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Port Charles Transcript Thursday 5/2/02

By John
Proofread by Beth

Ian: Hey. Heard you issued an A.P.B. on Kevin.

Mac: We're also monitoring the airports, bus stations, trains. He hasn't been seen.

Ian: What about his car?

Mac: Clean as a whistle. And we'll be checking Alison's car later. How's Lucy?

Ian: Holding it together, like you do when you have kids.

Mac: And you?

Ian: Trying to do the same. What -- what's your gut feeling about this?

Mac: My best friend's blood is on this apron. How do you think I feel about it?

Jack's Voice: Look, Alison, don't say a word till I get you a lawyer, ok?

Mac's Voice: One of the Barrington lawyers will be representing Alison.

Alison's Voice: I don't need a lawyer. Mac, I didn't do anything.

Mac's Voice: I'm not questioning you without a lawyer present, and Kate Reynolds is very good.

Livvie: Ok, here's my promise, Dad. While everyone is taking care of Alison, I'm going to take care of you. They're handling her with kid gloves because she's a Barrington, but I will see to it that she doesn't get away with what she's done to you.

Alison: Wait. I don't know about this.

Jamal: Alison, come on. I'm on your side. All right, I just want to help you prove that you didn't do anything wrong.

Alison: But how?

Jamal: Well, if what you're telling me is for real, if your great, great whatever is having conversations with you, then maybe she knows what happened to Kevin and can get you off the hook for this mess.

Alison: Thank you.

Jamal: No problem. So let's do it. Just --

Alison: No, Jamal, listen to me. It's not as easy as that, ok? She needs to step out of the painting.

Jamal: That's cool.

Alison: Ok.

Jamal: What's wrong?

Alison: Nothing. Nothing. Nana Becca, it's me, Alison. And I really need to talk to you, ok, so I need you to come out of the painting. Ok, look, here's the thing -- Nana Becca, I trust you and I also trust Jamal probably more than anyone else in this whole world, so you can trust him, too, ok? And I am in a lot of trouble here, so I really need you to come out of the painting. I know that both of you want to help me. So, please, I just -- I really need to talk to you.

Rafe: Uh -- hi. Hi, this is your conscience calling. Listen, if you lie to your mother, that's -- isn't this Larry? Dominick's Pool Hall? Ok. Is Larry there? Whoa, whoa, easy! You don't got to get nasty, pal. You know what? Goodbye.

[Computer beeps]

Computer: You've got messages.

Rafe: And you got a real short memory for direct orders, pal.

[Phone rings]

[Rafe groans]

Rafe: What?

James: Don't you know that good telephone manners can be a critical tool?

Rafe: Just get to the point.

James: You deleted my e-mail.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, you've got nothing to say that interests me!

James: Not so fast, my friend. I come bearing gifts. I hear that daddy dearest has restricted access to your beloved. So, right about now, you barely even sense Alison.

Rafe: Yeah, well, Ed has his reasons.

James: It doesn't have to be. I'll bring you one brief glance into Alison's eyes, one brief moment to look into her heart. And all you have to do is turn on your television. You can thank me later.

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Ian: I'm a pretty good judge of character, and Alison Barrington is not a killer.

Mac: She was implicated in a murder before.

Ian: Self-defense, Mac.

Mac: I don't know what she did, but people don't just vanish into thin air, and Kevin didn't leave under his own steam.

Ian: So what do you think, maybe a kidnapping?

Mac: There was no ransom note.

Ian: Yeah. So you don't know anything.

Mac: If this were any other case, any other man -- I don't know -- I'd be thinking insurance scam, maybe. But this is Kevin Collins. He wouldn't just voluntarily leave his family behind -- Lucy or the girls. Someone made him disappear. I don't know how or why, and it makes me nuts!

Ian: Hey -- as long as there's no body, there's still hope.

Mac: Yeah. You know, I do know this much -- that if the worst has happened, if Kevin's dead, whoever did it is going to pay in ways they never imagined.

Jamal: Now what?

Alison: I don't know. She usually comes out when I call her. Especially now -- I thought, you know, because of the circumstances, she'd just come right out.

Jamal: Yeah, yeah, you'd think so.

Alison: Yeah. You know, she knows how much trouble I'm in, and I can't believe that she would want to abandon me like this. You know, it's probably just because you are a stranger and she doesn't want to talk to you, you know, in front of a --

Jamal: Right.

Alison: Listen to me. I am not making this up.

Jamal: Ali, I'm not sure what to think.

Alison: Jamal, listen. Just listen to me, please. If somebody came to me and said that they were having visitations from some old, dead woman in a painting that was over 120 years old, yes, I would think that they were crazy.

Jamal: Ok.

