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Port Charles Transcript Monday 2/11/02

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Ian: I don't get it.

Amy: Why'd I lie? I have a good explanation.

Ian: Well, I'd like to hear it.

Amy: I lied because I want to spend time with you, Ian. Alone.

Ian: I -- I don't know what to say.

Amy: Then don't say anything. Just listen, ok? I mean, please, Ian, you know how I am. I -- I don't hold anything back. I just let it all out.

Ian: Why would you tell me this now?

Amy: Because I've got nothing to lose. I'm going to be leaving town soon.

Ian: You're leaving Port Charles?

Amy: Mm-hmm. A new job. I got a wonderful offer, and I took it.

Ian: I see.

Amy: My dream job. So --

Ian: So, when are you leaving?

Amy: Six weeks or so. I'll miss you if you promise to miss me. Hello?

Ian: I'm still here.

Amy: You're staring at me again, aren't you? I guess I should've just kept my big mouth shut. But if I let things be, if I -- if I left town and didn't tell you how I felt --

Ian: It's not your style, is it?

Amy: No, it's not. Forgive me for putting you on the spot.

Ian: Well, I think you're the one that's on the spot now.

Amy: Kind of turned the tables, haven't you?

Ian: What do you want?

Amy: I want to have a passionate, grand affair with you, Ian.

Kevin: Don't lie to me, Paige. You were there. You were in the tunnel, with a light. But how? How?

Paige: Kevin --

Kevin: It happened!

Paige: Please, try and relax!

Kevin: I saw you there, and you know it.

Paige: In a dream --

Kevin: No, in that dress. And it wasn't a dream.

Paige: For heaven's sake, Kevin, you were unconscious. You were in a coma.

Kevin: And I saw the tunnel. I saw the tunnel that so many people describe. With a light. The light at the end of it. And you were wearing that dress, Paige -- that dress that I know I have never seen before.

Paige: Kevin, I'm sure I must've worn this dress at least once since I've been here.

Kevin: But I've never seen it until you came to me.

Paige: Look, I didn't come to you. It was a dream. Now, please, try and relax.

Kevin: Something happened to me! Something happened between you and me. Paige --

Colleen: Doctor, settle down.

Kevin: Hello, Colleen.

Colleen: Look, I was afraid that that headache was going to keep you awake.

Kevin: No, no. No sleeping pills.

Colleen: It's just aspirin. Take it.

Kevin: Have you met Sgt. Colleen?

Colleen: It's nice to meet you. Ok, if you can just relax, I'm going to get your stats. You know, there's nothing worse than a patient with a first name of doctor. Blood pressure's perfect, 122/68. Pulse is nice and regular at 72. Let me just fluff this up for you.

Kevin: Thank you. You hear that, Paige? All my readings are normal.

Paige: That's good news.

Colleen: You need anything else right now?

Kevin: No. Not a thing.

Colleen: I'll check on you later.

Kevin: Thanks.

Colleen: Good night.

Kevin and Paige: Good night.

[Door opens and closes]

Kevin: Well?

Paige: Well, yes, I heard. Everything is fine, but you weren't fine 24 hours ago. You had some kind of hallucination.

Kevin: It wasn't a hallucination. And it wasn't a dream, either. I know what a dream is. I know what a dream feels like.

Paige: Let's say it wasn't a dream and it wasn't the drugs, but you don't know what it was. Neither do I. But what I do know is that it wasn't real. Just think about it.

Kevin: I have. Here's what I don't get.

Paige: What?

Kevin: Every story I've heard, every case I've studied, people that describe the tunnel with the light say that the people they find inside the tunnel are people that they've known before, people that they loved when they were still alive.

Paige: Kevin --

Kevin: And the people that turn up in the tunnel who were supposed to help you get to the other side are already dead.

Rafe: Alison --

Alison: Shh. Shh.

Rafe: Alison --

Alison: I fought my feelings for you for such a long time. But every time I would see you, I would just melt.

Rafe: You should've heard the arguments I had with myself. I said, "Rafe, you can't do this. You're an angel. You're supposed to be helping her." But the feelings that I had were just so powerful and -- and I can't remember a time that I wasn't loving you or wanting you.

Alison: Rafe --

Rafe: Shh. No more words.

Rafe: No more words.

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Amy: I've got a fantasy life you wouldn't believe.

Ian: Don't do that.

Amy: All right. The pity thing works sometimes.

Ian: Well, it doesn't work for me. It's not what you need.

Amy: Well, do you know what I need?

Ian: I --

Amy: Look, forget it. I got it.

Ian: You got what? I didn't say anything.

Amy: You didn't have to. I know from the sound of your voice. You want to know what I heard on the tip of that very desirable tongue of yours, doctor? Bet you five bucks I'm right.

Ian: Ok.

Amy: You're sorry. You're flattered.

Ian: No, I said "flattered."

Amy: That was the kiss-of-death giveaway. You think the world of me. I'm fascinating.

Ian: That's true.

Amy: But as a friend. And only a friend. I mean, that was the speech you were planning to give me, right?

Ian: You owe me five bucks.

Amy: What?

Ian: Thanks for trying to do the speech for me, but that's not what I was going to say at all.

[Music plays]

Alison: Oh, Rafe.

Rafe: You're my angel.

Alison: This is so magical, being with you.

Rafe: No. It's better than that. Alison, this is real. This is so real.

Paige: Maybe it was me you saw in your dream because --

Kevin: It wasn't a dream.

Paige: Yes, yes, yes, I know. It wasn't a dream. Whatever it was. Maybe it was me you saw because I had the same kind of experience after my accident.

Kevin: I could almost buy that -- if you had died.

