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Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 1/30/02

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Casey: I'm here to have a good time, you know, enjoy what's left of my so-called life. Not worry about who's going to fill that stupid fifth chair, who's going to die. No, no. Besides, it can't be anyone who really matters to me because no one really does. Yeah. And it's staying that way.

Ricky: Great. So I'm confirmed for a one-way ticket. No. Thank you.

Casey: "Ricky Barrington." Now, since when are you a Barrington, huh?

Rafe's Voice: Valerie tried to kill Alison. And now Valerie might die, so is -- is she the one? Is she going to fill the fifth chair?

Ed's Voice: No, Valerie's taking another journey. But this will affect Alison.

Rafe's Voice: So, if the fifth chair is not for Valerie, then who is it for?

Alison: Uh-uh. Uh-uh. Hmm. Jamal --

Rafe: No, it's -- it's just me.

Alison: I'm sorry. I thought I was having this terrible nightmare that -- oh, no. No, it wasn't a nightmare at all. I -- what time is it? Where is Jamal?

Rafe: It's morning. He hasn't come back yet.

Alison: Oh. Well, I'm sure that he's still with Jack.

Rafe: Yeah.

Alison: But he's -- he's going to be home soon. Why did you let me sleep so long?

Rafe: You need the rest, ok?

Alison: No, I don't. I actually need to get this place put back together before he gets back, you know because I don't really want him to see it like this. He can't come back to a place like this. No way. Um -- but that's fine, you know. I can totally hurry. And if I hurry, I can just clean, like, every square inch of this place. It really won't take me that long. You know what, though? I can't -- get off. I think I'll just make some breakfast because I'm sure he hasn't eaten yet and, you know -- so I'll just make his favorite, which is French toast -- you know, the kind with blueberry and the bananas. I don't have any blueberries! That's ok because I can go to the store and get some, and if I really hurry, I can --

Rafe: Alison --

Alison: Fix this.

Rafe: Alison, stop, all right? Just -- what happened happened. You can't fix it. You can't expect to put everything back the way it was.

Paige: Good morning.

Kevin: Morning. My God, is it morning already?

Paige: Don't tell me you've been up here all night.

Kevin: Uh -- yes. Just doing background stuff. Obviously I need you for the real work.

Paige: Such dedication.

Kevin: No, it's called not knowing what to do with myself when Lucy and the girls are out of town.

Paige: Oh. When are they coming back?

Kevin: Later today, if they can make it through that storm.

Paige: Yeah. It's really coming down.

Kevin: Yeah, worst storm of the season, they say.

Paige: So, how's it coming along?

Kevin: You know, it's coming along all right. In fact, better than all right. It feels like all the stuff's coming back, you know, like back in the old days.

Paige: You know, I've been thinking a lot about the old days recently -- you, me, the two of us.

Kevin: It was quite a time.

Paige: Hmm. There's nothing quite like young love, you know? God, do you remember all the plans we made and those big dreams we had for the future?

Kevin: Yeah.

Paige: We -- were just kids -- I mean, practically just kids -- and we kept talking about the big house and all of those children we were going to have.

Livvie: Dad?

Kevin: Honey, what are you doing here so early?

Livvie: I just came by because no one could reach you last night. You didn't answer your cell phone or your pager.

Kevin: I was up here painting all night and I didn't have my pager because I wasn't on call. Honey, what happened?

Livvie: It's Valerie.

Kevin: Valerie? What about her?

Livvie: Dad, she's dead.

Kevin: She's what?

Livvie: She flipped out and escaped from her room and then went after Alison with a gun --

Kevin: Alison? Is she all right?

Livvie: She's ok, but when Jamal and Jack and I showed up, Jamal tried to get the gun out of her hand --

Kevin: Oh, my God.

Livvie: And it went off. And she died later on in the hospital.

Kevin: Oh, my God. Oh. It must've been awful for you -- for everyone.

Livvie: But I'm ok.

Kevin: Are you sure?

Livvie: Yeah.

Kevin: You want to talk about it?

Livvie: No, Dad. No, not right now. Please.

Kevin: Honey, I'm sorry. I've got to make some calls. I've got to look into this.

Livvie: No, you go ahead.

Kevin: Paige, would you excuse me?

Paige: Of course. I understand.

Kevin: Honey, why don't you wait here with Paige?

Livvie: Ok, I'll do that.

Livvie: So, he's been up here all night painting you? Is that it?

Paige: Oh, Livvie, if you mean to imply something improper, nothing went on --

Livvie: Oh, no, Paige, I'm not implying anything at all. I trust my dad completely. It's you I don't trust.

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Ricky: Hand it over, Casey, or I'm going to --

Casey: Or what, huh? You'll call the cops?

Ricky: Yeah, maybe. God knows that if you are around, they can't be too far.

Casey: Why don't you go do that. And then, while you're at it, you can explain to them why you have Ricky Barrington's credit card, hmm?

Ricky: Hey, aren't you supposed to be in New York or something, huh? Whatever happened to those big plans of yours? Wouldn't have anything to do with me, now, would it?

