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Port Charles Transcript  Thursday 11/15/01

Last time:

kevin: There was a water main that burst.

Lucy: What about my gowns?

Kevin: Think titanic.

Lucy: Uh --

jamal: We put you in the ground, we buried you, and you expect us to just make like nothing ever happened?

Gabriela: Do i know you?

Caleb: You will, soon.

chris: Hey, karen. What's wrong with you? You having a bad reaction to the serum?

Karen: What i'm having a reaction to, chris, is our little trip to the catacombs.

Chris: Freaked you out, huh?

Karen: Well, that's what you wanted, wasn't it -- to get me to think what it would be like to be alone in a nightmare of a life as a freak?

Chris: Look, I know that i may have scared you. But I had to come up with a way to show you that telling frank the truth was a bad idea.

Karen: I'm not telling anybody that i was injected with that vampire serum. And as far as frank goes --

frank: Hey, karen. Did I just hear my name?

Ian: That counselor should have been here a half-hour ago.

Eve: Do you really think this is going to help us get danny back?

Ian: Yes, of course it will. It'll work.

[Knock on door]

ian: Ok, here we go. You ready?

Eve: Yes, if you are.

Ian: Keep smiling.

Ian: Suzanne, hi, how are you? Come on in.

Suzanne: Doctors. I was surprised when you called me.

Ian: Well, we wanted to tell you about the changes, you know, wanted to tell you the news. Why don't you sit down.

Eve: Right. And we wanted you to see for yourself.

Suzanne: See what, exactly?

Eve: Well, this. We've -- we've moved back in together and it feels --

ian: Wonderful.

Eve: Yeah.

Suzanne: It does?

Ian: Wonderful and comfortable and just the way it should be with us together.

Kevin: Hello.

Livvie: Dad.

Kevin: Sorry. I didn't mean to disturb the peace.

Livvie: Um -- no, you weren'T. I was not doing anything.

Kevin: You were writing.

Livvie: I was just figuring out how many units to take this semester.

Kevin: Oh, honey, that's great. I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that.

[Doorbell rings]

livvie: Don't get up, don't get up. I'll get it. I think I need to stretch.

Livvie: Lucy.

Lucy: Livvie, hi. Hi. Doc?

Kevin: Hey. Did you forget something?

Lucy: Uh, no, not exactly.

Kevin: Well, what do you mean, "not exactly"?

Lucy: Uh -- look, I just really need to talk to you.

Livvie: Tell you what, I think I might have forgot to do something upstairs. Excuse me, please.

Kevin and lucy: Thank you.

Lucy: So, I've been sort of driving and thinking and driving and thinking and driving --

kevin: Lucy, what is it?

Lucy: You know how we just pulled together so well to make sure that eve and ian got daniel back?

Kevin: Yeah. So now you're thinking that wasn't such a good idea?

Lucy: No. No, not -- no, not -- just the opposite. I think it's a wonderful idea anytime you get a child back with their parents. You know, I just hope it works that daniel gets to stay with them.

Kevin: But?

Lucy: But how come when it comes to my baby, you --

kevin: Your situation is entirely different.

Lucy: No, it's not. I believe -- in fact, I know i saw christina and I want her so desperately back in my arms, but when i told you about it or when i beg you to help me, you're just not supportive.

Kevin: Well, I don't think i'd put it that way.

Lucy: I would. Because I know how it feels. And over the past few weeks it feels like this huge, awful, gigantic wall has gone up between us, and I just wonder --

kevin: Wonder what?

Lucy: You know, I just wonder if -- if we can build a lifetime together. Do we have a chance with such a serious thing standing between us?

suzanne: We try our best to place all children back with their parents as soon as we can. The two of you being back together under the same roof, it's a solid step in the right direction.

Eve: So does that mean we can be a family again?

Suzanne: Even though you put your husband under a restraining order?

Eve: I took back my request.

Suzanne: Yes, and i heard your explanation, but I would like to see the two of you together for at least a week or so.

Eve: But that's another week without danny.

Suzanne: I'll arrange for a visit, supervised.

Ian: A visit with our own son? Do you know how crazy that sounds?

Suzanne: I'm sorry, but that's the best I can do. I'll be in touch.

Ian: Ok. Thanks for coming so quickly and thanks for understanding how anxious we are.

