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Port Charles Transcript Thursday 4/25/02

By John
Proofread by Beth

Karen: Hey, Colleen. Here's Mrs. Scheer's file. She's recovering fine. And Mr. Mazer, he's complaining of back pain. I ordered some meds. Can you give them to him while I finish my rounds?

Colleen: Sure. You ok?

Karen: Just a little stressed out, that's all.

Colleen: Yeah, lot of that going around.

Karen: Really?

Colleen: Mm-hmm.

Karen: You know, I've been meaning to ask you, have you noticed any patients being admitted lately with allergic reactions?

Colleen: To what?

Karen: To candles?

Colleen: Candles? No, haven't heard of that. In fact, I don't think I've ever heard of that happening.

Karen: Right.

Colleen: Is there a reason you're asking?

Karen: Oh, no, no reason. Just curious.

Colleen: Ok. Listen, I'll go check on Mr. Mazer for you.

Karen: Ok, thanks.

Frank's Voice: Tonight is going to be a new start for us. Tonight's the night. I want to spend the rest of my life looking after you, Karen. So will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

Karen's Voice: Yes, yes, I'll marry you.

Frank's Voice: Wait, wait. This time --

Karen's Voice: Oh, my God.

Frank's Voice: I'm prepared.

Karen's Voice: It's beautiful.

Karen's Voice: It's a perfect fit.

Frank's Voice: So what do you say, Cinderella? Want to get hitched?

Karen's Voice: Oh, Frank, I -- I can't wait to be your wife.

Karen's Voice: Frank, what is it?

Frank's Voice: You're dressed like some --

Karen's Voice: Frank --

Frank's Voice: Some -- it's happening again. I have to leave. Get away.

Karen's Voice: But you just got here. We can work things out.

Frank's Voice: Get your hands off me, you bitch!

Ricky's Voice: All right, that's it, Scanlon!

Karen's Voice: Frank, what's wrong?

Frank's Voice: You. You're what's wrong.

Ricky's Voice: Just get the hell out of here!

Frank's Voice: Don't touch me, damn it! She may be a whore, but if I ever catch you touching her again, I will kill you.

Frank: What do you want?

Ricky: I wanted to talk to you about what went down between you and Karen last night.

Frank: Is that right?

Ricky: Yeah. I think I got an idea what's happening.

Frank: You think I care what you think? It's none of your business, kid. Karen is none of your business. So why don't you just leave her alone.

Ricky: I should leave her alone?

Frank: You heard me. Now get out of here.

[door opens and closes]

Ricky: What an ass. Fine. You don't want to listen to me? I'll try my own little experiment. You think this candle's making you crazy, Frank? Well, let's see if you're right.

Doree: I have to tell you, these candles are doing wonders for my love life. I can't believe how much fun I'm having.

Alison: Ooh, I'm so glad that you like them.

Doree: Like them? I love them.

Alison: Well, thank you.

Doree: No, thank you.

Alison: Did you hear that?

Rebecca: Yes. People are seeing how much your candles are enriching their lives, and they are your candles now, my sweet.

Alison: I know, I know, and I -- I made them with my very own hands. I can't believe it.

Rebecca: I told you you had the gift.

Alison: I know, but --

Rebecca: What is it?

Alison: Well, I -- I told Kevin that I would close down the candle shop and I reopened it without telling him.

Rebecca: Well, you said yourself, once he has the candles tested, he'll see there's nothing wrong with them, so it shouldn't matter either way.

Alison: Yeah, that's true. Of course. I don't -- I don't really know what I'm worried about because, you know, these candles, they won't do harm to anyone, no harm at all.

Jack: Get them off me.

Livvie: Jack --

Jack: Get them off me, there's bugs!

Livvie: Listen, I promise you, there's no bugs on you, Jack! Please, Jack --

Jack: Get them off me!

Livvie: Dad, come here!

Kevin: What is it? What happened to him?

Jack: Bugs!

Livvie: I came downstairs and he'd lit one of the candles!

