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Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 6/11/02

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Doree: So, Chris, did you get the basket of goodies I sent you? I especially thought you would like the -- what's wrong? You sound like you're in a bad mood. A break? You mean from each other? No, sure, I understand. You're busy. I can put the brakes on for a while. No problem.

[Knock on door]

Doree: Ok. Bye.

Jamal: Hi. Um -- oh, wait. Aren't you the cop that was really cool with Alison? Yeah, we sort of met --

Doree: What do you want?

Jamal: Well, we just wanted to check out some records from a case from 120 years ago.

Jack: Yeah, we just wanted --

Jamal: Take a look at the files.

Doree: Fill out the form. We'll process the request and get back to you in a few weeks.

Jamal: A few weeks? We don't have a few weeks.

Doree: That's how it works.

Jack: Excuse me. Ma'am, we really don't have a lot of time, and we really would appreciate it if you'd do us a favor and just let us take a little peek.

Doree: You think that you can just sweet-talk your way into anything, don't you? Just string people along to get what you need. Well, think again, buster. You're not getting those files.

Jack: Ok.

Jamal: Thank you.

Jack: Wow.

Jamal: Oh, my --

Jack: What's up with her?

Jamal: I don't know, but if we don't get past Cujo in there, we are done.

Jack: Wait a second. I got an idea.

Kevin: Paradise. Some paradise. Except you can't reach anybody and there's no way out. Which is why Lucy hasn't heard me. Because she thinks I'm dead. They all think I'm dead. Yeah, well, Rebecca, you could have told me that when I got here! Would have saved us both a lot of trouble! What, are you hiding from me now? Is this some kind of a game? Well, you win. Game over. All right? Rebecca? Where the hell is she? Rebecca?

Lucy: Doc, hey, it's me. I -- I -- I came here because I really -- I needed to talk to you and I thought this might be a good place. You know, as good as any. And -- because I have this other idea -- maybe it's a good idea to try and bring you back. I'm just not sure it's going to work. So what I was hoping for is maybe you could let me know that you hear me or at least you could try and find me so then I'd know, and you could give me a sign that you heard me and that I'm trying real hard with this new idea, you know, so -- so maybe a sign here from you. Just a little sign. Anything?

Ian: Hello there. Figured I'd find you here.

Lucy: Hi. What are you doing? I sort of just came here to, you know, talk to Doc.

Ian: Well, I thought if I bring her, it might be a good way to reach Kevin. I want to try. This teamwork worked out once before --

Lucy: No, no. No. No.

Ian: I want to try, Lucy.

Lucy: No, Chris told you if you try again, you could die. No!

Ian: Ramsey's an idiot. It's going to take more than that to knock me off, believe me.

Lucy: I am not going to let you risk it. Absolutely not.

Ian: I was fighting it before. I'm not fighting it now. I know how to do this.

Lucy: What is it in you? What is it that's making you so damned determined to try to do this?

Ian: You need to believe that Kevin's still out there. Kevin needs to know you're still looking for him. And I need to know that there's an end to this somewhere.

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Jamal: Come on, so, what's up? What's the plan?

Jack: Ok. I'm going to distract her while you break in and get the files.

Jamal: Whoa, whoa. While I break in?

Jack: Yeah, yeah.

Jamal: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why I got to break in? Why do you get to talk and I have to do the breaking in?

Jack: Hey, easy. Because I'm more charming than you are.

Jamal: Oh, come on, please. In your dreams. Look, fine, fine. You got two more strikes. All right, I'll just slide in while she's not looking.

Jack: Ok. You ready?

Jamal: Yeah.

Jack: Let's go. Let's go do it.

Jamal: Come on.

Doree: Don't treat me like some pushover, kid. You're not getting into those files, and that's final.

Jack: Actually, I didn't come back for the files.

Doree: Then why are you back?

Jack: Well, I couldn't help but see a minute ago that you were -- looked upset, and, well, I just kind of felt bad if I somehow made it worse.

Doree: Are you serious?

Jack: Listen, I just wanted to say I'm sorry and -- and see if you were ok.

Doree: I'm fine.

Jack: Are you sure? I mean, I know it's none of my business, but I would hate to be stuck down here all alone when I was upset about something.

Doree: It's a guy.

Jack: Ah. I knew it. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. Well, hey, you know what? If this makes you feel any better, we're not all dogs.

Doree: Yeah, right. You're all sweet when pursuing a woman, and then we turn around and give you a little bit of attention back, and you freak out and you run the other way. Do you know why I'm stuck working down here in this dungeon?

Jack: Because of the guy?

