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Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 2/5/02

By John
Proofread by Beth

Chris: You mind telling me what you're doing?

Amy: I can explain.

Chris: Really? That'd be great because I would love an explanation because this just keeps getting better and better by the minute. I mean, first you deny that I ever saw you in Philadelphia all those years ago. And then when I come up with a photo proving otherwise, you deny that it's you in the picture, even though you're not able to see it. And now I catch you rummaging through my locker, trying to steal that very same photograph.

Amy: I was borrowing it to see if anyone else agreed --

Chris: No, please, Amy. Why don't you save us both the time and trouble and just tell me the truth?

Amy: I don't have to tell you anything.

Chris: No, you don't, but you might want to anyway because once I start digging in that closet of yours, who knows what kind of skeletons will fall out?

Amy: Fine. So you're saying I have no choice.

Chris: Yeah, that's pretty much it.

Amy: But, actually, I do, Chris. I have two choices -- I can tell you everything there is to know about me. Or I could kill you.

Victor: Why haven't we heard something?

Mary: Trust me, darling, no news is good news.

Livvie: No, not this time it's not. If dad doesn't wake up soon, he's going to --

Jack: No, hey, Livvie, he will, ok?

Livvie: You don't know that, Jack. Nobody knows anything.

Alison: Hey, hey -- how is he?

Livvie: Alison.

Alison: Livvie, he's not --

Livvie: No, no, he's not. He's still alive but just barely.

Rafe: He hasn't come out of the coma yet?

Livvie: No, and he's running out of time. If he doesn't wake up soon, he's --

Alison: Don't, no, don't say that, ok? He's going to be ok. He will. He really will.

Livvie: But it's going to take a miracle.

Alison: Ok, well, then there's just going to have to be one. Tell her, Rafe, you're an angel. Tell her there's going to be a miracle.

Colleen: Saturation's back up, 96%.

Ian: He stopped seizing.

Lucy: Thank God. Thank God.

Eve: That seizure never should've happened.

Ian: We knew it was a risk.

Eve: Yes, we did. But now you put him in a coma, one he may never come out of.

Ian: If I didn't, he'd be dead by now.

Eve: That's your opinion.

Ian: Can we have this debate later? I got a patient to save.

Lucy: Oh. Hey, you. You listen to me. You are not going anywhere. Do you hear me? You're not going anywhere because I need you to stay right here with me. That's what you're going to do. Please.

Paige: Take my hand, Kevin. Come with me.

Kevin: Where are we going?

Paige: To the other side.

Kevin: "Other side?"

Paige: It's time for you to leave this world, my love, and cross over to the next. I'm here to help you.

Kevin: I don't understand. How are you supposed to help me cross over?

Paige: Don't you know? Heaven always sends a guide, someone close to your heart, someone you can trust.

Kevin: But isn't that person supposed to be dead?

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Rafe: Think. Angels don't know who or when someone's going to die. And even if they did, like I told you both already, I don't have my powers. I'm sorry. I'm just here on a pass.

Livvie: So you can't help me.

Rafe: I can help you pray.

Livvie: Ok, then you do that because he needs all the prayers he can get right now.

Alison: It's ok. Come on. It's going to be ok.

Ed's Voice: No more questions. You know all you need to know for now.

Rafe's Voice: Except who's going to die and if it's someone that's close to one of us.

Ed's Voice: Rafe, my boy, it is not easy being an angel. The jobs we do are very tough. But sometimes we're called upon to make it easier for people.

Rafe's Voice: All I'm saying, if it's a friend, then I just think that --

Ed's Voice: Ok, that's enough. You should all be concentrating on getting back down again and covering yourselves because you've been missing long enough as it is. Also remember what I told you -- every choice you make affects other lives, so make that choice carefully.

Rafe's Voice: Whoa. Are you saying that we could have something to do with this death?

Ed's Voice: You have all been allowed to be human again. And as any other human, you can't possibly know the future. You live the time you have, and you shall complete your journeys the best you can.

Victor: Because Monk has -- has incredible perseverance and -- stubborn. He's going to make it.

Mary: Of course he is.

Livvie: It's just not fair. You know, he was just telling me the other day how happy he was and how he finally had everything he ever wanted with Lucy and a family. What reason could there possibly be for this?

Rafe: Livvie, I don't know, but just know that this isn't the end, ok? You understand that, right? This world down here, it's just a stop along the road.

Jack: Do you guys mind translating that for me?

Alison: Hey. What did you mean by that?

Rafe: What do you mean?

