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Port Charles Transcript Friday 1/4/02

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Victor: No need to bother him. I just wanted to make sure he got the watch i sent him from that crash site. All right. Why the 13 numerals? I hoped you could tell me. I don't know. Maybe send it to an encryption specialist. It seems to me that the sooner we find out who actually owns the thing, the more we'll know about this strange white light that hit only port charles. No, I think the only thing we can be sure of is that the watch belongs to a woman. It looks much too small for a man's wrist. Well, of course. Test for anything and everything under the sun. I've never seen anything like it.

[Woman hums]

livvie: Here -- I brought you something to hold you until breakfast.

Jack: Well, thank you very much, but I would rather have this.

Casey: I'm starving. You know what? We'd have been halfway through bacon and eggs right now if that klutzy waitress hadn't spilled all over me. Oh, hi, lizzie.

Livvie: It's livvie.

Casey: Whatever.

Casey: Hey there, stud muffin. My bike's looking good, and so are you.

Livvie: You're looking a little chilly.

Casey: So, what do you think -- chilly or hot?

Jack: I think you need to put some clothes on.

Casey: That's cool. Guess your girlfriend's just not into sharing. We're still on for breakfast, right?

Livvie: Is she -- is she really serious?

Eve: What is taking amy so long? I am starving.

Ian: There she is. Did you find everything all right?

Amy: Can I borrow some body lotion, eve?

Eve: Sure. I'll get it for you.

Amy: No, no, just tell me where it's at. I'll get it.

Eve: It's the second shelf. It's a tall, slim bottle.

Amy: Ok. I'll be out in a minute. Didn't mean to take too long in the shower.

Kevin: Lucy, what is this pathological urge to snoop?

Lucy: You know -- I'm explaining this. I can.

Kevin: Lucy, paige was my first love, but we were teenagers then.

Lucy: I know. No, don't think I'm jealous. I'm not jealous at all. I'm not. Thiss about her skin and how she looks so young. And I checked. There are no visible plastic surgery scars anywhere that i can see. I definitely checked.

Kevin: Could be great genes.

Lucy: Yeah, maybe. But whatever it is, if we could bottle it --

kevin: Oh, I see. Then your cosmetics company would make a fortune.

Lucy: Yeah, that. But more importantly, women all over the world --

kevin: Would simply bow at your feet.

Lucy: And the problem with that is?

Kevin: Ha-ha.

Paige: Hey, have you seen my overnight bag?

Lucy: No.

Kevin: Yes. Yes, it's right here. I need to go upstairs and get christina ready. I'll be right back.

Lucy: Ok, you know what? You're going to need my help. I'm coming.

Paige: Ah, not so fast. You've been going through my things while I was in the shower, lucy?

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valerie: Are you really sure, jamal? If you sign this, we've lost our last chance to get our baby back.

Jamal: She's not our baby, val.

Valerie: How can you say that, jamal? I gave birth to her. You're her father. If you sign this, it's like you never even had a daughter.

Jamal: Val, look, we got a lucky break. Hope was sick. She was real sick. She almost died.

Valerie: But she didn't because your sister -- your flesh and blood -- gave her a kidney. And that's something the hartmans can never do because they're not really family, not like us.

Jamal: Yeah, but the hartmans are the only parents she knows. Val, you've seen them with her. Ok? You saw how they sat by her bed day and night. They love that little girl.

Valerie: So do I.

Jamal: Yeah, but, valerie, hope barely doesn't -- she doesn't even know you. She loves the hartmans.

Valerie: We were robbed.

Jamal: Valerie, we were blessed to find such good people for our daughter.

Valerie: And nothing I say will change your mind?

Jamal: Valerie, come on. I'm doing in my heart what i believe is right. Trust me.

[Door closes]

valerie: You've taken away my daughter, jamal, and now I'm going to take away the one you love. Trust me.

Alison: Hmm. I'm so glad to be sprung from that hospital.

Rafe: Why don't you call him?

Alison: Who?

