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Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 4/23/02

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Gail: She's so cute.

Lucy: I know she loves when you come by. Thanks for taking time to see Christina because she enjoys it so much.

Gail: Oh, oh, golly, heaven's sakes, I just love spending time with my granddaughter. She'll be all grown up before we know it.

Lucy: Um -- yeah. You know, speaking of all grown up, Christina's not the only reason I wanted you to pop in for a visit. It's Livvie.

Gail: Really? Livvie? What's wrong with Livvie?

Livvie: Well, you have to. That's all there is to it. That candle was made by a witch, Frank. It's behind everything bad that's been happening to you. Look, I don't care. You have to find it and get rid of -- I don't care. Just find it, Frank.

Lucy: Livvie, hey.

Gail: Hello there.

Livvie: Hi.

Gail: So, tell me about this witch.

Kevin: What were you doing in here?

Alison: Kevin, I didn't -- I didn't hear you come in.

Kevin: I noticed. You were too busy dancing to notice me.

Alison: What?

Kevin: Alone. It was like you were in a trance. Alison, you didn't notice me until I walked right up to you and touched you.

Alison: Oh. I see. This is about -- this is about my candles. I'm sure you probably talked with Livvie about my evil candles. Well, I told her and I'll tell you, Kevin, the same thing.

Kevin: No, it's not just Livvie. Alison, these candles seem to be a lot more powerful than you realize.

Alison: I know.

Kevin: You do?

Alison: Of course I do. These candles -- I make them with so much love and care, and that's why they're so special, and that's why people love them so much. That's why I'm here, Kevin, is to make people happy.

Kevin: Alison, not all of these candles are making people feel wonderful.

Alison: What do you mean?

Kevin: I mean I think you should close down the shop.

Ricky: Tough sleep, huh? I'm not surprised, after what you went through with your psycho boyfriend. Well, let's keep you warm. Maybe that'll help you sleep.

Karen: Hey.

Ricky: Oh, hey. Sorry. I didn't want to wake you.

Karen: No. Why? I'm glad you did.

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Alison: You want me to close the shop down? Kevin, I just opened the shop.

Kevin: I know, but --

Alison: This is about Livvie, isn't it? She's, like, convinced you that I'm some witch that she thinks that Rebecca once was.

Kevin: No, no, I'm not asking you to close the place permanently. Just for a few days so we can have some of these candles analyzed.

Alison: Analyzed for what, Kevin? Look, I promise you, I will show you what's in these candles. It's nothing but herbs or oils and things like that. There's nothing dangerous

Kevin: The thing is, Alison, any one of these ingredients by themselves can be harmless. But when you start combining things, they can become dangerous, and people will respond to them, they'll do things.

Alison: Kevin, this is just a candle shop.

Kevin: Then why are people reacting to them? One person even hallucinated.

Alison: Kevin, candles cannot make you see things that aren't there.

Kevin: Yes, they can, and they are. Isn't that what was happening when I walked in here. Just a couple of days, just until we know the candles are safe.

Alison: Wow. You know, they did the same thing to her.

Kevin: You mean Rebecca?

Alison: Yeah, I mean, she thought that she was doing good things and she thought that she was making people happy, but she was just really misunderstood, and they called her a witch, and they persecuted her, and then --

Kevin: And then what?

Alison: And then they killed her. Is that what's going to happen to me?

Livvie: A witch? Did I say anything about that?

Gail: Well, your phone conversation.

Livvie: Oh, that. That was nothing. Just talk, you know?

Gail: Oh, I see.

Lucy: Oh, Gail stopped by just to visit with Christina. She hadn't seen her in a little while.

Gail: Yes, but what an extra-added delight to find you here, too.

Livvie: Well, I've got some things to do, so I'm --

Gail: Oh, Livvie, no. Oh, please, not just yet. Come on. Come on and sit down, ok? Well, I just haven't seen you for so long.

Livvie: Uh -- sure, ok. I've only got a few minutes, though.

Gail: Oh, good, good. Well, now, tell me, do I hear that you have a new house? A spot down by the river with Jack?

Livvie: Yeah, yeah, it's our first house. You and Lee should really come by for dinner sometime.

Gail: Well, we would love to do that. Thank you. And the bike shop -- are you both working long hours?

Livvie: Well, it's not so bad. You know, business is ok.

Gail: Oh, good. And your mother -- have you seen your mother recently? How is Rachel doing? I know it must be so hard for you when you go by there.

Livvie: Yeah -- no, I haven't seen her lately, but I'm going to go and see her soon because I miss her a lot.

Gail: Oh, well, I'm sure you do, and with all this extra time --

Livvie: Time?

Gail: Well, now that things are going so well, you must have a lot of time to, you know, think about the last few months.

Livvie: Um -- not really. I really don't focus on it much.

Gail: Oh, no? Well, I'd certainly understand if you did.

Lucy: You know what? I think what Gail is trying to say is just about Caleb --

Livvie: Yeah, I know what she meant, Lucy.

Gail: Well, it was just such a traumatic time for you, Livvie.