Suzanne: One step at a time.

Ian: Gave our best shot. I almost believed it myself.

Eve: Well, I'm not so sure that she did.

Ian: We'll be more convincing next time.

Eve: And in the meantime?

Ian: In the meantime, we'll live together. Hey, i know you don't trust me and I know there isn't much of a relationship left here, but we have to show the court that this is a loving and stable place for daniel.

Eve: Just so that we are both clear we are doing this for danny's sake. Nothing's changed. You stay on your side of the loft and I'll stay on mine.

Ian: Wouldn't have it any other way.

Karen: I was just asking chris if he had seen you. I need to talk to you, frank.

Frank: Good, good, me, too.

Chris: Well, if you'll excuse me, I have some schedules to make, some interns to torture. See you.

Karen: Remember at the lake when you asked me --

frank: Wait, no, no, karen, wait, please? Ok, I really need you to hear this. I was wrong. When -- when you told me about chris and his vampire serum, I shouldn't have jumped on you the way i did.

Karen: I don't understand.

Frank: Look, look, as crazy as it sounded and still sounds, I was just talking to gabby and, well, she told me how she felt after she got bitten and it was all the same symptoms you were having -- the crazy energy, the lack of inhibition. So is it true? Did chris really inject you with some kind of serum made of vampire blood?

Karen: There is no serum. I wish there was, but you guessed right. I am back on drugs.

Frank: Oh, karen.

Karen: I'm sorry. I should've told you sooner. I --

frank: It's ok. I want to help you through this, ok? No matter how long it takes, I am here.

Karen: No, no, no, frank, frank, you can'T. I have to deal with this all by myself, ok, all on my own. And until I do, it's all off.

Frank: What do you mean it's all off?

Karen: Our engagement.

Kevin: Lucy, I'm not sure you meant that to sound the way it sounded to me, but it sounded like you're thinking about ending us? Lucy, if you think i'm going to give you up without a fight, think again. Now, i know we've been having a problem, but --

lucy: A problem? You didn't believe me. Doc, you didn't believe that i saw my daughter and you can't seem to understand why trust and believe in ian.

Kevin: Well, I may never understand that any more than you may never understand my connection with eve, but we'll find a balance, lucy. Look, I understand that you've been upset with me because i haven't been more supportive about christina.

Lucy: You bet. I have been very, very upset.

Kevin: But I will be, and you're right to be upset. I want to help. I love you, lucy.

Lucy: Oh, doc, sometimes, just sometimes, that's just not enough.

Kevin: Well, I don't believe that. And I refuse to believe that you'll just simply give up on us. Not when we have so much, not when we love each other as much as we do.

Frank: You're breaking our engagement?

Karen: We have to, at least temporarily.

Frank: Why, karen?

Karen: I'm taking a leave of absence to go back into rehab.

Frank: That's no reason to put us off. I want to help.

Karen: You can't! I already told you, frank, you've got to let this go and so do I.

Karen: Frank, i know what you went through to try and save me. But this time --

frank: It's -- it's ok. I, uh -- I got it. There's nothing I can do but give you what you want. I'll leave you alone. But only until you get better.

Karen: A day at a time. That's all there is, ok, minute by minute.

Frank: But the minute you get out, you understand me, the second, I'm there.

Lucy: I love you very, very much. You know i do. It's just these past few weeks i have felt like you're a thousand miles away from me, and I've missed you so much and I was so angry at you, and I --

kevin: Lucy, you can tell me.

Lucy: I -- I just -- I missed you. I really missed you so much.

Kevin: I missed you, too.

[Daniel cries]

lucy: Oh, danny.

Kevin: Danny.

Lucy: Hey, sweet pea, it's ok. It's ok. You're ok. Shh. There you go. Everything's ok, ok? Everything's fine. There you go. Everything's fine. See? Good. He's good.

Kevin: You know, if you ever want to try and talk to me about christina, i'll listen. I really do want to help.

Lucy: Thanks. It means a lot. I should go.

Kevin: Do you have to?

Lucy: Yeah, I'd better. I've got to --

kevin: Lucy, look, it's going to take some time to work these things out, but I think we should try. I think it's important.

Lucy: Me, too.

Livvie: Hey.

Kevin: Hey.

Livvie: Where's lucy?

