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Port Charles Transcript Friday 4/5/02

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Ricky: Who am I kidding? Thinking Casey's going to come walking in here? Well, she's not. She's gone for good. So whoever you thought you saw passing by, it wasn't her, so quit dreaming.

Karen: I can't believe I just lost it before I even said anything.

Frank: That said it all, Karen. Everyone's having a hard time with losing Eve.

Karen: Yeah. Frank, there's Ricky.

Frank: Brave guy, coming out with his face all messed up, huh?

Karen: Let's go see how he's doing, ok? Hey, Ricky, how's --

Frank: What the heck happened?

Karen: Your scar -- it's gone.

Ricky: Oh, that -- I guess it healed.

Karen: Wounds like that don't just heal.

Frank: Not almost overnight, anyway.

Ricky: Yeah? Well, this one did, ok?

Frank: What's Casey think?

Ricky: I don't know. Why don't you ask her? She split.

Frank: What? What -- she wouldn't just take off and leave all her stuff back at the house.

Ricky: Well, she did, all right? Without a trace.

Frank: Oh, yeah? Well, then what's this, Garza? This is Casey's key. She never takes it off.

Ricky: It was a going-away present.

Frank: Really? Well, this is a sticking-around present.

Karen: Hey --

Ricky: Take it easy, all right?

Karen: Frank? Frank!

Frank: Something happened to her, Garza. She would never give you that key. Now, either you tell me what you know, or I'm going to mess up that miracle face all over again.

Livvie: Come on, Jack, where are you? Probably helping Alison find her ancient grandmother's creepy belongings. Her great-great-great-grandmother. Except I don't think she's so great. Nice. Out of range, just like I thought. Chauffeuring Ali around -- that's where he is. Ok. So what's so special about you, anyway, huh? Why is Alison so fascinated? "Trouble." Something's strange. Something's very creepy. Ok. Ok, maybe a little bit too creepy for me to ignore. I mean, I can't -- my God, I can feel it as soon as I touch it. Ok, now, I got to do something -- and now, before someone else has to go through what I went through. Hi, Jamal? Yeah, it's Livvie. Listen, something really strange is happening. And it's not me, it's Alison who's going through it this time. Well, I got this really weird, dark, strange feeling like -- like before -- Jamal, listen to me, please. Just -- just stay there, ok? I will be right over and I'll explain, ok? Just don't leave! Ok, Jamal? Ok. Ok, bye. Ok. I'll try to explain. He's got to believe me. He just has to.

Alison: Oh, I can't believe it! All of her things -- they're -- they're here. All of Rebecca's things.

Jack: But how'd they get here?

Alison: I have absolutely no idea. I don't know, but I almost don't even care, just as long as they're here, you know, and they're safe and they're mine again.

Jack: Look, Alison --

Alison: No, seriously, Jack, I didn't tell you this earlier, but i really thought that they were, like, gone, and they were buried or somebody had burned them or something.

Jack: Alison, listen to me --

Alison: I was starting to get nervous --

Jack: Stop, stop.

Alison: What's the matter? What?

Jack: You don't know how these things got here?

Alison: No, I have no idea.

Jack: Ok, this is weird. Are you sure you didn't bring them here?

Alison: Am I sure I didn't -- Jack, I'm not crazy.

Jack: Well --

Alison: I don't -- no, I didn't. I didn't bring them here. But really, I don't care how they got here. It's just not even really what matters. What matters is -- where is the --

Jack: What? Where's what?

Alison: My -- where is the --

Jack: I'm not sure what you're looking for.

Alison: The portrait? The portrait. Is that -- oh, yes! She's here! Oh! This is her. Oh, I thought -- I finally found her! I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to. Jack, meet my -- my great-great-great-grandmother Rebecca. Wasn't she beautiful?

Jack: Oh, my God.

Alison: What? What is the matter?

Jack: I've seen her. I know her.

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Alison: Jack -- Jack, you don't know her. You can't know her. I mean, she's been dead for, like, over 100 years.

Jack: No, no, no -- Alison, Alison, I know someone like her.

Alison: Who?

Jack: I have seen her -- oh, Paige -- that's it. Paige.

Alison: Paige?

