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Port Charles Transcript  Monday 1/14/02

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Lucy: There's nothing like your first time, huh?

Kevin: First time?

Lucy: I mean first time being married to each other for real and first time in your studio, decorated by yours truly to inspire.

Kevin: My creativity.

Lucy: Ooh. Yeah, I'll say.

Kevin: Some dedication, huh?

Lucy: Hmm. Incredible. Complete with fireworks. You know, and I don't think I've ever seen lightning like that.

Kevin: I must've been busy. I didn't see a thing.

Lucy: Well, it was weird because it came out of nowhere on a perfectly clear night. It was very, very --

kevin: Strange, yeah, I get it. You haven't been talking to my father about little green men coming to visit, have you?

Lucy: Well, you do know victor can tend to be a bit obsessive.

Kevin: Yeah. Well, when victor gets an idea in his head, it's hard not to believe him. It's also harder to convince him that he's wrong.

Victor: My god, frank. I was right.

Ricky: I said, "where am I?"

Victor: Earth. Uh -- sun -- mercury, venus, earth --

frank: Victor --

victor: Shh! Frank! It's an alien! Peace. We come in peace.

Ricky: Oh, man.

Victor: Man. Man, yes! Yeah, we -- we man. Uh -- live long, prosper. 1,420 megahertz!

Ricky: Is he kidding, or what?

Frank: Victor, it's a false alarm. He's one of us. Let me take a look at your head.

Ricky: You a doc?

Frank: I'm a paramedic.

[Phone rings]

frank: Oh -- hang on. Hello?

Victor: You have name?

Ricky: Who, me? Yeah. Ricky. Why?

Frank: Ricky?

Ricky: Ow!

Frank: Hey, just hang on, will you? All right. Yeah, go ahead, I'm listening.

Victor: You have rough landing?

Ricky: What? Oh, my head? Yeah, I got clocked, all right, man?

Frank: Yeah, yeah, I understand.

Ricky: All right, look, guys. I can't hang around here all day, all right? I'm fine, but I got to go find the wacko who conked me. So thanks a lot for the once-over, but i got to book.

Frank: Yeah, not so fast, cowboy.

Ricky: What's your problem?

Frank: That was taggert on the phone.

Ricky: Who?

Frank: Police lt. Taggert. He said there's an a.P.B. Out on a guy with your description and your name. Looks like your visitor from another planet broke out of jail a few hours ago with a young girl -- a friend of mine.

Ricky: Hey, look, man, i don't know what you're talking about.

Frank: Oh, I think you do, ricky. And you better tell me what happened to casey, or I'm going to haul your sorry ass back down to jail.

Amy: Does anyone know where you are?

Casey: What, you mean other than stuck in the middle of nowhere-land?

Amy: I am in no mood.

Casey: How dumb do I look to you, amy?

Amy: Well, that's a very good question. Let's see -- since we've gotten here, you've stolen my wallet. You've had two separate accidents on that ridiculous motorcycle of yours. You've lost your watch, which was found by a local who took it for proof that martians have landed. We're this close to being caught and that's just our first week -- all thanks to you. So, how dumb do you look to me?

Paige: All right. Damage is done. Let's move on. Let them think there are aliens running around. It'll take the suspicion away from us.

Casey: Ok, see, that was my plan all along.

Amy: Sure it was.

Paige: Ladies, please, we don't have time for this, all right? Here. There's one for you, there's one for you. Go on, take it.

Casey: What's this?

Paige: Give me your wrist. The magnetic watch faces. See? They fit over your timepiece like that so nobody can see what's underneath.

Amy: Mine's in braille.

Casey: Always thinking of you, amy.

Amy: That would be a nice change for you, period.

Paige: Make sure that that face stays on the watch and the watch stays where it belongs -- on your wrist.

Casey: It will.

Paige: And we've got to make sure that nobody finds out that the watch casey lost is the one victor collins found, understood? We cannot afford for anyone else to get suspicious. And no matter what happens, we can't let them find out the truth about who we are and why we're here. Ever.

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lucy: Hey, doc, look who's awake.

Kevin: Hey, christina! Hi, sweetheart.

Lucy: It's ok. Here, come on in.

Kevin: What do I do?

Lucy: Well, you know what? This is doc's studio where he's going to paint. Do you want him to kind of show you around?

Kevin: Yeah? You want to see my paintbrushes and my colors and everything?

