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Port Charles Transcript  Thursday 12/27/01

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Alison: I'm so bummed that we didn't get to spend the holidays together. I miss you like crazy.

Jamal: Yeah, I miss you like crazy, too. But we'll be together soon.

Alison: I know, but it's just such a magical time of the year, you know? And I -- I'm just so sad that it's come and gone so fast.

Jamal: Look, we'll have our own celebration once we both get back there, ok?

Alison: Well, what I'd rather celebrate is Hope and Gabby pulling through. How are they doing?

Jamal: Well, Gabby is being prepped. She's about to go into surgery. And Hope is -- she's hanging in there. So, I mean -- well, the doctors are saying everything looks good.

Alison: Oh, that's so good. That's so great to hear. Listen, I'm going to go call again to see if the airport has reopened or not because I want to get there really soon. I really want to be there for you through all of this.

Jamal: Yeah, I want you here, too, baby. I can't stand being away from you this long. I love you, too. Ok. Bye. Hey. So what's the latest?

Valerie: The doctor's about to prep Gabby now, and they're almost ready to start.

Nurse: Your vitals look good, Miss Garza. Won't be long now. It's a wonderful thing you're doing for this little girl.

Gabriela: Thank you. Well, I'm glad I can.

Ricky: Oh, pardon me. I was just on my way to see our patient. This is Gabriela Garza's room, isn't it?

Nurse: Yes, but --

Ricky: You don't recognize me. I'm her personal doctor. I'm just here to make sure that she's more comfortable.

Nurse: How nice.

Ricky: Great. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Ricky: Hello, Gigi. The doctor is in.

Gabriela: Ricky, what are you doing here? And when did you get out of jail?

Kevin: Listen, we need to make this transition for Christina as smooth as possible. She and Julie need a chance to say goodbye to each other before we take her home.

Lucy: Ok, right. You're right. Let's go.

Kevin: Ok.

Lucy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Kevin: What?

Lucy: Look, I know that's the right thing we should be doing and it's logical and it's sensible, but, Doc, it scares the hell out of me.

Kevin: Why?

Lucy: Because Julie tricked us before. What if this is just another one of her crazy plans?

Kevin: Lucy, Julie is dying. I saw her medical records.

Lucy: I know, I know, and I'm very sorry. But I can't help this bad feeling. I know I'm acting crazy, but I just have a bad feeling.

Kevin: It's going to be ok.

Lucy: What if it's not? What if it's not? What if Julie just can't bear to say goodbye and so she runs and she takes Christina again? Doc, I couldn't go through losing her again, I couldn't.

Kevin: Lucy, Lucy, it's not going to happen.

Lucy: Let's make sure of it. Let's go home. Let's just go home, the three of us, right now and never let her out of our sight, never. Trust.

Kevin: What?

Lucy: Trust. I -- I trusted in the universe all my life. I trusted in you. We ended up married, right? Trusted in our love. So I need to trust in this, don't I? Ok, just for her. Just for our daughter.

Kevin: You always manage to get there in your own way.

Lucy: Ok.

Jamal: I thought Gabby was supposed to be going into surgery. I mean, how come they haven't come and got us yet?

Valerie: I don't know. They must still be prepping her.

Jamal: Look, well, I don't want her going under until I see her, ok? I need to see her first.

Valerie: You will, you will. Don't worry. The doctors and nurses know that you're waiting out here, and I'm sure Gabby wouldn't have anyone wheel her off without seeing you first.

Jamal: You're right, you're right. You're right. I'm just -- I'm just tripping out. Thank you.

Valerie: I'm the one that should be thanking you. I mean, you've done so much for me and Hope.

Jamal: Well, I appreciate everything you're saying. I really do. But just so we're clear -- ok, I'm not making any claims to Hope after the surgery's over.

Valerie: I know.

Jamal: Good. Because I really believe that she'll have the best life with the Hartmans. That's all I want for her.

Valerie: And I want her to have the best life, too. I was just saying, I'm glad you're here -- that we're all here to help her through.

Jamal: Yeah, well, you know, Gabby, most of all, if you're looking for heroes. I mean, she's the one.

Gabriela: How did you get out of jail, Ricky? And how did you know I was here?

Ricky: We haven't seen each other in, what, three years? And the first thing you do is hammer me with questions? Whatever happened to, "It's so good to see you, Ricky. I have missed you so much, Ricky. I'm so glad that you found me, Ricky?" You're still as feisty as ever. You haven't changed.

Gabriela: And you still haven't answered either one of my questions.

Ricky: Ah. Ok. The state cut me a deal, all right? Time off for good behavior. I got sprung six months early.

Gabriela: Good behavior?

Ricky: Maybe I turned over a new leaf, huh? What? That doesn't even get a smile?

Gabriela: Not until you give me an answer to question number two. What are you doing here?

