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Port Charles Transcript Friday 12/28/01

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[Knock on door]

Alison: Hey.

Livvie: Hey.

Jack: So this is what the crack of dawn looks like, huh?

Livvie: Yeah.

Alison: Yeah. It is, actually. Here, here's some coffee, ok? Super high octane. I totally appreciate you guys taking me to the bus station.

Livvie: So, how are things with Jamal?

Alison: Well, I called last night. I don't know. Something funky was going on. I just -- I need to get to Chicago as soon as possible.

Jack: Let's rock and roll.

Livvie: Let's go.

Jack: No time to wait. I'll grab the suitcase.

Alison: Ok. Oh, wait! I forgot the stuffed animal that I bought for Hope. The poor kid's in the hospital. Just give me a second, ok? I'll be right back.

Livvie: Alison, wait, the ice!

Jamal: This clown is your brother?

Ricky: Come on, Gigi. Don't tell me that this loser is the long-lost brother you've been writing to me about.

Jamal: You know, we can have a family reunion some other time, ok? Right now Gabby is being prepped for surgery!

Ricky: No. See, there's no way that my sister's getting sliced.

Jamal: Is that right?

Gabriela: Damn it, Ricky, back off!

Valerie: There's no way he can do this, can he?

Jamal: No, Ricky is just fronting. So step off, brother.

Ricky: Who the hell do you think you're talking to, huh?

Dr. Hartman: What's going on here? Gabriela should be getting ready for the operation.

Gabriela: Everything is fine, Dr. Hartman. I'm just fine. Don't worry.

Ricky: You got one coming, bro, and I always pay my debts.

Chris: Yeah, listen, I am paying you for three fake I.D.s and a fast car out of town. Now, you call me when it's all arranged.

Julie: Hey.

Chris: Hey, there.

Julie: Oh, it felt so good falling asleep in your arms last night.

Chris: I was just about to say the same thing.

[Knock on door]

Lucy: Hi.

Julie: Hi.

Lucy: How is she? How's Christina?

Julie: Deena's playing with her.

Chris: You know, you really should get to bed. You're going to need some rest.

Julie: Hey, I will have plenty of rest soon enough. Sorry. Bad joke.

Chris: Yeah.

Julie: Chris --

Chris: You know, it's just not funny at all.

[Knock on door]

Kevin: Hey.

Lucy: Oh. Hi, husband.

Kevin: Well, I like the sound of that. I brought a few things you might need, and, Julie, I managed to find your favorite muffins.

Julie: I'll save those for the road.

Lucy: What do you mean, "the road?"

Julie: It's time I say goodbye to Christina. Today's the day she goes home with her mother. And now that's you, Lucy.

Livvie: Oh, Alison! Are you ok? Jack, she's not responding.

Jack: Call 911. Hurry.

Livvie: Ok.

Jack: Alison, wake up.

Alison: Ow. What happened?

Livvie: Yes, we're right across the G.H. side entrance, so please hurry, please.

Jack: Alison, lie still.

Alison: No --

jack: You fell. You might have broken something.

Alison: I can't. I'm going to miss my bus.

Livvie: Alison, the paramedics are on their way.

Alison: Ouch.

Livvie: Are you in any pain?

Alison: No. I think I just -- I don't know. I got the wind knocked out of me or something.

Livvie: Jack, give me your scarf.

Alison: Please -- ow.

Livvie: Your head's bleeding. Honey, lay down, please? Lay down.

Alison: This cannot be happening. I need to get to Jamal.

Jamal: Well, you don't need to be hanging here.

Ricky: I'm family. I've got every right to be here.

Dr. Hartman: Should I call security?

Ricky: Yeah, why don't you do that and then you'll be the one looking for a doctor, pal.

Jamal: I do not believe this guy.

Valerie: Look, my daughter's sick, all right? She needs Gabriela's help.

Ricky: And I'm saying that I'm sorry about all that. But you and your daughter and your boyfriend mean nothing to me.

Gabriela: And I am saying for the last time that Hope will be fine because I'm donating my kidney, and that's final. And if you cause any more problems, I will call security.

Valerie: I need some air.

Dr. Hartman: There are too many distractions. You need to take Valerie and all the other extraneous people out of here.

Jamal: Whoa, whoa, hold on, hold on -- we're not just a bunch of strangers you can push aside. We're her parents. And we have just as much right to be here as you do. And you don't have to like it, but you do have to deal with it.

Dr. Hartman: I apologize. I'll go check on Hope.

Jamal: Ok. Look, I'm sorry for going off like that.

Gabriela: It's ok.

Jamal: We'll be right outside.

Jamal: Right, brother?

