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Port Charles Transcript Friday 12/21/01

Provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Beth

Rafe's Voice: Wow. My last entry. "It's over. Tonight's my last night here. I'm going home. Before coming to Port Charles, I never understood love or how it could be such a wonderful thing and yet mess so many people up so badly all at the same time. But I do now. After tonight, it's in their hands. They choose their own futures, whatever may come."

Rafe: I hope they make it.

Ian: Thank you for looking wonderful tonight.

Eve: You know what? I think it's this bracelet because having this bracelet on my arm, I feel like I'm some sort of celebrity or something.

Ian: I was just hoping you'd like it.

Eve: I never thought I'd own anything like it.

Ian: As long as you're happy.

Eve: How could I not be?

Livvie: Chris will be fine, Jack. Don't worry.

Jack: It's starting to sound like you know something I don't.

Livvie: It does?

Jack: What do -- oh, no.

Livvie: What?

Jack: Chris. He's headed right towards Mac Scorpio.

Kevin: Rafe?

Rafe: Kevin, welcome to your party.

Kevin: Yeah, I'm late -- I know, I'm sorry. Have you seen Lucy?

Rafe: Don't worry, she'll be here.

Kevin: "Don't worry" -- no one's seen her for hours, Rafe, and she's been acting pretty strange, I mean, even for Lucy, and now she's late to her own party.

Rafe: You know what? It's all going to be ok. Trust me, all right? She'll be making her grand entrance anytime now.

Lucy: Where, where -- where are we going? Wait a minute. My house is back that way. You know what? Mister, you got to go back this way, you know? My -- I can't believe this. I get on a plane that's supposed to be going to Hawaii. I end up back in Port Charles. How is this happening? Hey! Hey, mister! Hey! Excuse me! Could you stop the cab! Stop! This isn't the right way! Stop!

Ed: Port Charles Hotel. That's the address you give me.

Lucy: Oh! No, it's not. I didn't give you this address.

Ed: Oh, really? Oh, sorry, because I went off duty the second we pulled in. All out, lady. End of the line.

Lucy: Well, "sorry" right back at you -- no! No, no, no, no, no! No. I am not getting out here. I'm not going anywhere.

Ed: Here we go.

Lucy: No! No. I am not getting out. I'm not going in there, especially -- you just get back in here and take me where I want to go.

Ed: Aren't you one of them people who says they believe in the universe?

Lucy: Well, yeah, I -- wait a minute, how do you know that?

Ed: I drive a cab, lady. I know people. Come on, shake a leg. Get inside.

Lucy: Inside?

Ed: Yeah. You don't want to sit out here freezing it off, now, do you?

Lucy: Uh -- well, um, no. I mean, yeah -- no. I guess -- guess it wouldn't hurt to just go inside and see what's going on with this dumb party, right?

Ed: My thoughts exactly. Merry Christmas.

Lucy: Well, yeah, yeah. Merry Christmas to you -- too.

Ed: Ta.

Lucy: Yeah, ta. "Ta?" Hey, wait a minute. Wait, how do you know -- I didn't even pay -- how do you know?

Jamal: Hello?

Alison: Jamal?

Jamal: Hey. Got the good news -- Gabriela is a match, so she can donate.

Alison: Oh, that's great, so then Hope will be ok?

Jamal: Yes, as long as the surgery goes according to plan. Listen, where are you calling from? I thought the plane didn't land or wasn't supposed to land until --

Alison: Canceled because of the weather. There are no more flights into Chicago tonight.

Jamal: Oh, so, we miss out on Christmas together. Baby, I am so sorry.

Alison: Yeah, I know. Me, too.

Jamal: Do me a favor -- don't be alone. I'd be there if I could, ok? Hey, look, I got to go. Gabby and Val are both waving me. The doc just came out with the Hartmans.

Alison: I love you, Jamal.

Jamal: I love you, too.

Alison: Jamal, say merry Christmas to Gabby for me, ok? And wait, wait!

Jamal: Yeah, what's up?

Alison: Merry Christmas to you, too, Jamal.

Lucy: Oh. Hi. Hi. Oh, hello. Rafe! Psst! Rafe.

Rafe: Ah. Lucy, finally.

Lucy: Yeah, hi. Listen, you're not going to believe what happened to me. I get on this plane bound for Hawaii, right? I think I'm going to Hawaii. We end up landing in Port Charles. Then when we land, somehow the airport is closed.

