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Port Charles Transcript  Tuesday 1/15/02

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Livvie: So what do you think?

Jack: Hmm, i think they're great, but i need a little more syrup, sweet stuff.

Livvie: Oh, no, no, no.

Jack: Hey -- what are you doing? Give me that.

Livvie: Uh-huh. Say please.

Jack: Ok, your highness. Please.

Livvie: Oh, and you say "pretty please."

Jack: Oh --

livvie: On your knees.

Jack: Come on.

Livvie: Come on!

Jack: Give me the syrup.

Livvie: No, sorry. No syrup, then.

Jack: All right, well, we'll see about that.

Livvie: Say "pretty please" or -- no, jack, no! Ok, ok, ok, ok! I'm sorry. Here, you can have the syrup.

[Knock on door]

jack: Too late -- go away!

Alison: Jack?

Jack: It's alison.

Livvie: It is ali, isn't it?

Alison: It's me, alison. Hi.

Livvie: Ali. What's wrong?

Alison: Can I stay with you for a little while? I just left jamal.

Ricky: Come on, man. Cuffs off.

Taggert: Hey, listen, when a guy gets brought in for shoplifting and tries to burthe place down so he can escape, I like to know where his hands are.

Frank: Yeah, besides, ricky, i thought you liked jewelry.

Ricky: Look, I already told you -- i didn't steal any jewelry or set any fires. It was all that bizarro girl.

Frank: Yeah, yeah, casey's fault, right.

Taggert: You know what? Shut up, ricky, all right? Nobody's buying your story with your record. I hope you had all the fun while you could. You're going away for a long, long time, boy.

Casey: No way i'm not going to help. I don't care what they said.

Ricky: What are you doing? Are you crazy?

Casey: Help! Fire! You know what? Stay here and be a wuss if you want, but i'm getting the hell out. Fire!

Officer: What's going on? Hey!

Casey: Coming?

Paige: You're not going anywhere, casey. You're staying right where you are.

Casey: Forget it, paige. You're not my mother. I can go anywhere I want whenever i say so, and you can't stop me.

Amy: Wrong.

Paige: Yes, we can, casey.

Casey: I am not staying here, and believe me, you don't want me staying here, not after i --

paige: What?

Casey: I just can't stay here, ok? I got into some sort of trouble.

Amy: What now?

Paige: Come on, out with it. What happened? The short version, please.

Casey: Let's just say i ran into a little trouble with the cops.

Amy: How little?

Paige: Fix it.

Casey: How?

Paige: Look, I don't know and I don't care. Just do it, please. Do whatever you have to do to take care of it.

Paige's voice: All of our futures depend on it.

Casey: Please. Who put her in charge anyway? All right, here goes nothing. Ok, sipowicz. You're arresting the wrong perp, you geniuses.

Frank: Casey --

ricky: See? What did i tell you?

Casey: I lit the fire, I snatched the jewelry. If you're going to arrest someone, try someone who's actually guilty for a change.

Amy: What? Oh. Stupid. God, not again. This ridiculous phony magnet thing keeps falling off every time i -- paige was right, though. We can't take a chance. We can't let anybody see what our real watches look like.

Ian: Amy.

Amy: Ian.

Ian and amy: Hi.

Ian: How'd your date go last night?

Amy: Well, the big date was a big bust.

Ian: Ah. Well, I'm -- i'm sorry.

Amy: Oh, don't be.

Ian: No, I mean, I'm sorry about all the questions I was asking before you left. Sometimes eve and me, we can --

amy: No, just forget it. I am glad to hear things are going well between you two now.

Ian: Well, how would you know that -- ah.

Amy: Ah.

Ian: The sound of my voice, right? I got to stop being so surprised by what you do and say and --

victor: Ian.

Ian: Victor. What's that -- some serious equipment you got there.

Victor: We've got a serious mystery to solve.

Ian: A mystery?

Victor: You know that place in the woods where that mysterious light came down new year's eve, scorched the ground, burned everything in a big circle?

Ian: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What about it?

Victor: The circle is now in full bloom. It looks like a tropical hothouse.

Ian: That doesn't make any sense.

Victor: I've been telling you all along -- none of this makes any sense. We somehow have to learn to think beyond sense.

Ian: All right. Why don't you sit down and explain it to me

victor: We, I will as soon as i stow this equipment it's very sensitive, delicate machinery. Has to be -- very careful --carefully taken care of, especially this -- the positron energy sensor.

Ian: Positron what?

Victor: Energy sensor. It's been calibrated to register the slightest --

[positron beeps]

victor: The slightest wavelengths of -- whoa!

Amy: It's all right, I got it.