Doree: Ding-ding! You guessed it. I called in sick to work one day so that we could spend his day off together, and someone from work saw us.

Jack: That is not good.

Doree: And this is my punishment. All because I let my guard down and fall for some self-centered guy who wants to take a break. I mean, I did things with him that I've never -- never mind. He doesn't care. Why should I, right?

Jack: Boy, for whatever it's worth, I don't know who this guy is, but he doesn't deserve someone as nice as you.

Doree: Thanks. I'm sorry I flipped out on you earlier.

Jack: No problem. I know what it feels like when someone does a 180-degree turn.

Jamal: Bingo. Rebecca Barrington. Oh, this is good. This is real good.

Doree: So I didn't bore you with my bad relationship story?

Jack: No, you didn't. Actually, I've got one that will make yours sound like a vacation.

Doree: A girl?

Jack: Yeah, a girl. She loves me, she loves me not. She tried to kill me -- twice.

Doree: Whoa.

Jack: Pretty bad, huh?

Doree: Yeah.

Jack: Feel any better?

Doree: Yeah.


Doree: What was that? Hey, where's your friend?

Lucy: You know --

Ian: Stop fighting me on this. It's not going to do any good.

Lucy: Well --

Ian: Listen.

Lucy: Go. What?

Ian: Kevin's missing. Alison is on trial for murder. Friends are turning on each other all over the place. Couples are broken up. And from what I remember, it's not supposed to be this way.

Lucy: I know that, but I --

Ian: I don't want you or anyone else to lose what I lost, to feel what I'm feeling right now. And if it takes finding Kevin to end this, I will do it. I need to. I'm not asking you, Lucy Coe. I'm telling you. I'm finished.

Lucy: I love you, Ian Thornhart. I really do. And I have no idea what I would do without you.

Ian: Ah. Well, you're going to be stuck with me for a while.

Lucy: Great --

Ian: And if you think that's bad -- wait till we get Kevin back. You're going to be stuck with him forever. All right. Come on, woman. Here we go, Rebecca. It's time to give Dr. Collins back. He's got people waiting.

Kevin: Ok, ok, so I haven't been the best company. You've had over 100 years to get used to this. I just got here, so give me a break. Rebecca? I tell you, if you found a way out of here and you didn't tell me, then I'm really going to be mad. Wow. It's so quiet. Nothing to do but hear yourself think. All right, all right, Kevin, just -- just -- just get it together. You're fine. You're going to be fine. Everything's going to work out fine. How did she do this for 120 years?

Rebecca: It gets better -- after the first 50 years or so.

Jack: I think it came from the other room.

Doree: There aren't any other rooms down here.

Jack: Right, right. Upstairs -- probably came from upstairs.

Doree: No, it came from right around here.

Jack: Watch out for that rat.

Doree: Oh, my God! Where? I hate rats.

Jack: Oh, my gosh. Easy. Hey. Do you really think we need that gun?

Doree: Look, if I see him, I'm shooting, all right? It's bad enough I'm stuck down here in this basement, all right. Now I have to deal with rats?

Jack: Right. Hey, easy -- hey, easy. What do you say we just come back up front here? You know how rats are. They're more scared of us than we are of them.

Doree: Yeah, you're probably right.

Jack: Do you really think we could put the gun up?

Doree: Safety was on. Sorry, I should have told you. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable.

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Hey, I'm fine. I'm fine. So, anyway, how are you feeling?

Doree: Better. Thanks for listening.

Jack: Hey, no problem.

Doree: What's your name, anyway?

Jack: Jack.

Doree: Mine's Doree.

Jack: Did you say Doree?

Jamal: This is just what we needed.

Kevin: You did that on purpose.

Rebecca: What?

Kevin: The hide-and-seek routine. What, did you want to teach me another lesson?

Rebecca: Of course not. I just decided to take a long walk. Besides, I only caught the end of your temper tantrum.

Kevin: That wasn't a tantrum. If I'd had a tantrum, you'd know it.

Rebecca: Well, if you had had a tantrum, you'd have been entitled. I have a breakdown about once every, oh, 20 years or so. You had a front-row seat for the last one.

Kevin: And I think I had something to do with that. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Rebecca. It's just that --

Rebecca: I know -- takes some getting used to.

Kevin: Yes, and it's even harder to get used to the idea that I -- I can never see the people I care about again. How do you do it? I mean, you're able to conjure a smile. What do you do? You just accept your fate?

Rebecca: It's not so much about accepting my fate as it is learning to make the best of each moment. I've wallowed in self-pity and dashed hopes plenty of times. But somehow I always manage to find a silver lining. And right now, you are that silver lining.