Ricky: That was one pretty speech in there. But from where I'm standing, you're the one treating my sister like the spare part.

Julie: I know it's short notice and you're really not prepared, but would you be willing to take Christina today?

Lucy: Yes.

Lucy and Kevin: Of course.

Chris: Don't you think it'd be best if she just did this a little more gradually?

Julie: No. As a matter of fact, it won't get any easier. It hurts like hell, but it is what I came here to do, and it's best for Christina. I just hope she understands.

Kevin: You'll find the words.

Julie: Chris, could you give me a few minutes alone with Lucy and Kevin?

Chris: Yeah. I'll be outside if you need me.

Julie: Ok. Lucy, there's a small suitcase behind the door.

Lucy: I'll get it.

Julie: Ok.

Kevin: Why don't you sit down?

Julie: Thanks.

Kevin: You need a glass of water?

Julie: Yeah, yeah, that'd be great.

Lucy: Here you go.

Julie: Oh, thanks. You know, Christina is so young. And she probably won't remember much about me.

Lucy: We'll tell her how much you love her. And I promise you, Julie, I will never, ever let her forget you.

Julie: I wanted her to really know me. So I put together some things that were important to me to pass on to her.

Lucy: Oh. All your favorite things?

Julie: Yeah. Will you show them to her when you think she's ready?

Lucy: I -- I promise.

Julie: There are some letters and a video and a copy of my favorite book. I made some notes in the margins.

Lucy: And these are?

Julie: Love letters that Chris wrote me. I want her to know what falling in love feels like, what it sounds like.

Lucy: I'm just -- I'm so sure that Christina will treasure all these thing as much as you do.

Julie: There's some special jewelry and my yearbook, my perfume, and my favorite comfort sweater to comfort her, too. I even wrote down some of my best jokes. I want her to laugh, Lucy. I don't want her to be sad.

Lucy: I know. I know. I'm amazed. This is so wonderful, that you've managed to somehow put your whole life in a suitcase for her.

Julie: Oh, no, not quite. I could never figure out how to get my love for Christina in here.

Lucy: Oh, Julie --

Julie: I thought I was ready, but -- oh, God -- tell me, Lucy -- how do you let go of someone that you love more than life itself? How do you say goodbye?

Karen: Is there any pain?

Alison: No, I just -- I have a slight headache and I got a small pain in my neck, but can you give me something for it? I mean, because I got a bus to catch.

Karen: Yeah, well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're grounded.

Alison: What? For some bumps and bruises, Karen?

Karen: No, no. You could have a concussion or a neck injury. We won't know until we do some x-rays.

Alison: So I have to stay?

Karen: At least overnight for observations.

Alison: Oh, my God.

Karen: I'll go set up the tests. You just relax, ok? You're our guest tonight.

Alison: Oh, goody. Of all the dumb, stupid luck.

Livvie: Hey, Alison, we'll keep you company, if it means anything.

Jack: Yeah, I'll go call Jamal and tell him you took a spill.

Alison: No. Please don't. I just want to call him myself. I just -- I want to hear his voice, you know.

Jamal: You better get up out of my face.

Ricky: Not a chance, bro, because I know a user when I see one.

Jamal: I don't need to fight you, boy. We both care about Gabby. So why don't we just leave it at that, all right?

Ricky: Who the hell do you think you are, huh? I was the one who was there for Gigi when those kids knocked her down and broke her arm. I was the one that she read to, ok? We looked after each other, which is what I'm trying to do now, and it's exactly what you're not doing right now!

Jamal: You're telling me this why?

Gabriela: Would you two shut up?!

Ricky: This guy is working you, Gigi!

Jamal: And this guy is too stubborn --

Gabriela: Enough! Enough. Now, you two say you want what's best for me, so prove it. Put your differences aside until I'm out of here. Do you think you two macho fools can do that?

Man: That's everything you requested, Dr. Ramsey. We'll be waiting for you and your wife and daughter downstairs.

Chris: Thank you. Great.

Man: Mm-hmm.

Chris: I'm getting you out of here, Julie, you and Christina. I'm not going to lose you again.

Julie: Oh, come here, sweetheart. Sit with me. Do you remember when Mommy told you that she was going to heaven to be an angel and you were going to get to go live with your other mommy, who I told you about so much? Yeah, well, today is the day that you get to go live with her.

Christina: You, too?

Julie: Oh, I wish I could, sweetheart. But I can't, and that's ok because you are going to have lots of fun. And even though I have to go away, I will always be with you. You are the best, best little girl a mommy could ever have. And I love you, I love you with all my heart.

Julie: Yeah. Take her.

Lucy: I have absolutely no idea what to say.

