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Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 1/2/02

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Alison: Look at that.

Rafe: Yeah, pretty bright, huh?

Alison: Rafe? Oh, my God, you're back! But how?

Rafe: Long story.

Alison: What, did you -- did you cause that light?

Rafe: No, I've never seen anything like it.

Alison: I'm so glad you're back.

Rafe: You ok?

Alison: Yeah, but did you just see what I saw?

Rafe: All I see right now are spots.

Alison: Well, what do you think it was?

Rafe: I don't -- what does it mean, huh?

Lucy: I cannot believe that she went to sleep. She's out like a light with all this incredible excitement.

Kevin: Well, she had a big night.

Lucy: Ooh. So did we.

Kevin: Yeah. You know what?

Lucy: Hmm?

Kevin: That light was pretty weird, wasn't it?

Lucy: Yeah, it was really strange. At first I was kind of scared by it, but then --

Kevin: What?

Lucy: I don't know. The more I looked at it, the more beautiful it became. And then it made me feel kind of good, all -- all warm inside.

Kevin: Really?

Lucy: Hey, but we still don't know where it came from, though.

Kevin: You know, I think I know someone who might.

Lucy: Who?

Kevin: Hold the thought.

Lucy: Ok, I'll be right here.

Kevin: Ok.

Lucy: Ok.

Victor: Are you all right? Did you see it? Is Lucy all right? What about Christina? No, I'm fine, too. I'm at the hospital now. I was at the restaurant when it happened. I came over here right away to see if I could lend a hand, but so far nobody's come in hurt.

Eve: Colleen, hey.

Ian: Anyone hurt?

Colleen: No, we're all clear so far.

Eve: Ok.

Ian: Good.

Eve: Hey.

Victor: Hi. Anyone heard anything?

Eve: You saw it, too?

Ian: Any theories?

Victor: Celestial leftovers burning up as they came through the outer atmosphere. I mean, what else could it be?

Ian: Right, right, so everything's normal. See, nothing to worry about as long as no one's hurt.

Frank: Karen, you sure you're all right?

Karen: Yeah, yeah, fine. But that light, Frank --

Frank: Tell me about it.

Karen: Hey, are you all right?

Frank: Yeah, just a little shook up. Oh, not much of a shoulder.

Karen: Wait a minute. Where are you going?

Frank: Going to check out the tires before we start driving.

Karen: Frank?

Frank: What?

Karen: Look -- look there, right there.

Frank: Oh, my God.

Alison: I thought that I would never see you again.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I did such a great job helping everyone get back together, they gave me sort of a furlough.

Alison: What, so does that mean that you're here to stay?

Rafe: For a little while. But, you know, no tricks this time, no magic, no special anything. I'm just -- I'm just me.

Alison: You're not "just," Rafe.

Rafe: Anyway, tell me what happened to you.

Alison: I -- I slipped and fell on the ice when I was on my way to see Jamal.

Rafe: And he didn't fly right home?

Alison: No. You know, he's still worried about hope and stuff and trying to take care of Gabby and Valerie. I really didn't want to worry him.

Rafe: Don't you think he'd like to know that --

Alison: What I think is I don't want to think about anything else except celebrating you being back. So let's get started.

Rafe: On what?

Alison: On whatever you missed out on the first time around. See, Rafe, in this lifetime, you're going to do some living.

Kevin: Are those magic fingers or what?

Lucy: Oh, boy, those are magic fingers. Is there anything else magical about you?

Kevin: Magic?

Lucy: Mm-hmm. I'd say miraculous. Oh, Doc, we had so many miracles happen to us over the holidays. Look at this. We're married. And you, sir -- you brought my little girl back to me. I love you for that, too. Oh, boy. You know what? I think that bright light we saw -- I think it was just all the happiness shining out of my heart right back at you.

Kevin: I love you, too, Mrs. Collins.

Lucy: Hmm. Oh, now, wait a minute. I have to instruct you properly in this. This is Mrs. Doctor Kevin Lucy Coe Collins.

Kevin: I got it.

Victor: No, operator, I know he still works at NASA. I just don't know the exact extension.

Eve: Victor still at it?

Ian: Yeah. He's already talked to the Air Force and the National Weather something and some writer at "Star Trek." Still nothing on the light.