Kevin: Yeah, I've been the perfect guest.

Rebecca: You forget, it's my calling to bring happiness into people's hearts. You just present a bigger challenge than most.

Kevin: I've been told that before.

Rebecca: Hmm, by Lucy?

Kevin: Well, she knows me. That may be past tense.

Rebecca: Kevin --

Kevin: No, no -- no. Just let me get used to the possibility. I do have a confession to make, though.

Rebecca: What?

Kevin: If I were here alone, I would go out of my mind.

Rebecca: Well, the good news is we're not alone. We're together. And I really do believe that's our silver lining. I also believe that we deserve a party.

[Rebecca snaps her fingers]

[music plays]

Kevin: A party? What's the occasion?

Rebecca: The occasion is right now.

Lucy: Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Just stop for -- just for a second, please. Listen. You know, maybe -- don't. Because Kate is working on this. She's working on Rebecca's case, and Jack and Jamal are doing some research for her. And if Rebecca's exonerated, then maybe Doc will --

Ian: Lucy, please --

Lucy: I -- please. You, please. I'm scared to death here. I'm -- I'm really frightened of what might happen. And, yeah, I really hated Doc missing Christina's birthday. And I want him to come back because I miss him so much, my stomach hurts. But I don't want to risk losing you. In fact, I cannot -- I refuse to lose you, too.

Ian: Where am I going? I told you I'm not going anywhere.

Lucy: But you don't know what will happen with this.

Ian: I can take it. If I can't, I'll stop. It's easy.

Lucy: How? You don't know that's possible.

Ian: Yes, I do, so let's just make sure that Kevin doesn't miss any more birthday parties.

Lucy: Thanks.

Ian: Here we go.

Lucy: Doc, you listen to me. You know how badly I want to hear from you. But do not let anything happen to Ian.

Jack: Well, hey, you know what? It was really nice meeting you.

Doree: Wait. Bring this back. I'll rush it through for you so you can get what you need on time.

Jack: Thanks.

Doree: No problem. You're right -- all guys aren't dogs.

Jack: Don't forget it.

Jack: Oh, man.

Jamal: I got the file right here. Faking that rat was money. It was -- what's wrong with you?

Jack: I just spent the last half-hour scamming on my brother's girlfriend.

Jamal: Oh, come on, forget about that. We got enough here to blow Rebecca's case out of the water.

Jack: Seriously?

Jamal: Seriously. Come on, let's get this to Kate.

Rebecca: What?

Kevin: I'm sorry. Um -- it's one thing to see you in a painting, but sitting here -- you look exactly like Paige.

Rebecca: And she was?

Kevin: She was your great-great-great-something.

Rebecca: Oh.

Kevin: She was my first love.

Rebecca: Oh, my. And was she also --

Kevin: Yes. Yes, that, too.

Rebecca: Hmm. So, what happened?

Kevin: Ooh. Well, that's a long and ultimately incredible story. But it looks like we'll be here for a while, so someday I'll tell you.

Rebecca: Did Paige like to dance?

Kevin: Yes, actually, she did. Me, on the other hand --

Rebecca: Shall we?

Kevin: Don't say I didn't warn you.

[Music plays]

Rebecca: Well, you can't be that bad. Ok? One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two -- ok. Ok -- one, two, three. One -- yes?

Kevin: I told you.

Rebecca: You know, Mark Twain was a terrible dancer, too.

Kevin: You knew Mark Twain?

Rebecca: Yes. I sold him some candles to help him get over his writer's block.

Kevin: That's amazing.

Rebecca: Well, I'm glad somebody thinks so. Oh, ow.

Kevin: Ooh -- sorry, sorry, sorry.

Rebecca: My toe.

Kevin: Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Rebecca: That's ok.

Kevin: Well, look, if the rest of the world didn't know about your life, I do now.

Rebecca: Thank you. Thinking of Paige?

Kevin: No, actually, you don't dance like her at all.

Rebecca: Lucy?

Kevin: No. I was thinking of you. I think you're a remarkable woman, Rebecca. And what I was really thinking is, if I have to be stuck in paradise, then I couldn't ask for better company. One, two, three?

Rebecca: One, two, three. One, two, three. Good, good.

Ian: Why isn't this working?

Lucy: Stop.

Ian: What?

Lucy: Stop.

Ian: What? What is it? I got to try again.

Lucy: No, you don't. I -- I don't think -- I don't think you're going to reach him this way.

Ian: What do mean, I'm not -- of course I'm going to try to --

Lucy: No. Just stop. I just got this instant feeling that it's not going to work. I don't feel like Doc's going to try to come home anymore. I think he's stopped trying.

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