Jack: Yeah, you know. Kevin's old girlfriend. Accent --

Alison: Wait, wait -- she was here in town?

Jack: Yeah, she left for London, I think, a couple days ago.

Alison: Wait -- but she was in Port Charles, then?

Jack: Well, up until last week, at least.

Alison: Wait a second. Wait a second. So this all makes sense.

Jack: What?

Alison: She must have been the one who saved my life, then.

Jack: Whoa -- what are you talking about? Saved your life?

Alison: I was really upset when Rafe left, and I was, like, wandering down these railroad tracks, and I had so many tears in my eyes, I fell down -- on the railroad tracks. I tripped and I caught my foot on one of the railroad ties, and I heard a train coming, and I was really scared.

Jack: Are you kidding me?

Alison: No. And I thought that I was going to die, I really did, right then and there. And then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, someone just comes and they rescued me and pulled me to safety.

Jack: What, Paige?

Alison: Well, I thought that it was Rebecca, you know? It looked just like her.

Jack: Oh, Alison, hold on. This is getting really, really weird.

Alison: What?

Jack: You thought Rebecca came back to life to save you?

Alison: Well, Jack, I mean, I was really upset, and I just thought that maybe she had come back for me to help me. I mean, I didn't -- I don't know.

Jack: Well, I don't like this.

Alison: You don't like what?

Jack: This whole thing about you almost dying.

Alison: Well, thank you. Thank you very much, but really that's not what's important. Don't you see? What's important is that this is a sign. This is like an omen or something.

Jack: Of what?

Alison: That me and Rebecca, we have, like, this special connection, you know? The only one I share. I mean, she came and she rescued me -- or at least someone -- I thought it was her. But someone that came who looked just like her. It's like Rebecca sent her to me.

Jack: Alison --

Alison: Look, what's really important is that I found her. I found her again, and -- and I'm never going to let her go. I won't lose her ever again.

Livvie: Jamal.

Jamal: Livvie, hey.

Livvie: Hey.

Jamal: What were you talking about? You weren't making a whole lot of sense on the phone.

Livvie: Ok -- well, maybe this will help.

Jamal: What? What is it?

Livvie: This is research for Alison because she's really obsessed right now.

Jamal: About what?

Livvie: Finding her ancient grandmother's creepy possessions or her belongings or something. But it was her great-great-great-grandmother Rebecca.

Jamal: Well, that doesn't sound like Ali.

Livvie: Yeah? Well, here, take a look.

Jamal: Well, even if she was, you know, suddenly all into her heritage, I don't get why you're so freaked about it.

Livvie: No, Jamal, it's more than that. Alison is a little bit more curious than just finding out about her family tree. I mean, this is about her grandmother who lived over 120 years ago.

Jamal: Rebecca?

Livvie: Yeah. And Rebecca made candles.

Jamal: Ok, and?

Livvie: And I got my hands on one of the candles she made.

Jamal: And, what -- so what?

Livvie: And -- ok -- and Jack and I were at the house and I lit one of the candles and as soon I lit it, we got into this huge fight, and then I turned the candle over, and the word "trouble" is written on the back of it.

Jamal: And so you think this candle made you guys fight? Livvie, come on.

Livvie: It is more than that, Jamal.

Jamal: Ok.

Livvie: I am telling you, I have this really strong feeling that something about it is really strange and creepy. And I know how it sounds, and I tried to ignore it myself, I did, and I wanted to --

Jamal: But what?

Livvie: But I couldn't, Jamal. Either we find out what's going on now or it's going to be too late, like it was before with Caleb.

Jamal: Look, Livvie, ok -- just take it easy, ok?

Livvie: Jamal, listen to me. We saw all the signs before and we ignored it and it was too late.

Jamal: Ok. Ok, Livvie, fine. What are we looking for?

Livvie: A witch.

Karen: Let him go, Frank. Beating up Casey's boyfriend won't help you find out where she is. Come on.

Frank: Ok. Ok, you talk to him. See how far being nice gets you.

Ricky: Oh, please. Like you ever tried.

Karen: Ricky, what do you know?

Frank: The truth, Garza.

Ricky: All right, fine. You guys want the truth? Here it is. The truth is I don't know any more than you guys do. Casey said she had to go and she went. End of story.

