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Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 3/26/02

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Livvie: I'm sorry, sir. Please, try us again.

Jamal: Whoa. Customer didn't look too happy.

Livvie: Yeah, well, I've really been trying to help out, but with Ali gone, the baking sales are sliding fast, Jamal.

Jamal: Yeah, well, you know, she's --

Livvie: But hey, hey, the good news is Jack is really swamped with bike repairs.

Jack: I can't figure out this damn thing and it was due a half-hour ago.

Jamal: Want me to take a look at it, check it out?

Jack: Hey, I mean, be my guest.

Jamal: Oh, here's your problem right here. Looks like your alternator might be shot.

Jack: Oh, yeah?

Jamal: This wire -- damn. And so's your scam.

Jack: What, what, what --

Jamal: Oh, come on, I saw that.

Livvie: What?

Jamal: That little sneaky look you gave each other. You're setting me up. You're trying to get me back in the business.

Jack: Hey, Jamal, we really need you back here, man.

Jamal: Look, I'm not coming back, ok? Not even for you, Jack.

Livvie: Well, Jamal, if you won't do it for him, will you please do it for me?


[Casey gasps]

Casey: Is that any kind of welcome?

Ricky: How'd you find me?

Casey: I remembered your sister moved away, and so I, you know, I just put two and two together.

Ricky: Nice detective work. Now you can go.

Casey: Uh-uh. Wait, I just got here, Ricky!

Ricky: Really?

Casey: No! What are you doing?

Ricky: Well, now you're leaving.

Casey: Fine! You know, I was just going to say I was sorry. I'm so sorry, Ricky.

Eve: Oh, goodness! Oh, I can't wait to show you the ocean, Danny. I'm going to take you for your first swim, huh? What do you say? Thornharts' first family vacation. Oh, goodness. I can't wait. What's keeping your daddy, huh?

Amy: When I was given the chance to return to earth, to experience love again, I wanted a man that I respected, a man that would sweep me off my feet. That man is you, Ian.

Ian: I'm married.

Amy: But you admitted that you were attracted to me.

Ian: That's true, but what I'm --

Amy: I can tell and I can feel the way that you look at me when we're alone. Like you're looking at me now. And I don't want to ruin your marriage. I'll be gone in a few days.

Ian: Do you know what you're asking me, Amy?

Amy: Yes. I want to know what love feels like. I don't want to die never knowing what that's like. Please, Ian. Make love to me. Don't turn away. Ian?

Ian: What man wouldn't want to make love to an angel?

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Jamal: Look, we're never going to be the happy little foursome again, ok? So it's just time to move on.

Livvie: So while you're figuring out where your next move is, work here.

Jack: Look, just think about it, ok?

Livvie: Yeah, why don't you come by our place later for dinner?

Jamal: Ok, dinner. But I haven't said yes.

Jack: She's a good cook.

Livvie: Ok, I think he'll say yes. I do.

Casey: Can I at least just come in?

Casey: I really suck at talking about how I feel. Right? And this is important, so I got to say it, so here goes. You made a big difference in my life, Ricky.

Ricky: Yeah. Ever since you've known me, you nearly got killed.

Casey: It's not a problem. No, see -- I've just never found it easy to, you know, trust people. And I've never let myself, you know, care about anyone. At least not till I met you. I kind of hide behind this tough-girl stuff sometimes just a little, you know, kind of.

Ricky: I noticed.

Casey: You caught me off guard, man. You touched me, made me laugh, made me feel safe and excited at the same time. And at first, you drove me crazy because you knew me so well. And then I thought -- I thought and I loved it. You totally turned my life upside down and it scared me.

Ricky: I know what that's like.

Casey: You do?

Ricky: Yeah, I used to have a pretty good act, too. You know, flash a big smile, tell a joke. Charm them and then con them. I was never like my sister -- smart. Or a big hero like my brother. But, hey, I was charming. I mean, why do you think Amanda Barrington hired me and gave me a job, which I probably lost by now because who wants a chauffeur that looks like Frankenstein?

Casey: Hey, it's not your face that's gotten you through life, Ricky. It's you.

Ricky: Oh, come on, Casey! Who are you kidding? How am I supposed to charm somebody with a face like this?

Ian: You're a wonderful woman and I'm flattered. But I can't accept --

Amy: But --

Ian: I love my wife too much.

Amy: I see.

Ian: We've worked so hard to get our marriage back on track and I -- for the first time, I see her the way I saw her when I married her, and I -- I'm not going to risk losing that. Please try to understand.

Amy: I always wondered what love would be like. Would it sneak up on me? Would it shake me, would it change me, would it make me feel complete? I have all these questions.

Ian: You know I'm not the answer.

Amy: Well, don't think of it as betraying your wife. Think of it as you granting a wish to a dying friend, a friend that you care about, a friend that you're never going to see again. I know that you are a kind and generous man.

Ian: Amy, listen to me.

Amy: Wait. I'll be at my hotel. Ian, just think about it.

Casey: Look, you can't push me away, ok, because even though it's messed up, yours is still the only face that I want to see. Ok, because I've finally gotten a chance to see who you really are, past all the bull and the macho stuff, and despite the fact that you're being a total punk to me right now, I like what I see.

Ricky: You know what, Casey? Save the pep talk, ok? The last thing I need right now is your pity!

Casey: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait -- wait a minute. You think that what I feel for you is pity? All right, man. We could just clear this up right now. Ok, you showed me who you really are and now it's my turn.

Ricky: Wait, wait, wait. What are you doing?