Rafe: Hello. Jamal. I mean, I have my powers, but it doesn't take an angel or a genius to see that you're missing that guy, so call him.

Alison: Well, you know, I mean, he -- he said that he was busy, and, you know -- I don't know.

Rafe: And you're missing him.

Alison: Right. Well, you know, it would sort of be nice to hear his voice, but --

rafe: Then call him.

Alison: Yeah. Yeah. You know, maybe I will.

Rafe: Ok.

Alison: I'm going to.

Rafe: Ok.

Alison: That's right. Thank you.

[Phone rings]

valerie: Hello?

Alison: Oh, valerie. Hi. I heard the good news about hope, and I'm so glad that she's ok. That's great. Is jamal around?

Valerie: Sure. Hold on. Jamal! It's alison. Oh, ok. I'll tell her. Hey, alison, sorry, he can't talk right now, so i guess he'll give you a call later. Bye.

Alison: Great. Jamal is unavailable. And I -- i'm not going to sit around here moping anymore. Ok, angel boy, you ready to have some fun? Let's go.

Rafe: What did you have in mind?

Alison: Well, you were sent back here to have a very well-deserved good time, and for the short time you are here, that's exactly what you're going to do. I'm going to show you the time of your life. Come on.

Paige: Why were you going through my bag?

Lucy: You know, it's research. It's research. That's what I was doing.

Paige: You still on that kick about my skin?

Lucy: It just -- it looks so great.

Paige: And I told you how flattered I was that you thought so, but I also told you that --

lucy: I know, I know, you said you don't do anything special. But maybe you really do do something special and you just don't realize it. See, i own this big cosmetics company, jacks cosmetics. You've probably heard of it. Well, whatever. But we're always, always searching for new products.

Paige: Ah. In other people's luggage?

Lucy: No. That was bad. Wrong, wrong. Bad me. But it gave me an idea -- never mind. You'll think i'm silly.

Paige: I'm almost afraid to ask.

Lucy: Ok, what if I told you I wanted to hire you?

Paige: What?

Lucy: You could come work for me.

Paige: No, lucy, I --

lucy: Oh, come on. It would be so much fun, and we could analyze your skin care regime, you know, kind of figure out what it is you do, and then we could market it. I tell you what -- we could put you on tv or maybe in ads, you know, for the woman over the big 3-0 -- she can still look fabulous. What do you think?

Paige: You've got to be kidding.

Lucy: No, I'm not kidding at all. It could be really big. It would be fun. You'd like it -- modeling, you know? It could be so much --

paige: Lucy, that's -- I've got my own life to get back to.

Kevin: Well, christina was a little afraid to come down unless she knew you were here.

Lucy: Oh, hey, pumpkinhead. Of course I'm here. I'm not going anywhere without you ever.

Kevin: We'll pick up serena on the way to breakfast.

Lucy: Good.

Kevin: Paige, are you sure we can't persuade you to stay a little longer?

Paige: Look, I --

lucy: No, you're going to -- no, she wants to stay. Look at her. She's hungry. You're going to stay. Why don't you have breakfast with us.

Kevin: Good idea.

Lucy: Why don't you guys get all bundled up and gather your stuff, and I'm going to change quickly and then i'll be right out and meet you guys, ok? All right, you can have bangers and muffins or bangers and eggs, whatever it is you people have. Ok. Yeah, right, you have some sort of life to get back to. Let's just find out what that is, shall we? You're probably on the way to some miracle swiss spa to have some sort of eucalyptus exfoliating cream treatment, and I want to know what it is and where you are headed, missy.

Karen: A watch is a watch.

Frank: Except this one. It has one hand and 13 numbers going backwards, and victor can't take it apart. Plus the fact we found it where that giant ball of light crashed. Now, don't you think that's mysterious?

Karen: Lately lots of stuff around here has been mysterious.

Frank: Maybe this town is becoming some kind of vortex or something.

Karen: And maybe the watch belongs to somebody from the future. You know, there are some crazy people out there that do believe in time travel.

Victor: Frank, cover for me.

