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Port Charles Transcript Thursday 5/23/02

By John
Proofread by Beth

Lucy: Hey. Are you ok?

Ian: I'm fine, yeah. Why?

Lucy: Why? Because you keep holding your head.

Ian: I'm holding my head, my dear lady, because I don't want it to fall off, you see.

Lucy: I am serious -- stop that. Are you ok?

Ian: I just got a headache, that's all. Anyway, I should be asking you. Are you all right?

Lucy: I don't know. I feel kind of weird, you know. It's so hard coming into a courtroom to see Alison for murdering Doc. It just doesn't make any sense. It's so chilling. The point is it's not what happened, right? He's alive. We know better, right?

Ian: Indeed we do.

Livvie: May I have the necklace back, please, Jack?

Jack: I don't think so. I think I'm going to keep it for a while, so when I start to think about us, it'll remind me of who you really are.

Livvie: Look, I am really sorry you saw what you did at the cabin. All I can tell you is there are circumstances that you do not know.

Jack: You know what? Spare me the explanation. I'm over it. You're his problem now.

Livvie: He doesn't see it that way. He actually understands what I'm going through.

Jack: Then where is he? I mean, this is your big day, right? Going to be testifying.

Livvie: Yeah, you bet I'm going to testify, Jack. I'll do whatever it takes to bring my father's killer to justice.

Jack: Alison's innocent, Livvie, which is more than I can say for you.

Livvie: Goodbye, Jack.

Kate: Try not to worry. It's only a preliminary hearing. You're not on trial.

Alison: Yeah, not yet, anyway.

Kate: Not ever, if I have anything to say about it.

Jamal: Go get them, baby. This is not right.

Jack: No. No, nothing about this is right.

Jamal: No. And on top of that, my own cousin, the D.A., is making me testify.

Jack: Hey, all you got to do is tell the truth. Any news on the candle?

Jamal: It's gone. We went over those woods 20 times, and nothing.

Lucy: I just wish I could go right up on that stand and tell the judge that Doc is not dead, he's just lost.

Ian: Yeah. And maybe we should tell him about the magic candle and about me channeling Kevin. He'd throw us in the loony bin.

Lucy: It's all true.

Ian: I know it's true, but they're not going to believe us.

Kate: Ready?

Alison: Listen, Kate, I really -- I really wish that you would just let me go up on the stand so I could testify and tell everybody what really happened.

Kate: Alison, we've been through this. You have to trust me. Everything's going to be ok.

Alison: Yeah, I just wish that I could be as sure as you are.

Kate: You can be. You're innocent.

Alison: Yeah, well, so was Rebecca.

Kate: With one major difference. Rebecca didn't have me as her attorney.

Alison: Right, she didn't have anyone.

Bailiff: All rise.

Bailiff: Be seated.

Kate: Just sit tight, honey. By the end of the day, we'll have that D.A. on her ear.

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Ricky: Colleen? Is Karen around?

Colleen: No, she took the day off.

Ricky: That's weird. You know, I tried calling her at home, I tried calling her cell phone, but she doesn't answer.

Colleen: Yeah, can you blame her? Her phone's been ringing off the hook with all these crank calls ever since Frank had that breakdown.

Ricky: Breakdown? The guy is insane. He called her every dirty name that he knows, and he practically tore her clothes off on live TV.

Colleen: Yeah, yeah, I saw it. That's not the Frank Scanlon I know.

Ricky: Listen, did Karen leave any word at all as to where she might be?

Colleen: Not with me. Oh, you know what? I did have a strange phone call from some woman.

Ricky: What woman?

Colleen: She said that she and Karen used to work together.

Ricky: Another doctor?

Colleen: I don't think so. She said they used to dance together.

Ricky: I think I know where you might be, Karen. I just hope that I'm wrong.

Frank: I appreciate you bailing me out and all, but I really just want to go home.

Mary: I know. But here, sit. I just thought that if you could sit down with Gail and talk to her, maybe she could help you sort out what it is that's troubling you.

Frank: Ok, first of all, this is more than just something troubling me. I think it's safe to say I am a full-fledged nut case.

Mary: Oh, Frank, no --

Frank: Mom, I am. I am seeing things, hearing things. My God, I attacked Karen on television. I humiliated her.

Mary: Well, that's why you need to talk to Gail. And then maybe it would be best if you got out of town for a while and visited with your brother and Gabby.

Frank: What?

Mary: Well, just to get away from the triggers.

Frank: You mean away from Karen.

Mary: Look, what I'm saying is that there's something about her that obviously upsets you and makes you behave --

Frank: No, Mom, can't you see? It's not Karen, it's me. Something is wrong with me.

Bartender: Sorry, not open yet.

Karen: Not even for old friends?

Bartender: Kari. Hey, long time no see.

Karen: Actually, it's been a while.

Bartender: So what are you doing here? Are you thinking of coming back?

Karen: No, no. I'm actually a doctor now.

Bartender: Right. And I'm a supreme court judge.

Karen: I'm serious. I finished med school. I'm on staff at general hospital.