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alison: I'm sorry, you guys. I just -- I just didn't know where else to go.

Livvie: No, it's ok. Sit down. Tell us what happened.

Alison: Well, it's really stupid. Ok, jamal got back from chicago and he was just -- he was just sitting there when it all happened.

Livvie: What?

Alison: Rafe -- he was carrying me and --

jack: Rafe? Rafe was doing what?

Alison: No -- yeah, and then we had this huge fight, ok? And then he tells me that he gave up all of his rights to hope and then so we -- so we sort of made up, and then valerie, like, has this huge mental breakdown so he, like, brings her back to our place.

Livvie: Again?

Alison: Yes. And then, she, like, has this terrible dream or something, some nightmare, so he, like, puts her in our bed and then that was it. I can't take that anymore, so i left.

Jack: Hey, alison? Alison, valerie's losing it. You can't expect jamal to throw her out.

Alison: Well, I don't -- I don't expect it. I mean, I just expect him to take my feelings into consideration, you know?

Jack: Well, hey, hey, you're acting like he chose her over you.

Alison: He did. You didn't see him when he was there. I mean, he just -- when she woke up in this terrible nightmare, he just, like, ran to her like i wasn't even in the room!

Livvie: Ok, well, maybe he was just --

alison: No -- ok, listen, you guys --

livvie: No, ali, no -- no.

Alison: If you're going to take his side --

jack: Hey, we're with you.

Livvie: Just tell us what you need.

Jack: Whatever you need.

Livvie: What can we do?

Alison: I just really need a place to stay until I figure out what i'm going to do, ok? But I don't -- i don't want to put you guys in the middle of anything, so --

jack: No, no. Our couch is your couch. Ok? All right?

Livvie: Yeah, alison, whatever you need. I'll clear off some space in my closet and --

alison: Thank you.

Livvie: And you can put your stuff there and --

[knock on door]

livvie: Can you get that?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Hey, you know what, alison? You probably just need a little space, time for things to cool down, you know? Uh-oh.

Alison: What?

Jack: It's jamal.

Jamal: Hey, anybody home? Jack? Hey.

Jack: What's up, dude?

Jamal: What's up, man?

Jack: What's up, man?

Jamal: What's happening? I'm good.

Jack: Good to see you.

Jamal: Yeah. Um -- I guess you know why i'm here, right? Ali, she's with livvie? What, is she inside? Jack, come on.

Jack: Yeah. Sort of.

Jamal: Well, come on. I need to see her, man.

Jack: Hey, jamal. Maybe -- maybe tomorrow, huh? I mean, she really doesn't want to see you right now.

Taggert: So you're the evil mastermind, huh?

Frank: Where have you been? You were gone all night.

Ricky: Who the hell cares where she's been, just as long as she's here to confess.

Taggert and frank: Shut up, ricky.

Casey: No, frank, he's -- he's telling the truth. I was lifting that necklace and he saw me and was trying to get me to bring it back and that's -- that's when we got busted.

Taggert: Mm-hmm. And you lit the fire, too, right?

Casey: Yeah. Dumb, right?

Frank: Hey, hey, hold on a second, taggert. If ricky is so clean, why'd he run? If he really had nothing to hide --

casey: It's because he was trying to help a real thick kid from racking up even more points, ok? Not that i gave the chump half a chance. I bopped him over the head, took off as fast as I could, figured why not let him take the rap.

Taggert: Yeah, yeah, but your conscience was so guilty, you know, your feet -- they had a mind of their own and pitter-patter, here you are, right?

Casey: Yeah, so slap me on the wrist and let's call it a day, ok?

Taggert: Or maybe not or maybe no way in hell or maybe you could plead insanity. Yeah, I'll testify to that. Nobody moves. Keep an eye on them, frank.

Casey: Look, frank, you got to help me.

Frank: Help you how?

Casey: I don't know, but I can't spend the rest of my life in jail.

Frank: I don't know why this girl is taking the fall for you, man.

Ricky: Maybe I'm irresistible.

Casey: Or maybe not. Frank, please.

Frank: All right, i'll talk to him. All right? I'll see what I can do.

Casey: Thank you, frank. Thank you.

Ricky: Yes, thank you, frank. "Thank you."

Casey: So, you're off the hook now.

Ricky: Yeah, maybe.

Casey: Well, kissing one of my rings is the least you can do, don't you think?

Ricky: What i'm thinking is why.

Casey: Because I felt like it.

Ricky: Try again, casey, because i know for a fact that when you left me out in the woods, there was no chance that you were coming back. So what gives, huh? What's the real reason why you gave it up?

