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Port Charles Transcript Friday 1/25/02

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Jamal: You -- you call this traveling light?

Alison: Oh. What are you talking about? I'm trying to leave everything behind so that you and I --

Jamal: Ok.

Alison: Can concentrate on each other.

Jamal: Well, everything except a few sexy outfits, right?

Alison: [French accent] But of course.

Jamal: [French accent] But of --

Alison: [Normal voice] And a few sandwiches.

Jamal: [Normal voice] Sandwiches?

Alison: Well, yeah.

Jamal: What do sandwiches and sexy outfits have to do with each other?

Alison: Well, I was thinking that if we didn't have to stop, you know, the sooner we could get there and the sooner --

Jamal: Ah -- ah. Ok, ok, that's what I'm saying. What can I do?

Alison: Well, we're out of everything.

Jamal: Ok, no problem. I'll just go to the Recovery Room and grab a couple sandwiches, and then finally, you, me, together, alone. I can't wait.

Alison: I know. Me, neither.

Jamal: Can't wait.

Alison: So go, hurry.

Jamal: Ok, ok.

Alison: Hurry, hurry.

Jamal: Yes, ma'am.

Alison: Go.

Alison's Voice: Maybe you should take my scarf. I think that you forgot what it feels like to be cold.

Rafe's Voice: No, I -- I think I forgot what it feels like to -- to be alive. Until now.

Alison's Voice: What do you want? What do you want more than anything in this world?

Rafe's Voice: I -- I want -- I want to kiss you.

Alison's Voice: So then who's stopping you?

Alison: Oh, my God. Rafe is in love with me. He gave up everything for me. I feel bad that I read his journal, bad that he feels this way about me, bad that I may have encouraged it, and really, really bad that I am starting to have feelings for someone who lives up there and who may be going back at any point. I mean, this is just so confusing.

Livvie's Voice: Listen to me, please. I am your friend, and I am going to be as honest with you as you've been with me. What you and Jamal have is real. And you may have had your problems, so you turned to somebody else who was there for you, but that somebody else can't give you what you want. You know that Rafe can't do that for you. Just trust me, let him go. Do it for yourself and do it for him. Just let Rafe go.

Alison: What was I even thinking? This is where I belong. And Jamal and I need just some time together to get back to the way that we used to be. We will. We have to.

[Knock on door]

Alison: Coming.

Alison: Valerie. I thought you were in the hospital.

Valerie: Well, guess what. Not anymore.

Ian: Mac, hey. Thanks for coming.

Mac: What's up?

Ian: Maybe nothing, maybe something. I --

Mac: Start at the beginning.

Ian: Ok. There's this girl, Amy, and she's a blind girl. She's been living with Eve and me. She's working as a psychologist at the clinic.

Mac: Yeah, I think Kevin mentioned her.

Ian: Oh, ok, good. Well, she didn't show up for work today. And I called her cell phone and some strange guy answered it, said I had the wrong number and hung up.

Mac: And?

Ian: "And" -- what, you don't think that's suspicious? A girl's missing, somebody else answers her cell phone?

Mac: Yeah. And?

Ian: And nothing, that's it.

Mac: Thanks for the call, Ian. I've got real police work to take care of.

Gabriela: That was nice of Frank to drop you off at my place.

Ricky: Frank's a jerk.

Gabriela: Frank was almost family.

Ricky: Yeah. You and brother Joe, the guy who dumped you. You really dodged a bullet on that one, Gigi. Look, I'm sorry, I -- it's been kind of a bad day.

Gabriela: Yeah, well, at least you're not in jail.

Ricky: Yeah, well, that's no thanks to that Casey chick. You know, your buddy Frank seems to think we're tight or something. Every time she gets into trouble, I get into trouble.

Gabriela: Well, Ricky, you do have a record. You know, you earned that all by yourself. No one's going to give you the benefit of the doubt until you prove that you've cleaned up your act.

Ricky: Yeah? Well, I got this new job and I'm wearing a new suit. I'm as clean as it gets, Gigi.

Gabriela: Where'd you get this?

Paige: What do you mean you've never been here before?

Amy: You think it's something even worse than being called back?

Rafe: I told you I don't know what this is or why we're here.

Ed: Maybe I can fill you in.

Casey: Who's he?