Bartender: Wow. That's -- that's great, Kari.

Karen: Karen now.

Bartender: Karen. Well, if you're a doc now, you sure don't belong in a place like this.

[Phone rings]

Bartender: Hey, hold on a sec.

Frank's Voice: Come on, Karen, why don't you show the whole world what a slut you are!

Karen: Maybe you're right, Frank. Maybe this is exactly where I belong.

Lucy: It's not exactly how you think. You see, my husband was just very concerned and -- you know, actually, I agreed with him at the time, but, you know, come to think of it, if I'd known now what I knew --

Dara: Mrs. Collins.

Lucy: Then, then I probably wouldn't agree -- yes?

Dara: It's a simple question requiring a simple answer. Did your husband, Dr. Collins, intend on shutting the candle shop down owned by the defendant, Miss Alison Barrington?

Lucy: You know, that's interesting because Miss Alison Barrington and my husband were very good friends and he was just very concerned. I don't think he really ever intentionally intended to do any --

Dara: Your honor, permission to treat Mrs. Collins as a hostile witness?

Lucy: What? Wait, no, no, no. Don't you think "hostile" is a little too harsh of a word?

Judge: Agreed. Please, just answer the question, Mrs. Collins, and no more.

Dara: Back to the defendant's shop.

Lucy: Right. Uh -- yes. My husband wanted to close Alison's shop.

Dara: And that was because he had discovered that some of Miss Barrington's candles, candles that she had made herself, had been laced with a drug.

Lucy: Well, yeah, but, see, that's not --

Dara: And when he confronted her with this, she became upset. Isn't that what she told you?

Jamal: Yeah. Yeah, Alison -- she was upset. Ahem. She didn't want to close the shop, but she never would have --

Dara: Would you say she was very upset? Answer the question, Mr. Woods.

Jamal: Yes. Very upset.

Dara: Commissioner Scorpio, is this the pitchfork found in Miss Barrington's candle shop?

Mac: Yes, it is.

Dara: Can you tell me whose blood was found on it?

Mac: Dr. Kevin Collins'.

Kate: Miss Barrington explained how the blood got on that pitchfork, didn't she?

Mac: She said it fell from the loft, struck Dr. Collins on the wrist.

Kate: And do you have any witnesses to prove that she's lying?

Mac: No.

Kate: And that could have been how Dr. Collins' watch got broken, as well, couldn't it?

Mac: I suppose, but --

Kate: Thank you, Commissioner.

Dara: The blood on the pitchfork -- that wasn't the only blood found in Miss Barrington's candle shop, was it?

Mac: No, her apron was covered with blood.

Dara: And it tested out to be that of --

Mac: Dr. Kevin Collins.

Dara: And was Dr. Collins' blood found anywhere else in or around the premises?

Mac: His bloodstained sweater was found the next day in the trunk of her car.

Kate: So you believe that my client attacked Dr. Collins, who is over six feet tall, and then somehow managed to drag his lifeless body outside and stuff him into the trunk of her car?

Mac: That's what the evidence points to.

Kate: Really? How tall would you say Miss Barrington is?

Mac: 5'3", 5'4", maybe.

Kate: And weighs in the neighborhood of --

Mac: 110 pounds.

Kate: 108, to be exact. So, how do you believe that she accomplished this feat of superhuman strength?

Mac: We're still investigating the possibility that she had an accomplice.

Jamal: Ali and I -- Alison and I have been friends for a long time.

Dara: Would it be correct to say more than just friends?

Jamal: Yes.

Dara: And that you would do anything in the world to help her, maybe even dispose of a body?

Kate: Objection, your honor.

Dara: I withdraw the question.

Alison: Kate, listen to me. You need to let me testify.

Kate: Alison --

Alison: You've got to let me tell them that Jamal didn't do anything.

Kate: Just hold tight, ok? We have a game plan, I told you.

Dara: Mr. Ramsey, where were you on the day of Kevin Collins' disappearance?

Jack: I was in the hospital.

Dara: And you were there because you were under the influence of a very strong hallucinogen, correct?

Jack: Yeah. I mean, correct.

Dara: And how did that come to be, exactly? How did you come to be under this influence?

Jack: It was one of Alison's candles. It was laced with a drug.

Kate: And do you know who laced this candle?

Jack: Yes. It was Livvie Locke.

Kate: And how do you know that?

Jack: She told me.

Kate: Ms. Locke told you?

Jack: Yes. In the hospital. I heard her confess when she thought I was still knocked out.

Livvie: Dara.

Dara: Mr. Ramsey, is it true that, until very recently, you were romantically involved with Ms. Locke? That you two, in fact, lived together?

Jack: Yes. Yes, that's true.

Dara: And did you or did you not recently find her in the arms of another man?

Jack: What? What does that --

Dara: Just answer the question.

Jack: Yes, I -- I saw her with somebody else, some guy.

Dara: And when did this happen?

Jack: Yesterday.

Dara: So the wound is still fresh.

Kate: Your honor --

Dara: Could it be that you're simply trying to get even here, that you're trying to hurt the girl you love the way she hurt you?

