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Port Charles Transcript  Thursday 1/17/02

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Frank: When we get inside, I want you to take a good look around, kid. You're going to know this place inside and out right down to the last salt shaker.

Casey: Oh, this is just

fascinating, frank.

Frank: Watch it, casey. My mom owns this place.

Casey: Ok, this whole thing sucks.

Frank: This isn't a party for me, either, but the cops agreed to put you into my custody. So you're going to work in there and stay out of trouble. Get it?

Casey: Hmm, designer duds -- looks like she's a really good tipper.

Frank: You won't be anywhere near the customers. I'm starting you out on garbage detail.

Casey: I'm taking out the trash? That's disgusting.

Frank: Dumpsters are in the rear.

Ian: Well, if you can take another apology, i owe you one, as well.

Bartender: I'm so - So sorry.

Ian: My god, your arm.

Jamal: Valerie. Valerie, c you hear me? Come on, come on, talk to me. Valerie?

Valerie: Jamal --

mal: Hey, how many did you take? Valerie, how many did you take?

Valerie: Enough.

Jamal: Enough for what? Enough for what?

Valerie: Enough to make you care about me.

Alison: Please, try and understand. I just -- I can't see you anymore. I'm sorry.

Rafe: No, that's -- that's ok. It's cool.

Alison: Yeah. See, you know, jamal and i, we talked and we're going to try and work things out and, you know, just having you hang around and stuff, it just sort of complicates things.

Rafe: It complicates things, yeah.

Alison: And, you know, you're back on this earth to enjoy life, not to, like, get all messed up with my problems and stuff, so i really think that it's probably the best for both of us.

Rafe: Yeah, right. Well, you know, it's kind of funny because that -- that's what i was going to tell you.

Alison: You were?

Rafe: Yeah, you and jamal should reconnect.

Alison: Oh, yeah. Yeah, and there's, you know, so much stuff that you need to experience and stuff.

Rafe: Right, inste of just hanging out with you.

Alison: Ok. So i'm glad that we're on the same page, then.

Rafe: Hmm. Yeah. The exact same page. Right. I got to go, ok?

Alison: Wait, wait, wait. Aren't you going to say -- what is this?

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alison: These are beautiful. Why are you hiding them?

Rafe: I wasn't hiding them.

Alison: Well, putting them behind your back sort of counts as hiding them.

Rafe: Right. Well -- see, i was -- I was taking them somewhere.

Alison: Oh. Where?

Rafe: Um -- a date. Yeah. I have a date, you know.

Alison: Oh.

Rafe: Part of the new experiences, so --

alison: Wow, a date.

Rafe: Yeah.

Alison: Oh, that's -- that's wonderful.

Rafe: What, are you surprised?

Alison: No. No, I'm -- i'm really happy.

Rafe: You think it would be hard for me to get one, don't you?

Alison: Well, no. I mean, you're sort of cute, you know, even without your magic tricks. So who is she?

Rafe: Who is she?

Alison: Yeah. Your date.

Rafe: Yeah, my date. She's a friend -- not mine, not yet anyway. Yeah, a friend of lucy's and -- in fact, you know what? She's waiting, so I got to run, ok?

Alison: Well, I'm sure that she'll think those flowers are really beautiful.

Rafe: Yeah. Right. You know what? Why don't you keep them?

Alison: No, I couldn't.

Rafe: Just a good-bye gift. Yeah, I -- because i'm -- I'm rethinking the whole showing-up-with-flowers thing. I don't want to appear too eager. You know, bad form, so --

alison: Right.

Rafe: Besides, you know, I know you love pink roses.

Alison: Well, I hope you have fun. And I hope she's really wonderful.

Rafe: Thanks. Um -- I got to go. Alison? I just -- all I ever wanted was for you to be happy. That's it. And -- and i wish you and jamal the best of luck. He's a great guy.

Alison: Well, you're not too shabby yrself.

Alison: Bye.

Rafe: I'll --

alison: Oh.

Rafe: I'll see you around.

Alison: Yeah.

Rafe: Yeah.

Amy: What's the fuss?

Paige: That bartender should be more careful spilling water on your arm.

Ian: Let me see it. The water was pretty hot. Let me see it.

Amy: It barely touched me. I'm fine.

Ian: Come on, i'm a doctor. Let meheck it out.

Paige: Right.

Ian: Let me see.

Jamal: Ian? Ian?

Amy: I'm ok.

Jamal: Ian, thank god you're here. Hey, valerie -- she just took a bunch of pills.

Kevin: What kind?

Jamal: I don't know. She -- she just won't come around. She just needs -- she's in trouble. Just come on, hurry!

Kevin: I'd better go see if i can help.

Paig go, go, go. I'll find my way back.

Kevin: All right.

Amy: That was way too close.

Paige: Come on, we got to get out of here.

Gabriela: Hey, frank. Are those sandwiches ready yet?