Casey: Watch it, pops. Jeez.

Karen: I can see you're feeling better.

Casey: I always boue back.

Frank: Hey, wana -- table?

Casey: Bring us your best grub on the menu, dear. I'm buying.

Jack: Yeah.

Eve: And this is one of our hangouts.

Amy: She's here, isn't she? Casey -- the girl that hit me with the bike.

Eve: How did you know?

Amy: Of musky perfume.What does she lo

ian: Looks like someone i wouldn't want my son to meet, that's for sure.

Amy: I'd like to talk to her. There were some harsh words spoken between us after the accident.

Ian: All right, i'll walk you over.

Amy: No, no, no. I'll find my way.

Casey: Um -- water, anybody? You know, eight glasses a day are so important, right?

Livvie: Does she ever sit still?

Amy: You know, just because I'm blind doesn't mean i don't know what you did.

Casey: You're talking to me?

Amy: You stole my wallet the other night, and you've got exactly five minutes to give it back. Got it?

Casey: Look, lady, you are, ke, so wrong, ok?

Amy: Oh, I can hear the headlines now -- "wild teen steals wallet from poor, defenseless blind woman." Your time is running out.

Eve: There's karen. I'm going to go say hi, ok? I'll be right back.

N: Sure. Come sit down.

Amy: Thanks.

Ian: Here you go. All right, so, what happened over there?

Amy: Just mending fences.

Ian: Really? Maybe you're not the only one that's intuitive. I think there's something else going on here.

Rafe: Mmm.

Alison: This is really good.

Rafe: Mmm. I forgot how good just warm feels, you know?

Alison: Right. You've got -- you've got whipped cream all over your face.

Rafe: Sorry.

Alison: Yeah.

Rafe: I guess my earthly skills are a little rusty.

Alison: Right.

Rafe: You know, don't you think it's time you called jamal again?

Alison: Um -- yeah. He said that he was really busy, remember?

Rafe: I know you're feeling left out, but that guy -- he's crazy about you. He's just going through a tough time.

Alison: I know, but if i call again, then I'm just going to be bugging him, you know?

Rafe: Well, then -- then, you know, go see him. Because he'd appreciate your support.

Alison: He made it very clear that this thing with her is a "family" thing.

Rafe: Well, there you go. You are family.

Alison: I know. That's what I thought. I -- but I just -- he's, like, kind of cutting me out, you know? And I --

rafe: I just --

alison: What? What is it?

Rafe: I am trying so hard to be your friend here.

Alison: I know. So just be a pal and help me keep my mind off jamal. Do you think you can do that?

Jamal: Hey. How's hope?

Dr. Hartman: Better. Sleeping.

Jamal: Good. Good.

Dr. Hartman: What's this?

Jamal: Let's just say it's a get-well present for your daughter.

Dr. Hartman: Thank you. Thank you.

Jamal: Yeah, I wanted -- I wanted her to know what it's like to be a part of a real family, to be a part of something solid.

Mrs. Hartman: We're so grateful.

Jamal: No, no, I'm grateful for what you two have given her.

Dr. Hartman: Thank you, jamal.

Jamal: Yeah, and take good care of her, ok? Make her happy, keep her feet on the ground and everything. And since she is my kid, she might have a tendency to lose her way every now and then, but promise me you'll always find her and bring her back home again, ok?

Dr. Hartman: We will.

Jamal: Oh, yeah, and one more thing -- if she ever asks about me, tell her i didn't walk away like my father did, ok? Tell her this was a choice, a gift.

Mrs. Hartman: She'll know.

Jamal: Ok.

Jamal: Take care, little one. Take care.

Amy: Look, eve, no spills.

Eve: It's like you can read my mind.

Casey: Hey, amy, was it? You know, I found your wallet near the hospital, and i just had no idea where you were staying.

Amy: Well, lucky for me you found it.

Casey: Yeah.

Amy: Here -- this is for your trouble.

Casey: Hey, big spender.

Ian: Mending fences, huh? You knew she stole your wallet.

Amy: It sure wasn't frank or karen.