Kevin: Come on, let's get him to the hospital!

Lucy: Jack, I'll help you. I will get the bugs off.

Jack: Lucy, can you see them?

Lucy: I see the bugs. No, they're not going to hurt you.

Kevin: Lucy, Lucy, let's get him to the hospital right now.

Lucy: I see them, I see them. Ok, I got you. Come on, let's go.

Jack: Bugs!

Lucy: I'll get them. I will get them.

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Frank: Thought I told you to leave.

Ricky: I came back to apologize.

Frank: For what?

Ricky: You were right -- I crossed the line. I've got no business in yours or Karen's life.

Frank: So why do you keep butting into it?

Ricky: Well, because you guys are friends of Gabby's and Karen was really nice to me. I just wanted to help.

Frank: We've always been friends of Gabby's. Why the sudden interest in --

Frank: Karen's been nice to you? What does that mean?

Ricky: Nothing.

Frank: What are you really trying to get out of this, Ricky?

Ricky: I told you -- nothing.

Frank: It's Karen, isn't it? That's what you want.

Ricky: No.

Frank: You want her, don't you? And she wants you. That's the way it's always been. That's the way it is.

Jack: There's bugs!

Livvie: Chris, help!

Jack: Get them off me!

Chris: Get him into three. Deneice!

Jack: Get them off me! Get them off!

Livvie: No, we have to help him, please!

Kevin: No, no, no, Livvie, Livvie, stay out here. Lucy, get this candle to the lab right now.

Lucy: Right.

Kevin: Honey, honey, wait for me here, all right? All right. Be right back.

Livvie: Ok.

Chris: Let's check his vitals, draw some blood, and start a line, please. What happened? What's he on?

Kevin: I don't know. Livvie said he started acting like this after he lit a candle.

Karen: A candle?

Kevin: Yes, we're having it analyzed now.

Chris: Give me a full tox screen on his blood, too, please.

Jack: Get them off me.

Chris: I got to check your eyes, pal, ok, got to look in your pupils.

Jack: No, no!

Kevin: Jack --

Jack: They're on your hands!

Chris: I need two milligrams I.M.

Karen: Got it.

Chris: Come on, just relax. Relax. That's it. Let me see, let me see. Hurry up, Karen.

Karen: Got it. Ok, hopefully this will calm him down.

Chris: We don't know if it's going to work because we don't know what he's on.

Kevin: I'll see how far along the lab is.

Chris: Hey, pal. You ok? Get those self-restraints ready in case he has another episode, please.

Karen: I'll be right back. I need to check on somebody.

Chris: Ok.

Deneice: Are you going to be ok?

Chris: Yeah, I'm going to wait to see how the haloperidol works -- if it works.

Karen: Oh, my God. Frank was right. That's why he's losing control of reality. I need to go find him.

Livvie: What do you mean, we don't know anything yet?

Kevin: Chris gave Jack some medication, but it'll take some time before we know if it works or not.

Lucy: The candle's in the lab. They're working on it. They're going to give us the results as soon as they can.

Kevin: That's good. The sooner we know what's in the candle, then we'll have a better chance of bringing Jack out of it.

Livvie: Ok, ok, so it would help to know what's in the candles?

Kevin: Yes, it would help us deal with whatever it is.

Livvie: Ok, Dad, I -- I think I have something to tell you.

Lucy: I'm going to go hurry up the lab, ok?

Kevin: Ok. Honey, what is it you want to tell me?

Livvie: Ok, you know how worried I've been about the effects Alison's candles are having on all of her friends.

Kevin: Right.

Livvie: And I was just really scared that it's only going to get worse and the witchcraft's going to spread to everyone and --

Kevin: Honey, what is it you want to tell me?

Livvie: I don't want anyone to have to go through the hell that I went through with Caleb, that we all went through, so I decided --

Kevin: Hold on. Chris, how is he?

Chris: He's better. The haloperidol is working. Whatever's in his system seems to be wearing off.

Livvie: Thank God.

Kevin: Thank God for that.

