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Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 3/12/02

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Kevin: There's this light around you. It's like a glow. It's incredible.

Lucy: Doc? Hey, Doc, Christina's home from the hospital. Hey, I thought you'd want -- to know. Paige, what are you doing here? What are you doing with my husband? Hey. Hey! Wife here. Little wifey here with the ring and married and stuff.

Kevin: Beautiful. So beautiful.

Ricky: Oh, God.

Casey: Oh, Ricky. Ricky, you're hurt bad.

Jamal: We got to get you to the hospital fast, bro.

Ricky: No! No! No hospital, ok?

Jamal: Come on, man, you're real messed up.

Ricky: Yeah? Well, I'm on probation, too, all right, and I was carrying a knife. They'll send me back to jail, and I'd rather sit here and bleed to death than go back to jail!

Casey: Don't say that!

Ricky: Look, we're going to keep this between us, all right? You got to promise me that.

Jamal: Let's get you somewhere safe, all right? Come on, get up. Get up, come on.

Casey: Not him, ok? Do you hear me?

Rafe: Yo, George. Hey, listen, I need a favor, and Ed won't grant it. You know how cranky he can be. Ok, buddy, I need you to call me back up there, ok?

Rafe: Hey, Henry? Henry, you on night shift? Listen, I need somebody to call me back up, ok? Let's go.

Alison: What are you doing?

Rafe: Um, I -- I just -- I need to go to heaven.

Alison: What?

Rafe: Yeah, I need to find something out.

Alison: Why, Rafe? What could be so important?

Rafe: I have to know who's going to die.

Alison: What? Oh, Rafe, don't -- don't leave me. Please don't go.

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Jamal: I know it hurts like hell. Come on. Here on the couch.

Casey: Ok, I got Frank's medical stuff. I got towels, ice. I couldn't find any painkillers, so I'm going to go check the medicine cabinet. Ricky, hang on, do you hear me?

Jamal: I told you to stay out of my business.

Ricky: Ah! Yeah, and let J.D. and his thugs beat you up and Casey?

Jamal: I'm going to get him for what he did to you.

Ricky: You and me, too.

Casey: All I could find was some aspirin.

Jamal: Here you go, take this. All right. We can go to the clinic, ok, give you a fake name.

Ricky: No! No! Just give me some bandages. I just need some rest, that's all. I'll be fine!

Jamal: Look, I got to go find Frank, ok?

Casey: Ricky said he didn't want anybody to be involved.

Jamal: I know what he said, but he hasn't seen how he looks in the mirror yet, ok?

[Ricky groans]

Ricky: Casey? Casey?

Casey: I'm here. Ricky: You're not going to take off on me again, are you?

Casey: I'm not running from you, Ricky. Not anymore.

Lucy: Ok, ok, I've pinched myself really, really hard. No, it's not a dream and -- ow! -- It's not even a nightmare. This is real.

Kevin: Amazing. It is so amazing.

Lucy: Ok, that's it. It's a joke. You guys are playing a joke on me. Ok, I guess I'll bite. I'll laugh. Ha! Ok, I laughed. Now get your hands off of Paige. Paige, what have you done to my husband?

Paige: We have to stop this now, Kevin. We're not alone anymore.

Lucy: Jeez, I'd hate to see what you were doing when you were alone. Doc. Doc, look at me.

Kevin: Paige.

Lucy: Stop that. Stop it. Look at me.

Kevin: Lucy.

Lucy: Yes. Yes.

Kevin: Lucy, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. I was looking at Paige. And I saw her the way I saw her when I almost died, when I was -- when I was in the tunnel with the light, and I couldn't take my eyes away.

Lucy: Doc, what -- what light? Now you're really scaring me.

Kevin: Well, it's kind of hard to explain.

Lucy: Ok. All right, that's it. No more of this. You drugged my husband here. I'm calling Mac.

Kevin: Mac?

Lucy: Yes, Mac.

Kevin: My friend the police commissioner Mac?

Lucy: Yes, your friend the police commissioner, yes, Mac.

Paige: Hang up, Lucy. This has gone on long enough. You deserve to know the truth.

Lucy: I know the truth. You are nothing but a home-wrecker.

Paige: Actually, I was going to tell you that I'm dead.

Lucy: Oh, you're right, you're going to be very dead if you don't march your little fanny right out that door right now.

Paige: Well, look, you thought there was something strange about me, and you were right.

Lucy: You're dead?

Paige: Think about all the suspicions you had. How I mysteriously showed up on your doorstep the same night that bright light hit Port Charles.

Kevin: Show her the watch. The watch that Victor thought was from outer space.

Paige: It's not just a watch. It's a reminder of how much time I have left here on earth before I have to leave. See? Just two weeks.

Lucy: So you're d-e-a-d dead?

Paige: Look, if you need more proof, there is a medical clinic in Lucerne that has a copy of my death certificate and autopsy report.

Kevin: That's why she looks younger than she should. Because she died several years ago.

Paige: Look, there's no easy way of saying this, but basically I'm an angel.