Ed: Casey, don't tell me you don't recognize the sound of my voice. Here I thought you'd all be thrilled and delighted to be reunited with me.

Rafe: Yeah, so why'd you bring us here, boss?

Casey: Yeah. What did we do?

Ed: Why don't we all take a seat, hmm? After all, we have a lot to talk about.

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Casey: Look -- look, I'm sure you've got some really good reasons for yanking us back, but I swear they're not my fault. Hey, if I've gotten into any kind of trouble, it's only because Paige and Amy have been breathing down my neck. Yeah, but you know what? If you give me another chance, you know, maybe you're going to let me back down on my own, I promise I will be nothing but perfect down there. Yeah, I swear. I will make you proud. I just -- you know, I just wanted you to know that.

Amy: You are such a liar.

Paige: Sir -- if that's appropriate --

Ed: "Ed" is fine.

Paige: Ed, sir, every problem we've had has started with Casey.

Amy: Uh-huh. We've all been covering for her mistakes.

Casey: Thanks a lot, girlfriend.

Ed: All right. What about you, kiddo, hmm?

Rafe: Huh? Oh, I just found out about them. And you know what? I know I said I'd help you guys, but if this is about us being called back upstairs, I'm all for it, ok?

Paige: How can you be so selfish?

Casey: What?

Amy: Just because you completed your life's journey --

Ed: All right, hold it.

Paige: Or given up on it.

Ed: Hold it, hold it.

Amy: Doesn't mean you can take our chance away!

Ed: Hold it -- hey! When I talk, you listen. You're not back up here because I yanked you back. You're back up here because you all made mistakes. If you don't shape up and get your acts together, someone is -- someone quite innocent is going to get hurt.

Gabriela: What are you doing with a cell phone? I know you can't afford one.

Ricky: Look, Amanda Barrington gave it to me, all right? She wants her driver available at all times.

Gabriela: Hmm. Well, that does sound like Amanda. But you know she's not going to be very happy if she can't reach you whenever she wants, so make sure the phone is turned on.

Ian: This is real police work, Mac.

Mac: Another option is your friend Amy met a guy -- the same guy who answered her cell phone. They took off together and they don't want to be found.

Ian: No, I don't believe that.

Mac: You've known this girl, what, a couple of weeks. How do you know I'm not right?

Ian: I don't know that. I don't know. Call it instinct, call it whatever you want, but a woman is missing. And, what, does she have to turn up dead before you'll do something about it?

Jamal: Hey. What's up?

Jack: Hey, Jamal, what's happening?

Jamal: What's happening? What's going on? What?

Livvie: Hey. We were just heading to your apartment to say goodbye.

Jamal: Oh, yeah?

Jack: You guys all set?

Jamal: Yeah, I'm just stopping to pick up some sandwiches for the road and -- hey, you sure you're ok to watch the shop and everything?

Jack: Yeah.

Livvie: Yeah, we are very sure.

Jamal: All right.

Livvie: We're just glad you guys are getting away together.

Jamal: Yeah, yeah, this is going to be really good.

Jack: So, how's Valerie doing?

Jamal: Not great. I mean, she's getting the help she needs -- I guess. I mean, I don't know. Just --

Livvie: But what?

Jamal: I don't know. I just felt kind of bad for walking out on her like that.

Jack: Hey, Jamal, you did the right thing, man. All right, Valerie was getting out of control.

Alison: Valerie, when did you get out of the hospital?

Valerie: What do you care? Sorry, am I interrupting your little romantic getaway?

Alison: Jamal and I were just --

Valerie: I can't believe Jamal is leaving -- after everything I'm going through? After everything I've given up for him?

Alison: Ok, Valerie --

Valerie: Shut up! I know what's going on here. You two have probably been laughing about it -- picture me rot away in this psycho ward while you go and play house with my man?

Alison: Valerie, Jamal is not your man.

Valerie: Oh, he would've been if it wasn't for you.

Alison: No.

Valerie: You were the one who made him turn his back on me. You were the one who was hoping they'd lock me up and throw away the key. Well, it wasn't that easy, was it, Alison? And now Jamal's going to know what it really feels like to lose everything.

Alison: Ok, Valerie, you need to leave me alone and leave both of us alone.

Valerie: Sorry, I can't do that.

