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Port Charles Transcript Thursday 3/28/02

By John
Proofread by Beth

Paige: Hello, Rafe. Surprised to see me?

Rafe: What are you doing here, Paige?

Paige: Actually, I'm here to see Alison. Look, I realize it's probably not the best time, but --

Rafe: What do you want with her?

Paige: You're not going to believe this. I mean, I can barely believe it myself, but I --

Rafe: No, believe what? What are you doing here, and how did you know where we were?

Paige: Well, Livvie told me. I just found out that your girlfriend and I are related. I mean, imagine my shock. I thought all of my family was gone, every last one of them, but it's not true. There's still Alison. I mean, she was my purpose for coming back --

Rafe: Purpose -- what purpose are you talking about?

Paige: Wait, I don't understand. Why are you getting so hostile?

Rafe: It's a simple question. What purpose do you have in mind for Alison?

Paige: Where is she, Rafe? I need to see her.

Rafe: No, no. No, Paige, forget it. You can't have her.

Paige: Excuse me?

Rafe: Just get out of here! You are not going to put her in the fifth chair. I won't let you.

Ricky: Jamal. Jamal, don't worry. I'll get you out of here, all right? Don't worry --

Amy's Voice: I can tell and I can feel the way that you look at me when we're alone, like you're looking at me now, and I don't want to ruin your marriage. I'll be gone in a few days. Only you can make my last wish come true.

Ian's Voice: Do you know what you're asking me, Amy?

Amy's Voice: Yes. I want to know what love feels like. I don't want to die never knowing what that's like. Please, Ian, make love to me. Don't turn away.

Colleen: Ian? Hello?

Ian: I'm sorry. Did -- did you say something?

Colleen: Yeah, I said you look like you're a million miles away.

Ian: Well, I guess I was.

Colleen: Problem with a patient?

Ian: No, it's a friend of mine who's going through a rough time right now. Here.

[Eve sighs]

Ian: Hey. What's all this?

Eve: Oh, that's called clearing my desk before we leave for vacation.

Ian: Vacation/honeymoon, right?

Eve: Right.

Ian: You'd better save some energy because I think you're going to need it.

Colleen: Um -- if you guys will excuse me, I have something I probably need to check on.

Ian: I think we embarrassed her.

Eve: I think maybe just a little.

Ian: So, almost ready?

Eve: Almost. Twelve more files and then I'm all yours. We can sail away off into the sunset.

Ian: Just you and me.

Eve: And baby makes three.

Amy: Thank you, my little friend, for your contribution to Ian Thornhart's demise.

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J.D.: That's right. You tie him up nice and good. This time, nobody's making any --

Jamal: Ow!

J.D.: Phone calls.

Jamal: God!

J.D.: Not that I don't appreciate what you did.

Jamal: Come on, man, why don't you let him go, all right?

J.D.: Yeah. That's going to happen.

Ricky: Oh --

J.D.: Oh, hi, sleeping beauty. Did you have a nice nap?

Ricky: What the --

Jamal: Sorry, man. I didn't mean to get you into this.

J.D.: No. No, he didn't mean to. But here you are. And lucky me, I get two for the price of one.

Ricky: You son of a --

J.D.: Frankenstein, is that any way to talk to me, huh?

Ricky: Oh! Oh!

J.D.: See, I thought pretty boy here might have learned his lesson the last time he messed with me. God knows I gave him enough to remember me by. Yeah. Not a bad job if I say so myself.

Jamal: Come on, J.D. Just let him go. This is between me and you, all right?

J.D.: Hey, you know, I can really appreciate the way that you two have bonded. But maybe I should let you in on a little something. Neither one of you is going anywhere. Ever.

Ricky: You'll never get away with this.

Jamal: Yeah, people -- only a matter of time before they come looking for us --

Ricky: Yeah, my girlfriend, she knows where I'm going, all right? She'll send somebody for me!

J.D.: You know what? Nobody's coming after you because nobody knows where you are. And even if they did, nobody gives a damn about you, anyway. See? It's too late.

Casey: Come on, man, you said you only had one more thing to do for your mom, then you'd be right back.

[Casey sighs]

Casey: Maybe not. Maybe -- maybe last night was just another night for you. Huh? And I was just your latest hit-and-run victim, hmm? No. It can't be that way. Is that how it is, Ricky? Because I don't know if I can take it if -- wait a minute. You wrote something down here when your mom called. An address. But why would you need your mother's address? Oh! That's bull! Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. If this is some other chick's number, you are so busted. I'm going to -- warehouse 127 River Street? What? Oh, my God, Ricky. What did you get yourself into?

Colleen: What about the rotation?

Eve: Rotation -- yes. We'll have the schedule up for the next two weeks today. If anybody has a problem with it, they can take it up with Alan.

Colleen: Right.

Eve: Right. Also, here is a list of my patients and the doctors who are taking over for me and -- their case notes, right here.

Colleen: Great, ok. I'll put these in the doctors' boxes.

Eve: Yeah. I think that just about does it. Right?

Colleen: Right.

Ian: Hey.

Eve: Hey, there.

Ian: You almost finished?

Eve: Almost. You?