[Eve laughs]

Frank: Hey, some help over here?

Girl: Lady, I just said I'm fine.

Karen: Well, I say you're not.

Eve: Come on, get her on here.

Frank: Here you go. Sit down.

Eve: Ok --

Girl: Ow!

Ian: What happened?

Frank: We're still not sure.

Karen: This light forced us off the road.

Frank: And when we got out of the truck, we found these two.

Woman: I just stepped off the bus walking to my hotel, when out of nowhere this lunatic child on a motorcycle ran me down.

Girl: Talk to the hand, lady, all right? Talk to the hand. My poor bike's in worse shape than your butt-ugly knees.

Woman: You have a mouth on you.

Girl: You know, where is my bike anyway? I'm just on my way back to N.Y.C., ready to party when that freaking light zaps and Miss Ugly Knees jumps right out --

Woman: Listen, you better --

Eve: Hey, hey, hey, hey, that's enough! Stop it!

Ian: Let's break up these two. Come on, come on.

Girl: Yo, and don't even think I'm not going to sue, you moo. Ow! God. Where's my bike?

Frank: It's in the back of my truck and it's not going anywhere, all right?

Karen: Oh, wow, just like you. So why don't you sit still and let me look at your arm?

Girl: Here, see it? Aah!

Ian: All right.

Woman: First night in town, I end up on a gurney.

Ian: Well, just look at the service you're getting.

Woman: It's nice when a husband-and-wife team work so well together.

Eve: How'd you know we were husband and wife?

Ian: Come on. She saw love in our eyes. No surprise there.

Victor: It was a blinding flash of light which apparently was seen only here in Port Charles.

Karen: Ok, I need to take some x-rays, make sure there's no fracture, so you're going to need to take off all your rings and things.

Frank: Here, let me help --

Girl: No way, this puppy stays right here. I never take it off and I never will.

Jack: Hi.

Livvie: Hey, Karen.

Frank: Hey, guys.

Jack: Hey, we were worried about Alison. You know, what we saw.

Livvie: Yeah, did you guys see that bright light?

Karen: Yeah. Close enough to run us off the road.

Frank: Yeah, that's how we met Casey here. Casey, Livvie Locke, Jack Ramsey.

Livvie: Oh. Hi, Casey.

Casey: Hiya, Jack Ramsey.

Frank: Hey, Jack, here, can help you fix up your bike. He owns a shop.

Casey: Oh, I was looking to leave Hicksville ASAP, but --

Livvie: Yeah, so, what did you do to your bike, huh?

Casey: Check this out. I'm just tooling along, right, and, bam, this humongous light comes out of nowhere --

victor: Excuse me, excuse me. Wait a minute, you were that close? What did you see?

Casey: Not all that much. At least, not once brainiac over there got in my way.

Woman: If you hadn't been driving that death machine at a ridiculous speed --

Casey: You know, I'm a zillion miles under the speed limit when suddenly button-down doofus right over there -- she just walks out into the road without looking. What, are you blind, lady?

Woman: That's right.

Ian: What?

Eve: What did you just say?

Woman: I'm blind.

Lucy: I have been saving this for a very, very special occasion, and if tonight's not a special occasion I don't know what is. So close your eyes, close your eyes. I thought maybe I'd just run upstairs -- open your eyes. Open -- and put this on. What do you think?

[Kevin purrs]

Kevin: But you know what I think?

Lucy: Huh?

Kevin: Why go upstairs? I mean, Christina's sound asleep. Livvie's out on her own.

Lucy: Uh-huh.

Kevin: Which means we have the place all to ourselves.

Lucy: Ooh.

Kevin: It's just you --

Lucy: Uh-huh.

Kevin: And me --

Lucy: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: And your shoulder.

Lucy: Oh. Ooh, and what about my earlobe?

Kevin: I'm getting there.

Lucy: Ok. What about yours?

Christina: Mommy?

Lucy: Oh, talk about timing, huh?

Kevin: Well, I guess this is the happily-ever-after part.

Alison: Where do we start? I mean, you've got to have some sort of an idea, right? There's got to be things that you look back on and wish that you would've done, right?

Rafe: Well --

Alison: Wait. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just -- I want to see if Jamal called. I was going to check the messages. I do. I have one message. So wait a second.

