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Port Charles Transcript  Monday 12/31/01

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Eve: Oh. Pulling an all-nighter on New Year's Eve. I'll bet you're as happy as I am.

Colleen: Yeah. It's my usual luck. Oh, looks like yours is about to change.

Ian: Hi. Hey.

Eve: Hey.

Ian: Eve, how are you?

Eve: Wait -- you're not on shift tonight.

Ian: No. I got a sitter so I could see in the new year with my beautiful wife.

Eve: Well, if I were you, I'd still be angry at me for losing the bracelet.

Ian: Forget about the bracelet, would you? It's about us getting back together that really counts. Come here.

Chris: Have you two learned anything?

Ian: Ramsey --

Chris: Let me tell you a little something about love. It's for suckers. Ok?

Jack: Hey.

Alison: Hey.

Livvie: Hey.

Alison: Hey. Come on in.

Jack: Did you get the test results back?

Alison: Yes. Slight concussion and a strained neck, but I'm going to be fine.

Jack: Oh, well, that's good news.

Alison: Yeah.

Jack: I'm sure Jamal was pleased when he heard.

Alison: Yeah, he was -- he was really thrilled.

Livvie: What's going on?

Alison: Oh, you mean besides all of this?

Livvie: No, I mean something's up. When's Jamal coming home?

Alison: I don't know. Beats me.

Livvie: Well, it can't be much longer.

Alison: Yeah, I know, I'm sure it's not.

Jack: You know what? Why don't we call him, and you'll feel better when you talk to him.

Alison: No, no, that's ok.

Jack: No, I have him on my speed dial.

Alison: No, no, seriously, Jack, it's ok. Thank you, though.

Rafe: Oh, why can't you see? I've got to go back! Alison needs my help!

Ed: And Jamal?

Rafe: Yeah, sure. But, look, she did all she could to help me, and all I did for her was cause trouble.

Ed: Don't you know that those two have problems that you have nothing to do with?

Rafe: Well, ok, but they could've been working on those problems! Instead, I was showing off for her and --

Ed: Oh, no, no. Please, please, tell me you didn't do the dancing lights trick.

Rafe: Well, it really -- yeah, I did. And other things, too. But you know what? It was not just about the tricks. On Christmas Eve when she should've been doing anything she could to get to Jamal in Chicago, she came to me instead because, I don't know, she thought I'd be a distraction or something.

Ed: All right, listen to me, kid. Just listen --

Rafe: No, no, no! I blew it! I blew it for her! Her future, her happiness, all of it. And you know what? If you had any kind of heart at all, you'd say yes. I'm telling you, I'll do anything. Please. You got to let me go back.

Scott: When were you going to tell me that Christina was back, that Julie was back?

Kevin: Scott --

Lucy: Let me explain --

Scott: No, come on -- explain.

Lucy: There's someone you need to see first, ok?

Scott: Christina. Look at you. Look at you. Look how big you've gotten. You probably don't remember me, but you know what? You know what my name is? My name --

Lucy: Christina? It's ok. Just -- this is a man that you knew a long time ago when you were a little, tiny baby. And you know what? He's kind of loud, but he's just a really big, old grumbly bear and he was very, very -- still is a very, very good friend of your mommy's. So please don't let him scare you. He's a good guy. Ok?

Scott: Grumbly bear?

Lucy: I'll tell you what -- why don't we go over and color at the table because -- do you realize this is going to be my very first picture that I have ever had from you that I get to put on my refrigerator with a magnet? So let's go sit here and you can make it extra special and color it just the way you want, ok?

Christina: I want different colors.

Kevin: Lucy --

Lucy: Ok, well -- well, look, you got different colors.

Christina: We need the other colors.

Lucy: Oh, we need the red and the green, too. Ok.

Christina: And the other color, too.

Lucy: Thank you. Ok, you sit here and you finish up, and I'm going to talk to Scott just for a second, ok? I'll be right back.

Scott: What is this grumbly bear business?

Lucy: Listen, pal, you have definitely been called a lot worse, you know.

Scott: I never gave up, Lucy. I kept looking for her all over --

Kevin: Scott, Scott, it's kind of a long story.

Scott: Yeah? Ok, well, her name is Baldwin, so why don't you start from the beginning?

Ian: So what is this? A lesson on love from you?

Eve: Uh -- excuse us, Chris. Ian, sweetie, could you please go get me a cup of coffee from the doctors' lounge?

Ian: Coffee, huh?

Eve: Thanks. Yes.

Ian: All right.

Eve: Thank you. So I guess things didn't go so well?

Chris: Well, she's gone.

Eve: What?

Chris: Julie. Julie's gone, for good.

Eve: Oh, Chris, I'm sorry.

Chris: Not really.

Eve: Ok, so I'm not. I'm not sorry. You're better off without her. What did she do, drop off the kid on the way to commit herself to the nut house?

Chris: Hey, don't. Please, don't. Just don't, ok? You don't understand the first thing about this situation.

Eve: Yeah, well, I never did understand anything about Julie at all.

Chris: She's dying, Eve.

Eve: Oh, my god. That's why she brought Christina back to town.

Chris: Uh-huh, yeah.