Casey: Oh, please. I got stuck here working and I'm just staying out of trouble -- that's all.

Ricky: Yeah? Says who?

Casey: The boss man. I'm practically under house arrest.

Ricky: Frank? You got to listen to him?

Casey: No, not Frank -- someone much higher up and way scarier.

Ricky: Really?

Casey: Speaking of bosses -- you're planning on scamming her, aren't you? Nice -- rich Mrs. Barrington.

Amanda: Were you talking about me, young lady?

Rafe: Listen, what happened would be a terrible thing for anyone to go through. You can't expect to just fix it all in one morning, ok?

Alison: Don't you think I know that? Don't you think I know that French toast isn't really going to fix anything? I mean, like, look at this place. How is this ever supposed to, like, be normal again? I mean, not more than a few short hours ago, Valerie was standing right there holding a gun on me, like, threatening to kill me, and then Jamal walks in. And, you know, thank God that he did because if he didn't, I mean -- but you know what? I sort of wish that maybe he didn't because that's when it really got all crazy. God! Look at this! Her blood is still on the carpet! Oh --

Rafe: Alison, come on --

Alison: No, don't. And you know what the really sad thing is? Is that I know he's going to blame himself for the rest of his life for this even though it's not his fault. I know that for sure. And the only thing that I really can do for him -- the only thing that I know what to do is maybe make some French toast.

Rafe: Ok. It's all right. I'm right here. It's going to be ok.

Jack: Alison?

Paige: Livvie, I'm sorry you don't feel you can trust me. But maybe once you get to know me better.

Livvie: Oh, no, I doubt it. Paige, I've pretty much had your number from the start.

Paige: My number?

Livvie: You suddenly drop back into my father's life after years of no contact so he can paint you? Come on, Paige. Who are we kidding?

Paige: Livvie, your father and I have a friendship.

Livvie: Oh, yeah, such a great friendship that my father hasn't heard from you in -- I don't know -- forever?

Paige: Livvie, we have a very deep connection from years ago. That's all it is, and that's the truth.

Livvie: No, the truth is my father is a good, decent man who finally got together with the woman he loves -- truly loves.

Paige: And I'm very happy for him.

Livvie: And he deserves the happiness he finally has. And if you think for one moment you're going to come between that, well, I got news for you, Paige -- think again because it's not going to happen.

Paige: Livvie, I think it's very admirable that you're so protective of your father's marriage. But if I were a threat, why would Lucy have opened her arms to me and welcomed me here?

Livvie: Now, that's a really good question, Paige. Maybe I'm just going to have to go and ask her.

Paige: Why don't you ask your dad? In fact, why don't you ask your dad how he feels about all of this?

Kevin: How I feel about all of what?

Paige: Nothing. Livvie and I were just having a discussion.

Livvie: No, Dad. Actually, I was telling Paige exactly what I think of her -- which isn't much.

Kevin: Livvie. Livvie, what is this?

Livvie: "What is this?" It's about the fact that I have seen too many of my friends lose or almost lose the ones they love, and I couldn't stand to see that happen to you, Dad. That's why you can't allow her to come between you and Lucy, Dad. We won't let her, right? So you can take your friendship and your deep connection and your dreams and your painting and go back wherever it is you came from.

Kevin: All right, Livvie, that's enough. You're wrong about Paige. And not only that -- that's an insult to me and to Lucy.

Livvie: Dad, I know it's not you.

Kevin: It's not anyone. There is nothing wrong going on here.

Livvie: Yeah, maybe not yet, but --

Kevin: Livvie, I know you're upset about Valerie. So am I. She was my patient, and I feel like I let her down. But I also know that you and me and almost everyone we know has been through enough heartache to last a lifetime.

Paige: Maybe I -- I should go --

Kevin: No, no, Paige, it's fine. Livvie, we can't live our lives waiting for the other shoe to drop. We can't keep looking around every corner expecting something bad to jump out at us.

Livvie: But, Dad, so many bad things have already happened.

Kevin: I know. And I know that both you and I almost lost the people we love. But that didn't happen.

Livvie: No. And it won't.

Kevin: I'm sorry, Paige. My daughter's been through a horrible ordeal, and I know she doesn't mean what she said.

Livvie: My Dad's right. Paige, I've been through a really rough night, and I overreacted, and I'm sorry.

Paige: It's all right, Livvie.

Livvie: But I got to get going, Dad.

Kevin: Already? I was hoping we could have some breakfast --

Livvie: No, I --

Kevin: And talk some more.

Livvie: Really have some errands to run, but I'll call you later. Ok?

Kevin: Well, let me walk you to your car.

Livvie: No, don't. Really, it's really nasty out here.

Kevin: No, it's all right. I want to.

Livvie: Ok.

Kevin: Ok. I'll be back.

Paige: Take your time.

Casey: Mrs. Barrington. I think it is so sweet that you hired your grandson to be your driver.

Amanda: My grandson?

Ricky: Casey, what are you talking about? I told you I work for Mrs. Barrington. I never said anything about being her grandson.

