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Port Charles Transcript Monday 4/2/02

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Alison: I don't understand. You've always only been in my mind, so how did you just save my life? No, of course you're not going to answer me because you're just a painting, and paintings -- they don't do that, Alison. But when my foot was caught in that railroad track, it wasn't a painting that saved my life. It was you. Or at least it was someone that really looks like you a lot. But I was sitting there and I was thinking, "Ok, I'm going to be the fifth chair, this is it, this is me, I'm going to go." But then all of a sudden, you appeared out of nowhere and you pulled me to the ground and then the train went by and -- I saw you and I felt you and you were as real as I am. But how? How? Did Rafe -- did he send you? Is that what it is? Did he send you to come for me because he wanted to help me and so he sent you? What is it? I don't know. He just -- he told me that I need to move on and I need to -- I need to go on with my life. But how am I supposed to do that? How am I supposed to have a life, how am I supposed to be happy, and how am I supposed to ever love again? Just tell me, please, because I can't. It's impossible. I just miss you, Rafe. I just miss you so much.

Ian: Hey. Looks like we're going to be short one doctor. Amy's not coming back. She's been called away. What's wrong?

Deneice: Nothing. I'm sorry.

Ian: Colleen, what are you doing? You all right?

Colleen: Hey. Frank?

Ian: What? Are they going to go on strike again? What?

Frank: I wish.

Ian: Ok, I don't have time to play games. I'm here to pick up my wife for a much belated honeymoon, but you know what I'll do? I'll send you a postcard, ok?

Frank: Hey, Ian, wait.

Ian: What?

Kevin: Ian, do you have a minute?

Ian: I really don't.

Kevin: It's important. Really.

Ian: What the hell's going on here? Ok. All right.

Lucy: Oh, Frank. I just heard. Where's Ian?

Frank: There.

Lucy: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I don't believe it. I don't believe this. Frank, I don't believe it.

Ed: Come in. Come in. We've been waiting for you.

Rafe: Don't be afraid, Eve. We're here to help you. What's the last thing you remember?

Eve: I picked up airline tickets. We're going on our honeymoon, finally. And then I was driving over a bridge, and the road was slick. Then I felt the wheel jerk out of my hands. And the next thing I knew, I was rolling and spinning over and over, and -- oh, my God. Am I dead?

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Eve: I can't be dead. I saw them. They were trying to get to me, but I was watching from a distance.

Paige: You'd already left your body.

Eve: It was soft and warm and comforting like it must be before you're born.

Ed: It's very much like that.

Eve: And I saw Frank. He was trying so hard to reach me. But wait, I don't -- I don't get it. You're all alive and well. How can I be dead?

Rafe: Yeah, well, as far as us being alive and well, not so much. See, the truth is we're all angels. We have been since you met us. It's true, really. We were sent back to earth to complete our journeys.

Casey: It's pretty cool, huh?

Eve: Amy, you're an angel? That was your secret?

Amy: Partly. My name is not Amy Stradling. My name is Amy Harris. I'm Harris' daughter. I came back to earth to avenge my father's death, to destroy Ian's marriage, to make him suffer the way my father had, and then to kill him.

Eve: Where's Ian? What have you done with my husband? Where is he?

Amy: I convinced him to come back to my hotel room. I had poison ready for him to take.

Eve: Oh, God.

Amy: My father was wrong about Ian. Ian is a good man. He doesn't deserve to die, and I couldn't do it.

Eve: Which is why he wasn't in the car with me, because if he had been -- you saved his life.

Lucy: Please, Ian, just wait, please.

Kevin: Ian, just give it a few minutes, please.

Ian: I'm a door. I've seen death a thousand times.

Kevin: But this isn't just any patient.

Ian: I know who it is, Kevin.

Eve: Ian was supposed to go with me to pick up the honeymoon tickets.

Amy: That's when I called him.

Eve: And if you hadn't, he would have been in that car with me, and my son would have lost both his parents.

Amy: I thought my journey was to end Ian's life.

Eve: It was to save it and to keep Danny from being all alone. I can't thank you enough.

Frank: I took the call. We were there in a heartbeat, Ian. I swear we did everything we knew how.

Ian: It's good she had a friend with her.

Frank: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Kevin: We'll be outside if you need anything.

Lucy: They -- they they had a great trip planned, you know, Eve and Ian and Danny. They were going on this -- oh, my God. Danny -- that little boy doesn't have a mother anymore. He doesn't have a mother. Doc --

Kevin: Not that long ago, that could have been me in there.

Ian: Two adults, one infant. Yeah, look at that. You got me a window seat. Always know I want to see where I'm going, don't you? I'm sorry. I was supposed to go with you to pick these up. Look how cold you are. That's a good thing we're going somewhere warm. Paradise, I think you called it. There you go. All right. Hey, you're so cold.