Chris: He'll be sleeping for a while, but by the time he wakes up, we'll get a full toxicology report. Then we can make a better assessment.

Kevin: Thank you, Chris.

Livvie: Thank you.

Chris: You bet. If you want to sit with him, you can. I'll check back later.

Livvie: Ok, thank you. He's going to be fine.

Kevin: Yeah. Good for that. Honey, what was it you were trying to tell me?

Livvie: It's like I've been saying, Dad -- I've just been really worried about how dangerous these candles are and -- and look what's happened. I just -- we have to do something. We have to stop Alison.

Kevin: Well, honey, Alison closed the shop.

Livvie: She has?

Kevin: Yeah, she agreed to close everything down until we have the candles analyzed.

Livvie: Oh, well, I didn't know she had.

Kevin: Looks like we had something to worry about after all.

Livvie: Yeah. Um, I'm going to go see Jack.

Kevin: Go ahead.

Livvie: Why did you have to light that candle, Jack? That's not what was supposed to happen. But you're ok now. That's all that matters. Oh, thank God you're ok.

Doree: Excuse me. Have you seen Dr. Ramsey?

Lucy: Oh, hi. Actually, he was just on his way up to the sixth floor.

Doree: Thanks.

Lucy: Oh, wait. Where -- where did you get that? Is that a candle? Where did you get that?

Doree: The Pink Rose. I just came from there.

Lucy: You just came --

Doree: Isn't it beautiful?

Lucy: It's gorgeous, but wait a minute, I thought they were closed down.

Doree: Oh, no, they're very open. You really should go by. They're wonderful.

Lucy: Uh, thank you. I know.

Man: So as you can see, the candle was laced with a very powerful hallucinogen. I've already sent a copy of this detailing its components to Dr. Ramsey.

Kevin: Great. Thank you very much. Well, you heard that.

Lucy: Yeah, I sure did hear that.

Kevin: Well, thank God we got Alison to close the shop down.

Lucy: No, Doc, actually, the shop's still open.

Kevin: What?

Lucy: I just ran into somebody who bought a candle there. It's open.

Kevin: I don't believe this. Well, that does it. I have to go out there right now.

Lucy: You're right. I'm going to go with you.

Kevin: No, no, no, stay here. Jack and Livvie might need you.

Lucy: Oh, fine, but will you please be careful?

Kevin: I'll be fine.

Lucy: Ok, ok. Be careful.

Alison: Yes, hi, I was just calling to see if Dr. Kevin Collins was in today.

Rebecca: Who are you speaking to?

Alison: Um, I was calling Kevin to let him know that I reopened the shop. I just didn't want him to hear it from anyone else.

Rebecca: You'll have to wait.

Alison: Until he gets the tests back? Why?

Rebecca: Until people have proof to the contrary, they'll assume the worst. That's what happened to me. That's why I was hanged. Don't take any unnecessary chances, Alison. Only the truth can protect you.

Ricky: Take it easy, man. I'm not trying to get anything from Karen.

Frank: Then why was she at your place? What were you doing?

Ricky: Nothing, all right? I was just a shoulder when she needed one.

Frank: You're lying! She's lying. Because she knows what she's doing is wrong.

Ricky: Come on, man, calm --

Frank: You don't think I know? You don't think I saw you? What are you looking at?

Bartender: Frank --

Woman: Yeah, there's a guy at the Recovery Room. He's going crazy. I think you should get here. He's going to hurt someone.

Frank: You're sleeping with that slut! You're making everything worse.

Ricky: What if I did, huh?

Frank: You move and I'll kill you.

Frank: You come here to save your lover? Is that why you're here?

Karen: Frank, please, put the knife down.

Frank: You are such a whore. How could you come here dressed like that?

Karen: Frank, it's ok. I understand why you're feeling like this.

Frank: Don't come on to me. You disgust me!

Karen: I believe you. I believe it's the candle causing your reactions.

Frank: Don't come any closer to me. I know what you're trying to do.

