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Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 12/19/01

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rafe's voice: Storm's coming. Which pretty much stinks since tonight is lucy and kevin's big christmas bash. Know what else stinks? Love. Livvie thinks I'm in love with alison, but if love feels like this giant ache that won't quit, then who needs it? Still, being with alison is better than any magic. But I got to stop because, a, alison loves jamal, b, i'm leaving soon, and -- oh, yeah, c, I'm an angel.

Rafe's voice: I never lived long enough on earth to understand love. I wish i had more time to learn.

Rafe: I wish i had more time.

Alison: Hey, will you -- will you put your finger right there?

Livvie: There you go.

Alison: Thank you. I just want to get all this stuff wrapped before i get on the plane tonight.

Livvie: What, jamal's not coming home for christmas?

Alison: No. Actually, he's not. Hope is really sick and she needs a kidney transplant, so he's staying in chicago and i'm going to fly out there tonight. I'm just going to bring christmas to him, you know?

Livvie: Wow. Poor little girl.

Alison: Yeah.

Livvie: But I bet you can't wait to see him.

Alison: Yeah. You know, I've just been feeling really helpless lately because he's gone out to chicago to do his part, whatever he can do, and gabby is being tested to see if she's a match, and I'm, like, making gingerbread cookies. Yippee-doo-da day, you know?

Livvie: Well, they're really good. Someone's got to do it, you know?

Alison: I know. I just -- I just can't get out of this town fast enough, you know?

Livvie: Alison, why are you in such a rush to leave port charles?

Alison: I'm just -- I'm just really excited to spend christmas in a new place this year -- you know, just somewhere else.

Livvie: Really?

Alison: Yeah.

Livvie: Because I thought maybe you were in a rush so you didn't have to say good-bye to rafe.

Rafe: I got to get alison off the brain and get ck to work. I don't have much time to get these couples back together. Lucy's party will be my final act. That's right, let's go! Let's get ready for a night full of magic and happiness.

Lucy: No. No, no, no, absolutely not. I didn't want just two little holly swags. I wanted a whole truckload. Oh, yeah? Well, same to you. You know what? If somebody doesn't bring those over within an hour, i'll deck somebody's halls, you got that? Fine! Ta! Ugh!

Rafe: Well, I can see you're chock full of holiday cheer.

Lucy: Well, not only is kevin not down here helping with his party -- do you know, I think he's upstairs in some hotel ros newest ornament. He just doesn't know that I'm on to him. No! Don, exit. I'm dangerous now.

Go. Listen, your instincts stink. That woman was not some patient. I think right at this very moment doc is in some room taking some other gal's temperature. He just doesn't know that when he comes down here he is the one that's going to need medical attention.

Kevin: Ok. So we're all set. I think the party would be the perfect place to tell lucy about us. Frankly, i don't want to wait another minute. Thank you.

frank: Oh. I can't believe it's almost christmas. You been naughty or nice?

Karen: Well, lucky for you I've been naughty. So, what do you guys have planned for daniel?

Eve: Oh --

ian: We're going to take him to see the christmas lights.

Eve: I thought we were going to spend a nice, quiet evening at home. You still have to figure out how to put together that robbie the robot thing.

Ian: Well, I don't have an engineering degree. I didn't know it was going to be that difficult to put a toy together. Maybe -- maybe we'll show him the lights after christmas.

Eve: I have an idea. Let's do both, hmm? Karen, hey, this is to you from me. Merry christmas!

Karen: Thank you. And this is from me.

Eve: Oh, thank you.

Frank: Hey, have you heard about chris getting fired?

Eve: Rumor is he kissed amanda barrington.

Ian: He kissed amanda? That's low.

Karen: Well, I have a theory on why chris was fired. He was working on creating on an anti-aging formula with some of the vampire serum.

Ian: He'd join the devil if there were a nickel in it.

Karen: When that fell through and he realized he couldn't be richer than god, i guess he just lost it, snapped.