Rafe: Why were you trying to fly to Hawaii tonight anyway? I mean, this is your party, isn't it?

Lucy: I know, and normally I love parties, but I can't love this one because Kevin is planning to dump me right in front of everybody so I don't make a big scene -- oh!

Kevin: Lucy? I have been looking for you all afternoon. Where the heck have you been? We really need to talk.

Lucy: No -- no, no, no, we don't. Look, I'm late for the party and -- a million things to do. I'm going, Doc.

Kevin: But, Lucy -- wait.

Chris: No, I'm telling you somebody is stalking me.

Mac: And I'm telling you you're imagining it.

Chris: You know something? Why do I even bother? It's not like the police in this town ever solve a crime.

Jack: Chris, how about we just --

Chris: No, no, no, no. We don't just anything. I mean, it's a known fact that Helena Cassadine had her son iced in the G.H. basement for how many years, and you guys didn't have a clue?

Jack: Sorry, commissioner. A little too much holiday cheer for one night.

Chris: Holiday cheer -- ho, ho, ho.

Jack: Go, go on.

Lucy: Livvie.

Livvie: Lucy!

Lucy: Hi.

Livvie: You made it?

Lucy: Yeah.

Livvie: But you're not dressed.

Lucy: No. You know what? It's a long story. I'd love to tell you later.

Livvie: The place looks really beautiful. Congratulations.

Lucy: Yeah, it does. It's so gorgeous, but it's so not what I ordered. See, I wanted the traditional Christmas -- you know, red and green, and look what I got. I got white flowers, white candles, white trees, white, white, white --

Livvie: Ok, ok, ok. So what if it's not what you ordered, Lucy? It's still gorgeous. It's kind of like -- I don't know -- like a winter wonderland or a winter wedding.

Lucy: I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to cry. Do not let Kevin see you cry. Deep breaths.

Don: Lucy, I have been looking for you for hours.

Lucy: Don, I'd like to give you a what-for! What did you do? Did you sign for all this stuff? Did you?

Don: Well, I saw the order. I checked it.

Lucy: So I ordered it, but this is not what I ordered. This stuff -- no, it's completely wrong. There's not one thing I wanted here, not one thing that I --

[Lucy gasps]

Don: What?

Lucy: Don, who sent him a damn invitation?

Chris: Oh, you know what? I so heard that.

Jack: Hey, Lucy, how you doing? Merry Christmas. This is a great party.

Lucy: "Merry Christmas?" What -- this is a bad night. This is a disaster of an evening. I am not dressed, it is just the beginning of the night. I'm going to fall apart.

Don: But this -- this will be fine because I brought your dress. It's in the back.

Lucy: You did?

Don: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: Oh, God bless you. Oh, Don. I love you.

Don: Oh.

Lucy: Ok.

Kevin: No more avoiding me, Lucy. We have to talk.

Lucy: Later.

Kevin: No, Lucy -- right now.

Lucy: Doc -- uh, Mary.

Mary: There you are. Kevin.

Kevin: Mary. Hi, hi.

Mary: Oh -- well, merry Christmas.

Kevin: Merry Christmas.

Lucy: Oh, merry, merry, merry, merry, and I'm going to go get dressed and ta.

Kevin: Uh -- Lucy.

Mary: Kevin?

Kevin: Hmm?

Mary: You remember Rev. Giovanni, don't you?

Kevin: Yes. Reverend, hi. Thanks for going -- coming. Merry Christmas.

Rev. Giovanni: Well, same to you.

Kevin: Thank you.

Victor: Look at this place.

Kevin: Yeah, look at this place. I just realized something.

Victor: Realized what?

Kevin: Victor, this place looks just how Lucy and I once described the perfect setting for our wedding.

Rhonda: All right, guys, come up for some air.

Frank: Oh.

Serena: Hi, sis.

Karen: Hey. Is Dad here, too?

Gail: Well, at least now we understand why you and Frank have been a little out of touch lately.

Lee: Yeah, you two look so happy, there ought to be a law.

Rhonda: Come on. Tell us your secret.

Karen: No secret -- just good old-fashioned love.

Jack: Merry Christmas, Mrs. Barrington.

Amanda: Well, you know, I had no choice. I had to dismiss you. Very unfortunate, doctor.

