God.

Alison: He came to me for help. It was a very desperate friend.

Jack: My family arranged for me to marry the mayor's daughter, but I was in love with another woman. A secret love.

Alison: I already knew that there were people in town who were afraid, people who watched every move that I made.

Jamal: My name is Silas Whitman. I was the mayor of Port Charles back in 1880. I led the campaign to rid our city of the witch Rebecca Barrington.

Jack: I needed a solution that wouldn't destroy my family. So that is when I went to Rebecca Barrington.

Alison: And I agreed to help him, even though I knew I would probably suffer if I did.

Jack: Rebecca Barrington helped me stage my death.

Alison: I helped him freely, and I gave him everything that I had to give.

Jack: I put a bloody shirt in the woods so that when they came looking for me, they would blame it on wild animals. We were sure that they would believe this.

Alison: But we were wrong. I had underestimated the anger that had built up against me from my enemies.

Jamal: She was evil, an assault against everything holy. I made certain that she was arrested for the murder of the man who was to be my son-in-law.

Alison: Before I could fully realize what had happened, I was hanged.

Lucy: I am Penelope Fillmore. I'm Horatio's secret love. We ran away to Pennsylvania to escape our past and get away from all of those dark secrets. And years later Horatio passed on, but not before giving me four sons. Those children and all their descendants prove that Horatio didn't die here in Port Charles. No murder was ever committed.

Alison: Please help me. I have suffered way too long for a crime that I did not commit. Please help me find the justice that I deserve.

Judge: I must admit, despite the false circumstances that brought me here, I'm deeply moved.

Lucy: Yes! Yes.

Judge: In the name of justice, however, I will not overturn a 120-year-old conviction on the basis of amateur theatrics.

Kate: But I have legal proof. These are the facts, judge, including all of the birth records of the descendants of Horatio, not to mention evidence that the authorities knew that Horatio was alive and they decided to hang Rebecca anyway. And there's more, your honor. I was granted permission to exhume the remains we believe to be Horatio's, and his DNA matches that of his parents who are buried in Port Charles.

Judge: Good God, counselor. Why in the world is this case so important to you?

Kate: Because there shouldn't be any time limit on justice, your honor. This is the definition of a noble cause. You have the power to right this wrong.

Ian: What's it going to be?

Lucy: Will you -- will you help us?

Judge: One hour. Meet me in my chambers, counselor. But I'm warning you -- all of you -- this case had better be airtight or I might rethink those contempt charges.

Jamal: Oh, congratulations!

Alison: Oh, Jamal, we did it!

Jamal: Yeah, yeah.

Alison: I can't believe it. I feel like --

Jamal: Believe it.

Alison: I started to see the light for the first time in a really long time.

Ian: Counselor, you were --

Kate: Doctor.

Ian: Wouldn't have worked without you.

Kate: Well, it hasn't worked yet.

Lucy: Oh, but it will. Rebecca's going to be exonerated and Kevin's going coming home, and I'm going to have my Doc back in my arms tonight.

Kevin: What happened to you wasn't fair. It was criminal. I just wish there was something more I could do to help.

Rebecca: I've kept that inside for such a long time.

Kevin: We can talk as long as you want, as much as you want.

Rebecca: I thought you were like the other people who had hurt me, but I made a mistake. You're a really good man with a good heart and a good soul.

Kevin: So are you.

Rebecca: But now I don't want to be sad anymore. I want to laugh and enjoy myself.

Kevin: Well, that's just a finger snap away.

Rebecca: No, not that. You've done something important for me tonight, and I want to do the same for you.

Kevin: You don't have to.

Rebecca: I want to. Come on.

Kate: Well, I guess it's time to get going to the judge's chambers.

Ian: I'd wish you luck, but I don't think you'll need it.

Kate: Well, we could all use a little good luck.

Lucy: Do good, I hope. What do you think? Hey.

Ian: Huh?

Lucy: Do you think she's going to be able to keep all of us out of jail?

Ian: Well, if anyone can do it, it's her. Here you go.

Lucy: Right. Oh, thank you.

Ian: All this "not going to jail" business has made me very hungry. What do you say we get a bite? So we wait there, get the news, ok?

Lucy: Are you going to buy?

Ian: Fine.

Lucy: Hey, guess what -- Ian's buying. Anybody hungry? Beer and maybe --

Ian: Uh, but --

Jamal: Thank you! All right, yeah.

Jack: Thanks.

Lucy: Ok, come on. Do you need help?

Jack: I'm starving.

Jamal: Thank you.

Ian: Come on, Alison. I'm buying, apparently.

Alison: Wait. You know, I think that I'm just going to hang out for just a minute by myself if that's ok.

Ian: All right. Meet you at the car.

Alison: Ok. Thanks. I can't believe this. I guess everything's going to work out after all. I just really wish I had the one thing that I -- that I want most of all.

Alison's Voice: I promise you to carry your love with me forever, and my heart and soul now belongs to you from now and through eternity.

Rafe's Voice: And now -- uh -- under the eyes of God, we belong to each other.

Alison's Voice: Now you may kiss your bride.

Alison: God. It seems like our ceremony was only -- only yesterday, just a short minute ago.

Rafe: Why do I keep getting drawn back here? Maybe something I saw, something I heard, or something I -- you. It's always you.

Livvie: Well, it's finally happening, Mama. Rafe and I are getting married tonight. And I did what you said. I've made sure nothing can stop us. Alison won't get away with what she's done, and the police will have everything they need now.

>> On the next "Port Charles" --

Rafe: I want to get married here at the first place we made love.

Lucy: Doc is coming home to me and the girls.

Ian: What if the man that left is not the same man that's going to come home?

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