[Positron beeps]

amy: What's happening?

Victor: All right, a right.

Ian: Victor, come on.

Victor: I'm trying to get the volume, but I can't -- I can't manage it -- and -- ah.

[Beeping stops]

victor: All right. Terribly sorry about that. It's all over.

Ian: It's a very delicate instrument you got there.

Victor: I'm afraid it's a bit temperamental, too, but it certainly served us very well out in the woods.

Ian: What exactly did you find out there?

Victor: Frank and I went back to the exact spot where we found that -- that mysterious watch or whatever it was.

Ian: The one that's still missing?

Victor: Yeah, and as i told you, the brown circle of scorched earth is now green and lush. It looks like spring. And it's filled with flowers, a number of species of which i don't think I've seen before.

Ian: Did you take any samples?

Victor: Well, of course i did, but i don't think they're going to tell us anything because I think the evidence comes from another direction. Now, i know what this does to your scientific mind, but I think you have to at least admit the possibility that some strange new source of life from another world may have come to us, may even be walking around among us, even as we speak.

Ian: Aliens, is it?

Victor: Yes.

Amy: Well, maybe there are, ian. I mean, didn't you say there were lots of strange goings-on happening around here this last year?

Victor: Finally. Thank you very much. Finally, someone who doesn't believe that i've seen "E.T." Too often. Thank you, amy.

Amy: Well, anything is possible. That's what makes life so fascinating. Now, i would love to hear more about this, but I have to get over to the clinic.

Victor: Let me move this out of your way -- whoop. Oop, hold it.

Amy: What? What's wrong?

Victor: Nobody move. Nobody move.

Amy: What?

Victor: Well, I turned down the volume, but -- but look at the gauge.

Amy: What about the gauge?

Victor: It's going berserk.

Ian: Well, why don't you follow it back to the source?

Victor: Well, that's difficult to do when the reading is so strong, but -- but it's -- it's worth a try. Uh, uh -- let me see. Here we go, around here. No, no. No, nothing, nothing. Nothing. Yes, yes. Stronger, stronger.

[Positron beeps]

victor: Stronger. Holy --

amy: What is happening?

Ian: Looks like you're the one setting off the machine.

Livvie: Jamal's not leaving. Ali, are you sure you just don't want to go out and talk to him?

Alison: No, no, no, not now. I don't want to see him. I can't face him.

Livvie: Oh, god, you're really that angry with him?

Alison: No, listen. I didn't tell you something before because jack was here, but I kissed rafe again!

Livvie: Rafe?

Alison: Yeah.

Livvie: I thought rafe went back up to --

alison: I know, I know, I know, I know. And that's why i didn't say anything is because jack was here and only you and I know that he's an angel.

Livvie: Ok, so how did he get to come back?

Alison: Well, it's sort of like a reward for doing good work, you know? It's his one chance to live like us, like normal people without the powers -- you know, at least, just for a little while anyway. And what do I do? As soon as he gets here, I, like, totally start crying on his shoulder about jamal and he's, like, trying to make things better and -- and --

livvie: And?

Alison: Ah. One thing sort of leads to another, and I -- i kind of came on to him and I feel really bad about it!

Livvie: Ok, ok, wait a minute -- an innocent kiss. Ali, big deal.

Alison: No, no --

livvie: You kissed him before.

Alison: No, no, no! It's not like the last time. And I only did it because I was upset with jamal. But --

livvie: Oh, no -- "but" what?

Alison: But I liked it! I did! And it wasn't like with jamal. And I don't know. I don't know what to do because I have these feelings, right, and i'm starting to, anyways, and i don't know what to do with them. I don't know, I don't know, but the only thing that I do know is that i can't see jamal. Not now.

Jamal: Come on, jack. Stop playing and let me in.

Jack: Hey, hey, jamal? What about tomorrow, huh? Let's just give it some time to cool down.

Jamal: We got to work this thing out now, ok? That means she has to be home with me and nowhere else.

Jack: What about valerie?

Jamal: Look, I got my reasons for helping valerie, ok? That's got nothing to do with my feelings for ali, jack. It doesn't, ok?

Jack: All right, all right. All right, i get it. It's really none of my business anyway, but alison's a friend, too. And she asked us to keep you away. So that's what i have to do.

Jamal: I'm not losing her, jack.

Jack: Look, jamal --

jamal: Alison! Come on, just let me in, alison! Come on, just -- just come talk to me, please? I just want to talk. Come on.

Casey: Look, I just got through telling them why i came back.

Ricky: Yeah. And now i'm asking.

Casey: Well, maybe I'm just a nice girl or maybe i had a visit from mother teresa. Hmm.