Kevin: Well, you just missed her.

Livvie: So, did you guys work anything out?

Kevin: Maybe. I think so.

Livvie: That's -- that's good. That's great.

Kevin: You going somewhere?

Livvie: Yeah, I have some errands I need to run.

Kevin: Well, how fortuitous for me. Would you mind picking up some more formula for daniel? We're almost out.

Livvie: Yeah, no problem.

Kevin: Great. Thanks.

Livvie: Livvie, you can't let them get back together. Caleb, help me, please. I need your help. Give me the power I need, please.

Ian: Lambert, i'm home.

Eve: You don't have to yell!

Ian: I'm not yelling. I was just warning you in case you were in the shower or something, that's all.

Eve: Well, ok. Well, you can -- just put your stuff somewhere over there because the spare bedroom has danny's stuff in it and --

ian: I'll take the couch, no problem. Thank you.

Eve: Fine.

Ian: Eve, can we talk for a few minutes maybe?

Eve: Uh -- actually, I really want to call kevin and check on danny right now.

Ian: Hey, i understand you're uncomfortable.

Eve: You bet I am.

Ian: Well, so am I, but maybe this is the only way that we can get daniel back.

Eve: I know that! But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Ian: Can I please finish my sentence?

Eve: Fine.

Ian: Maybe what's bothering you is that you like having me around. Is that a possibility?

Eve: Are you nuts?

Ian: I'm just asking.

Eve: I'm not going to answer that question. Now I am going to bed.

Ian: Whatever you say there, eve.

Eve: Good night!

Ian: Good night.

karen: Get the hell away from me.

Chris: I'm sorry. I just thought that maybe --

karen: I don't care what you thought or what you want or what you're feeling. I just told frank I was hooked and I'm taking a leave of absence for rehab. I basically broke off our engagement.

Chris: Oh, wow. Wow, karen, I'm sorry. I can't even imagine --

karen: Damn right you can't imagine, about any of this. I'm not even human anymore. I'm just half a vampire. I really hurt the man I really love. I have no job. I have nowhere to go. I sure as hell can't even go back to my own house after telling frank that i'm leaving town.

Chris: I have a place that you could stay. I have an extra room. Bunk in with me.

Karen: In your dreams, ramsey.

Chris: No, I'm serious. It would be great. I could monitor your changes that way.

Karen: Forget it.

Chris: Karen, please. Please, I'm the only one who really understands what you're going through. At least let me put a roof over your head.

Karen: As if I have a better offer.

Chris: Karen, look -- I got a spare in my locker. Take this.

Karen: I guess I should go talk to alan, schedule a leave. I'll see you soon.

Chris: Ok, see you at home. Just make yourself at home.

Karen: Thanks.

Chris: Oh. Oh. This just keeps getting better and better. I never could've imagined that that would be possible. No. No, you're dead.

Ian: Maybe I can bore myself to sleep. Why not.

[Turns tv on]

man: Nice mattress. Skulls?

Woman: Take your dirty feet off my bed! You've really got it.

Ian: Eve.

Lucy: Oh, christina.

Lucy: Oh, christina. Christina, christina, why aren't you here? You know, if you just -- if you were here, then everything would be ok again, everything would be all right. I just want to feel -- oh, I can't do this. I got to stop. Ok, enough for one day. Enough, enough, enough. I need to go to sleep. Little cup, go to sleep, try not to dream those dreams I keep dreaming. Oh, for heaven's sakes, that darn porch light. Oh. Christina? Oh. Hi.

[Baby cries]

lucy: Hi.

Kevin: Hank.

Hank: Hope it's not too late, dr. Collins, but i got some juice for you.

Kevin: Information on ian, you mean. Come on.

Hank: Your friend dr. Thornhart's got quite a private life.

Kevin: What's in there?

Hank: Pictures. Lots of them. Go on, take a look. He takes this playing doctor stuff very serious, I'm telling you.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, that's -- that's him all right.

Hank: Yeah, but check out the broad. She must live at the gym.

Kevin: Lucy?

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chris: Why are you here?

Caleb: You have something that i want.

Lucy: Doc, my baby's here. She's sitting right in front of me. Doc, say something to me. Is something wrong?

Eve: I'm uncomfortable because I'm still in love with you.

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