Kate: I object!

Jack: No, that's not true.

Kate: Counsel is badgering the witness.

Jack: You're turning this all around.

Judge: Order. This court will come to order!

Mary: I know how much this upsets you.

Frank: None of this is Karen's fault. She did nothing wrong.

Mary: Well, then it doesn't make any sense. I know my son. You don't have a cruel bone in your body.

Frank: I can't explain it, either, Mom. I wish to God I could. I wish Kevin were here.

Mary: Well, we all do, but Gail is a very good doctor. She's one of the best.

Frank: You don't understand -- Kevin was on to something.

Mary: Frank --

Frank: I don't want to talk to anyone else.

Mary: Well, now you're sounding like a child. I just don't see what harm it will do to sit down and talk to somebody.

Frank: All right, all right, all right -- I'll talk to her.

Mary: Oh. Really?

Frank: I'll talk to Gail.

Mary: Thank you.

Frank: All right?

Mary: Yes. That's wonderful. I just know she's going to help you. Ok, do you want me to go with you?

Frank: I'm a big boy, Mom. I can handle it.

Mary: That's right. Well, will you at least call me after?

Frank: Sure, I will call you.

Mary: Ok. I have to get to the courthouse and be with Victor.

Frank: Oh, that's right -- today's the hearing. You should go.

Mary: I know. I will. Now, don't worry. Everything's going to be ok. You're going to get the help you need.

Frank: I hope so.

Mary: I love you, sweetheart.

Frank: Love you, too, Mom.

Mary: Ok. Now, good luck and you do call.

Frank: Mm-hmm.

Frank: But the help I really need is gone. Or is it?

Bartender: Yo, Kari. I mean, Karen. I got to start setting up for tonight. You going to be ok?

Karen: Yeah, I'll be fine, Doug. Take your time.

Doug: All right.

[Music plays]

Karen: You know, maybe it wasn't the drugs that made me get up there. Maybe it was just -- it was just who I was. Who I still am.


[men whistle]

Ricky: What the hell are you doing here?

Kate: Your honor, I neglected to ask Mrs. Collins a question. With your permission, I'd like to recall her.

Judge: Does the prosecution have any objection?

Dara: No. No objection.

Lucy: I would be happy to testify again.

Kate: Mrs. Collins, I realize that this is a very difficult time for you.

Lucy: No, you actually probably don't have any idea. But I'm very happy to be here to try and help.

Kate: Glad to hear that. But before we get on to the subject of Miss Barrington, I have a question to ask you that will speak to your own credibility.

Lucy: Certainly.

Kate: Mrs. Collins, will you tell the court, is it true that you recently had an affair with your husband's colleague, a Dr. Ian Thornhart?

Victor: How dare --

Alison: Oh, my God --

[gallery reacts]

Victor: This is -- this is --

[judge pounds gavel]

Frank: Hope you took good notes, Kevin, because I need you more than ever.

Karen: Ricky, what are you doing -- are you stalking me or something?

Ricky: You don't belong here, Karen.

Karen: Who are you to tell me where I belong? And you don't know me. You don't know who I am or what I was.

Ricky: You're not --

Karen: In fact, you don't know a damn thing about me, Ricky.

Ricky: You're not a stripper, Karen.

Karen: I used to work here, Ricky. I danced in front of strangers. I took my clothes off in front of men, ok?

Ricky: Karen --

Karen: And you know what? They liked me. They liked me so much that I liked that they liked me. And I liked everything about it.

Ricky: You liked it because you were high. Let's get the hell out of here.

Karen: Leave me alone. I'm here because I want to be. I'm not leaving.

Ricky: Why are you doing this, Karen?

Karen: Maybe because I like it. Maybe because I'm thinking of stripping again.

Ricky: Ok, all right. This is what you want? This is where you say you belong? Prove it. Strip for me, Karen. Right here, right now!

Victor: This is --

Ian: Hey! What is this? What are you trying to do?

Judge: Order!

Dara: Your honor, defense is completely --

Alison: I want to talk to you now.

Judge: This court will come to order! Counsel, exactly where is it you're going with this line of questioning?

Kate: Your honor, the prosecution's case is built on the presumption that my client murdered Kevin Collins because he wanted to shut down her place of business.

Judge: Your point, Ms. Reynolds?

Kate: I believe there may be another explanation as to Dr. Collins' disappearance.

Judge: Such as?

Kate: The prosecution can't produce a body. I believe that Dr. Collins could have left of his own free will.

Lucy: No. No, my husband would never leave his family, not in a million years.

Kate: Or, if he didn't leave town, then I would suggest to the court another scenario -- where his wife and her lover, Dr. Ian Thornhart, did away with him. They killed Kevin Collins.

[Gallery reacts]

Alison: What are you doing?

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order!

>> On the next "Port Charles" --

Ricky: Strip for me and show me the real you. Or am I right -- you can't do it without the drugs?

Karen: Watch me.

Alison: Ian and Lucy are my friends.

Kate: I know what I'm doing.

Alison: No, you don't. Not anymore, because you're fired.

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