Ricky: Well, somebody made you come back here, and don't bother telling me no because we both know i'm right.

Casey: Look, I'm here, you're clear, ok? So just let it go.

Ricky: Thanks.

Casey: What?

Ricky: I said --

frank: Ok, kids.

Casey: Finally. Well, frank, spill. What's up?

Frank: Well, I talked to the man. You're free to go.

Casey: All right!

Frank: But "free" doesn't always come free. There's a hitch and you're not going to like it.

[Positron beeps]

amy: It sounds to me like your machine needs some recalibration.

Victor: The machine is in perfectly good order. I think -- i think it's your watch.

Amy: Well, what about it?

Victor: I think it's setting the machine off.

Amy: Well, I don't know why it should. It's just an average watch except with numbers in braille, of course.

Ian: Of course.

Victor: But I did the calibrations myself. All I can say is that something over there is setting the machine off.

Ian: Do you still have the soil samples?

Victor: Of course I do.

Ian: Well, then why don't you reset the machine and test the soil and compare whatever your readings are to that of amy's watch.

Victor: Well, that's a splendid idea. Do you mind?

Ian: Amy?

[Knocking on door]

jamal: Come on, spunky, just let me in, please.

Livvie: Do you want me to tell him to just --

alison: Yeah. Yeah, please. Just tell him to go.

Jamal: Look, you're mad at me right now. I know that.

Alison: , Wait. Livvie, don'T.

Jamal: Look, you have every right to be. Ok, I know i really screwed up this thing with valerie. Ok, but there's one thing in my life that I know i did right and that's loving you, baby. Look, you're the only woman i ever really even cared about. I mean, you -- you're the one i want to be with, baby. The only one. Look, you remember that whole thing with cedric -- when that whole thing with cedric went down, and we went up to the cabin, you had that nightmare and you -- and you grabbed me and you held me so tight and you wouldn't let go all night long? I still remember that -- how that felt, like how there was nobody else in the whole wide world that can make it better and turn that around. Ali, i still want to be that guy. Ok? But I need you, too. Ok, see, because it's my turn now. I'm caught in that same nightmare, ok, and i just need your arms, baby. Please, just -- just come out here and talk to me, please. I love you so much. Just -- just talk to me, please. I've got nothing without you.

Casey: A hitch I'm not going to like? Well, there's a big whoop surprise.

Frank: I lied for you, casey. You owe me.

Casey: You did?

Frank: Ye. I looked taggert straight in theand convinced him you were confused, that you made a mistake.

Casey: And he bought that?

Frank: Are you kidding? I had to promise you'd stay in my custody, and i'd make sure that you kept out of trouble.

Casey: Oh, wait a minute. You elected yourself babysitter? Uh-uh, no way! Uh-uh.

Frank: Well, if you want to stay out of jail, you better find a way -- unless you want me to tell taggert that you would --

casey: No! Ok. It's cool. Anything else?

Frank: Yeah. Since I am vouching for you, rule number one -- I don't want you anywhere near this clown. Understand?

Casey: Hey. It's no problem there. He's nothing to me.

Ricky: Yeah, and she's nothing but trouble.

Frank: Ok. Then let's get out of here.

Casey: Yeah, this place gives me the king of pops creeps.

Frank: Hey, hey. Out that door, out of trouble. You got it?

Casey: Right.

Frank: Ok.

Casey: Ok, daddy.

Casey: Here i come.

Victor: Thanks for letting me have a closer look at your watch, amy. I'll give it right back.

Amy: Sure.

Victor: I'll be careful.

Amy: The clasp on it's tricky, though. I just need a second to get the clasp off. Oh, god -- i'm sorry.

Victor: That's ok.

Ian: Don't worry about it.

Victor: Can I give you a hand?

Amy: No, no, no, no, no. I just -- if you don't flip it down just right, it gets all -- snagged. I don't want to get it all twisted. I'm not usually like this.

Ian: I know.

Amy: One more minute. I just --

victor: Ian, why don't you come in the back? Help me lay out the soil samples. I want to put them in an entirely different room.

Ian: You ok?

Amy: Yeah. I'm fine. This can't be happening. Think, amy, think. I just need to -- that's it -- take care of this very delicate instrument. Shouldn't be that much trouble. Can't let them find out who i am.

Ian: You're not alone.

Amy: Ian.

Ian: What are you doing? And why are you doing it?

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amy: Oh, so now you think i'm an alien?

Ian: No, I don't think you're an alien, but I thought maybe there is something that you are hiding.

Alison: But I need to be honest with you, too.

Jamal: About?

Alison: Rafe.

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