Lucy: He's an amazing painter. Wait till you see what he does. He's going to paint lots and lots and lots.

Kevin: Well, I don't know about "lots."

Lucy: I do. He's going to paint lots and lots and lots.

Kevin: Do you like to paint? You do? Do you want to try and paint something now? Ok! Oh, this is going to be great.

Lucy: That's a great idea. Hey --

kevin: Let me get some special brushes just --

lucy: You know what? Why don't we put dolly down right here so she can watch you paint, and then she won't get paint all over her, ok?

Kevin: These are perfect. They're just your size and they're everything that you need.

[Doll cries]

lucy: Oh --

kevin: Oh, oh, honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Lucy: Oh, it's ok. Ok, look, she just has a little mark. She has a little -- here. Listen, I can fix this, pumpkin head.

Kevin: I'm sorry, i'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that.

Lucy: It's ok, we can fix her. Don't worry. She's going to be fine, ok? She's going to be fine. Oh, doc. She'll be ok. Ok.

[Lucy sighs]

kevin: Let me see it a second. Can it be fixed at all?

Lucy: Yeah, she can fix it.

Kevin: Honey? I'm --

lucy: Oh -- doc?

Kevin: Oh, oh -- careful -- careful over there, honey.

Lucy: Don't -- christina --

kevin: Oh --

[paints and brushes fall]

lucy: Oh.

Kevin: It's ok. It's ok. It's all right.

Lucy: Listen -- it's all right. Look, we can pick those up. Doc's not mad at all.

Kevin: No. No, honey, i'm not mad at you.

Christina: Go away.

Ricky: Let me go. I don't know anybody named casey.

Frank: About 18 years old, pierced eyebrow, streaked hair, this tall?

Ricky: No, sorry, man, it doesn't ring a bell.

Frank: Two cops took him and casey down to the station with the goods where they lit a fire --

ricky: No, no, no, no, no, no. That was not me. That was all her, ok? Walking mtv nightmare. I have never met anybody as whacked out as that girl. She did the stealing, she started the fire, and I was planning on telling those cops the truth until she knocked me out and bailed.

Frank: Well, if you were planning on telling the cops the truth --

ricky: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was, totally. Man, you've got my word on it.

Frank: All right. Well, then you'll get your chance.

Ricky: All right, well, you guys will back me on this, right? I mean, you can see how hurt i am. We have to find this girl and get her off the street before she does this again to somebody who's innocent. Besides, i shouldn't have to go to jail for something I didn't do, right?

Frank: No deal, ricky.

Ricky: Come on, man. You can't let them lock me up. All right? I got no juice. I won't last in there this time. Listen, man. You're an ambulance guy, you said. Right? A paramedic?

Frank: Yeah.

Ricky: Well, then, you have to know my brother, emilio garza, and my sister, gabby -- she's a nurse down at general hospital. She will vouch for me.

Frank: You're ricky garza?

Victor: Frank, you -- you know this --

ricky: You know my family?

Frank: Emilio used to be my partner, your sister's a friend of mine, and this is the black sheep in the family, nothing but trouble. Oh, I've heard all kinds of stories about you.

Ricky: So, you know all about me, huh?

Frank: Yeah, ricky, i do. I practically have your rap sheet memorized. So now that we know each other, what happened to casey?

Ricky: Hey, listen. I told you, all right? She knocked me out and then she bailed. And if you don't stop putting your hands on me, one of us is going to be dead.

Casey: You really think this thing's going to keep people from wondering about us, paige?

Paige: Well, if we don't give them the reason to wonder, why not?

Amy: Look, just stay out of trouble and do what you came you think you can handle that?

Casey: There's only one thing i can't handle and that's sitting around a freezing-cold park while you give me some old-lady lecture. You know, I was hoping once we got here, i'd never have to see either one of you ever again.

Amy: Well, if you hadn't messed up, you wouldn't have.

Casey: Oh, that's right, blame me.

Paige: You know, you did put us in a very dangerous situation, casey.

Amy: We all have had to change our own plans to cover our tracks and to make sure our identities weren't discovered because of your carelessness.

Casey: Well, go on, take off. You know what? I've had enough of your bitching anyway. You go do your thing and i'll do mine. Huh. Great reunion, girls. I've had a blast, but you know what? I got a real party to get to.

Paige: A party? Where?

Casey: New york, new york. I'm out of this town, losers. So have fun, good-bye, and see you never.

Paige: Ah, no, you don'T.