Frank: Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Karen: Yeah. Oh, wow. Well, look at this.

Eve: Oh, my gosh!

Karen: I guess great minds think alike.

Eve: And look at this! Hello! I guess this will save me from borrowing yours, right?

Karen: There you go.

Eve: Thank you.

Frank: So, who do you think is going to take over as chief resident?

Karen: Hey, don't look at me. I had my day in hell, thank you.

Eve: Well, maybe it'll be me. Alan wants to talk to me later on.

Ian: He does?

Eve: Mm-hmm.

Ian: You wouldn't take it, would you?

Eve: Well, I'd have to at least consider it if it were offered to me, wouldn't i?

Ian: Sure, but, you know, I thought with a kid and everything --

eve: But that's why they have --

frank: Hey, my mom made some christmas cookies. Anybody want some?

Ian: When were you going to tell me?

Frank: Speak of the devil.

Chris: Don't you guys ever work?

[Phone rings]

chris: Hello? Hello? Hel-- maybe you don't understand the concept of the phone. It's your turn to speak. Hello? Hung up.

Eve: So, ramsey, what are you going to do with yourself now that you don't have a job?

Chris: I'm going over to stay with my brother for a while because I have nowhere else to go for the holidays. I'm lonely.

Karen: I thought you hated jack.

Chris: No, actually, I love my brother very much. In fact, last night we decorated the tree. I hung the star.

Ian: Chris, what's going on?

Chris: Nothing. It was beautiful. I cried.

Chris: I can hear that and it hurts!

Eve: Oh, my god.

Alison: Wait -- you know that rafe is leaving town?

Livvie: Well, I know more than that. I know where he's going.

Alison: So, then, you know that he's --

livvie: An angel. Yep.

Alison: Oh, my god, you do know.

Livvie: Yeah. I found out when caleb was back, but I kept, you know, the whole secret.

Alison: Oh, my god, I've been -- no, listen to me, I've been dying to talk to somebody about this. And now that -- now that you know he's all sort of heavenly and stuff --

livvie: I know about the kiss, too.

Alison: Oh. Oh. What, did valerie shoot her big mouth off?

Livvie: Actually, I found out from rafe.

Alison: Oh. He told you?

Livvie: I kind of had to get it out of him --

alison: Right.

Livvie: Alison, but he feels really bad about what happened, especially since jamal walked in on the two of you.

Alison: I know, I know, and he came by last night to apologize for, like, the hundredth time and i told him it was no big deal, you know, because I love jamal and we worked everything out. But, still, I just --

livvie: What?

Alison: I don't know. He looked a little lost and I just hope that he didn't -- i don't -- oh, nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Livvie: Alison, rafe is really special --

alison: Right.

Livvie: And it's understandable if you're drawn to him.

Alison: Drawn to him?

Livvie: Come on, ali, you met an angel.

Alison: I know.

Livvie: Of course he would captivate you.

Alison: I know, and he's just so amazing. He's just -- i don't know -- like, all the stuff that he can do. I mean, this one night -- listen to me -- we were out babysitting daniel and he created, like, this magic show of lights. You know, he just sort of like opened up his hands and there was, like, all this beautiful light. But, still, I just --

livvie: It's not real.

Alison: Right. Right. Just have to keep telling myself that.

Rafe: So you finally asked kevin about this mystery woman?

Lucy: Uh-uh. I did one better than that. I followed him. Oh, my goodness, that is way too much garlic. Do the whole tray again, please. Thank you.

Rafe: Nothing is easy with you, is it?

Lucy: You know, this whole thing started because I saw kevin ordering takeout for two at the recovery room, and I thought, "wow, i hope he's just really hungry." So i followed him. And you know what? On the way to a hotel room, he stopped and bought flowers. So of course, I had to follow him to the hotel and i h to knock on the door and see who was there and when the door opened, there was this gorgeous woman holding the flowers that kevin had given her. And suddenly it was very clear.

Rafe: Well, could you explain it to me, then?

Lucy: Kevin, obviously, has fallen in love with somebody else.

