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Port Charles Transcript Friday 11/16/01

chris: You're -- you're --

caleb: I think the word you're looking for is "alive."

Chris: I --

caleb: Uh-uh-uh. Don't waste my time asking how.

Chris: Well, I'm glad. Really, I -- you know, i mean, you look good.

Caleb: Really?

Chris: Yeah. Which only proves that you're a superior being, which i thought all along. See, i think your trick here is, is that you -- that you --

caleb: Save it.

Chris: Metabolize it --

caleb: Save it. All right? I'm not here to have my ring kissed, chris.

Chris: Ok. Why are you here?

Caleb: You have something that i want. And as you might've guessed, I get what i want.

Eve: Uh -- I'm sorry. I -- i didn't realize you were still awake.

Ian: Wait.

Eve: No, that's ok. I can just get a drink of water out of the bathroom.

Ian: You don't have to apologize. I'm your husband.

Eve: But things have changed.

Ian: That's the truth. Two months ago, you and I were crazy in love, wanting to start a life together, and here we are pretending.

Eve: Well, we have to pretend if we're going to convince child services that we're working things out. We have to get danny back.

Ian: The point is, is this the kind of life you want for your boy, with us pretending? I hate the way we've grown apart, you know. We're uncomfortable with each other and you're afraid of me.

Eve: I'm not uncomfortable because i'm afraid of you.

Ian: You're not?

Eve: As much as i hate to admit this to myself, I'm uncomfortable because i'm still in love with you and a part of me still wants to be with you.

Lucy: Oh, my goodness, christina. It really -- it is you, isn't it? Oh. Oh, my goodness. You're real. You're really real. Hey, it's chilly out there. Why don't you come inside with -- with mommy, ok? Come -- come on in, all right? Why don't -- why don't we go in, and we'll get you all warm, and you can -- here. Be careful. You can sit right here on the couch. Here you go. Are -- are you ok? I mean, you look very good. You want some help? Mommy will help -- help you up. There you go. Oh, do you like this place? It's nice, huh? Listen, christina, can you tell me how you got here? Did -- did julie bring you here? Ok. Listen, it doesn't matter how you got here. All that matters is you're here. And I bet you were pretty scared out there all by yourself, huh? But you don't have to be scared anymore because mommy is right here with you and I'm never going to let you out of my sight, ok? Listen, sweet pea, you just -- just sit right there for a second, ok? I need -- I need to just make a -- a phone call, ok? And then i'll come right -- right back, ok, and visit some more. Just -- just don't move, ok? Stay right there.

[Phone rings]

kevin: What?

Lucy: Doc? Hi. It's me. Listen, you're not going to believe me, but christina's here. Doc, my baby's here. She's sitting right in front of me, in my own living room. My baby is back. She's home with me. Doc, say something. Say something to me. Is something wrong?

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lucy: Doc, say something. You're -- you're scaring me. Say anything.

Kevin: I can't talk to you now, lucy.

Lucy: But, doc, did you -- did you hear what I just said? My little girl's here. Christina's here. She's here with me.

Kevin: I said not now!

Lucy: Doc, is something really wrong? Are you having some kind of emergency or something?

Kevin: Yeah, something like that.

Lucy: I don't think doc believed me. In fact, i don't even think -- it's like he didn't even hear me. But you are here and -- are you -- you ok? Are you looking at the fire? Are you -- are you cold? You're not cold? I'm sorry that took so long. You know, I just -- I just need to reach somebody. I'll tell you what -- we're going to call your daddy. I don't -- i don't know if you remember him. He's a funny-looking guy -- well, you know, he's got that funny hair that sticks up on top of his head. Let's just call him and see if we can get ahold of him, ok? Oh, shoot. I hate those cell phones. You know, it's this caller available thing -- something you don't need to worry about yet. Let's call him at his office. He's probably at work. And then we'll get him to come right over. He'd be as happy to see you as i am, sweet pea. Ok, the line's busy. This isn't good because, you know, I want to share you with everybody. He's going to be so happy. Christina, i'll tell you what we're going to do. I'm going to take your picture. Is -- is that ok? I'm going to take your picture, and then the idea would be i can fax it over to your daddy's office and write him a little note, and then he'll get it, and then he can come right away. So is it ok if i take your picture? Ok, you ready? Don't let the flash scare you. One, two, three.

[Shutter clicks]

lucy: There! See? This is a terrific idea. We'll -- we'll write daddy a little note, and then we'll put this in the fax machine, and then everybody will know you're here, that you're really and truly here with me and that you're home.

Chris: I have something that you want?

Caleb: That's right.