Amy: Not so fast.

Victor: Frank, frank, take it easy.

Frank: It's ok, victor. Ricky's not the violent type. He's more into things like shoplifting and forgeries, burglaries.

Ricky: Yeah, well, things change after a couple of years in the joint. You want to try me, man?

Frank: Oh, anytime, tough guy. But first I want you to tell me where casey is.

Ricky: Is this guy deaf, or what?

Victor: It's been a long day. You better do as he says.

Ricky: Look, if you know this girl, you know that there's no making her do nothing that she doesn't want to do. If i forced her into this thing, why would I let her go? Think about it, man. She's the one who started all of this, bro, and then she brought me into her whole mess. So, why don't you just let me go, and you'll never hear my name again. All right? What do you say? What do you say we forget about all this and we shake on it? You know, that's what emilio and gabby would want. You know that, right?

Frank: Speaking of right, ricky, right and wrong. Now, what kind of a citizen would I be if I let a criminal like you back out on the street?

Ricky: What?

Frank: Yeah, you heard me, bro. Victor, call taggert.

Victor: Right.

Frank: Tell him we got his man.

Lucy: See, sweet pea, we just need to put a little more glue right there and her face is a little smudged, but I think she's going to be just fine. She'll be ok. We'll make her ok. All right?

Kevin: Christina, we can go out tomorrow and buy you a new doll. Would you like that?

Lucy: Uh -- no, doc, that's probably not a good idea. Julie bought her this doll and she's had it since she was born, and you know how children are when they get attached to a special toy that --

kevin: Lucy, I'm a psychiatrist. I know all about little girls and their dolls.

Lucy: Doc, come on.

Kevin: Sorry, i guess i'm not acting like I know much about anything right now.

Lucy: Well, kind of not really.

Kevin: Christina, the truth is i haven't spent a whole lot of time around children your age, and i just want us to be a family so much. I want us to all be happy. I guess -- I guess I make mistakes. But I promise, if you can forgive me for making a mistake, I promise I'll never make that mistake again. Because I think someday, maybe soon, you and me can be really good friends. You think?

Lucy: Christina, it's going to be ok. You guys are going to be really good friends and then we're going to be one big happy family. It's going to be fine. It'll be ok. Right, doc?

Kevin: Right.

Lucy: Right.

Casey: What do you think you're doing?

Amy: We're stopping you.

Casey: Ha, you think so?

Paige: You're not going anywhere, casey.

Casey: Oh, no?

Paige: No. You're staying right where you are.

Casey: Oh, forget it, paige, you're not my mother. I can go anywhere I want whenever i say so, and you can't stop me.

Amy: Wrong.

Paige: Yes, we can, casey.

Amy: Can and will. You and that big mouth of yours -- not to mention your shoplifting habits -- could get us all in a lot of trouble.

Casey: Yeah, but we had a deal.

Amy: Had a deal.

Paige: We all agreed after we got here that we would go our separate ways, but now we can't afford to take that chance, can we? You're out of control, so we have to change our plans. Uh-uh. No more mistakes.

Amy: You stay where we keep an eye on you.

Casey: You know you can't make me.

Amy: You know you can't hide from us, anywhere. You leave and we will always find you, wherever you go.

Paige: Come on, casey. Try, make the best of it, please. You can have as much fun in port charles as you can in manhattan.

Casey: What drugs are you taking?

Amy: Look --

casey: No, you look, ok? I am not staying here and, believe me, you don't want me staying here, not after I --

paige: What? Not after you what?

Casey: I just can't stay here, ok? I got into some sort of trouble.

Amy: What now?

Paige: Come on. Out with it. What happened? The short version, please.

Casey: Let's just say i ran into a little trouble with the cops.

Amy: How little?

Paige: Fix it.

Casey: What?

Paige: I said take care of it now.

Casey: How?

Paige: Look, I don't know and I don't care. Just do it, please. Do whatever you have to do, but fix it. Is that understood? All of our futures depend on it.

taggert: You understand these rights as I've given them to you?

Ricky: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I already know the routine. Perfect ending to a perfect night.

Taggert: Yeah, well, it only gets worse from here, tough guy. Thanks for holding him, frank.

Frank: Yeah, no problem. You're going to keep looking for casey after you lock him up, right?

Taggert: Oh, yeah, yeah, we're already on it. Is this the same place that was burnt to a crisp a few days ago?

Victor: Amazing phenomenon, isn't it?