Livvie: Excuse me, Dr. Baldwin, but could we just cut to the chase here? You're trying to figure out if I'm crazy or not, aren't you?

Lucy: Livvie, no --

Livvie: Isn't that right, Lucy? Isn't that what you're both trying to do?

Karen: Oh, please. Oh, I need you so much, Frank.

Ricky: Frank? What the hell -- you just called me Frank.

Karen: Ricky? Oh, my God. I must've been dreaming. I --

Ricky: Yeah, well, if you were, it didn't feel like that until --

[knock on door]

Frank: Ricky, open up.

Karen: Frank?

Frank: I know you're in there.

Ricky: Look, just stay right there, ok? Don't worry. I'll get rid of him.

Ricky: What do you want?

Frank: Karen's here, isn't she?

Ricky: No, she isn't, so just get out of my --

Karen: Ricky --

frank: Karen? Karen, let me in.

Ricky: You still want to talk to this clown?

Karen: Yeah, I do, but alone, ok?

Ricky: After what he --

Karen: Alone, Ricky. I'll call you if I need you.

Ricky: You sure?

Ricky: I'm not going to be far. You got it, Frank?

Frank: Yeah, I got it. Now get lost.

Karen: I'm glad you came.

Frank: I had a feeling you were here. No, listen --

Karen: I've been dreaming about you.

Frank: You have?

Karen: Mm-hmm. I've been missing you, been wanting to talk, work things out.

Frank: And I am the luckiest guy in the world that you would even want to. But first you got to listen to me, Karen. I figured it out. I know why I turned on you, why I said those horrible things to you.

Karen: Ok. Come on in. Tell me.

Frank: It's that candle I lit.

Karen: Candle? I don't understand.

Frank: Yeah, we had it burning in the room each time. And I don't know how, I don't know why, but somehow the -- the -- no.

Karen: Frank, what is going on?

Frank: God, please, no.

Karen: Frank?

Frank: Not again. God, why is it happening again?

Ricky: What the --

Livvie: Do you want me to schedule an appointment, Dr. Baldwin, or am I being committed right now?

Lucy: Come on. No. This is not what this is all about at all.

Livvie: Yeah, sure, it is -- to see if I'm insane like my mother.

Gail: Oh, don't be angry with Lucy. She's just doing this all out of concern for you.

Livvie: Well, I don't need a shrink.

Gail: I'd be the first one to agree.

Livvie: Good.

Gail: But you have to admit, it is a little disconcerting to hear somebody talking about candles and witches. Are you with me?

Livvie: Ok. Ok, maybe it did sound a little bizarre. You got me. But you both know how much stress I've been under the past year, and maybe I don't always handle it well, but I am doing the best I can. And, besides, Jack and I are fighting right now.

Gail: Oh.

Livvie: And as far as the candles go, Lucy, you know more than anyone how suspicious I'd be of anything that even remotely sounds like what I went through with Caleb.

Lucy: I know. So the witch talk --

Livvie: I was just trying to make a point, and I pushed it too far. It's not like I think I'm seeing things -- except --

Lucy: What?

Livvie: Oh, my God. Did you see that?

Lucy: What? What?

Livvie: There's little green man driving a sedan and wearing sunglasses.

Lucy: That is so not funny.

Livvie: Come on, you know crazy people don't have a sense of humor, Lucy, do they?

Gail: Why don't we just start all over again? Look, Livvie, if you ever do want to talk about anything, you know where I am.

Livvie: Thank you. I will. But you don't have to worry about me, ok?

Gail: Ok. Well, I am headed home because my little green drivers are outside waiting to take me to my palace. Goodbye.

Livvie: Bye, Gail.

Lucy: Bye. I will call you. Thanks for the visit. Ta.

Gail: Thank you. Ta.

Lucy: I hope you can try to understand what I was doing with this, you know.

Livvie: Yeah, sure. That was great, Lucy.

Lucy: No, it wasn't -- it wasn't great, so can we just -- I made a mistake and forget about it, put it in the past. Can we just let it go?

Livvie: You think you can do what you just did to me and I'll forget about it just like that? I mean, for you of all people, to sneak a trip to the psychiatrist on me without trusting your own instincts on everything that's been going on with Alison and the candles. I mean, you and your tarot cards and your universe and -- and your crystals -- please, Lucy.

Lucy: Livvie, I -- I know.

Livvie: No. Will you think about it? You would be in the loony bin yourself if you had to see a shrink every time you had one of your premonitions.

Karen: Frank, what is it?

Frank: You're dressed like some -

Karen: Frank, no --

frank: Some -- it's happening again. I have to leave. Now get away.

Karen: Frank, you just got here. We could work things out.

Frank: Get your hands off me, you bitch!

Ricky: All right, that's it, Scanlon!

Karen: Frank, what's wrong?

Frank: You. You're what's wrong.

Ricky: Just get the hell out of here!

Frank: Don't touch me, damn it! She may be a whore, but if I ever catch you touching her again, I will kill you.

Kevin: Alison, no one is trying to persecute you. History is not repeating itself. And no one has accused you of being a witch.

Alison: Your daughter has.