Frank: Ok, now tell it again, but put back all the details.

Ricky: Why should I waste my breath when you're not going to believe me anyway?

Frank: Because you're crazy if you think I'm going to let you get out of here without telling me!

Ricky: All right. You want the truth, Tyson? Well, here it goes, pal. Casey wasn't who you thought she was, ok? She was --

Frank: What?

Ricky: Casey --

Frank: What? She was what?

Ricky: Oh, no, you're not getting away.

Frank: Where the hell --

Ricky: Move! All right? Come on, you're not doing this again! Casey! Come on! Where are you? I saw you out here! Come on, don't do this! Where the heck did she go?

Jamal: You mean to tell me, after everything you've been through, Livvie, you're into playing witch-hunting games now?

Livvie: Jamal, this is no game. Listen to me. I pleaded with Jack not to help Ali track down any of Rebecca's things, but he wouldn't listen to me. It's like he's getting sucked -- he's getting pulled into it, too.

Jamal: Pulled into what, Livvie?

Livvie: Something dark and dangerous -- just like it was with Caleb. It's like this weird, sick obsession and it grabs a hold of you until --

Jamal: Oh, Livvie, Livvie, ok -- ok, look. We'll check this thing out, all right?

[Livvie sighs]

Livvie: Thank you, Jamal, thank you.

Jamal: No problem. No problem at all. Where do we start?

Livvie: Ok. Listen, I did some research. And I went to the library and I got copies of all the articles on the Barrington family, dating way back to when Port Charles was founded.

Jamal: Yeah, looks like you dug up some stories about witches, too, didn't you?

Livvie: Yeah, right. I'm going to look through this stack, and you look through that stack.

Jamal: Right, right.

Livvie: Oh, wow.

Jamal: What -- don't tell me you found something that important already.

Livvie: Well, this just says that the Barrington family -- their line goes way back to royalty in England.

Jamal: Well, I always said Alison came from a different world.

Livvie: Yeah, but here's the family tree and there is no listing of any Rebecca here.

Jamal: Bingo.

Livvie: What?

Jamal: Well, there's a story here, right, about -- about her candle shop. And guess what else? Presenting the one, the only -- Rebecca Barrington.

Livvie: Oh, my God.

Jamal: Yeah.

Livvie: Jamal, this is Paige. This looks exactly like Paige, my father's old girlfriend -- from England. I mean, Paige and Alison are related, but Rebecca and Paige look exactly alike.

Jamal: Well, the family connection -- maybe that's why they look alike.

Livvie: Or maybe they're both witches.

Jamal: Livvie, come on.

Livvie: Jamal, come on, just look through all this stuff as fast as we can because whatever's going on here is way worse than I thought.

Alison: You know, Jack, a lot of my favorite memories from my childhood really come from these boxes. And getting them back is like a huge gift, you know?

Jack: Oh, yeah. Check this thing out. I have never seen a camera this old.

Alison: Oh, I forgot about that. That's so cool. You should have that.

Jack: No, I'm not --

Alison: No, seriously --

jack: No, I'm not going to take the camera.

Alison: No, you should, because I owe you a thank-you, anyway, for helping me look.

Jack: Yeah, you do owe me a thank-you, so yeah, I will take it. Oh, hey, you know what? There's film in here.

Alison: Hmm, good.

Jack: Stand up, let me take your picture. Let me see if the thing works.

Alison: Yeah, no.

Jack: Come on, you always wanted to be a model.

Alison: I don't have a lot of makeup on.

Jack: Hey, come on, stand up.

Alison: Ok, wait.

Jack: Ready?

Alison: Yeah -- wait, wait, wait -- ok.

Jack: One, two, three.

[Shutter clicks]

Jack: All right.

Alison: Did you get it?

Jack: Yeah, I think I got it. I heard it click. Yeah, got it.

Alison: You know, a lot of this stuff isn't -- I mean, it's really not that weird after all, you know?

Jack: No, I love this camera. What else you got in that box?

Alison: I got -- oh, I remember this -- oh, this quilt. Oh, I totally remember this one.

Jack: Oh, that's really --

Alison: Oh, you know what? Having this stuff here -- I mean, it sort of -- it sort of feels just right, you know?