Eve: Oh, Chris, I really am sorry.

Chris: Yeah, me, too. And I'm sad and I'm pathetic, but that's just my personal life. So, you know, actually I'm fine.

Eve: Mm-hmm.

Chris: Yeah.

Eve: What would you say if I said I didn't believe you?

Chris: Well, it wouldn't be a big shock. Everyone in town knows I'm a big liar, right? So you and Thornhart having trouble?

Eve: That -- this is not about Lambert and Thornhart.

Chris: Would you like some advice?

Eve: Let me guess -- love is for suckers, right?

Chris: Wrong. If you love him, don't screw it up. Ok? You're a good kid. Don't be like me.

Eve: Hey, Ramsey --

Chris: No. Actually, I would love to stay and chat, but I have an appointment with Mr. Martini and the olive twins. Take care.

Lucy: And that's pretty much it. That's the story of how Christina came home to us finally.

Scott: Well, if I'd have known about this, you know, I would've made sure that child-snatching nut case spent the rest of her time in Sing Sing.

Kevin: Maybe if you'd seen her you would've felt differently.

Scott: Well, you know what? I didn't get that chance, now, did I?

Kevin: I was trying to help her say goodbye. The last thing we wanted to do was scare Julie off. You didn't want her to just take off again. Would you?

Scott: No.

Lucy: Doc was doing the very best he could. He had to make a very tough call, you know.

Scott: What's that on your finger?

Lucy: Um -- Doc -- Scott, we got married. Um -- it -- it was very sudden, and I'll take the look on your face as your best warmest wishes.

[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: I'll get that.

Lucy: Hey, pal, we can work this out, right?

Scott: You think so, huh?

Karen: Hi.

Kevin: Hey.

Karen: Bad time?

Kevin: Uh -- well, I think you know your father. Come on in.

Lucy: Hey.

Serena: Hey.

Lucy: Hi, sweet pea. Ooh. Oh, you're chilly.

Serena: Yeah, I just got in.

Karen: Hi.

Lucy: Hi.

Karen: Isn't this great?

Serena: Yeah.

Scott: Hey, come here. Where you going?

Serena: Going over to color with my sister. Hey, sis.

Christina: Hi.

Serena: Can I color with you?

Frank: I'm sorry about just stopping by, but, you know, I'm having a hard time believing it. My -- my daughter's back. And I talked and I heard all about Julie and -- what? What?

Scott: Well, looks like we got a surplus of fathers around here.

Kevin: A plethora of papas.

Scott: So what are we going to do about it?

Ian: Here's your coffee.

Eve: Thanks.

Ian: You all right? What was up with Ramsey?

Eve: Julie left him.

Ian: Again?

Eve: She's dying.

Ian: She's dying? Of what?

Eve: I don't know. You know, Ramsey and I used to have so much in common. Our lives were parallel. And at some point, mine went one way and his went --

Ian: Yeah.

Eve: Do you want to know what he said about us?

Ian: Let me guess.

Eve: No, no, no. Believe me, you'll never guess this one. He told me, "Don't screw this up, Eve. Don't be like me." Isn't that sad?

Ian: There's nothing sadder than love lost. But sometimes things that are lost are found again.

[Eve gasps]

Eve: Ian! Oh, my God! How did you find it?

Ian: The maid that was cleaning up after the wedding, she found it. Very honest person.

Eve: What were we thinking giving each other expensive gifts -- this diamond bracelet and the rare edition of Yeats?

Ian: Trying to whip up some happiness, that's all.

Eve: The only time that I am truly happy is when I'm with you and Danny. I don't want to screw this up.

Ian: Me, neither. Come with me. Leave your cup, come on.

Eve: Ok.

Livvie: Yeah, Ali. Seriously, what's going on?

Alison: Jamal just sort of rushed me the last time we spoke.

Jack: I mean, you know, Jamal really does have a lot going on in Chicago.

Alison: I know, I know he's really busy. It just sort of made me sad, that's all.

Livvie: And you really miss him.

Alison: Yeah, I do, but I'll live. So why don't you guys go out, please? Go out and celebrate. Something.

Livvie: No, Ali, and leave you here all alone? No.

Jack: Not on New Year's Eve.

Alison: They say that whatever you're doing at midnight is what you're going to be doing all year. So why don't you guys go out and celebrate, ok, for all of us, including me. Please, just go out, have a great New Year's. Please.

Jack: All right. All right, we're gone.

Alison: Ok. Ok.

Jack: But happy New Year's, and you just to call us.

Alison: Thank you. Ok.

Livvie: Look, we can still --

Alison: No, please, please just go. Please, for me.

Livvie: Ok.

Alison: Have fun.

Livvie: Bye.

Alison: Ok, bye.

Jack: Bye.

Alison: Bye. Happy New Year. Jamal, please call me.

Rafe: I couldn't have done what I did without her. Alison, she helped me get the couples back together. And now what? We just abandon her? Is that fair?

Ed: You know, you're making sense and you got a good reason.

Rafe: Oh --

Ed: So does everybody. Everybody's got a good reason for wanting more time downstairs. Everybody's got unfinished business. But the big boss makes the rules. We have to accept them.