Frank: Yeah, they're coming right up.

Gabriela: Ricky just started his job at general hospital. I'm taking him dinner.

Frank: So you can keep an eye on him?

Gabriela: Pretty obvious, huh? This is my brother's last chance to straighn up.

Frank: So let's remove any temptation.

Gabriela: Meaning casey?

Frank: Mm-hmm. Last time they hooked up, they landed in jail.

Gabriela: I don'think i could take another phone call like that.

Frank: So how are you feeling anyway?

Gabriela: I'm good.

Frank: Yeah?

Gabriela: No, the surgery was a breeze -- compared to dealing with my brother.

Frank: Hey, you got ricky a job at g.H., I've got casey working here. As long as we keep them both busy and apart, they'll be ok.

Casey: Oh, no. Oh, what a time to get an itch on my nose. God, yuck! God, i hate my life!

Ricky: Long time no see, casey. So is this where you're hanging these days?

Paige: Come on, quick. We have to get air on your arm and dry off the water.

Amy: Right, you can't be walking around town with a disappearing limb. Is it still --

paige: Oh, no. It's back. It's back to normal.

Amy: Thanks for your help in there.

Paige: Yeah, well, I had to. I didn't want them figuring us out.

Amy: And here i thought you were worried about me.

Paige: Amy, look, i know I've been hard on you, but there is so much at stake here. If they figure out what's going on, we'll have to leave here before we finish what we came here to do.


Amy: I don't know what i would've done if ian had spotted my disappearing limb.

Paige: Yeah, he's been watching us like a hawk, which is never a good thing.

Amy: I'll be more careful.

Paige: We all have to be -- you, me, and casey. One more careless move and it's over for all of us.

Amy: Casey's the one we've got to worry about.

Ricky: Just a tip -- the messy stuff belongs in the bag. What, are you working here?

Casey: Jeez, get a clue, dude. I was just -- I'm just helping out a friend.

Ricky: Yeah, well, that's not like you -- helping people.

Casey: Well, I don't need the money, right? I'm loaded, and my old man's rich as sin.

Ricky: Yeah, right. That's why you were shoplifting?

Casey: Hey, a girl's got to have a hobby, right? Anyways, what are you doing all dressed up for? Somebody die?

Ricky: No. I just opened up a club down on the docks with a friend of mine and tonight is opening night.

Casey: For real?

Ricky: Oh, yeah. We got the hottest d.J.S mixing techno andip-hop. My people are handling the press.

Casey: You have people?

Ricky: Oh, yeah. Everybody wants to be part of this club.

Casey: Wow -- i mean, sounds interesting. Hey, maybe i'll go check it out.

Ricky: Maybe I'll put your name on the guest list.

Amanda: Oh, there you are.

Ricky: Well, I'll see you around. Let's go.

Casey: One of your people?

Amanda: I'm heading over to the hospital now. Just park the car around front and wait for me there. Ricardo, did you hear me?

Ricky: Yes.

Amanda: Yes, what?

Ricky: Ma'am.

Casey: You are so busted, ricardo.

Ricky: Hey, drop dead, all right?

Casey: And you're her driver. That's why you got the new threads.

Ricky: Yeah, well, I'm only doing it part-time, all right, between working down at the club.

Casey: Club delusional. Nice try, hotshot.

Ricky: Well, it could be worse. I mean, I could be working down at the hospital cleaning bedpans like my sister would've wanted.

Casey: Oh, wow. Suddenly lugging trash doesn't seem so gross.

Ricky: All right, you know what? You've had your fun. Why are you looking at me like that?

Casey: Just thinking. I mean, despite your lame job and criminal tendencies, you clean up pretty good.

Ricky: Which means?

Casey: Which only means you're not entirely repulsive, ok?


Alison's voice: An angel, huh?

Rafe's voice: If you're looking for wings, forget it. We travel light these days.

Alison's voice: Right. So, are you my own personal guardian angel?

Rafe's voice: Not exactly, but I wouldn't turn down the job. What's your favorite flower?

Alison: Pink roses.

Rafe: Oh, you mean like this one?

Alison: Oh! That's so cool! No. It ends here.

Kevin: Jamal, ian's got everything under control. Don't worry.

Jamal: I just can't believe valerie would go thifar. I mean, I should've seen something like this coming.

Kevin: Look, I know what it's like to feel you have to save someone if you think you've hurt them.

Amy: But the rest of valerie's life isn't your responsibility. You buy into that, two lives go down the drain.

Ian: She'll be ok now. Got here just in time.

Kevin: Valerie, how many pills did you take?

Valerie: I wasn't exactly counting.

Amy: What were you doing, valerie?

Valerie: I wanted to die so i wouldn't have to hurt anymore.

Amy: Or so that jamal would rush by your side?

Valerie: What would you know anyway?

Amy: I know there's a difference between wanting to die and wanting attention.