Chris: Oh, what's mine is yours -- within reason, of course.

Caleb: I like you, chris. You're completely immoral.

Chris: Thanks.

Caleb: Mm-hmm. You're also reasonably smart for a mortal. Taking a vampire's blood and turning it into a serum that may give eternal life is -- is a neat trick.

Chris: You know about that?

Caleb: I want that serum, chris.

Chris: Why? I mean, you're already a vampire.

Caleb: Let's just say it's for a friend, someone who longs to be like me but doesn't like to feed.

Chris: "Feed"? Well, you know, I mean, I would love to help you, but there is a minor problem.

Caleb: How minor?

Chris: Well, the serum -- it was destroyed. It's gone.

Caleb: So i give you some of my blood and you re-create it. I don't see what the problem is.

Chris: Well, you see, there are notes that i made, and they're gone, too. And I would have to re-create it all from memory, and that is unbelievably difficult.

Caleb: I don't care how difficult it is, chris! You did it once before! You will do it again! Do you understand me? I want that serum, and you will find a way to give it to me.

Chris: Yes, i understand. I understand that you want that serum and that i'm the only one who could give it to you. You know something? I don't know if this is as easy as i make it and you take it, though. So, what do you say, caleb? Want to make a deal?

Eve: My feelings for you are still strong. That hasn't stopped.

Ian: Well, neither have mine. How could they?

Eve: Sometimes when i'm with you, I forget that we're not together anymore. Especially when you talk about danny. You talk about getting him back. You're so strong and confident, i -- I think it's possible.

Ian: It'll happen. We will get him back. And maybe if we remember what we had, we can get that back as well.

Eve: I -- i don't think you're understanding me correctly. Um -- I just mean that the love -- I -- is there. It's in my heart, but -- but we still have problems. That hasn't changed.

Ian: I know, I know. We need time. I'm not pushing you. Maybe what we need is to --

eve: Yeah.

Ian: Clear our heads. I'm going to go for a walk.

Eve: Ok.

Ian: Ok?

Eve: Yeah.

Ian: Yeah.

Eve: That's a good idea.

N: All right. Ok.

[Knock on door]

eve: Kevin! Kevin, where's danny? What's -- what's wrong?

Kevin: Nothing's wrong. Danny's fine. He's with victor and mary.

Eve: Kevin, what's wrong?

Kevin: Everything.

Eve: Oh, my god. Something has happened, hasn't it? Tell me, what happened?

Chris: I think it's only fair that as the sole inventor of the serum, I retain all profits from its use, consultation as to who we decide receives it, as well as a high-ranking position in whatever coven results -- president, c.E.O. Oh, and I also want you to teach me that little mind thing you do with the girls -- you know, makes them fall in love with you.

Caleb: Is that it?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Unless, of course, you have a better offer.

Caleb: Hmm. Here's my offer, chris.

Chris: Ah!

Caleb: And it's a one-time-only opportunity. You give me the serum and I spare your miserable life. Do we have a deal?

Chris: Oh -- ok.

Caleb: Now, do me a favor and make sure you be nice and gentle, doc. I'm not used to being a donor.

Lucy: Oh, I can't believe i did this. I didn't even think about -- you must be really hungry or thirsty. You know what? Why don't you take my hand and we'll go in the kitchen and we'll get something to eat. I mean, I'm still not a very good cook or anything, but i can come up with something. You don't look like you want to go. You're more comfortable there? Ok. You just sit right there and I will get us something to eat, ok? I'll come up with something. Of course, you're a big girl now, so I'm not sure what you really like anymore, but I know i can think of something. Maybe some graham crackers, maybe, osome cookies or something. You just stay there and I'll whip it up, ok? Just stay cozy with your dolly. I have some milk, but -- oh, better yet, chocolate milk. You know, I don't even know if these graham crackers are still go, though. They might have expire-- christina? Christina? Sweet pea? Christina, where are you? Oh, my god -- christina! Christina! Where are you, baby? Christina! Christina!

Livvie: Who?

Lucy: Christina, my daughter, she was just here, livvie. Did you see her? Did she come down the stairs? Did she come out this door?

Livvie: No, lucy. I just got here.

Lucy: My god! Christina! Baby, where are you? Mommy just wants to see you. Where are you?

Livvie: But, lucy, no one's here.

Lucy: Well, she was here! Livvie, she was right here. My daughtewas right here in front of my very eyes. Christina!

Livvie: Lucy, are you ok?

Lucy: Christina, where are you? I'm fine! I am fine. My daughter was here, livvie. I just have to find her. Christina!