Lucy: Oh. I see.

Kevin: Lucy?

Alison: Rafe, listen to me -- you have got to stop worrying about who's going to die or who's going to be this fifth chair.

Rafe: But you were sleeping and I thought I could just run out for a few hours --

Alison: Run out? Rafe, ok, people -- they run out to go buy milk or to gas up the car, ok, not to run up to heaven to go hunting around, looking for names of prospective dead people.

Rafe: This is just driving me crazy, ok? I have to know.

Alison: Why? It's not really like you can change anything.

Rafe: Yeah, but if I know who's going to die, I can at least make sure that their last days are meaningful.

Alison: Well, why don't you focus on making your last days meaningful, ok, and stop getting all crazy about this killer chair.

Rafe: Because I know what it's like to have unfinished business, ok? It stinks being up there having something to say and not being able to say it.

Alison: Rafe, you've got to stop taking on everyone else's problems.

Rafe: Yeah, but, Alison, if I can stop somebody from having an eternity of regret, if I can stop them from having that kind of pain, shouldn't I at least try? Should I?

Alison: Why does it always have to be you?

Rafe: Why are you afraid?

Alison: I'm afraid that if you go back up there that you're not going to get to come back. And so you are not going anywhere or doing anything without me.

Rafe: You know, my time's up here soon.

Alison: I know.

Rafe: And we're going to have to deal with that, you know, saying goodbye.

Alison: I know, I know. But just not tonight, ok, please? You know, if there -- if there was a need for you to go back up there, I mean, if you really do have to, maybe I could just go with you and I could just sort of hang out while you look around or something.

Rafe: Shh, shh.

Alison: I'll be really quiet.

Rafe: Shh. No.

Alison: What?

Rafe: I'm sorry. You're talking crazy now. I love you.

Alison: I love you.

Rafe: You know, I never should've brought it up. I'm sorry. The only place I want to be is right here with you.

Ricky: Where's Jamal?

Casey: He's getting cleaned up. You know what -- I'm going to go upstairs and see if I can --

Ricky: No, no, stay, stay.

Casey: Ok. You know, I've seen worse injuries than that. Yeah, when I was a kid, I jumped out of my tree house. And I did that because I used to watch those "Roadrunner" cartoons with the coyote and, you know, when he slams into the wall, the big cloud says "blam" -- you know, b-l-a-m, blam?

Ricky: I can't -- I can't picture you in a tree house.

Casey: Yeah. I guess I kind of busted myself right now, right? Hey, man, I didn't always used to be this cool.

Ricky: I can't imagine that. But you were always a risk-taker, right?

Casey: Like you. But only I wouldn't go risking my pretty little face like you.

Ricky: I can't go back to prison. I can't. I'd never survive.

Casey: What's it like?

Ricky: You know, when I first got arrested, I thought I was all macho and tough. You know, I was going to the joint. Let me tell you something -- once they close that cell door on you and you're stuck looking at the world through a set of bars, you can't imagine what it's like being locked up 24/7. You know? They say that -- that you can find your soul in prison. Well, maybe you can when you're alone. But once they open that door to that solitary cell and there's all that anger and all that hatred around you, then you know that there's something worse.

Casey: What's that?

Ricky: You realize that -- you realize that you could lose yourself, who you are -- a person with hopes, a person with dreams and a future. That's why if I have to stay on the run, I will, but I don't want to go back!

Casey: Look, I know what it's like to lose your future.

Ricky: That's why I want to keep quiet about -- about this.

Casey: Yeah.

Ricky: What?

Casey: Look, I'm sorry, Ricky, ok, for not telling you the whole truth. Jamal went to go get help. Ok, no, no, no. I'm so sorry, Ricky. Ricky --

Paige: So that's why all of these strange events have been happening and why I had to keep my identity a secret -- to avoid lots of unnecessary fainting.

Lucy: Ok, if you'll excuse me, I'm just having a little trouble putting in my brain "Paige" and "angel" in the same thought, you know, because to me, angels are supposed to be cute, little, fluffy, white things with sort of winged feather thingies, you know, halos. Yeah, you, too.

Kevin: Yeah.

Lucy: Well, now we've got a near-death, walking experience here. First you, Doc, and then Christina.

Paige: You're starting to look pale again, Lucy.

Lucy: Don't you come near me. You stay back. I want to know something -- what were you doing just now with my husband? Were you putting some sort of angel moves on him, is that it, trying to get him to go over to the other side with you? You know, is that what that laser death stare was about, huh?

Paige: No. Whatever Kevin saw came from his own imagination, and it's totally understandable that he would be reminded of me the way he saw me in that white light because when he nearly died, that's what he saw.

Lucy: So, angel cakes, when are you due back upstairs, huh?

Paige: I told you, two weeks and I'll be gone.

Lucy: Two weeks. You know, two weeks is perfect for a tropical vacation, say, somewhere far, far away from Port Charles, nice and warm, balmy breezes. You know what -- I'll buy you a ticket, all the way to Hawaii maybe. How about first class? You know what -- you need to go because, angel or not, she still is really scaring me.