Mac: All right. I'll look into it as a favor to a friend.

Ian: Thanks. And sorry about earlier with the --

Mac: Hey, forget it.

Ian: Amy's blind, she doesn't know her way around Port Charles. She's strong and capable and all of that, but she would be very upset if she knew that I was talking to the police.

Mac: How's Eve?

Ian: Eve's fine. No, she's working 25 hours a day, but she's doing ok.

Mac: Good. And Danny, your son -- how's he doing?

Ian: Danny, my son, is fine, Mac. What are you implying? You thinking there's something going on between Amy and me?

Mac: Hell, I don't know what I'm thinking half the time, Ian, let alone getting into that stubborn head of yours. I'll have the police look into it. Take care.

Gabriela: So Mom sees me in this ratty t-shirt and jeans and starts giving me a sermon about how I need to dress more ladylike. I swear, she thinks you're going to turn me back into a tomboy. Ricky? I'm over here.

Ricky: Yeah, I know. You were just saying --

Gabriela: I don't see her, either.

Ricky: Who?

Gabriela: Casey. That's who you're looking for, isn't it?

Ricky: Are you high?

Gabriela: Come on, it's me. You can be honest. What is it with you and this girl?

Ricky: Look, it's not anything.

Gabriela: Oh, it's something, all right.

Ricky: There's nothing going on between us.

Gabriela: Fine.

Ricky: Nothing.

Gabriela: You said that. So?

Ricky: We just -- I don't know, we -- we get each other, you know?

Gabriela: Yeah, I do. But, you know, everything I've heard and seen about this girl, Ricky -- she's trouble.

Ricky: But I like trouble.

Gabriela: What am I going to do with you?

Ricky: Look, you don't have to worry. I'm not going to be seeing her anymore anyway.

Gabriela: You're not?

Ricky: Nah. I have a feeling that she skipped town.

Gabriela: You're bummed because she didn't come and say goodbye, aren't you?

Ricky: Yeah, right.

Ed: Your behavior on earth has been appalling. The pursuit of your goals has been careless. You don't seem to give a damn about the consequences. Sometimes I wonder why you don't wear a sign around your neck say, "Hey, look at me, I'm an angel." Considering all the near misses you had, you might as well be wearing one.

Paige: Sir, it's --

Ed: What is it, Paige?

Paige: You're absolutely right. We haven't been as careful as we should've been, but we've made lots of mistakes and we're very sorry. It's all very new to us.

Ed: Not all of you are new to this.

Rafe: Ahem. What did I do?

Ed: Oh, nothing, Rafe. "Let me go back down. Bring me back up. I don't like the rules. I'll do it my way. My way isn't working. Tell me what to do." That sound familiar to you?

Rafe: Ok, I've been a little confused, ok?

Ed: Oh, let me make this quite clear. Let me make it quite simple for all of you. I went out on a cloud for you. I open up the gates of heaven, allowed you back to the land of the living because I thought you were taken too early. I wanted to give you a chance to complete your journeys.

Amy: We appreciate it, sir.

Ed: Now, I told you before you left. I'm going to remind you one more time -- this doesn't happen every day. It's a big deal, this opportunity you're getting. So not only am I demanding that you go back down there and cover your butts with each and every person you have made suspicious, but band together for God sakes. This isn't every angel for themselves. Stop fighting and look out for each other. Watch each other's backs. You can't afford to draw any more attention to yourself or make any more mistakes. And don't lose your watches. It's your connection to heaven. It's also your reminder of how much time you have left to accomplish your tasks. And if you don't accomplish them, I promise you, you won't get another chance.

Paige: We understand.

Casey: Yeah.

Amy: We are grateful for this, if we haven't been showing it.

Paige: And we'll do better.

Rafe: Is there something else you want to say, sir?

Ed: Yes. The most important thing for you to take back is this -- heaven and earth are interconnected. When I let you go back down to earth as mortals, I restored your human ability to connect with others. That means everything you do or say has a ripple effect on others. Nobody lives in a bubble. Nobody takes a journey just his own. Remember that. And even though you each may have something you want to complete, every choice you make has an effect on other people's lives. So every choice you make has to be done with great forethought and care. Now, am I clear?

Paige: Yes, sir.

Amy: Absolutely.