Rafe: Right. Just like that?

Lucy: Yeah, just like that. End of the whole pathetic story.

Rafe: You know, you realize this makes no sense.

Lucy: Which part? What doesn't make sense, rafe? The fact that he can just bounce between two women like that? He was in love with me, asked me to ma-- he proposed to me, and now -- oh, you men!

Rafe: Whoa. Easy, now. Leave me out of it. Now, i say you still don't have proof, so you might as well have faith and just see what happens at this party tonight.

Lucy: You know, you are so darned cute and you are very sweet, but you don't know diddly about love. I did that. I went to kevin. I did. I asked -- tried to get the truth out of him. He just lied right through his teeth right to my face. But you're right about this christmas party. I am going forward with it. I'm going to do it because i owe it to my public.

Rafe: Well, that's big of you.

Lucy: Thank you. Oh, brother. You know, as far as me and what's-his-name go, we are finished, kaput, done, over with.

Rafe: Really? Well, what if you're not, hmm? I mean, what if some miracle happens tonight and everything works out? Would you take -- um -- what's-his-name back?

Lucy: There's not a miracle big enough.

Rafe: That's what you think.

Karen: Oh, frank --

frank: Listen.

["Time in a bottle" plays]

karen: It's perfect. You know how much this means to me. Your turn.

Frank: Oh, cool. "The time machine," the only h.G. Wells novel we don't have. That's -- that's great.

Eve: Since when where you guys so into science fiction?

Karen: It's a hobby we kind of fell into.

Frank: All right, your turn. You guys go ahead.

Ian: No, we're going to do that whole present thing later tonight.

Eve: Yeah, we're --

karen: Oh, come on. We agreed we'd open a couple of presents here today, so you can't bail on us.

Eve: Uh --

frank: Yeah, come on, thornhart. What'd you get her? A vacuum cleaner?

Eve: Oh, he'd better not have.

Ian: That's not a bad idea, but no. Your gift is right here.

Eve: Well, I just happen to have yours right here.

Ian: Merry christmas, lambert.

Eve: Merry christmas, thornhart. Me first?

Ian: Mm-hmm.

Eve: Oh, my god. Oh!

Ian: You like it?

Eve: Oh, it's beautiful!

Frank: Are those real?

Karen: I'm jealous. They're beautiful. You're a very lucky girl.

Eve: Oh, this is beautiful. These must've cost a fortune.

Ian: You're worth it.

Eve: Ok, you go now.

Ian: Ok.

Eve: Oh, gosh.

Ian: It's a yeats first edition. This is -- this is very rare.

Frank: You guys are making us look like a couple of cheapskates here.

Eve: Yeah. I guess maybe we went a little overboard, huh?

Alison: Look, I know what rafe does, ok, and i know that all the bells and whistles aren't real. But, livvie, he is. And I can't help but feeling bad about what he's missing.

Livvie: All right, well, do you think that maybe rafe wants what he can't have with you?

Alison: I think that the reason why rafe kissed me and the reason why he really likes hanging out with me really isn't about me. It's about life.

Livvie: Yeah, the life he never had.

Alison: I mean, it must not be easy for him -- i mean, seeing us all having fun and in love and everything else, knowing that he will always be on the outside.

Livvie: No, hold on. Alison, rafe came here on a mission. He knew what he was getting himself into.

Alison: Well, I wonder. I mean, livvie, even everything that i go through with jamal, the good and the bad, I mean, it's still worth it because I have someone to love. You know, I have someone to turn to at night, but he doesn'T. He doesn't. He just -- he'll never have that, ever.

Livvie: You really got attached to him, didn't you?

Alison: Yeah. Really attached. So, you know, call me a big chicken, but i just can't see rafe. You know, it's not like he is just going on some sort of trip or he's moving somewhere else even on this planet. I mean, he's not. He's gone and he's going for good -- no phone calls, no letters, no nothing. Just gone. I just -- I can't bring myself to say good-bye to him.