Valerie: I just lost my daughter. Give me a break. Haven't you ever lost anything before?

Amy: My sight. And at first i wanted to die, but I decided to live. You have a wonderful, produc ve life ahead of you if you just trust in yourself.

Valerie: You don't know what it's like to be all alone.

Amy: We've all been lonely and scared and so confused that giving up seems like a blessing.

Valerie: But if only jamal --

amy: Hey. Trust me. It's a big mistake to put yourself so totally in another person's hands.

Valerie: Well, I'm fine now.

Ian: Well, let's take you to the hospital just to make sure, ok?

Kevin: Yeah, we're just going to keep you for about 72 hours for observation.

Valerie: What do you mean "observation"?

Kevin: It's for your own safety. I'll check on you myself.

Valerie: Please come with me, jamal.

Jamal: You'll be ok. I mean, you're in good hands now.

Valerie: You're bailing on me?

Amy: You're going to have to start relying on yourself. Come on, honey, you can do this.

Valerie: No, no. There's no way i'm leaving here without jamal.

Ian: Come on, let's go.

Kevin: Come on.

Ian: Come on.

Valerie: No, don't let them do this, jamal! Please stop them. They'll listen to you.

Jamal: I cannot take care of you anymore, valerie.

Valerie: No.

Jamal: I'm sorry, it's over.

Valerie: No. It'll never be over! It's never going to be over.

Jamal: Valerie, this is serious. Ok, you could've died.

Valerie: Would you have given a damn?

Jamal: Val, you know I'd hate to see anything happen to you. Ok -- you have so much to offer, but just -- just not for me.

Kevin: Valerie, listen to him.

Jamal: I love alison. I always have and I always will. And I am not going to lose her because --

valerie: Because of what? Because of the child that we had together, jamal? Because of me? So you're going to let them lock me up because I'm messing up ur perfect life?

Jamal: I am sorry for your pain and your loss, I am, and for your feelings for me, but I can't help you.

Valerie: I should've expected this from the man who would turn his back on his own child. This is what you wanted, isn't it, alison? Come on in, enjoy the show.

Jamal: Don't lay this on alison.

Valerie: Meday I hope you feel half of what I'm feeling today -- empty, alone, desperate.

Kevin: Valerie, come on. It's time to go.

Valerie: It's not over, jamal. It'll never be over between us. Do you hear me? It's not over!

Ian: You were good with valerie, what you said.

Amy: Well, said all the right things, but whether or not she heard me is another matter.

Ian: Yeah. Well, I'm sorry about giving you the third degree earlier. It's a bad habit of mine.

Amy: You can't figure me out and that bugs you, doesn't it?

Ian: Don't do that. Don't analyze me, huh? Let me look at that burn mark. Where is it?

Amy: Well, you know us aliens -- we heal fast.

Ian: Ok. I deserve that. Let me give you a ride home.

Amy: Thanks, but i'm not going to go home with you, ian.

Ian: Why's that? You got another date?

Amy: I really appreciate your hospitality, but I think it's time that i move on. I'm meeting with a realtor about an apartment.

Ian: Ok. If you need any help, you let me know.

Amy: I'll just pick up my things later. I'm fine, really, and I do appreciate all that you and eve have done for me.

Ian: Ok.

Amy: Ok?

Amy's voice: Thanks for your help in there.

Paige's voice: Yeah, well, I had to. I didn't want them figuring us out.

Amy's voice: And here i thought you were worried about me.

Paige: Amy, look, i know I've been hard on you, but there is so much at stake here. If they figure out what's going on, we'll have to leave here before we finish what we came here to do.

Amy: I can't afford to let you get too close, ian. It's too dangerous.

Paige: Amazing. Kevin's still got talent. I've got things back on track with amy, we're both going to check on casey. I think everything's going to be all right.

Man: There you are, ms. Smith. I've been waiting for you.

Gabriela: Hey, colleen? Hi. It's gabby. Could you tell ricky that I'm on my way? I see. Thank you.

Fran trouble?

Gabriela: Yeah, big surprise -- my brother didn't show ufor work. What is that kid up to?

Ricky: Not repulsive, huh? Meaning that you like what you see?

Casey: Oh, don't get too excited. You know, I used to have this mutt who i also thought wasn't repulsive.

Ricky: Oh. So i guess that means that you wouldn't want to take a little ride in the limo.

Casey: We can't hang together, man. Frank will flip out.

Ricky: See, iave a real problem doing what other people tell me to do. Didn't figure you for the type to take orders, though.

Casey: Damn.

Ricky: What, is something wrong?

Ricky: Whoa. What was that about? I mean, I'm not objecting here, but did I miss something?

Casey: Please, help me, ok? You got to get me out of here.

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alison: What matters is that we're together.

Jamal: And we're going to stay that way. Ok?

Lucy: He is going to do a complete analysis and find out everything there is to know about you.

Paige: Both of you, stay away from me.

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