Ricky: Guess.

Gabriela: You need money. Forgery business not going so well for you?

Ricky: Ooh. Cheap shot, Gigi.

Gabriela: Ok, come on, Ricky. You know what? No more games.

Ricky: All right, fine. Look, I got worried about you -- all right? -- When I stopped getting your letters. And then when I got out, and I looked for you in Port Charles, I got more worried because I couldn't find you.

Gabriela: Well, there has been a lot going on in my life recently. And we can discuss all of that some other time. But right now, I'm needed in surgery.

Ricky: Ding, ding, ding. You just said the magic word.

Gabriela: What?

Ricky: You see, the real reason why I'm here is to stop you because the only way that you're donating a kidney tonight is over my dead body.

Julie: Hello, Lucy.

Lucy: Julie.

Julie: Oh, I love watching her when she sleeps.

Kevin: Well, she's had a pretty big day. I think I'm going to set her down.

Julie: Thanks, Kevin. Here.

Chris: She's gotten so big. She looks just like you.

Julie: How was she tonight?

Kevin: Incredible.

Julie: I'm so glad.

Kevin: You've done an amazing job getting her ready for this, Julie.

Lucy: You really, really have. Kevin has told me everything you've done, everything.

Julie: Everything?

Lucy: I'm really sorry -- very, very sorry about what you're having to go through. Actually, I was kind of hoping if it's ok we could have some time alone, you know?

Chris: You know, it's not really ok. Actually, I'd like you both to leave. You can come see Christina tomorrow.

Julie: Chris, please, wait --

Chris: Please, let me handle this.

Julie: No, I appreciate you wanting to help me, but I'm fine. Lucy and I do need to talk.

Kevin: We'll wait outside.

Kevin: For what it's worth, I'm sorry. This can't be easy for you.

Chris: You know what it's worth, Collins? Nothing. You're not sorry. You and Lucy got exactly what you wanted -- Julie's dying, and Christina's all yours. Merry Christmas.

Julie: Can I get you something to drink?

Lucy: Oh, no, no. Please -- please don't bother. I'm doing fine. I'm fine.

Julie: It's ok, Lucy. You can ask me anything.

Lucy: Ok. Did the -- I mean, did the doctors say how long?

Julie: Weeks. Maybe a couple of months. Soon, basically.

Lucy: I see. Well, Christina -- does she know?

Julie: She knows I'm sick and that I'll be going to heaven soon to be an angel.

Lucy: You are, you know. You really are.

Jamal: Look, I'm going to go find the Hartmans and find out what the deal is.

Valerie: Hey, come back and let me know, ok?

Jamal: Yeah, of course.

[Phone rings]

Valerie: Hello?

Alison: Valerie?

Valerie: What do you want, Alison?

Alison: To talk to Jamal. Is he there?

Valerie: No, he's away from the phone. And we're in the middle of a very serious situation, so we'd appreciate it if you'd stop calling.

Alison: What the hell?

Gabriela: So, what, you're just going to stop my surgery?

Ricky: Yeah, that's right.

Gabriela: You can't just waltz back into my life and try to control it. Who do you think you are?

Ricky: Someone who cares about you more than anyone else. You know that, Gigi.

Gabriela: What I know is that this is my business and not yours. I am donating a kidney to save a little girl's life whether you like it or not.

Ricky: Let someone else be the donor.

Gabriela: There is no one else! I'm it, end of story.

Ricky: You could die in surgery.

Gabriela: Ricky, I'm a nurse. I am well aware of the risks I'm taking with this.

Ricky: Why?

Gabriela: I have my reasons. And you don't have a say in this.

Ricky: We'll see about that.

Gabriela: Ricky, let go of me!

Jamal: Hey, get your hands off of her!

Gabriela: Don't -- no!

Kevin: No one's happy about these circumstances, Chris.

Chris: All you really care about is the fact that Lucy has Christina. That's all that matters to you or anyone else in this town. No one gives a damn about Julie.

Kevin: All right, you believe what you want. But I've done everything that Julie asked me to do.

Chris: You should have called me the second you knew she was back in town. I should be the one helping --

Kevin: You must have read her chart. Then you know that there's nothing medically that anyone could have done for her.

Chris: If I had known earlier, there might have been something.

Kevin: There was nothing you could have done. There wasn't anything anyone could have done -- then or now.

Chris: I'm not talking to you about this.

Kevin: Well, then listen. Julie's made her peace. I know you want to fix it, and if I were in your shoes, I'd want to do the same thing, but you can't. Just let her finish what she needs to do. Let her finish things the way she wants them -- for her and Christina.

Julie: I guess Winnie the Pooh is her favorite. But she's a sucker for anything princess -- Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel.

Lucy: Oh, aren't we all?

Julie: And as you can see, she's got every Disney video.