Alison: But not if it came from you because there would be too much on the line for me not to believe you. Look at me. You know me. This is me! Ok, you know that I would never, ever, ever hurt Kevin in a million years.

Jamal: Ok, look, you're probably right. Ok, she -- she won't come out because she doesn't know me.

Alison: Yeah.

Jamal: So I'm going to go take a walk, and you have, I guess, like a heart-to-heart with Rebecca, and you work it out.

Alison: Ok.

Jamal: Ok?

Alison: I will. Thank you.

Jamal: Ok.

Alison: Ok, Rebecca, it's just you and me and I'm not messing around anymore, and I really need you to come out of the portrait. Hi.

Rebecca: I've been waiting for you.

Alison: Why didn't you come out earlier when I was calling you?

Rebecca: I think you're far too trusting. I wish you hadn't told anybody about our conversations.

Alison: Well, it doesn't matter because none of them believe me anyways, and I'm here now and I really need you to help me bring back Kevin. Otherwise I am going to be convicted of his murder.

Rebecca: Here. Take this candle. It's important.

Alison: I knew that there was something different about the painting. But what is this? There's no writing on the bottom of it. How do I -- how do I use it? Does it have something to do with Kevin?

Jamal: Ali -- I've been thinking.

Alison: Wait. Listen to me, Jamal. Rebecca -- she came out of the portrait and she talked to me and she gave me this candle. But I have no idea what it's for.

Mac: Yeah, come on down here. We got the car to the impound.

Ian: Where is it?

Mac: It's right around the corner. I want you to take a look.

Jamal: You're telling me that Rebecca stepped out of the painting and handed you a candle?

Alison: Yeah, she did, and I think that it has something to do with Kevin. I'm almost sure.

Jamal: Ok, so how come she won't come out now? I mean, she has to know I'm your friend.

Alison: Because she doesn't trust a lot of people, Jamal.

Jamal: Except you.

Alison: Well, yeah, and can you blame her? I mean, seriously, look what the people of this town did to her over, like, 100 years ago. They hanged her for a murder that she didn't commit, all because they thought that she was a witch.

Jamal: And she told you all this?

Alison: Yes. That must be why she was so upset when Kevin came over because he was going to shut down the shop and it was almost like history was repeating itself all over again.

Jamal: Right, and so she had to stop him.

Alison: I guess. I don't know.

Jamal: And you and Rebecca are very, very, very close, right?

Alison: Yeah, we're really close. We're really good -- good friends. Why? What are you suggesting? What are you getting at?

Jamal: Alison, listen to me. We're not together now like we used to be, ok, but you know I still care for you a lot, right?

Alison: Yes, I know that.

Jamal: So just trust me when I say this -- what you're telling me makes you sound guilty -- guilty of killing Kevin.

Rafe: No, I won't fall into your trap.

James: Don't act in haste, Master Rafe. This is no trap. I'm offering you a free, one-time-only pass to see your Alison.

Rafe: Free?

James: No strings. I swear on all that is not holy. You can see her, see how her life is going. And after you decide what path to take, we shall talk further.

Rafe: I can actually see her?

James: The world's best satellite dish. Pictures and sound. Just press the button that says "power," and it's all in your hands.

Alison: Breaking free --

James: It seems that your beloved has developed a new interest in devotion since your absence.

Alison and Rebecca: Breaking free, moving high, aiming up towards the sky. Floating, soaring ever on, days of want are all long gone.

Alison: Breaking free, moving high, aiming up towards the sky. Floating, soaring ever on, days of want are now long gone. Breaking free, moving high, aiming up towards the sky. Floating, soaring ever on, days of want are now long gone.

Rafe: Well, you know, there's nothing wrong with a harmless little hobby.

James: Not everyone is in agreement with the harmlessness. I, on the other hand, think that the girl has a great deal of potential.

Rafe: Put a sock in it! I'm trying to listen.

Alison: Kevin, this is just a candle shop.

Kevin: Then why are people reacting to them? One person even hallucinated.

Alison: Halluci-- Kevin, candles cannot make you see things that aren't there.

Kevin: Yes, they can! And, yes, they are! Isn't that what was happening when I walked in here? Just a couple of days, just until we know the candles are safe.

Alison: Wow. You know, they did the same thing to her.

Kevin: You mean Rebecca?

Alison: Yeah, I mean, she thought that she was doing good things, she thought that she was making people happy, but she was just really misunderstood. And they called her a witch, and they persecuted her, and then --

Kevin: And then what?

Alison: And then they killed her. Is that what's going to happen to me?

Rafe: Why is Kevin on her case?

James: It seems she's gotten in a little over her head. There's been, shall we say, some negative response to her newfound vocation.

Rafe: He should know better.

James: Well, unfortunately, he's not around to protect her.

Mac: Kevin said that he came out to your place because he had concerns about one of your candles.