Casey: No more pretending, no more hiding, no more war paint. This is me, Ricky, the real Casey --

Casey: Without all the flash and, you know, fast talk. Just me, man. So then, maybe you're the one who wants to look away now, huh?

Ricky: You're beautiful. So beautiful.

Casey: So are you.

Ricky: No, no, no, don't.

Casey: It's ok, Ricky. I love you. That's what I wanted to tell you.

Ian: Can I come in?

Amy: You changed your mind.

Ian: I love my wife, but I couldn't deny your last wish.

Amy: This feels so good. Oh. You feel so good in my arms. Oh.

Ian: I tried to stay away, but I couldn't.

Amy: I know. I know, Ian. I know you by heart. I know your thoughts, your smiles, your touches. I know because this is the way I see love -- being able to see you with my heart. Wait.

Ian: What's wrong?

Amy: I just don't want to rush anything. I've been waiting a lifetime for this, and I want to savor every moment of this special night, memorize every kiss, every touch. I -- I have champagne chilling.

Ian: What should we toast to?

Amy: Um -- to the man who gave my journey such meaning. To the man I've waited to meet all my life. Go on, take a sip or the toast doesn't count.

Ian: Mmm. Now, where were we?

Amy: What?

Ian: What -- what's this?

Amy: It's justice.

Ian: What's happening?

Amy: You're dying, Ian. And take it from me, it'll only sting for a minute. I suppose I should introduce myself in the few minutes that you have left. My name is Amy Harris.

Ian: Harris?

Amy: You killed my father and took him from me.

Ian: No.

Amy: And now it's your turn to die -- hopefully, as painfully as he did. I told you, I want to savor every moment of this special night.

[Ian groans]

Amy: You'll come to me, Ian. It's only a matter of time.

Eve: You know, I was doing some packing a little bit earlier and I started thinking about our very first Thornhart family vacation.

Ian: Hmm.

Eve: And you know what? We are so lucky, honey.

Ian: Sweetheart, give me a kiss. We have so much, and some people have so little.

Eve: I know. Hey, listen, I just picked up Danny right after I got off my shift, so would you mind? I got to go check the schedule and --

Ian: No, that's ok. I'll watch him, I'll watch him.

Eve: Are you ok?

[Danny fusses]

Ian: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. You go ahead.

Eve: Ok.

Ian: You sure you don't want anything?

Eve: Here.

Ian: Ok.

Eve: These look so cute on him.

Ian: I know. I got the same pair.

Eve: Here you go, sweetie. I'll see you later.

Ian: All right, see you.

Amy's Voice: Don't think of it as betraying your wife. Think of it as you granting a wish to a dying friend, a friend that you care about, a friend that you're never going to see again. I know that you are a kind and generous man.

Ian: Excuse me one second.

Ian: Amy? It's Ian.

Livvie: Now, what if we put Jamal's name above the door? Do you think that would help him come back to the shop quicker?

Jack: I don't know, it could.

Livvie: Good, because we need him here, and I think that someone else is going to need him, too.

Jack: What -- you talking about Alison?

Livvie: I mean, I'm pretty sure her and Rafe aren't going to last forever.

Jack: Well, I don't know. They seem pretty crazy about each other.

Livvie: Yeah, but I think I heard him saying something about having to leave town on a prior commitment.

Jack: Look, hey. I know you want the whole world to be madly in love.

Livvie: Oh, what, like us?

Jack: Yeah, like us. But you know what? Let's not push the whole Alison thing. Ok, Jamal needs to get his life back together, stay out of trouble.

Livvie: Ok.

Jack: Ok?

Jamal: That's right, I'm thinking about working at the bike shop again, Gabby. Huh. Yeah, I know. I already messed up too much stuff in my life already. Yes, I will keep you posted. No, you take care of yourself. Huh. Ok. All right. Love you. Bye. What do you want?

J.D.: I hear you've been looking for me, dude.

Man: Yeah. Come here, come here.

J.D.: Well, you found me.

Man: Get him out of here.

Ricky: If you're not ready, you know, we can wait.

Casey: No. No more waiting. Time goes by so fast, and I want to spend every minute with you. No. I want you to look into my eyes and see yourself the way I see you.

Casey: That's right, Ricky. That's more than right. It's perfect.

Ian: Amy?

Amy: I was hoping you would call. When am I going to see you?

Ian: I told you I can't.

Amy: So why did you call?

Ian: Just the way we left things -- I wanted to make sure you were ok.

Amy: Well, my ego's a bit bruised because, like you said, it's not every day an angel asks a man to her bed and he says no.

Ian: Try to understand, would you?

Amy: Well, hey, it's not like it's going to kill me.

Ian: If you ever need -- if you ever need a friend, you know I'll be there. Just call me.

Amy: I'll keep that in mind. Good night.

Ian: Night.

Eve: Hey, there.

Ian: Hey.

Eve: Hi, buddy. Hi. Are you ready to go?

Ian: You bet.

Eve: Good. Ooh --

Eve: What was that for?

Ian: I love you. And I'm glad we're back together. I just wish everyone could be this happy.

Amy: You're a noble guy, Ian. But you're weakening. I can hear it in your voice. I have no doubt that you will do the heroic thing and rescue a lady in distress. You will come to me, Ian. And here is where you will die.

>> on the next "Port Charles" --

Livvie: We still haven't heard anything from Jamal?

Jack: No. No, I tried his cell a few times, but no word.

Livvie: Something's not right, Jack. I am worried. I mean, where could he be?

Ricky: You think you're going to die in two days?

Casey: I'm already dead.

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