Eve: Why didn't you call the police?

Amy: Casey's just a kid. I didn't want to make a fuss. Besides, everyone deserves a second chance. Lucy: You know, paige, your skin even looks amazing in this fluorescent lighting. It's really amazing.

Paige: Your wife's very persistent, kevin.

Kevin: Tell me about it. Oh, this is my father. I want you to meet him. Victor, this is paige. She's an old friend of mine from switzerland.

Paige: Hello.

Victor: Very nice to meet you.

Paige: Nice to meet you.

Serena: Victor, did you see that strange light the other night? I saw it when I was looking through my telescope.

Victor: You bet I did. New year's eve. Another new year's we're never likely to forget. After that light crashed into town, frank and i did some investigating. And this is what we found.

Lucy: A watch?

Victor: That's what i thought. That's what it looks like, but what it actually is is something amazing. And something that's going to affect all of us.

Valerie: You signed the paper? Gave it to the hartmans?

Jamal: I did what was right. And it wasn't easy for me, val. It wasn'T. Look, I got to talk to ali. I got to hear her voice.

Valerie: Oh, god, jamal, i'm trying so hard to handle this, but I'm never going to see my baby again.

Jamal: I know, valerie, I know.

Valerie: I know it was hard for you, but i carried her inside of me for nine months and I gave birth to her. And now I can't even hold her in my arms.

Alison: You remember how to do it, right?

Rafe: I think so. Just remember, i'm kind of new at this.

Alison: Right. Ok. Ready, set, go.

Rafe: Ok.

Alison: Oh, my god.

Rafe: Snow angels! You know, not to brag, but mine is perfect.

Alison: Oh, well, note to self -- angels are competitive.

Rafe: I just love it. I love it when things come out right.

Alison: Right. Well, what else do you love, huh?

Rafe: Thank you, alison, for the hot chocolate and the walk in the woods.

Alison: Right.

Rafe: And the snow angels.

Alison: Well, you are a cheap date.

Rafe: Well, if i could -- if i could still do my magic, I'd make this day last forever.

Alison: Listen, maybe you should take my scarf. I think that you forgot what it feels like to be cold.

Rafe: No, I think I forgot what it feels like to be alive -- until now.

Serena: I was sure you'd know all about the light. It's a u.F.O., Right?

Eve: Victor, what did you find out? We're all dying to know.

Jack: What's going on here?

Casey: I don't know, but pops looks like he's just about


Kevin: What does this watch have to do with anything?

Victor: Well, it turns out we were absolutely right. The light was seen only here in port charles and there was nothing weather-related and the government didn't know anything about it.

[Phone rings]

frank: We investigated the area where the light hit. There was nothing but scorched earth and the watch.

Lucy: Hello? Really? How very interesting.

Victor: Well, I thought at first it had something to do with numerology becausethe sumerian syste-- it -- no, but that wasn't it. And then i halthought it mig have something to do with caleb, but that wasn't it, either.

Lucy: Guess what -- your plane wasn't diverted to port charles because of that bright light that night. Why did you lie, paige?

Victor: Lucy, I beg your pardon.

Lucy: Oh, victor, I'm so sorry. Please, you were doing so well. Go ahead. Continue.

Victor: I tried to take the watch apart, but i couldn'T. The metal is incredibly hard. And I didn't recognize it, so i sent it away to get it analyzed, and I just got the report.

Serena: I know what it's --

victor: It turns out that it's not an alloy. It's solid metal, and it's not made of any element found on this planet.

Casey: Ok, I'm seriously freaked.

Serena: I bet that watch belongs to an alien.

Lucy: Oh, serena.

Kevin: Victor, what does all this mean?

Victor: I don't know. But serena could very well be right. We might very well have aliens right here in port charles.

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>> On the next "port charles" --

alison: Tell me your secret little wish, and i will do my very best to make it come true.

Victor: This object is not made from any element known on earth.

Paige: You actually asking me if i'm a space alien?

Lucy: Yeah, that's exactly what i'm asking you.


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