Kevin: She can't leave just yet.

Paige: No, Kevin, maybe it's for the best.

Kevin: No. No. Lucy, Paige came back to earth for a reason. And I think it has to do with me painting her portrait.

Lucy: Yeah, right. Over my dead body.

Kevin: Lucy -- hey, stop! Lucy, I'm finishing that portrait. And it's not just about Paige. It's something that I have to do.

Rafe: Wait. Wait a minute, I changed my mind. Come on, I don't want to be without Alison. I got to get back to her! I can't be without her! Come on, let me go back! Alison?

Alison: Hi. Oh, my gosh. Rafe, this is -- Rafe, we're in -- oh, my gosh.

Rafe: Yeah. I just hope us being here doesn't mean what I think it means.

Alison: No, Rafe, don't you get it? I mean, our wish -- it was granted for us to stay together and find out who's going to be in the fifth chair.

Rafe: Ok, then it must be here somewhere.

Alison: What?

Rafe: The big book.

Alison: The -- the book? What, like with people's names and stuff in it? Like whether you've been naughty or nice or something?

Rafe: Something like that.

Alison: Ok, so where do we -- where do we look? I mean, I don't even --

Rafe: Whoa. You ok? What? What?

Alison: Yes, yes, yes. Rafe, we're standing on a cloud. Oh, my gosh. This is so cool. I have never really been in such a cool place before. I mean, it's -- it's, like, so secretive and important and stuff. I kind of feel like, you know, when you sneak into your parents' bedroom when you were a kid or something and you're not supposed to.

Rafe: Alison?

Alison: What?

Rafe: You're going to have to concentrate if you want to help me find out who's destined to be the fifth chair, ok? All we need is a name.

Alison: Ok. What else is written in that book?

Rafe: All the answers and all the details about how and when everyone that we care about is going to -- you know.

Alison: Die? Oh. Rafe, I think I want to go home.

Jamal: Frank, I'm telling you, Ricky's face got sliced real bad. He freaked when I talked about going to the hospital.

Frank: Looks like the patient split.

Jamal: Damn. Ricky? Ricky? Frank, he couldn't have gotten that far, not in his condition. I'm telling you, he couldn't have.

Casey: Tell me about it. I went upstairs to go make him some soup and when I came back down, he was gone.

Frank: We should try and find him.

Jamal: Casey, Casey, are you sure that's how it went down?

Casey: Yeah, why would I lie?

Jamal: Because that's what you do best, that's why.

Frank: Look, if Ricky's as bad off as you say, we can't waste any time. If that wound gets infected, he could die.

Casey: Die?

Frank: Let's go.

Jamal: You coming?

Casey: Yeah.

Kevin: Lucy, this is about the universe, your universe, and how everything's connected. Aren't you the one who's always saying to me, "Doc, nothing happens in the universe without it being part of a bigger plan," right?

Lucy: You know what -- I just think the universe has a little bit more important things to do than worry about whether you paint this -- this angel Paige portrait.

Paige: I wish I knew why this portrait was so important to me, Lucy. I used to think that it was connected to Kevin and our past, but now I don't know. I just know that I've been sent here to have it completed.

Lucy: Ok. Ok, fine. Then this is what we're going to do -- you are going to paint. You're going to paint through the night till we get this thing done. And then when the last bit of paint hits that canvas, you, missy angel, and that portrait are out of here, and that is completely what I am going to wait and see done. Hmm. Paint. Let's go. Come on.

Rafe: I know they put the big book up here somewhere.

Alison: Well, hey, don't you think that maybe that they would keep confidential information like that under lock and key or something?

Rafe: See, the thing is up here, sometimes even the most meaningful things can be hidden right before your eyes, so you have to learn to sense things that you can't necessarily see.

Alison: Oh.

Rafe: I got to find that book. You know what -- this might take a while, so why don't you just kick back and enjoy my heavenly hood. I'll do the searching.

Alison: Ok. I'll enjoy your heavenly hood. It's really nice up here. I think that I just want to sit down and enjoy your view.

Rafe: Whoa, whoa!

Alison: What, what, what? What is it?

Rafe: No, no, no! That's the fifth chair.

Alison: Oh. Uh, ok, I'll just stand. I'm sorry. Rafe, I think maybe we should just go because I sort of feel like we're going to get in trouble or something.

Rafe: Here it is. Found it.

Alison: Well, I guess -- I guess we should open it, find out what's what.

Rafe: Yeah.

Alison: Ok.

Rafe: Ok. Here goes.

Alison: My heart's beating, like, a million miles a minute. Let me see.

Rafe: No, it's nothing.

Alison: No, you saw something. What is that?

Rafe: No, no --

Alison: Yes it is. Oh, my God. It's my name. I'm the one who dies.

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Eve: No one will ever come between Ian and me ever again.

Ian: I told her how I felt about you.

Amy: What?

Ian: I told her that I was attracted to you.

Alison: I'm the fifth chair. I'm the one who's going to die.

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