Ian: I can't fix this.

Amy: Did you always know that I wouldn't kill Ian?

Ed: I always knew you had goodness in your heart. I just had to keep the faith that you'd find it.

Paige: What's different about you, Amy? Something's changed.

Casey: Yeah, she's been looking funny at Eve this whole time.

Paige: That's it. You can see!

Amy: That was my gift.

Paige: And, you -- you've got the glow of a woman in love.

Casey: Turns out Ricky's, like, the only guy who ever really got who I am, you know. The weird part is it's not like he loved me in spite of that. He loved me because of it. I finally got it right. And don't you forget about the part where I saved Jamal and Ricky's lives. So now, what, can I get guardian angel wings or something, like Rafe here, because I want a gig like his.

Ed: You do, huh?

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Ed: You look at things in such a simple way. You know that?

Rafe: I just -- I really, really want to thank you for saving Alison's -- I thought that's what I was there to do, but --

Paige: But it was my destiny, to find out that she was family and then to save her life.

Rafe: I'm so sorry I kept you away from her.

Paige: No. You thought I was trying to threaten her. You were trying to protect her.

Rafe: I miss her already, so much. Paige, how do you ever smile again if you know you're not ever going to see the face that lights up your world?

Paige: By remembering all the days you spent together, the love you shared, and then one day you'll think of her and simply smile at the joy of having loved her, and that's when the pain will stop and you will be able to let her go.

Rafe: It'll never happen.

Alison: Rafe knew how special you were. Yeah, he did. Did you hear what Nana thought about Rafe, that he just up and left me? Well, I don't care. But that's what a lot of people are going to think, but you and I will know the truth. You and I will both know that he was my angel and my love and my hero. What is this? These are -- oh. It's beauty. Huh? That's strange. This one is comfort. That smells nice. This one is -- oh, this one is love. Oh, Rebecca, did you make this for me centuries ago? Did you, so that my love would maybe come back to me? You know, Rafe, you -- you came back to me once and you -- you could come back to me again, you know, without any rules or -- or fifth chair or ticking clock or -- or anything. We could just -- we could just be free to love each other, you know? That would be -- that would be heaven on earth. Yeah. Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, I want you to reschedule all my appointments for the rest of the afternoon. Yeah, tomorrow, too. No, leave the rest of the week the way it is. I'll be fine. I'll be fine. Thank you.

Lucy: Doc --

Kevin: Not now, Lucy. Don't, ok?

Frank: Hey, I've got to catch up with Karen at home. I want her to hear about Eve from me.

Lucy: Good. Be sure you tell her you love her very much.

Frank: First words out of my mouth, believe me.

Kevin: Excuse me.

Orderly: I have to get this body to the morgue, Dr. Collins.

Kevin: No, no, you're not. In fact, if you touch that door, I'll make sure you're looking for a new job.

Orderly: I've got orders.

Kevin: Yeah, well, I'm giving you new ones. Clausen. Here's what you're going to do -- you're going to give Dr. Thornhart all the time that he needs, and then you're going to find someone else to move the body when he says he's ready. And if I see you down here again --

Orderly: Right. Sorry.

Kevin: Thank you.

Lucy: Hey. Could you -- look at me. Just talk to me, ok?

Kevin: Lucy, Lucy, there's nothing to say, nothing that changes anything.

Eve: There's nothing we didn't say to each other in the end. I think we have you to thank for that. A couple of weeks ago, our marriage was about ready to implode, but we got past it. We always managed to get past it. But now it's truly over. Now I'll never see Ian or Danny again.

Ed: You will see them again. I promise you, you will.

Amy: The last words that he said to me were about his love for you, how you and Daniel -- you guys were the center of his universe.

Eve: He said that?

Amy: Do you have any idea what that looks like to someone that's never known that kind of love? Some of us will never have that chance. You have so much to be grateful for.

Ed: All right, ladies. Paige, Casey, Amy, you have all fulfilled your destinies. It's time to move on. And, you, my dear, you have really proven yourself. Nobody could ask more than that.

Eve: Uh -- wait a minute. What about me? What do I do?

Amy: Eve, don't be afraid. Come on. I'll show you the way.

Rafe: See, Alison and I -- we didn't even really have time to really say goodbye. I mean, you tell me. How am I going to let her go?

Ed: Well, it's not that I didn't warn you, kid, you know?

Rafe: Please, I am so grateful for every second I had down there, but is there a chance that just maybe that we -- please, just please --

Ed: Not this time. It's over, pal.

Rafe: No. I am sorry. I cannot accept that.

Ed: Yeah, you can, because you have to.

Alison: I guess I just really thought that if I lit this candle, then -- then Rafe would come back to me. But it doesn't exactly work that way, now, does it? No, because he's never coming back. Rafe, he's -- he's just never coming back.

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