Jamal's Voice: Hey. I don't know where you are, but --

Alison: It's Jamal. He called.

Jamal's Voice: I'm sorry for not being so nice the last time we talked. Things are just a little intense around here. But the surgery -- the operation went well. Hope and Gabby are fine, and I got to go. So I'll call you when I can. I just called to say happy new year. I miss you. Bye.

Rafe: What did he say?

Alison: Nothing much. Just, "I miss you."

Colleen: All right, you. Back in bed.

Alison: Colleen, happy New Year.

Colleen: Visiting hours are long over.

Alison: Wait, please. Don't -- don't throw him out, please. He's my really good friend and technically it's still -- still New Year's. So can't you just pretend like, you know, you didn't see him or something? Please?

Colleen: I don't know who you're talking about, but you better get back in that bed and get some sleep if you want to get out of here tomorrow.

Alison: Thank you, Colleen.

Colleen: All right.

Alison: Thank you. That's sweet. You know what? She really is right. I am really tired. All those drugs.

Rafe: Well, then, you know what? You should just sleep, then. It's ok.

Alison: Wait.

Rafe: Anything I can do?

Alison: Just stay until I fall asleep, ok? I'm really glad that you're back. Just stay until I fall asleep.

Rafe: I'd stay with you forever if I could.

Jack: So, I'll take a look at your bike.

Casey: So, what, can you get it back up?

Jack: Well, after I finish my five other rush jobs.

Casey: Oh, man, what do I have to do to not get stuck in this phantom zone without a buck or any place to stay?

Jack: Hey, the bike's on me. I'll take care of it as soon as I can. As far as a place to stay, you can stay in my place in the bike shop for a couple days.

Casey: All right, so I'll be staying with you.

Livvie: Oh, no, not quite. Actually, you'll be staying in his old apartment.

Casey: I can live with that. So when do I get to check out of this morgue?

Frank: Hang on, I'll check with Karen. So, what's up, doctor?

Karen: All good. No break.

Frank: Well, good, because she can't wait to get the heck out of here.

Karen: And I can't wait to sign her release.

Ian: Some doctors. Give you the once over and can't even learn that you're blind.

Woman: Why should you?

Eve: How did you know that we were married?

Woman: You pick up on things when you can't see. I'm more aware now than I've ever been. I just wish my parents could see it.

Ian: Are they a little overprotective?

Woman: That's the reason why I came here, to open up my practice as far away as I could. I just got my degree in psychology, and --

Ian: Oh.

Woman: Oh, no.

Ian: What?

Woman: Time. My hotel. I forgot to call with all this happening. Please, please. Port Charles Hotel. Hi. Please tell me you held my room. My confirmation number is -- yes, that's my name. Yes, I know your policy, but -- happy New Year to you, too.

Ian: Is there no room at the inn, then?

Woman: Not after 12:00. You got any suggestions?

Eve: Actually -- ahem -- le chateau Lambert-Thornhart has a empty couch.

Woman: You two are inviting me to your home? You don't even know my name.

Ian: Oh, then what is your name?

Woman: Amy.

Ian: All right, Amy. I'm Ian, and this one here is Eve.

Eve: And we insist, just as long as you don't mind a little one crying from time to time.

Amy: Well, I'm sure he's just as sweet as his parents.

Ian: Well, he is, but how do you know it's a boy?

Amy: Well, you know boys. They're always crying about something. Besides, it just feels like you two should have a boy.

Victor: Frank? Can you get away? Do you mind if I borrow him?

Frank: What's up, Victor?

Victor: One of my bird-watching buddies is a retired astronomer. He thinks he may have figured out the trajectory of whatever this thing was.

Frank: So you might know what the light actually hit?

Victor: But in order to find the exact center, I'm going to need some radiation equipment. So I -- I thought that I'll also need an extra pair of hands.

Frank: Well, I've got a pair right here. Let's go.

Victor: Good.

Karen: Wait a minute. You really think this light is worth all this trouble?

Victor: I don't know. But what I do know is a lot of unimaginable things have happened around here the last few months. And if this is going to turn out to be one of them, I'd rather know sooner than later.

Ed's Voice: We don't make deals, kid.