Lucy: Oh, wow, "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," "Dumbo."

Julie: Yeah. Oh, but this one is her all-time favorite video and TV show. "Bear in the Big Blue House."

Lucy: Bear in the Big Blue House?

Julie: Yeah. Oh, it's this wonderful bear and his sidekick mouse.

Lucy: Oh, ok, so it's on TV?

Julie: Yeah, yeah. Seven a.m. every morning. She'll be at the TV. Oh, which reminds me, her nap schedule. Basically, she gets up at the crack of dawn, and I usually try and get her to take a nap around 1:30, but good luck getting her down.

Lucy: Well, it doesn't really surprise me. She probably doesn't want to miss out on anything.

Julie: Exactly. But giving her a blankie and a sippy cup helps. I'll have Deena write this all down for you before you go.

Lucy: Deena -- that must have been the woman I saw when I followed Kevin here.

Julie: You followed Kevin here?

Lucy: Uh -- yeah, I did, but I -- I chickened out.

Julie: She's my nurse and Christina's nanny. I'm sorry I was so secretive, Lucy, or if I caused any problems for you and Kevin. I just didn't want things happening too fast, you know. I didn't want to confuse Christina by having things change suddenly.

Lucy: I do understand that.

Julie: But she's really prepared for this change -- as much as she can be. I've been showing her pictures of you for months now and telling her we were on an adventure to reunite her with her other mommy. She really sees you that way -- as her other mommy, just like I am. Oh, she has been excited to see you. She talks about you all the time. I -- I don't think you'll have any trouble making her comfortable.

Lucy: Thank you. I sure know that was not easy.

Julie: Actually, it was. Because all I care about is making my little girl happy. And I know that you'll do that.

Lucy: Yes, I will. That's all I care about, too. I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Julie: What is it?

Lucy: I so appreciate everything you've done. I find it unbelievable. I am feeling so blessed and so lucky to have Christina back in my life. It means the world to me, but I -- I have to just say this, and I hate myself in a way for saying it, but, Julie, I hated you. I -- I -- I hated you for what you did to me. I -- I loved that little girl, and you took her away, and I was dead inside. It was like my heart was going to stay broken forever.

Julie: I don't blame you for hating me. I don't. I would hate me, too, and what I did. What I did was selfish and it was wrong. Oh, but, Lucy, the one true thing is how much I love my little girl. I couldn't bear to be separated from her, and I didn't care who I hurt. I'm sorry you missed that year of Christina's life. But that year with her, it made my life, Lucy. She taught me so much. She made me somebody I could finally be proud of.

Christina: Mommy?

Julie: Sorry. That's you now.

Lucy: No, Julie. That's us.

Lucy: Hey. Are you ok?

Alison: Yes, that's right. A one-way ticket to Chicago leaving tomorrow morning.

Ricky: You punk. I'll kill you!

Jamal: I'm right here. I'm right here.

Gabriela: Stop it! Both of you!

Ricky: Why are you defending him?

Jamal: Who the hell's this guy, anyway?

Gabriela: Quiet! You are both my brothers.

Chris: You're right. The most important thing here is what's best for Christina -- and making Julie's last days more comfortable.

Kevin: I'm glad you see that. Look, I rented the suite next to Julie for me and Lucy, but I need to go down and make some more arrangements.

Chris: Oh, go ahead.

Kevin: So we're all on the same page here?

Chris: Yes, we want what's best for Christina, obviously.

Kevin: All right.

Chris: I guess we just disagree on who's best for her.

Chris: Yeah, hi. I need a car at the Port Charles Hotel for me and my wife and my daughter.

Lucy: It's ok. I've got you. Hey. Come help your mommy and let's go. Come on. Ah.

Julie: Thanks, Lucy. Hey, sweetie, did you have a bad dream? Yeah? Well, you know what? We are so lucky because Lucy is here to make you feel better.

Christina: Sing my song?

Julie: Oh, there's this song that I sing to her.

[Julie coughs]

Lucy: Oh -- Christina, listen. You know, I have a song that I used to sing to you when you were so very little. You probably don't even remember and I'm not a very good singer, but I can try. o/~ Shoo, shoo shoo la rue shoo la rack shack shoo la bubba coo when I saw my sally bobby bill come bibble and a booja lorrie o/~

Christina: That's my song.

Lucy: What? How?

Julie: I always sang her your song. It made her happy.

Christina: Sing.

Lucy: Ok.

Julie: See? Still does.

Lucy: Ok. Here, whoo, one more time. o/~ Shoo, shoo shoo la rue shoo la rack shack shoo la bubba coo when I saw my sally bobby bill come bibble and a booja lorrie o/~o/~ Shoo, shoo shoo la rue shoo la rack shack shoo la bubba coo when I saw my sally bobby bill come bibble and a booja lorrie o/~

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