Alison: You weren't just lifting up Livvie's spirits back there. You were preparing her.

Rafe: Preparing her?

Alison: You know that Kevin's going to die, don't you?

Eve: Well, there's one thing to be thankful for -- no intracranial bleeding.

Ian: The Lorazepam did the trick.

Eve: If only I had one to bring him out of the coma.

Lucy: Ok, listen. If you're not ready to wake up just right at this exact moment, you know, I'm ok with that. I mean, everybody's ok with that, considering everything you've been through. You know, maybe your mind and your body just needed a little downtime, a little rest, and that's ok because I'm going to stay right here by your side waiting -- waiting till you wake up. But in the meantime, I'm going to remind you how much I love you. Have I also told you lately how much I love being your wife? I can never tell you that enough. Doc, I've never been happier in my whole entire life and it's because of you. We are going to go right on being happy, too, because you're going to wake up, and we're going to follow the path that we've been meant to follow all this time together. And it's going to get better and better, and we're going to be happier and happier. So all you have to do is wake up because it's going to be amazing. I promise. I promise.

Paige: You can do it, my love. Just take my hand. We'll cross over together.

Kevin: I -- I don't know. This doesn't feel right. I'm not sure I should go with you.

Paige: But I'm telling you, it is right. You do trust me, don't you?

Kevin: It's not that. It's --

Paige: You're scared. I know. It can be pretty frightening. That's why I'm here. I'm going to take care of you. And wait till you see, my darling. Wait till you see how wonderful it can be. You'll feel like -- well, you'll feel like we did in the old days. We were young and carefree and so impossibly happy it didn't seem real. Do you remember, Kevin? Do you remember how in love we once were? That's why I came back. I realize that now. I came back because I love you. I never stopped loving you.

Kevin: Paige.

Paige: All we could want is ours. Ours forever. All you have to do is take my hand.

Chris: You got a warped sense of humor, you know that? You are kidding, right?

Amy: What? You mean about killing you? If you knew my big secret, then you wouldn't have to ask. You see, by day I'm a lowly staff counselor. But by night, I'm a hired assassin for the mob. I had you going.

Chris: No. You're a --

Amy: I don't believe I actually had you going.

Chris: You're a whacked-out chick, ok?

Amy: Let me put your mind at ease, Chris. I am not a killer. But I do have my secrets and my reasons for keeping them.

Chris: Yeah, I'll bet.

Amy: However, since you seem intent on exploiting them, maybe we can come to an understanding.

Chris: An understanding?

Amy: What's it going to cost me to make you back off?

Chris: Well, now, I don't know. I hadn't really thought about it.

Amy: Obviously, I have no resources for any kind of financial bribe.

Chris: I see. Well, then, other than money, what could I possibly want from you?

Amy: What else? My body. You do want to sleep with me, don't you?

Alison: I'm right, aren't I? You do think that Kevin's going to die.

Rafe: I never said that.

Alison: No, not in so many words, but enough to know that there's something wrong.

Rafe: Not this again.

Alison: No, listen to me. The other day when Jamal was missing, you said he can't be the one who dies.

Rafe: I explained to you what I meant by that.

Alison: I know, I know, and I believed you then, but -- not tonight.

Rafe: Tonight? What --

Alison: When you were talking to Livvie over there -- it's so obvious that you know something more. It's almost like you're -- like you're waiting for someone to die.

Rafe: This is crazy.

Alison: Is it?

Rafe: You're upset. And you know what? You're reading into things -- after everything that happened with Jamal and the breakup and now Kevin.

Alison: But you're an angel. Aren't angels supposed to help people?

Rafe: Alison, I --

Alison: It's all just a lie, isn't it? Like everything I ever believed in, it's all just a lie.

Eve: Spontaneous respirations are 14, saturation's at 97%.

Lucy: Why isn't he waking up, then?

Ian: Just keep talking to him.

Lucy: I'm not going anywhere.

Ian: We'll give you some privacy, ok?

Lucy: Thanks.

Ian: Wait.

Eve: I have nothing more to say about this.

Ian: You know what kind of a doctor I am and have always been.

Eve: The kind that takes unnecessary risks?

Ian: Calculated risks. And in this case, they were necessary because without them, he'd be dead right now. There was a time when you supported me no matter how unconventional my methods. There was a time when you trusted me.

Eve: Oh, is this getting personal now?

Ian: This was personal the moment they brought Kevin in here. Let's stop dancing around it. You think I killed him, don't you?