Casey: Oh. Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry. I guess it was just, you know, the way he talks about you -- how you guys are, you know, really tight and all, practically like -- like this!

Amanda: Well, Ricardo's a lovely young man and quite a potential, too. I think we better be going. First stop, I've got to go to the -- the jeweler's and then my dressmaker's --

Casey: Jeweler's, huh? God, I love jewelry.

Amanda: Ah, yes, I can see that.

Casey: So, getting something new?

Amanda: Actually, something old.

Casey: Excuse me?

Amanda: Well, it's a very important antique necklace. I'm having it cleaned and appraised for my charity dinner.

Casey: Wow. I guess you don't get to wear it out that much, huh?

Amanda: Oh, heavens no. It's practically priceless. That's why I'm donating it, not wearing it.

Casey: "Donating it?"

Amanda: Yes, I think it'll fetch quite a nice sum at the auction. It really is exquisite, isn't it, Ricardo?

Ricky: Oh, yes, Mrs. B -- exquisite.

Amanda: I'm going to go powder my nose, and we'll be off directly.

Casey: [Mocking Amanda] Oh, Ricardo, you've got so much potential. Could it be you're trying to swipe my important antique necklace?

Ricky: What, are you crazy?

Casey: [Normal voice] And if you are, your pal Casey wants in on the action.

Ricky: Yeah, you are crazy, and, no, I'm not stealing anything from Mrs. B. Besides, I thought you were supposed to stay out of trouble.

Casey: Hey, I just thought you might need a little help, that's all.

Ricky: Like you could ever help me.

Casey: Uh, I just did.

Ricky: What?

Casey: Man, I so could've busted you just now.

Ricky: Yeah, well, you didn't, and now I got the card back.

Casey: Yeah, well, I could still tell her. You know what? I think my nose -- my nose needs a little powdering, too, yeah.

Ricky: All right, Casey. What do you want?

Casey: Oh, what, I got to spell it out for you? I want to be part of whatever it is you're planning. I want -- I want to be partners.

Ricky: No way because you're always getting me into trouble every time.

Casey: Well, not this time, I promise!

Ricky: Uh-uh. No. No way, Casey. Forget it. Go powder your nose.

Alison: Oh, Jack, don't look at me like that, ok? Rafe is just being a friend.

Jack: Yeah, right. Where's Jamal?

Alison: You don't know, either?

Jack: No. I know he sat by the -- by Valerie all night until they took her away.

Alison: Right, well, where is he now?

Jack: I don't know. I went down to get some coffee, and when I came back up, the nurses said he was really upset and just tore off.

Alison: Ok, well, this is not good.

Jack: I just kind of figured he came home and that's why I waited so long to come by -- because I thought you and him could, you know, take some time --

Alison: Right, well, I need to find him because I know he's out there feeling really guilty and really upset. So can you just give me just, like, one minute --

Jack: Yeah.

Alison: Ok?

Jack: So, I thought you were going to leave her alone.

Rafe: She need someone.

Jack: So you thought you'd just spend the night while Jamal was out there grieving over Valerie?

[Music plays]

Kevin: Ah! Ah!

Casey: Maybe you didn't hear me! I said if you don't cut me in, it's over. I'll tell Madame Barrington just exactly what her lovely little friend is up to. You know, and I swear I'll do that.

Ricky: You think you're tough, huh?

Casey: I know when I got someone beat.

Ricky: What do you really want, Casey? Huh? Why is this so important to you?

Casey: I like the rush.

Ricky: The rush?

Casey: Yeah. You know, sometimes you just need it. Know what I mean?

Ricky: Uh-uh. Why don't you show me?

Rafe: I spent the night to make sure Alison was ok because I didn't think she should be alone.

Jack: Well, she's not alone anymore, Rafe.

Rafe: I'm not going anywhere as long as she needs me, and she does. So whatever problem it is you're having with this, you're just going to have to live with it till Jamal gets back, ok?

[Door opens]

Jack: Which would be about now.

Livvie: Alison!

Jack: Livvie. Look, I thought you were --

Livvie: What is he doing here?

Alison: Thank God you are here. Livvie, Jamal never came home, and nobody knows where he is, and I'm really worried because it's getting a lot worse out there in the storm.

Livvie: I know. It's practically a blizzard out there.

Alison: Ok, so, listen -- I need all of you to help me find him, ok, because I need to bring him back.

Livvie: Yeah, let's go.

Jack: Let's go.

Livvie: We'll help you.

Jack: Let's go check the bike shop and the Recovery Room.

Alison: Ok.

Jack: Let's go.

Alison: Ok.

Kevin: Ow. Help! Somebody help! Paige! Anyone, help me!

[Music plays]

Kevin: Help!

>> On the next "Port Charles" --

Lucy: What about Doc?

Paige: What about him?

Lucy: Well, that's a good question. I haven't seen him. Do you know where he is?

Rafe: We don't have a minute to waste, ok? We got to find Jamal, and we got to find him now! He cannot be the one who dies!

Alison: What?

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