Karen: Jack Ramsey had hallucinations when he lit a candle. That must be what's happening to you.

Frank: Who else are you sleeping with, huh? Is that why you're here like that, to pick up more men?

Karen: Frank, these are all images in your head. Put the knife down and we'll talk about it.

Frank: I said get away from me!

Karen: Frank!

Karen: Frank, it's the candle. It's not you.

Frank: Go. Get away from me. Go before I hurt you. Please leave.

Karen: No, I'm not leaving you. It's the candle. We can fix this.

Ricky: Karen, Karen, look around. There's no candles here.

Karen: There must be.

Ricky: No, no, it's lunchtime. There's no candles on the tables or anywhere else.


Ricky: Come on, let's get you out of here. Come on, let's go.

Bartender: Frank, somebody called the cops. They're on their way.

Colleen: How's your brother doing?

Chris: He's not seeing Jiminy Cricket all over him, if that's what you're asking.

Colleen: No, that's not what I was asking.

Chris: Oh, come on, I know this is good juice for the G.H. rumor mill -- "successful former chief resident has a drug addict for a brother."

Colleen: You are such a paranoid egomaniac. I was asking because I thought you were worried about your brother. We all are.

Chris: Oh. Well, I am concerned. Thanks. Sorry.

Colleen: You're welcome.

Chris: Hey, Doree. What are you doing here?

Doree: I brought you a little gift.

Chris: Oh, you know, I don't think this is such a good idea.

Doree: But you said yourself there's something in that candle that makes you very hot.

Chris: Yeah, but you don't --

Doree: Me, too, so I went out and bought another one just like it.

Chris: Yeah, but, see, my brother, Jack, was brought in here tonight and he had a bad reaction to a candle, so --

Doe: But it wasn't our candle, right? It hasn't hurt us.

Chris: No, I guess it hasn't.

Doree: It's ok. I don't need this to make love to you. It just kind of fires me up.

Chris: Ok, come on.

Livvie: I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I know how scary it must've been for you because I was really scared for you. But it sounds like it's just going to wear off and everything's going to be fine. You know, the drug I put on the candle -- it didn't really hurt you. And now, in a strange way in the long run, it's going to help everyone. Because everybody's finally realizing how dangerous Alison is. And everybody's going to help. We're going to stop this.

Jack: It was you, wasn't it, Livvie? You did this to me. Answer me, Livvie. You did this to me, didn't you?

Lucy: Hey, Jack, you're awake. What's going on? Is everything ok?

Jack: Oh, yeah, Lucy, you're just in time. Livvie was about to tell us what really happened with the candle, weren't you, sweetie?

Livvie: What really happened is you gave me a horrible scare. You gave us all a scare. But you're much better now. I can tell. You're going to be back to your old self in no time, isn't he, Lucy?

Lucy: Yeah, in no time.

Jack: Livvie, what are you doing?

Livvie: Jack.

Jack: Oh. Oh, you're not going to tell the truth. Oh, ok, then, Lucy, I guess I'm going to have to tell you the truth.

Lucy: The truth about what?

Jack: Livvie's the one who did it.

Lucy: What?

Kevin: Alison? Alison, are you here? Alison!

Alison: Kevin. Hi. I didn't think that you would be back here.

Kevin: You lied to me.

Alison: I was going to call you and explain why I reopened the shop --

Kevin: You have bigger things to explain to me.

Alison: What are you talking about?

Kevin: Alison, this is out of control. You don't know what you're doing.

Alison: Kevin, that's not true, and the tests will prove that.

Kevin: The tests have already proved that these candles contain hallucinogens.

Alison: What?

Kevin: They've already put Jack in the hospital.

Alison: What are you talking about?

Kevin: It's true. And I'm putting a stop to this right now.

Alison: Kevin!

>> On the next "Port Charles" --

James: My deal is still on the table if you wish to talk.

Jack: You went way too far. You do realize that, don't you?

Lucy: It wasn't Alison? Livvie, it was you? What did you do?

Rebecca: This time they won't get away with it.

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