Kevin: Well, I can understand her concerns, but that didn't give her the right to burn what belongs to you.

Alison: Well, then, why did she do it?

Kevin: Because after everything that this town has been through, something strange happens and people are bound to be on edge, especially Livvie.

Alison: Ok, so, then, trusting me is just way too much to ask?

Kevin: Answer a question. When I walked in here, you thought you were dancing with someone else. It was Rafe, wasn't it? You miss him.

Alison: So much, you have no idea.

Kevin: Well, forgive me for being a shrink, but, Alison, is it possible that all of this -- the candle shop, Rebecca, everything -- is a way to try and fill the void that Rafe left?

Alison: Rebecca's all that I have now.

Kevin: Alison. She's a picture in a frame. You have a lot of flesh-and-blood friends -- living, breathing friends who are worried about you.

Alison: I know, it's -- but --

Kevin: Trust me, please. Close the shop just for a couple of days. Let me run some tests. Maybe you should take some time to think about whether or not you want to spend the rest of your life this way. From what you tell me, Rebecca didn't live such a happy life. Nor did she have such a happy ending. So just think about it. Think about letting all of this go.

Alison: Well, Kevin, you are right about one thing.

Kevin: What's that?

Alison: I do miss Rafe with all of my heart. Everything that we had. I really wouldn't have this shop if it weren't for him, and it's the only way that I can really stay close to him.

Kevin: You make it sound like you believe he's never coming back.

Alison: You know what? Take these. Ok, take whatever you need.

Kevin: Are you sure?

Alison: Yeah, I'm positive. You take them and test them, analyze them. You will see that all you'll find is Rebecca's recipes -- only good stuff.

Kevin: You promise you'll think about you, too?

Alison: I promise.

Kevin: Good. I'll be in touch.

Alison: Well, all alone again. I already know what you're going to say, ok, and you don't have to. But what if he's right?

Frank: So now you're taking up for Ricky, huh, Karen?

Karen: No, Frank --

Ricky: Help me, get the door.

Frank: You still haven't told me what you were doing when I got here, huh?

Ricky: Get the hell away from Karen!

Frank: What were you doing, Karen?

Ricky: Don't ever come back here again.

Frank: Let me in! Oh, God. Oh, God, no. Oh, God, no.

Ricky: Hey. Hey, it's ok. You're better off without that fool.

Karen: I just want to be with him. How could he do that to me?

Ricky: I don't know. Nobody really knows what would make a guy do something like that.

Karen: I can't stay here. I can't.

Ricky: Karen -- Karen, wait.

Ricky: Yeah, who knows why people act the way they do sometimes.

Kevin: Oh, I'm so sorry I'm late.

Lucy: Oh, hi.

Kevin: Just got a little hung up. Took me longer than I thought it would. I went over to talk to Alison. What happened?

Lucy: Uh, nothing. No, nothing happened at all, really. Livvie.

Kevin: What about her?

Lucy: Gail.

Kevin: Oh, no, you didn't.

Lucy: I did, I did. But, Doc, it was only because I was just really worried about her, and I thought I was just trying to help, and then -- boy, Livvie said some things that really struck a nerve. They really struck home.

Kevin: What do you mean? Like what?

Lucy: Well, like -- you know, I'm an idiot. She didn't say I'm an idiot. It's just I am for ignoring -- Livvie's trying to warn us about Alison and the candles, and last time we ignored one of her warnings, remember, evil sort of descended upon us?

Kevin: Right.

Lucy: Right.

Kevin: Yeah, go on.

Lucy: Well, you know, come to think of it, though, Livvie does tend to go overboard sometimes.

Kevin: Oh -- Lucy?

Lucy: I mean, come on, she went after Caleb by herself, right? And Alison -- destroying all of Alison's stuff and the candles. That's a little overboard --

Kevin: It's handled, Lucy. It's handled.

Lucy: What?

Kevin: I talked to Alison, and I got her to agree to let us have some of these candles analyzed.

Lucy: That's my Doc. No, you are the smartest man in the world.

Kevin: Yes, I am. I'm also hungry. Is there anything to eat?

Lucy: Oh, no, I wasn't really -- uh-oh. There's cold mac and cheese in a pot on the stove that Christina didn't finish.

Kevin: Well, that's not really stealing from a baby.

Lucy: No --

Kevin: Kind of like from a toddler.

Lucy: Let's not heat it up. I'm going to eat it cold. I'll race you.

Kevin: Ok.

Lucy: I get there first, I get it all.

Livvie: So Alison's candles are off to the lab, huh? Well, if my father's going to have them analyzed, I'm going to have to make sure they're worth analyzing. There's more than one way to destroy a witch, Alison.

Alison: Everything is going to be all right, Alison, because Kevin is right. You've been spending way, way too much time here. But I'm not letting you down, Rafe. I -- I'm not. I'm not letting anyone down. I swear.

Alison: Oh, my God. Rebecca? Rebecca, it can't be. You're crying. Oh, my God, what have I done? I am so sorry. I'm so sorry. Please -- oh, my God. What have I done? I'm so sorry.

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Alison: Rebecca told me that I have a gift!

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