Frank: Yeah, mother nature works in strange ways. But, hey, you know, right now, we really need to concentrate on finding casey.

Ricky: Yeah. Maybe you'll track her down, talk to her. Figure out that I'm mr. Innocent here.

Taggert: You know what? I've got bad news for you, tough guy. You don't have that innocent look. But not to worry. The minute we find that kid, I'm going to get her story.

Ricky: Yeah. The sooner, the better, man.

Taggert: Just what I'm thinking. Let's go, ricky. You coming, scanlon?

Frank: Yeah, I'm right behind you. Victor?

Victor: No, I'm going to stay here a little while, frank, work on our -- project.

Frank: All right, well, I'll catch up with you.

Victor: Call me.

Frank: Right.

Victor: Right. I might've been wrong about ricky, but i don't think i've been wrong about anything else.

Kevin: So if you mix blue with yellow, you get a whole new color. See?

Lucy: Can you tell what color that is? It's green.

Kevin: It's green, yeah. Now, if you mix red with yellow --

lucy: Oh.

Kevin: That makes a whole new color.

Lucy: See?

Kevin: Can you guess what that is?

Lucy: Do you want to say something? Oh. Do you want to whisper it in mommy's ear? Ok.

Christina: I want a book in my room.

Lucy: Oh.

Kevin: What's up?

Lucy: Ok. Well, she -- she just wants to go read a book up in her room.

Kevin: Oh. Oh, ok. Well, that sounds like fun.

Lucy: She just wants it to be the two of us.

Kevin: Great. I'll just clean up here and then i'll meet you downstairs, then.

Lucy: Doc, are you sure?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah. No, go ahead. Go ahead.

Lucy: Ok.

Kevin: Ok.

Lucy: All right, come on, sweet pea.

Kevin: Well --

lucy: Let's go.

Kevin: Good night, then, christina.

Lucy: Come on.

Kevin: I guess I'll see you tomorrow, then.

Lucy: Yeah. Ok, well, say "night-night."

Christina: Night-night.

Kevin: Good night.

Lucy: Ok. Night. Ok, sweet pea, let's go wash our face and we're going to brush our teeth and read our book, ok?

Christina: I don't like him.

Lucy: Oh -- oh. That's -- that's ok, pumpkin head. You know, he loves you very, very much, just like i do and it's going to work out. You know, you just have to give him a chance. Ok? Come on.

Kevin: Well, we're doing just -- just great, aren't we? Just dandy. One big, happy, laughing -- family.

Victor: Oh, you're a mysterious bloom. How is it possible to blossom overnight in the dead of winter from such barren grounds so scorched by that shining light that left behind a watch with 13 numbers on the dial and only one hand now gone? Stolen? By whom? Or what? Aliens? Or something even less imaginable. Sagan always said life would appear, but in what form? Take me to your leader.

Paige: For the last time, casey, i want you to promise --

casey: I already promised twice.

Amy: "Three time's a charm" -- ever heard of that expression?

Casey: No.

Paige: Swear you won't run or do anything crazy.

Casey: Just get off my back, would you? I already said i'd stay put in this lame-o town and I will -- at least for now anyway.

Paige: Casey --

casey: Look, just drop it, ok?

Paige: Ok. One more thing. Since we stirred up a few questions and people are carrying on about these alien visitors, I really think that we need to keep track of what they're saying and doing.

Amy: So we'll have to meet again.

Paige: Regularly. I really think that's our safest move, whether we like it or not.

Amy: Do we really have to?

Casey: Someone shoot me.

Amy: Don't give me any ideas.

Paige: One last thing.

[Casey groans]

paige: No matter what, do not forget --

casey: Nobody finds out we're all connected. We got it.

Paige: All right. Well, let's try and be a bit more discreet this time, shall we?

Amy: Understood.

Paige: All right. I'll keep in touch. Come on, let's get going.

Amy: Wait. Hold on.

Casey: What now?

Amy: I feel something. My watch.

Casey: What about it?

Amy: Mine's moved back. What about yours?

Casey: Mine, too.

Paige: And mine. Well, you both know what that means, don't you?

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casey: You're arresting the wrong perp, you geniuses.

Frank: Casey --

ricky: See? What did i tell you?

Casey: I lit the fire, I snatched the jewelry. If you're going to arrest someone, try someone who's actually guilty for a change.

Alison: Can I stay with you for a little while? I just left jamal.

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