Jack: Because it's here in the barn?

Alison: It seems just, like, fitting, really. I mean, it's kind of like the little girl that I once was and the woman that I am now today -- the woman who fell in love with Rafe -- I mean, we're sort of the same now, you know? We're kind of tied together.

Jack: It's time for you to do what you came here to do -- and say goodbye to Rafe.

Alison: I think so. Would you -- would you mind if I did that alone?

Jack: No, no, if that's what you want.

Alison: Ok. And what I need.

Jack: Ok, but I want you to call me, ok?

Alison: Yeah.

Jack: As soon as you get home, the moment you get home.

Alison: Yeah. I promise. I do.

Jack: Good luck, Alison.

[Alison sighs]

Alison: Ok, Rafe. I'm here. I'm here.

Ricky: I saw her. I know it was her!

Frank: All right, Garza, that's it! I've had enough of you, you understand me?

Karen: Frank!

Ricky: Come on, Scanlon! You want to beat the hell out of me? If you think that's going to bring Casey back, just do it! Come on! Come on!

Karen: Frank, stop it! My God -- for God's sake, look at him. Do you think if he knew where Casey was, he wouldn't be with her right now?

Ricky: Yeah, you think so?

Karen: I know so. And so do you, Frank.

Frank: Ok. Ok, maybe -- maybe you're right.

Ricky: Look, you guys, I would never do anything to hurt this girl, if that's what you're worried about.

Frank: Look, man, it's been a long day. Come on, Karen, let's go home.

Karen: Yeah. Take care, Ricky, ok?

Ricky: "Take care," yeah. Just tell me how.

Ricky: Oh, Casey.

Jamal: I got a whole article on Rebecca right here.

Livvie: Well, what's it say?

Jamal: Well, she was born in the mid 19th century right here in Port Charles.

Livvie: Ok. Then, well, why wasn't she on the family tree? I mean, that's kind of strange, don't you think?

Jamal: Well, not if the Barringtons wanted to keep all the black sheep out.

Livvie: Black sheep?

Jamal: Mm-hmm. Sounds like Alison's grandmother got into some real big 19th-century trouble.

Livvie: Ok, like what?

Jamal: Well, just --

Livvie: Jamal, like what? Come on!

Jamal: Just give me a second here. Well, it says she made candles and she ran a shop and everything, but -- ha! In her spare time, she liked to cast some spells, so the story goes.

Livvie: Spells? You mean, like magic? Jamal, black magic?

Jamal: Yeah, well, the people of Port Charles think that she caused somebody's death, and they all turned against her.

Livvie: Ok, then --

Jamal: She denied it, but --

Livvie: Then what happened? What did she do?

Jamal: It doesn't say. But whatever she supposedly did, it must have been pretty bad.

Livvie: I mean, what, did they flog her, put her in jail? Tarred and feathered? What?

Jamal: They -- they hung her.

Alison: Rafe, I'm trying so hard to be strong, but -- God, I just have this -- this terrible ache in my heart that -- that just won't go away. You know, it's this terrible feeling. All I want to do is just lay down and close my eyes and sort of fade away, and never get up, not if you're ever going to be with me, not ever again.

Rafe's Voice: Alison Barrington, I promise that I will carry our love with me forever. That we will be joined together as one, for now and into eternity.

Alison's Voice: And I promise you, Rafe Kovich, to carry your love with me forever. And my heart and soul now belongs to you from now and through eternity.

Rafe's Voice: Under the eyes of God, we belong to each other.

Alison's Voice: Now you may kiss your bride.

Alison: Rafe, how could you have left without saying goodbye like you promised? I feel lost now. And I feel like nobody understands how much you meant to me, and nobody wants to know and nobody wants to talk about it or help me or anything, and I -- I just feel so alone. I just feel so alone.

Woman's Voice: You're wrong, Alison.

Alison: What? Who was that?

Woman's Voice: You've never been alone at all.

Alison: Where is that?

Woman's Voice: Here.

Alison: Who -- Rebecca?

Rebecca: Sweet Alison. My great-great-great-grandchild. You've never been alone.

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Livvie: It's even worse than I thought. I mean, she wasn't just a witch. She was a cold-blooded killer.

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