Rafe's Voice: Look, just let me go back to fix my mistake. I was on the clock when I made this mess, and if I hadn't been, Alison and Jamal might be ok now.

Ed's Voice: Rafe --

Rafe's Voice: It's not exactly a deal. Look, believe it or not, I read the manual, and in it, it says you can clear me to go back to earth to the same people one last time if -- if I give up my job as a guardian angel forever.

Ed's Voice: You would really do this?

Rafe's Voice: To fix what I messed up in Alison's life, you bet I would.

Ed's Voice: Rafe, if I put this through for you, you go back powerless. You have no magic, no knowing what is going on in people's minds.

Rafe's Voice: Look, I'll -- I'll figure it out. I'll -- please.

Ed's Voice: You're giving up a lot for this girl, kid. Is it worth it?

Rafe: Yeah, Ed. She's definitely worth it.

Ian: Let me take your arm and I'll show you around a little bit.

Amy: Oh, that's ok. Just tell me where everything is. I'll find my way. I'm a quick study.

Ian: Yeah, I noticed.

Eve: Hey, is anybody else hungry? Because the sun's coming up and I know we don't have anything in the fridge.

Ian: Let's go grab a bite, then.

Amy: Great. It's my treat.

Eve: Even better. I'll just go splash some water on my face.

Amy: Wait. Before you splash, I just wanted to say thanks for everything.

Ian: Oh. Well, you're welcome. Make yourself comfortable, ok? Here, let me -- let me help you to the couch. Here you go. Be right back.

Amy: Ok.

Eve: Pretty amazing, huh?

Ian: Yeah. Blind or not, she's one of the most confident people I've ever met.

Amy: What? My wallet is -- no, this can't be happening. Not now. I need everything in there!

Casey: This place is worse than a halfway house -- sign in, sign out, answer this --

Jack: You survived.

Casey: That's my middle name, yummy boy.

Livvie: Uh, Jack? Hold on one second. I just remembered that I really want to leave Alison a note, and Colleen said she's ok about us leaving, so if you don't mind, it'll just be a minute.

Casey: It's no problem. I'll babysit Mr. Hunk for you.

Jack: Yeah, thanks. But why don't we do this -- you wait here and try not to cause any trouble. I know, I know. Takes all the fun out of living, right?

Casey: Well, maybe this town isn't that bad after all. Free room, a spiky-haired cutie, and lots of arugula thanks to the poor little blind lady. Whoa.

Kevin: She asleep?

Lucy: Yes, she finally went back to sleep.

Kevin: Fire's almost out.

Lucy: Oh, no, it's not.

[Knock on door]

Kevin: We're not answering.

Lucy: Oh, wait. Wait, Doc. Remember last time what happened when we didn't answer that door? It cost us a whole year plus of our lives, remember?

Kevin: Right.

Lucy: Right. Ok, so let's -- let's make an agreement. From now on, when anybody knocks, day or night, we just open that door, no questions asked. Because now that we're together, the universe can throw us whatever it wants, right?

Kevin: Right.

Lucy: Right.

Kevin: You ready now?

Lucy: Um -- go.

Kevin: Ok.

Woman: Kevin?

Kevin: Oh, my God!

Frank: You sure this thing works, Victor?

Victor: Frank, trust me. The minute this puppy gets the slightest trace of radiation --

[Geiger counter clicks]

Victor: Oh. Oh, it's going crazy.

Frank: Hey, hey, hey. Hey, over there. What the heck is that?

Victor: What do you see?

Frank: Look.

Victor: My goodness, this thing is going abso-- it's some kind of burn.

Frank: So it was just a meteor.

Victor: No, I don't think so. There's no crater. It's just a flat, scorched piece of earth. There's no sign of impact.

Frank: Well, so, what caused this? Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hang on.

Victor: What? You see something? A watch? Is that a watch?

Frank: How is this for strange?

Victor: Whoa. Frank, this has only got one hand, and the numbers go up to 13.

Frank: 13? What --

Victor: And they're backwards, counterclockwise.

Frank: Now -- now, that's weird.

Victor: So whoever dropped this -- whatever this is -- just happened to be at the center of this spot where this thing -- whatever that was -- came down?

Frank: I don't get it. What kind of a person would wear a watch like that?

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Casey: You can handle me, huh? How's about you handle this?

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