Ian: Two post-ops and we're ready to go.

Eve: Well, not yet.

Ian: What do you mean? You just said you --

Eve: Well, I know, but I still have a million things to do. I have some last-minute packing, some last-minute shopping, and the travel agency called. The tickets are ready, but they're going to close early, so -

Ian: All right, well, we'll go together. What else you got?

Eve: Gosh -- oh, oh, oh. The brochure. You have to take a look at this brochure -- remember? -- And look at some of the stuff that we want to do.

Ian: Uh-huh.

[Eve sighs]

Eve: You know, I mean --

Ian: What stuff?

Eve: Well, there's, like, massage treatments, there's horseback riding -- oh, baby spa. Speaking of baby spa, we could hire a sitter for Danny one night so that you and I could have a little alone time together, if you know what I mean.

Ian: Yeah, I know what you mean, but I don't know -- except I've --

Eve: What? Except what?

Ian: Why don't we get a sitter for two nights? Three -- you know what? Let's get a sitter for every night.

Eve: Ian Thornhart.

Ian: Come on, the kid's not going to mind. It's only going to be a couple hours. We got a lot of making up to do.

Eve: Yeah, we sure do.

Ian: You have any idea how happy I am right now?

Eve: You and me both.

Ian: Uh-huh. I don't want to waste another minute.

Eve: And we don't have to. We got a second chance, Thornhart. We have the rest of our lives ahead of us.

Ian: Mmm.

Eve: Mmm -- oh!

Ian: What?

Eve: I just remembered, I know -- I have something for you.

Ian: What? Oh, come on, what did you get me?

Eve: Here, here, here. Well, it's just a little pre-vacation/honeymoon gift.

Ian: You shouldn't have. I didn't get you anything.

Eve: Open it, open it.

Ian: All right.

[Pager beeps]

Eve: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait! I got to get this.

Ian: Ok. Can I still open it?

Eve: No, you cannot. I want to see the look on your face, ok? So you have to wait until I get back.

Ian: You got me curious. I mean, your --

Eve: Well, listen, no peeking. Please?

Ian: Ok, I'll wait.

Eve: Ok. And in the meantime, check out the brochure, ok? See what kind of stuff you want to sign up for.

Ian: All right, I will.

Eve: Oh, good.

Ian: I don't think they have what I want to sign up for in this brochure. I'll check. Hurry back.

Eve: God willing.

Ian: Hmm.

[Phone rings]

Ian: Hello?

Amy: Ian, it's Amy.

Rafe: Paige, you might as well get out of here because there's no way you're getting in there.

Paige: What is your problem, Rafe? What are you afraid of?

Rafe: I think you know.

Paige: Oh, my God. Have you been talking to Lucy? Is that what this is about? Because she seems to think that I want to do harm to Alison, as well.

Rafe: Oh, really? I wonder why.

Paige: That's ridiculous!

Rafe: Well, then what do you want with her?

Paige: I just told you. I just found out that we're related. I want to meet her, I want to talk to her. What's wrong with that?

Rafe: I'll tell you what's wrong with that. I was just up in the Barrington attic, and I saw a picture -- a portrait of a woman who looks exactly like you, Paige.

Paige: What?

Rafe: Alison's great-great-great grandma Rebecca.

Paige: Rebecca. Oh, my God, that's the missing portrait from my family home. Don't you see? That's even more proof that this is meant to be. Please, Rafe --

Rafe: No!

Paige: But --

Rafe: Paige, I had a dream, and in this dream, I saw Alison's name in the book of records, and then I saw Alison, and she was sitting in the fifth chair.

Paige: So? Like you said, it was a dream.

Rafe: No, except I don't think it was just a dream. I think it was a vision of the future, a warning of what's to come.

Paige: Look, Rafe, even if that's true, what's it got to do with me?

Rafe: My guess is everything.

Paige: What on earth are you talking about?

Rafe: Please, drop the innocent act because I'm just not buying it anymore.

Paige: What?

Rafe: Just think about it. Think about all your time here, everywhere you've been, everything you've done. Isn't it funny how death just seems to follow you wherever you go?

Paige: What are you saying?

Rafe: I'm saying that everyone you get close to eventually ends up in danger -- Kevin, Christina -- and now you want to know Alison? Well, forget it, Paige! Just forget it. That fifth chair is still empty, and I'm not going to let you fill it with her.

Paige: Rafe, you're way off base here.

Rafe: No.

Paige: Ok? Look, I think I know what's going on. You're letting your fears of what's to come get the best of you. They're taking over, but --

Rafe: No. No.

Paige: You couldn't be more wrong, Rafe. The last thing in the world I would want is for Alison to die. And even if that is, God forbid, her destiny, you can't stop it from happening, just like you can't stop me from completing my journey, not when I've come this close.

Rafe: I will do everything I can to protect her.

Paige: Rafe, listen to me. Look into my eyes, into my heart. I'm telling you the truth. I know you want to spend your last few hours on earth with her, and I don't want to take you away from her.

Rafe: Well, then why?

Paige: Because I need this. I need to connect with someone and that someone is her. I need to know what we mean to each other. Please, just a few moments, that's all I ask.