Lucy: And, of course, the girls, you know -- well, we shopped till we dropped, so we were just exhausted and we had these reservations at this fantastic place, but I canceled them. I just thought we need the rest, so we went back to the hotel and fell in the bed and fell right to sleep. And I had my usual dreams. The dream I always have about my sexy, amazing, handsome husband. You know what I dreamed? It was amazing. It was our wedding anniversary. But, Doc, it wasn't our first or second. It was our 40th. 4-0. There we were, this little gray-haired, elderly couple, surrounded by all the people we love. Our kids were there and all these grandkids. They were so beautiful. And we looked around, we looked at each other and realized how blessed we were. We were so lucky and amazed to have each other and to have created this life. Do you know what was the most awesome part of that dream was you. You -- you reached down and you took my hand, and then you kissed it, and I felt that kiss all the way down to my toes. Just like it felt the first time you kissed me. Just like I feel it every single time you still kiss me. Doc, don't you see, in order for that dream to come true, you -- you have to come back to me? You have to wake up and come back. So do it. Doc, listen to me. Do it. I want you to wake up and come back to me and make all my dreams come true.

Lucy's Voice: Come back to me, Doc. Come back.

Kevin: Lucy?

Lucy's Voice: I'm here. I'm here, Doc. I'm waiting for you.

Paige: I'm waiting, Kevin. It's time for us to go.

Chris: Well, that's one of the craziest things I've ever heard.

Amy: So you're saying you don't want to sleep with me?

Chris: I just think maybe we should have dinner first, maybe?

Amy: So we have a deal?

Chris: And what would that be again?

Amy: You forget all about that silly little picture and anything else that might be troubling that inquisitive head of yours. And the two of us will have dinner.

Chris: Ah. Well, I must say, then, I do like the looks of the menu.

Amy: I thought you might.

Chris: Hmm. But I must warn you I do have quite an appetite.

Amy: You won't leave hungry.

Chris: Oh. Ok, well, then I look forward to us getting closer -- over dinner.

Amy: So, you want to get closer, Chris? Be careful what you wish for.

Alison: What is happening to me, God? I came here tonight to pray. And I just feel like there's nobody that can hear me. And that's so sad because I used to have so much faith and now I don't. And maybe, just maybe it's because everything that I've ever really loved or care about has been taken away from me. But I'm really trying hard, God. I'm trying so hard to be strong. And that is why I came here tonight for Livvie because I wanted to reassure her and let her know that everything is going to be ok. But how do I do that when I don't even really know if it's going to be ok myself? Everything in my life is falling apart around me. And I just -- I don't know how to stop it.

Lucy: I feel like he can hear me. I -- I feel like Doc's listening to me and he wants to. He's trying very hard to get back, but he -- he can't somehow. It's like something's stopping him.

Eve: Lucy, why don't you take a little break and get some rest, ok? We'll stay with him until you get back.

Lucy: No. No, absolutely not. I'm not leaving him. I know I'm getting to him. I can feel it. I am getting to him, I am.

Eve: I know you are. I know, I know, but maybe you just need to take a little --

Ian: She said she doesn't want to go, Eve.

Eve: Fine. Since you seem to know what's best, I'll go check on the labs.

Lucy: Doc, listen to me. You have to come back to me. Do you hear me? You have to. I need you to come back to me, please.

Lucy's Voice: I beg you.

Paige: Now, Kevin. It's time to cross over. Don't be scared, my love. Everything is waiting for you -- for both of us -- right on the other side.

Lucy's Voice: Doc, don't go. You can't. You promised when you married me that we were forever. Forever is not up yet. It's not up, Doc.

Lucy's Voice: please. I'm begging you. If --

Lucy: If you love me, you will come back to me right now. Please, Doc. Please, I'm begging you.

Lucy: Doc?

Kevin: Lucy.

Lucy: Oh, Doc. What -- Doc?

Kevin: You brought me back.

Lucy: I did?

Kevin: I heard you calling me.

Lucy: Oh, you came back. You have to have this on. You -- you came back. Oh!

Livvie: Dad! Dad? Are you ok? Are you really ok?

Victor: It's about time you woke up, Monk. You gave us all a hell of a scare.

Eve: You were lucky, Thornhart.

Ian: No. I was right.

Lucy: Thank you, God. Thank you for the miracle. Thank you.

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Casey: This will be like stealing candy from a very rich baby.

Amanda: What are you two whispering about?

Amy: He has pictures of me.

Paige: You can't let him find out the truth. How are you going to stop him from checking up on you?

Amy: I'll sleep with him.

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