Chris: Yeah, I'd say, especially for all of my patients. You know, I would gladly sleep with you or anyone else to get my job back. What do you say? Want to change your mind?

Amanda: Oh, I never!

Chris: Well, you should. It's fun come on. Call me, I'm serious.

Livvie: Chris, my God!

Jack: Chris, what are you doing, man? Why do you keep doing this?

Chris: What -- would you get off my back? Come on. I'm telling you, I got too much on my mind, ok? I can't shake this feeling, I'm telling you. Someone's watching me.

Livvie: Chris, who would be after you?

Chris: Who would be after me? You want a list? I need air.

Alison: Rafe.

Rafe: Alison, wow. You're not supposed to --

Alison: No, my flight was canceled.

Rafe: Oh, so then Jamal --

Alison: No, not for Christmas.

Rafe: Oh.

Alison: Yeah, so, I made a decision to not feel sorry for myself and sit around feeling miserable and I came down here, so --

Rafe: Great.

Alison: What did I miss?

Rafe: Well, the fun's just starting. Here, give me your hand. Now, go ahead and say the magic word.

Alison: Uh -- abracadabra.

Rafe: There you go.

Alison: Oh, my gosh. It's a ring box.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah. Here. Now -- now you see it.

Alison: Yeah?

Rafe: Ta-da.

Alison: Oh, my gosh.

Victor: Ooh, I'm terribly sorry.

Kevin: No, that's all right. I don't think you got --

Victor: Would you look at that?

Kevin: Well, I don't get it, Victor. I mean, this jacket just came from the cleaners.

Victor: Are you telling me you've never seen those rings before?

Kevin: No, I'm not saying that. I have seen them, but in a jewelry store window downtown. I mean, I thought about buying them. You know something?

Victor: What?

Kevin: This is no accident. You know how Lucy is always talking about getting messages?

Victor: You mean from the universe?

Kevin: Yeah. I think I just got one.

Victor: From the universe?

Kevin: Yeah. Loud and clear. Victor, it's time.

[Lucy gasps]

Lucy: Wait a minute. This is not the dress I was supposed to wear. It's -- it's white.

Don: No, it's the green one. Oh. Well -- well, so what? I mean, aren't all brides supposed to wear white on their wedding day?

Lucy: I -- I am not getting married. It's a Christmas party. I'm an idiot, and this is just a big, dumb Christmas party, that's all.

Don: Oh, Lucy, I'm sorry. I --

Lucy: Well, thank you, Don, but guess what -- I'm not wearing that dress. It's white. It looks like a wedding dress and this would be the supposed whole day of my wedding. I'm not standing there in that dress in front of Kevin.

Don: Sit down, relax. I brought the right dress, so it's got to be here somewhere, ok?

Lucy: Relax? Yeah, ok. I'm just going to relax. Just relax -- yeah, that's easy.

Serena: Hi, is my mom --

Don: Yeah. Listen, sweetheart, turn around while you still can. Your mom's not in a very good mood.

Lucy: Oh.

Serena: Oh.

Rafe: Huh. You know what? Don't worry because I have a feeling that you are exactly what your mom needs right now, ok? Trust me.

[Serena knocks on door]

Lucy: Go away. I don't want to see anyone.

Serena: Not even me, Mom?

Lucy: Sweetheart, hey. What? No, you're -- you're not anyone, you. I'm so glad you're here, but why are you here? What are you doing here?

Serena: I pestered Dad into letting me come. How come you're in here?

Lucy: Oh. Well, I'm -- I'm so glad to see your face. I -- I have a bit of a dress problem.

Serena: If you put it on, you'll be the most beautiful woman in the whole room.

Lucy: Oh, thank you, but, you know, your mom is just not feeling very pretty these days.

Serena: But I think you're the most beautiful woman in the whole world, inside and outside. Please?

Lucy: You know what? I think you're the most beautiful person I know. Ok. You know what? You're -- you're right. This was supposed to be my party and I've got a beautiful dress and it's Christmas. Let's have a party.

Serena: All right, Mom. Hey, wait, I have something for you, Mom.

Lucy: What? What is it?

[Lucy gasps]

Serena: Wow.