Rafe: Ok. Let me just go talk to her and see if she wants to do this.

Paige: Thank you, Rafe.

Rafe: Yeah, just -- just wait here a minute, ok?

Paige: Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.

Rafe: Hey.

Alison: Hi. What is it?

Ricky: Hey. What are you doing? What's he doing?

Jamal: I don't know, man. I don't know.

J.D.: I got to tell you, this is working out even better than I planned. I mean, talk about killing two birds with one stone, huh? It's almost too perfect.

Jamal: Look, why don't you stop jerking us around, J.D., and just tell us what's on your mind?

J.D.: What's on my mind? Money -- and payback. See, while the two of you are trapped in here, I'm going to be making some fat bank on a little torch job. Whoops. That can't be good. Damn. So close but so far away. You know, I'd love to stick around to see how this thing turns out, but it's getting a little warm in here, huh? I think me and the boys are going to go grab a cold one.

Man: Oh, yeah, I'm definitely down with that.

J.D.: Yeah. Oh, yeah. See you in hell, guys.

Jamal: Come on, J.D.

Ricky: Oh, come on.

Jamal: Come on -- J.D.! Man, I'm sorry about this, Ricky.

Ricky: Look, there's no time to be sorry, all right? We got to figure out a way out of here.

Jamal: All right, all right. Look, maybe if we get close enough, we can untie each other.

Ricky: Ok, man. Go ahead, try it. Yeah, all right. Come on.

Man: All right. Let's go get that beer, huh?

J.D.: Whoa, whoa, shh! I swear I heard something.

Man: Yo, man, I don't hear anything. Look, let's get the hell out of here. This place is getting ready to come down. Come on.

[Door closes]

Casey: Hey, guys? Are you in there? Ricky, it's me, Casey!

Ricky: Casey! Casey, call 911! There's a fire in here! Call 911!

Jamal: We'll be toast before that happens. No, just get these things off.

Ricky: Come on, help me up.

Ian: Amy. Yeah, I was just thinking about you. What's going on?

Amy: I know -- I know that you can't be with me, not the way that I want. And I understand that, I really do.

Ian: Ok.

Amy: But you did say if there was anything else that you could do.

Ian: Just name it.

Amy: I need your help, Ian. I'm too much of a coward to face this alone, to face dying again alone.

Ian: There's not a cowardly bone in your body.

Amy: I'm so scared. I'm so terrified. You see, I only have a few hours left. Please -- please don't tell me that I'm going to spend them alone.

Ian: I'll see what I can do.

Amy: Does that mean you'll come over?

Ian: I'll be there.

Amy: Poor Ian. Never can resist a lady in distress.

Ian: Hey -- I need to talk to you.

Eve: Oh, ok. I'm almost finished, then we can go.

[Ian sighs]

Ian: That's what I want to talk to you about. Something's come up I've got to take care of. I won't be long.

Eve: Oh. All right. Well, no problem. Then I'll go pick up the tickets, and we'll meet back later, ok?

Ian: Ok.

Eve: Ok.

Ian: Bye.

Eve: Hey, Thornhart?

Ian: Yeah?

Eve: Aren't you forgetting something?

Ian: I love you. Sign me up for scuba lessons, would you?

Eve: I love you, Thornhart.

Ricky: Oh!

Casey: Ricky, Jamal! Say something! Are you guys ok?

Ricky: Casey, you got to hurry up!

Casey: I'm trying! I can't get the door open! Help! Somebody, help!

Ricky: Come on. Come on, Jamal, stay with me. Come on. Hey.

Casey: Come on, Casey. You got to do something. Ricky cannot be that fifth chair. He can't die. Ugh!

Ricky: Oh -- no, no! Ah! Casey, never mind! It's too late! Get out of here! Now! Ugh!

Paige: What's taking so long? Does she not want to see me? She has to. I'm running out of time. Rafe? Rafe? What's going on? Rafe? Alison?

Paige: Oh, Rafe, what have you done?

Alison: Ouch. Would you just give me some time. I just need a second to rest.

Rafe: No, come on. We got to keep moving.

Alison: No!

Rafe: We don't have any time.

Alison: Listen to me --

Rafe: Come on!

Alison: Please! What is going on? I'm not taking another step until you tell me.

Rafe: Nothing -- I told you, there's a real incredible place in the woods I want to show you before it's too late. We've got to go. Let's go.

Alison: No, no -- I want the truth! And I'm not going another step until you tell me what is really going on.

Harris' Voice: it's up to you now. Avenge me. I --

Amy: Papa -- Papa, Papa, please don't go. Please, please, just wait. I can't hear you, I can't hear you.

Harris: Revenge.

Amy: Papa? Don't worry, Papa. Tonight you will have your revenge.

[Knock on door]

Amy: Ian. Come in. I've been waiting for you.

>> On the next "Port Charles" --

Rafe: There's another angel, someone you haven't met.

Alison: Ok, and?

Rafe: I'm afraid that she wants you to fill the fifth chair.

Ricky: Casey! Never mind! It's too late! Get out of here!

Amy: Here's to the man that gave my journey such meaning.

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