Julie: Just love her and protect her, and never, never, ever let her wear spandex.

Lucy: Oh. No, I promise. I got it.

Kevin: We'll take good care of her, Julie. I promise you.

Julie: Thank you, Kevin. I could have never done this without you.

Christina: Mommy?

Lucy: We're going home, Christina. We're going home.

Julie: Goodbye, Christina. Goodbye, sweetheart! Goodbye! Oh, God -- oh, God -- , God --

Julie: My baby, my baby.

Valerie: They're almost ready for you, Gabriela. Here you go, baby.

Jamal: All right, thanks. Hey. I'll be right there for you when you get out of surgery, ok?

Gabriela: Listen, if anything goes wrong --

Jamal: Shh, don't talk like that.

Gabriela: I'm doing what I want to do for Hope and for me. Remember that.

Jamal: Ok.

Ricky: Ok, sis.

[Ricky sighs]

Ricky: If this is what you really want.

Gabriela: I'll be fine. I'll be up and bugging you in no time.

Ricky: Yeah, I'm counting on it. Te veo cuando te levantes.

Gabriela: Let's get this show on the road.

Orderly: Let me help you.

Ricky: Fair warning, bro. If anything happens to my sister, you're a dead man.

[Phone rings]

Jamal: Yeah, what?

Alison: Hey. It's me. What's the matter?

Jamal: Look, I can't talk right now. It's a bad time.

Alison: Wait, I was going to come see you, and then something --

Jamal: Ali, I said I can't talk right now.

Ed: You did learn how to knock when you were on earth, didn't you?

Rafe: Do you see what's going on down there in Port Charles? I have to go back.

Ed: As I recall, you had a one-way ticket.

Rafe: Yeah, but Alison's in trouble.

Ed: Probably got a bad headache.

Rafe: No, that's not what I mean. I mean, what was I supposed to be doing down there? Why aren't the couples back together? Well, obviously, my job's not done yet because Alison and Jamal are falling apart. You got to let me go back there and fix it!

Ed: Why don't you relax? Pull up a cloud. You're done, Rafe. It's over.

Rafe: I'm sorry, boss, but I say it's not.

Julie: I was sure you'd pull some crazy stunt to stop all that. I'm glad I was wrong.

Chris: Yeah, well, I understand now why you did what you did with Christina. But you have now said the last goodbyes you're going to have to say.

Julie: What do you mean?

Chris: There's nothing here in Port Charles to hold me. Julie, I'm going to go with you, take care of you.

Julie: And watch me die? Stand alone at my grave? No. No, no. I want you to remember me full of life like this.

Chris: No, I just want to be with you for as long as that lasts.

Julie: Don't make me run away again, Chris.

Chris: Julie --

Julie: Let me say what I have to say to you.

Chris: No, honey, there will be time --

Julie: No, no, there won't. I'm sorry for the pain I caused you. You deserve better.

Chris: I mean, I had the best when I had you.

Julie: I want you to promise me that you'll find someone who will love you as much as I do. Right now, you don't think that's possible, but I want you to promise me that you will search until you find happily ever after.

Chris: How can there be any happily ever after if you're not here in this world with me?

Julie: No.

Chris: Julie --

Julie: Even though I left you, you always had my heart. I never stopped loving you, and I never will. My last wish is that you find that kind of love again and that this time it lasts forever.

Chris: You know, loving you was the best thing I ever did.

Deena: It's time.

Chris: No. No, Julie, no.

Julie: Oh, God. I love you, Chris. You will always be my prince.

Lucy: Well, Christina, welcome. This is your new home. Look, Doc has a lot of globes, a lot of earths here, and --

Kevin: Well --

Lucy: We really think you're going to be very happy here. We hope.

Kevin: Oh, I think you're going to love it here. You know, we even have a duck, a live duck.

Lucy: His name is Sigmund, and he'll love you, and he has his own family, too.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: Listen, I'm going to make sure that you love your room. You can paint it anything. You could pick out pink or blue or stripes or polka dots or rainbows or anything, and I just want you to love it here. I got you some crayons. Look, ooh! All kinds of colors, and I got a coloring book if you just want to kind of relax and get a feel of the place. You can color it if you want, ok? Ok.

Kevin: You ok?

Lucy: I don't know. I mean, I am. I'm so happy. This is so wonderful. But it's kind of sad, you know, with -- at the same time with everything and -- she's back. I can't believe she's back. This is it, Doc. Something I've waited for so long. We're going to be a real family now.

Kevin: Overnight.

Scott: When in the hell was someone going to tell me my daughter was back in town?

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Alison: I don't know. Beats me.

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