Christina! Christina, where are you?

Ian: I don't just want you for one night. I want you for always. I want us to grow old together and still love each other. And we will. I know it. I saw it from the first moment i met you. I promise that i will love you and honor you, for now and for always.

Ian: All right. I got to tell eve everything. I got to tell her about lucy. If we're ever going to have a chance of being a family, she's got to hear it from me.

Kevin: I can't do it. I can't do it. I can't hurt you the way ian and lucy hurt us.

Eve: I'm going to get you some coffee and sober you up.

Kevin: I don't want to sober up! Our lives are shattered, eve! Ian came out of nowhere, lucy blew into my life like a tornado, and look what happened. We deserved better than that. We still deserve better.

Eve: Kevin, what happened? Did something happen between you and lucy again?

Kevin: Do you remember what it was like when we were together? That was peaceful. Maybe we took it for granted. Maybe we got bored with it. I don't know. Maybe we thought it would be too predictable. So what do we do? We hook up with the two most unpredictable people we know, and look what happened.

Eve: I don't think I've ever seen you like this, kevin. What -- what's wrong?

Kevin: I can't believe --

eve: You have to tell me what's wrong.

Kevin: That lucy and him. Ian.

Eve: What? Ian?

Kevin: Lousy --

eve: What? Kevin -- kevin -- if you know something about ian, you have to tell me right now.

Lucy: Wait a minute. Christina was here. She was real because i -- I touched her hair and she smiled right at me, so something is going on. I'm going to call the police. Maybe they can help. Hi. Yes, it's lucy coe again, and I'm calling about my daughter. She -- i know you know she's missing and scott's -- never mind. Ok, I'm going to call scott at work. He'll know what to do. I took a picture. What -- I took a picture. I took a picture. This will prove that christina was here she was re-- real.

Livvie: There's no one in it, lucy.

Lucy: No. You don't understand. She was right here. She was sitting right here on the couch, and I took that picture! She was here!

Livvie: Lucy, lucy, lucy -- I know -- I know this is hard, but you thought you've seen her before when no one else has.

Lucy: This doesn't make sense. It doesn't make any sense at all!

Livvie: Unless -- unless you just -- you just thought you saw her in your mind.

Lucy: No. No, this can't be happening again. It wasn't -- it wasn't just in my imagination.

Livvie: I -- i know it probably just felt like she was because you want it so much. I know how that is, lucy, when you want something so badly and -- and it's just not there.

Lucy: No, she was real. She wasn't just in my imagination. I thought my -- my baby was back home. I thought I had her back.

Livvie: Oh, lucy, lucy. I am so sorry. Oh, this must be so hard for you. And I'm sorry I haven't been here for you like I said i would, but you know what? My things are packed and i was just on my way home to go and get them, so if you still want me --

lucy: I don'T.

Livvie: To stay here --

lucy: No, no! Thank you. I appreciate it, livvie. I don't want you to stay. I want you to -- I -- can i be alone?

Livvie: Ok. If you're sure.

Lucy: I'm sure. Please, I -- I -- i'm fine. I just -- I need to be alone.

Livvie: Ok.

Lucy: Ok. I know i took a picture of christina. Wait a minute. There's something in this picture. There's something -- a shadow. Something is -- is there. What is it? What -- what is going on?

Eve: Answer my question, kevin.

Kevin: We were set up, right from the beginning.

Eve: Drink this. Kevin?

Kevin: You really are an amazing woman, eve.

Eve: Thank you.

Kevin: It's not the booze. It's the truth. You know all that talk about fate and soul mates? It isn't real. Friendship -- that's real. We had that.

Eve: You are a good friend to me, kevin.

Kevin: We were friends. Friends make the best partners, eve, because with a friend, you can have trust because you feel safe and you feel loved. And we had that. We were happy. We were happy.

Caleb: Right on time. Tell me, is lucy missing her little girl again?

Livvie: Oh, I think we're driving her crazy.

Caleb: Good. Very good. As a reward for all you've done, I have a little surprise for you.

Livvie: What is it?

Caleb: Oh, not yet. You have to wait just a little while longer. But when you get it, my love, your future's going to be brighter than anything you could --

livvie: I -- our future.

Caleb: Our future. We're going to have everything exactly the way we want it.


lucy: Caleb.

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>> On the next "port charles" --

jack: Caleb can't make livvie do bad things from the grave -- or can he?

Lucy: Because of caleb, these bad things are happening. I swear to you. Doc, i'm telling you the truth.

Kevin: And you always tell me the truth, right?

Ian: I made some big mistakes, and I think you should know about it.


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