Paige: Kevin, look at me. I'm right here. I'm no ghost. I'm still alive. And I'm still me, aren't I? Kevin?

Ian: You're a beautiful woman.

Amy: Oh. Gee, thanks, but --

Ian: You're sexy, you're smart, and you're very direct.

Amy: But --

Ian: And I think we both know how much I like spending time with you.

Amy: But --

Ian: But even if our lives were different, even if things were different, I don't think I could've taken you up on that offer. Because I would ask you first.

Amy: Thank you, Ian.

Ian: You're welcome, Amy.

Amy: Promise this won't ruin the short time that we have left together?

Ian: I promise.

Amy: Good.

Ian: Good.

Amy: You're staring at me again, aren't you?

Ian: Well, I mean, you know, it's -- you're worth staring at.

Amy: And so are you.

Ian: You don't know that.

Amy: Oh. I don't, Ian. I know. Trust me.

Ian: Ok. Ok. What do you say we start heading home?

Amy: I think that's a good idea.

Ian: Right.

[Engine starts]

Alison: Everything is just perfect. I feel so --

Rafe: What? What?

Alison: I feel really loved.

Rafe: Isn't that the idea? You know, feel loved and special and wonderful.

Alison: And confused.

Rafe: Why? What?

Alison: Confused on why it took so long. I mean, I thought when I read your journal and I realized how you felt, I mean, I couldn't really allow myself to feel it. And I couldn't show how excited I was. And plus, knowing what it meant, that you felt the same way about me.

Rafe: Oh, come on. You knew how I felt a lot longer before you read the journal. I mean, I wasn't that good at hiding it. You know that. Not at all. Every part of me didn't want to hide it.

Alison: I couldn't really let myself see it because I knew that once I did, I -- there would be no turning back.

Rafe: So you're sorry?

Alison: No. Oh, no, no. It's the last thing I am.

Rafe: Good, because I've never been happier than I am at this moment. There is nothing in heaven or earth that is just so glorious.

Alison: Glorious.

Rafe: Yeah, glorious.

Alison: Oh, it's glorious!

[Rafe laughs]

Rafe: Well, you know, this is glorious and wondrous and miraculous. I just wish this moment could last forever.

Alison: I know you can't stay. But I don't care.

Rafe: Alison, it's not going to be that --

Alison: No, no, I just -- no matter what time we have left, we'll take what we can get, ok? And we'll make every single second count. We'll just really make it count.

Alison: I'm going to know every single curve and --

Rafe: What?

Alison: Scar.

Rafe: Oh.

Alison: Rafe, what is -- is this where you were -- is this where you were killed?

Rafe: Yeah. Still, that doesn't matter now.

Alison: No, listen.

Rafe: No.

Alison: Rafe --

Rafe: Angel, just let it go. You don't want the details, trust me.

Alison: You're wrong about that.

Rafe: Listen to me. You just --

Alison: You know what? No, shh, shh. I just -- I just want to make this better for you. I just -- I want to make you feel --

Rafe: What?

Alison: I just want you -- I want you to be alive.

Rafe: Well, you already have. No one else could ever, will ever, has ever made me feel alive as I do right now in this moment with you. With you. It's all you.

Paige: Kevin? You all right, Kevin?

Kevin: Hmm? Oh, sorry, I guess I --

Paige: You were exhausted. You were exhausted when I came in. You promised you'd try and close your eyes.

Kevin: I'm so sorry. It just hit me. I can't keep my thoughts together. I guess I'm not thinking straight.

Paige: You've been through a really traumatic experience, so rest. Rest and heal. You'll see. Everything will be much clearer after a good, long night's sleep. You'll figure everything out in the morning.

Kevin: I'm so tired. I know you're real, Paige. You're alive. I know that.

Paige: Shh. Sleep. Don't try to talk. Sleep.

Kevin: Paige?

Paige: I'm here.

Kevin: Wait, please.

Paige: What is it? Whisper. Whisper, I'll hear you.

Kevin: Tomorrow.

Paige: You want me to come back tomorrow? Of course I will. As soon as visiting hours start.

Kevin: And then we'll finish your painting.

Paige: Sleep, my love. Sweet dreams.

Kevin: Paige.

Kevin: What's going on?

Paige: This is your destiny, Kevin. It's our destiny.

Kevin: So real. It was like she was an angel.

Ian: Quite a night, isn't it?

Amy: Mm-hmm. Well, I'm just enjoying the smell of your soap and the sound of your breathing.

Ian: Cheap thrills, Amy.

Amy: Oh, not for me.

Ian: Whoa, did you --

Amy: Did I what? What?

Ian: Nothing. It's a shooting star.

Amy: Well, did you make a wish? Because if you're not going to use it, I am.

Ian: Be my guest.

Amy: Ok.

Ian: What'd you wish for?

Amy: Well, I could tell you, but I don't think you want to know.

Ian: Right, no.

Amy: So, nothing to do but get back to Port Charles, I guess.

Ian: Yeah. Get back home. That's what we should do, get home. Right.

Amy: And back to normal, right?

Ian: Hmm.

Amy: I mean, about us being friends.

Ian: Friends, right. That's -- huh -- friends.

Amy: What? What's so funny?

Ian: Nothing. It's -- it's been a very unusual evening. It's not --

Amy: Uh-huh?

Ian: Not what I expected at all, but --

Amy: But life is full of surprises.

Ian: Yeah, it is.

Amy: Ian, what?

Ian: Oh, we got some ice. Hold on, hold on. Hold on!

Amy: No!

>> On the next "Port Charles" --

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Lucy: Paige -- I think she needs to go. I really think it's time for her to move on.

Casey: You know you're still in love with Kevin. Now he doesn't want you to leave. Go after the dude.

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