Alison: Yes, he claimed that a lab had found an hallucinogen in one of the candles and he thought that I had doctored them.

Doree: Did you?

Alison: No, of course not. That's why I agreed to run the tests.

Mac: I saw the lab results. One of the candles did have a hallucinogenic substance on it. If you didn't put it there, who did?

Rafe: Wait a minute. Why is Alison talking to the police?

James: Oh, it's just a run-of-the-mill murder investigation.

Rafe: Murder? Wait, who -- who was murdered?

James: Kevin Collins.

Rafe: No, I would know that. He would've passed through here.

James: Well, that's a matter that's open for debate. But in any case, it's all a technicality. Even if you're right, his disappearance is being investigated as a murder.

Rafe: So why are they asking Alison questions?

James: My dear boy, she's the primary suspect.

Rafe: No. No, that can't be. Anyone who knows her knows that's impossible!

James: Oh, Master Rafe, you are so naive.

Alison: Jamal, do you really think that Rebecca or anybody else could ever make me kill Kevin? I mean, do you really, honestly think that I'm a murderer?

Jamal: No. No, I'm just trying to figure out what happened.

Alison: Kevin is my friend.

Rafe: Jamal thinks she could be guilty?

James: Alison's really made a mess of things, and her intentions were all so pure.

Jamal: Alison, look, we're not together now like we used to be, ok, but you know I still care for you a lot, right?

Alison: Yes, I know that.

Jamal: So just trust me when I say this -- what you're telling me makes you sound guilty of killing Kevin.

James: Life on earth can be such a bitch, don't you agree? Especially without you there to protect the one you love.

Rafe: She was supposed to be ok. This wasn't supposed to happen.

James: Of course it wasn't. You know she's lost without you.

Rafe: I did this to her.

James: And that means only you can fix it. Only you have the power to take that poor girl's life and put it back in order. Or else you can just sit here and imagine her rotting away in a cell somewhere --

Rafe: Stop it!

James: Could you live with that?

Rafe: I don't have a choice.

James: Of course you do. I can give you what you want -- life on earth with Alison. You know, you must act quickly if you want to save her.

Rafe: The truth will save her. They'll figure out that she didn't do this.

James: Oh, my dear boy. If only everyone else had your impeccable sense of fairness and justice. But we know that is not reality. So, in exchange for your soul, I will grant you your heart's desire.

Rafe: My soul?

James: Well, under the current circumstances, I don't see you using it much anyway.

Rafe: You rotten, lousy --

James: Master Rafe, it's a very small price to pay.

Mac: We had to wait for a warrant. Constantino checked the glove box. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

Officer: You want me to dust?

Mac: Let's check the trunk first.

Mac: You thought for a second Kevin might be in there, didn't you?

Ian: For a second, yeah.

Mac: You still think Alison Barrington isn't capable of murder?

Officer: Commissioner, we've got something.

Mac: You recognize it?

Ian: I don't know. Maybe.

Mac: There's blood on it. There's a good chance Kevin was in this car. All right, bag that, seal the trunk, and run a blood type match on that sweater.

Alison: You don't believe that. You don't actually think that I killed Kevin.

Jamal: No, I don't, but the police will if you keep talking about Rebecca like she's alive.

Alison: I never said that, Jamal!

Jamal: Oh, yeah, yeah, right. And she was so angry at Kevin, she just somehow made him disappear, huh?

Alison: Well, she's really protective of me.

Jamal: But, Alison, Rebecca lives in a portrait --

Alison: I know.

Jamal: That was painted over 100 years ago, Alison. Listen to me. You're the one that's here now with Kevin's blood on your clothes and with a hell of a motive to get rid of him.

Alison: But I didn't! Stop making me sound like I'm crazy because I'm not! And if you hadn't walked in when you did, then she would've finished telling me about what this candle is about.

Jamal: What, you think this is some kind of magic candle to bring Kevin back or something?

Alison: All I know is that she wants me to have this and I'm supposed to -- I don't know -- do something with it. I don't even know!

Jamal: Just cut it out, Alison! Cut it out!

Alison: Jamal, stop it!


Alison: What are you doing? Jamal!

Jamal: Alison --

[door slams]

Alison: I'm supposed to keep that!

Jamal: Would you just stop it, ok? Don't you know how much trouble you're in? Just stop all of this! No more candles, no more pictures, no more nothing. No more talking anything. I'm trying to save your life, Alison.

Alison: Rafe, I really need you right now. I don't know what to do.

>> On the next "Port Charles" --

Rafe: Help me.

James: Your wish is my command.

Jack: I'm not going to let you go through this alone. I'm here.

Livvie: Please, don't get up. How cozy.

Ian: They feel they have enough evidence to presume --

Lucy: To presume what?

Ian: That Kevin's dead.

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