Casey: Crystal. Sir, uh, Ed. Whatever.

Ed: Same goes for you, kiddo.

Rafe: What's this room for? I mean, why'd you bring us here?

Ed: This room and this table is where we'll all meet when your 13 weeks are up. It's your portal to heaven.

Rafe: Ok. Well, if that's the case, then you know what? There's something you're not telling us.

Ed: Excuse me?

Rafe: Well, it's just -- there's four of us, and -- one, two, three, four -- five chairs, so is someone joining us?

Alison: Valerie, put the gun down, ok? We'll talk about this.

Valerie: Shut up!

Alison: No, listen. You -- you do not -- you do not want to do this.

Valerie: You don't know how much I do. Everything that's gone wrong in my life is because of you.

Alison: No, it's not.

Valerie: You're the reason I'm not with Jamal.

Alison: No, that's not --

Valerie: You're the reason I lost Hope. He was a different person before he met you. You changed him. I'll be doing him a favor. He's going to be better off without you.

Alison: Valerie, by killing me, it's not going to make Jamal want you.

Valerie: You don't get it, do you, girl? I don't want Jamal anymore. I just want him to suffer. I just want him to feel like I did when he took Hope away from me. I just want him to feel like I did when he turned his back on me. And I want him to feel what it's like to lose the one he loves. Oh, good. You're back. Now you won't miss watching your girlfriend die.

Chris' Voice: You know that woman Eve's been trying to set me up with, Amy Stradling?

Ian: You do realize, don't you, that I have no interest your personal life whatsoever.

Chris: Yeah, whatever. Look, what's her deal? She hasn't called me back.

Ian: Maybe your reputation precedes you.

Chris: That's cute. That's very cute, especially from the guy whose M.O. seems to be rescuing damsels in distress and then marrying them. Don't tell me you want Amy for yourself, too.

Ricky: No, no, no, I -- I got this.

Gabriela: Well. I think I like you having a job.

[Phone rings]

Gabriela: Aren't you going to get that?

Ricky: Hello? Hello?

Ian: Where the hell did you get that phone?

Ed: That chair is no concern of yours.

Rafe: No. I know you. You don't do anything without -- what were your words? -- "Great forethought and care?"

Ed: Look, I told you, the chair is not your concern.

Rafe: It's for someone we know, isn't it? Someone's going to be coming back with us.

Casey: No way. Is it?

Rafe: You're going to be using us as guides to help this person cross over. I'm right, right?

Ed: I just told you, that chair has nothing to do with you.

Rafe: But it does! If it means what I think it does, someone in Port Charles is going to die. And this chair is waiting for them.

Jamal: Valerie -- Valerie, come on, put the gun down.

Jack: Just take it easy, Val. It doesn't have to go down this way.

Livvie: Hey, that's right, Val. We're your friends, remember?

Valerie: You guys aren't my friends. You don't care about me. Nobody does.

Jamal: Look, Val, I do. I do, Valerie, ok? But you -- you got to just put the gun down. All right?

Valerie: You should be begging me, Jamal, just like I begged you with Hope, just like I tried to make you see that we could be a family -- you, me, our baby. Yes, a family, Jamal, but, no -- no, you didn't want that. You didn't want us. All you wanted was her.

Jamal: Valerie, Valerie, this is between me and you, ok? Let's just -- let's just let everyone else go and then we'll talk, ok?

Valerie: No.

Jamal: And we're going to sit here and we're just going to talk.

Valerie: No talking and nobody's going anywhere, especially her.

Jamal: Look, Valerie, you're a good person. Ok? I know you don't want to hurt anybody.

Valerie: Get out of the way, Jamal. Stay back!

Jamal: Let me help you, Valerie. I'll do whatever you want. Anything, ok? Anything. Ok, and I promise I will not abandon you like last time.

Valerie: You're lying. Everything out of your mouth is a lie!

Jamal: No, I'm not --

Valerie: She's poisoned you.

Jamal: No, Valerie, no --

Valerie: Yes, she did!

[gunshot and scream]

>> On the next "Port Charles" --

Ian: Two people have disappeared. They're just missing. Doesn't it make you wonder?

Rafe: It's just you and me now, Ed. What is it you're not telling me?

Ed: Are you sure you really want to know?

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