Lucy: Fine, but it is not fair. Thanks a lot.

Rafe: Trouble?

Lucy: It's just serena. Scott said that he's got some last-minute plans he forgot about -- which he always seems to forget about these last-minute plans -- and i can't have her for the party. So now not only do i not have uy, I don't even have my daughter.

Rafe: Um -- things will get better.

Lucy: You know something? Your continuation of this positive energy thing is very admirable, but it's beginning to get very annoying.

[Phone rings]

lucy: Now what?


Kevin: Lucy?

Lucy: Oh, hi, doc. How are you? You know, I'm in the middle of preparty hell here, so i don't really have a chance to chat right now, ok?

Kevin: I'm sorry I'm late, I got waylaid.

Lucy: Really? Is that what you're calling it now?

Kevin: Don't panic. I'll be right there.

Lucy: I am past the point of panic. Doc, why don't you tell me what -- what's going on with you?

Kevin: Just sit tight. I'm on my way. She's starting to get suspicious. I know, we agreed we'd tell lucy what's going on. But I don't think springing this at the party is such a smart idea after all. I'd better talk to lucy alone. I think I should tell her now.

Rafe: What -- what did you hear?

Lucy: It's really nothing. Just the sound of my entire world being shattered.

Karen: So i guess we'll see you here same time next year.

Eve: Yeah.

Frank: Yeah, thanks for the gifts, guys. We love them.

Eve: Thanks. Yeah, thanks from us, too.

Frank: Just a tip -- better not let your wife go wearing that bracelet around the halls unless you want every husband in port charles to hear about it.

Ian: I'll keep that in mind.

Frank: All right.

Karen: We'll see you later.

Frank: See you.

Eve: Ok, bye. So, do you really like the book? Because if you don't, I could take it back.

Ian: I love the book. I'm -- i'm a little afraid to read it. It should be in a museum.

Eve: It was on its way.

Ian: Ok. What do you say we finish our shifts and go home? Ok?

Eve: Yeah.

Ian: You didn't buy danny a pony, did you?

Eve: I considered it. You know what? This is beautiful, but i think frank's right. If i don't want security following me around the hospital, I'd better leave it at home.

Chris: Whoa. Somebody broke the bank, huh? You trying to impress her? You already got the girl.

Livvie: What a beautiful rose. Did jamal give this to you?

Alison: Actually, rafe did. Yeah, it's my -- it's my favorite flower.

Livvie: Ok. He gave you a rose, he kisses you, and he's leaving forever and you are not going to say good-bye to him?

Alison: Yeah, it sounds kind of cold, doesn't it?

Livvie: Rafe has only one more day left on earth. You figure it out.

Kevin: Rafe? I'm here. How mad is lucy? Like, you know, on a one to 10 ale?

Rafe: Triple digits. But don't worry because, you know, I think she'll be so happy after this party that none of this will matter.

Kevin: You really think things are going to work out?

Rafe: It's going to be a great party, you know, full of surprises.

Kevin: Uh-huh. Well, I guess I better do my part and pitch in.

Rafe: Great.

Kevin: So where is lucy right now? In the kitchen having a fistfight with don over the seating arrangements or something?

Rafe: No, no, no. She did that an hour ago. She went out for a breather. But you know what? I have a feeling she's going to get back real soon.

[Lucy sighs]

lucy: Well, here i go. There's no way i'm just going to hang around port charles and let doc tell me that he loves another woman, so for once in my life i am going to do something totally, completely for myself. Well, maybe not for once in my life. Anyway, I always wanted to go to hawaii for the holidays, and that's what I'm going to do. Port charles can just have a merry little christmas without me, if that's possible.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "port charles: Miracles happen."

>> On the next "port charles" --

lucy: I'm going to have the merriest christmas i've ever had, you know, in my whole life ever. Ever!

Rafe: I can tell you everything, considering my going-away gift to you.

Alison: Well, you know that i love surprises.

Rafe: You're going to love this one, then.

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