Rafe: Oh, you know what? I can't.

Ed: You can't? What, are you an exception? Something special about you?

Rafe: No. Not me, but -- but Alison is. She's special.

Ed: Oh. You got involved with her. Oh. I tell you, Rafe, you better read your handbook again. It's a hard lesson, but maybe it'll help you for your next assignment, which is not to get too close. It's rule number -- look, kiddo, you're a good boy. You did a good job. But it's over for you down there. If it's meant to be for your girl and the guy, it'll all work out.

Rafe: Got it.

Ed: Good.

Rafe: So, how about we make a little deal, huh?

Lucy: Christina? Hey. Oh! This is so beautiful. Let's go right now and put it up on our refrigerator, ok? And, Serena, maybe we can show Christina her new room.

Serena: Ok.

Lucy: Ok. Come on.

Karen: You know what? I'm going to go help them, see --

Kevin: Well, guys, have a seat. Looks like what we have here is one child and three fathers -- one biological, one adopted, and one step/godfather.

Frank: Well, I gave up all my rights.

Scott: Yeah, you did, Frank. So what do you think, you're going to come trotting in here and get your rights back?

Frank: No, but I want to be part of Christina's life somehow, and I know Lucy's had a big problem with that in the past.

Kevin: Look, I can't speak for Lucy, but if it were up to me --

Scott: Well, you can't speak for me, either, ok? I got a big say in this.

Kevin: Yes, you do. You adopted her, so you have certain legal rights, we know.

Scott: Yeah, you bet I do.

Kevin: But we're not here to argue legalities. No one wants to take your place in her life, ok?

Scott: Oh, come on, let's just be realistic here, huh? She doesn't remember me. You're the one that's going to be around her now.

Kevin: What is it you want me to do about that?

Scott: I don't want you to do anything. I'm just telling you the facts, Kevin.

Frank: Yeah, well, the fact is this is a big mess.

Kevin: And the facts include that we all love Christina and we want what's best for her.

Scott: I do.

Kevin: So, I think right now what's most important is that Lucy and Christina have a chance to bond. I think their relationship has to come first. Because what Christina needs more than anything right now is a mother. Do you think we can put our differences aside and agree on that at least?

Kevin: So, we're all agreed?

Scott: Yeah. Whatever could get in the way, we'll just put out of the way for the time being.

Frank: Lucy and Christina need time to connect again. We've got to make sure they get it.

Lucy: Yoo-hoo. Hey, is it sort of safe for us to come back?

Scott: Yeah, come on back in. We've got it all figured out.

Lucy: Really?

Scott: Kevin's going to be the father of the house, and if there's any trouble or anything goes haywire, Frank and I step in.

Lucy: Oh, my goodness. Oh.

Oh. Oh, this is fantastic! This is such a wonderful gift for a little girl -- three fantastic, smart, sexy, amazing dads.

Kevin: Well --

Lucy: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

[Phone rings]

Jamal: Come on, Spunky girl, pick up, pick up, pick up.

Alison's voice: Hi. It's me. You know what to do.

[Answering machine beeps]

Jamal: Hey. I don't know where you are, but I'm sorry for not being so nice the last time we talked. Things are just a little intense around here. But the surgery -- the operation went well. Hope and Gabby are fine. And I got to go, so I'll call you when i can. I just called to say happy New Year. So happy 2-0-0-2. I miss you. Bye.


Singer: o/~ Miracles happen. Miracles happen. Miracles happen. Miracles happen. Miracles happen. You showed me faith is not blind. I don't need wings to help me fly. Miracles happen. Miracles happen. Miracles happen. Miracles happen. I can't imagine living my life without you now, not ever having you around. We found our way out on you. I can depend, don't have to look back to realize how far we've come. There are a million reasons I'm looking up. I don't want this to end. Nothin', nothin' should ever bring you down, ever bring you down. Knowing what goes around will come around. You showed me faith is not blind. I don't need wings to help me fly. Miracles happen once in while when you believe .Miracles happen. You showed me dreams come to light, that takin' a chance on us was right. All things will come with a little time when you believe. There is no question we found the missing pieces someone is watching over us keeping me close, closer to you every day. No one can take this away from you and me. You showed me faith is not blind I don't need wings to help me fly. Miracles happen once in a while when you believe. Miracles happen. You showed me dreams come to light that taking a chance on us was right o/~

Lucy: Doc, something's coming. I -- I can feel it.

Alison: Oh, my gosh. What is that?

Rafe: That's pretty bright, huh?

Alison: Rafe? Oh, my God! It's you. You're back. But how?

Rafe: It's a long story.

Alison: Did you make that bright light happen?

Rafe: No, I -- I've never seen anything like that before.

Alison: I'm so glad you're back.

>> "Port Charles: Secrets" begins Wednesday.

>> On the next "Port Charles" --

Kevin: Means we have the place all to ourselves.

Lucy: Oh.

Kevin: It's just you --

Lucy: Uh-huh.

Kevin: And me.

Lucy: Mm-hmm.

Alison: So let's get started.

Rafe: On what?

Alison: On whatever you missed out on the first time around.


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