Lucy: Oh, Doc. I wish we were -- oh. I got to stop doing this. I got to stop wasting all my dreams on marrying that man. It's not going to happen. It's not going to happen. Oh, Lucy, just grow up. Ok. All right, then I'm not going to be marrying the man tonight, not ever, so -- if he thinks, however, that I'm going to show up at that party and let him dump me in front of all our friends, he's got another think coming. So I'm just going to stay 50 feet away from him. That's what I'm going to do. That's the only way I'm going to get through this party. 50 feet.

[Phone rings]

Chris: Ramsey. Hello? Hey, you might as well talk. I can hear you breathing. Damn.

Mac: So, you're sure you're sure this time?

Kevin: It's right. Mac, tonight is the night I marry Lucy.

Victor: Because of the rings?

Kevin: Yes. No -- well -- yes.

Mac: Because --

Kevin: Because I love her with all my heart. I can't explain it. It just feels right. And the more I say it to myself, the righter it feels. It makes me feel happier, younger, lighter.

Mac: Well, then, I guess there's only one thing to say, Kevin.

Victor: To the groom.

Mac: Congratulations.

Kevin: And then all I have to do is ask her.

Mac: Well, here's your chance. There she is.

Kevin: Lucy?

Lucy: Oh, gosh. Oh, no. Oh, good grief. Excuse me.

Kevin: Oh, no, you don't.

Lucy: Hi. Excuse me.

Ian: All right. What do you think? Old-fashioned tradition.

Eve: Well, you know what an old-fashioned girl I am.

Ian: Mm-hmm.

Eve: Oh.

Ian: What? "Oh" what? Oh.

Eve: Oh, nothing. Nothing. This bracelet -- oh, it just caught the light. It is so beautiful. I don't even want to think about how much it costs.

Ian: Well, don't think about it. You know why I bought it. I wanted to -- I wanted to prove something -- want to prove how much I love you.

Eve: There are other ways.

Ian: There's something missing between us. You know there is, but we'll get it back.

Eve: I know we will.

Serena: If you guys are ok, I think I'm going to go and grab a bite to eat.

Alison: Well, save some for us, ok?

Serena: Maybe.

Alison: "Maybe." Oh, would you look at this place?

Rafe: I'm looking.

Alison: Hmm.

Rafe: You wouldn't want to dance, would you?

Alison: Oh, well, I thought that you would never ask.

Rafe: Oh, well, I'm only -- you know, I got to warn you, I'm not so good at this.

Alison: Well, I am, so just follow my lead.

Rafe: Ahem. Oh, you see, I'm -- I'm sorry I told you I --

Alison: I -- I feel like I'm dancing on air.

Kevin: Gotcha.

Lucy: Let go.

Kevin: Lucy --

Lucy: Doc, let go of me.

Kevin: Lucy, stop running away from me. There is something I want to say.

Lucy: You don't think I know what -- what you want to say to me? Well, how about this? I don't want to hear it! I know what it is you're going to say and I just don't want to hear it, ok? Ok?

Kevin: Uh -- Lucy --

Lucy: Fine. You feel the need to go ahead and say it, then I want everybody here to know what it is, so go ahead in front of this whole town. You say it!

Kevin: Ok. Look around. Look, around, Lucy. Look at the room. All of our friends. It's like the wedding we dreamed of?

Lucy: Wait a minute. Do you think I planned this? I didn't have anything --

Kevin: No, no, no, no. Nobody planned it. But here we are. And it feels right, Lucy. So let's do it.

Lucy: Do what?

Kevin: Get married.

Lucy: Get -- get married? Finally, you and me, get married?

Kevin: No, you and Victor. Of course you and me!


Lucy: No! You can't get away with that. You can't do that to me. You can't go bouncing back and forth like that. I know, Doc. I know what you've been doing. I followed you. I know that you've been sneaking around seeing another woman. That's right!

[Crowd buzzes]

Lucy: He has been seeing another woman.

Kevin: You're right, Lucy. There is another woman. And, no, it's not what you think. Trust me. Do you have enough faith in me to do that, Lucy, in spite of what you think you know? To marry me now? Do you trust me enough to believe that I love you and I always will? It's up to you. I'm asking, yes or no, will you marry me?

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>> on the next "Port Charles" --

Ian: Whatever we've lost, we'll get it back. I promise you. We'll get it back.

Singer: Miracles happen

Kevin: Don't think, Lucy. Feel it. What does the universe tell you? What are your heart and your soul telling you?


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