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Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 11/14/01

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Last time:

gabriela: And you're thinking about taking that job and leaving everything and everyone behind?

Jamal: Somehow jack cheated death again. As soon as it's light, we're going to pay his grave a little visit.

livvie: Did I try and kill you? How could you even ask me a question like that?

Jack: Because somebody poisoned my drink, livvie. The napkin i used to wipe up the spill basically disintegrated right in front of my face.

Livvie: And you think I'm responsible?

Jack: Are you?

Livvie: Oh, yeah, sure, jack. I turned into a murderer overnight.

Jack: Not overnight. Besides, i don't think you could come up with an idea like this on your own.

Livvie: Oh, no? Then what do you think?

Jack: That it might have something to do with caleb.

Victor: No dessert again?

Ian: No. No, not this time, thanks.

Victor: All right. One of these days we'll come up with something you will find absolutely irresistable.

Ian: Irresistable?

Victor: Yeah.

Ian: See, you. Thanks.

Victor: Yeah.

Ian: Whoa. Hi.

Lucy: Hi.

Ian: Hi.

Lucy: Hi.

Ian: Hi, yourself. Come here.

Lucy: Oh. Ok, wait. Are we -- we just had a friend -- a friend hug. Is that still allowed, those friend hugs in public?

Ian: Sure.

Lucy: Yeah.

Ian: Oh, sure. And one day I'll tell you a story of two friends that were close enough to be lovers for one night and didn't change who they were to each other.

Lucy: That's a good story. Why don't you tell it to me now? Maybe that way it can just help, you know, comfort levels. Will you tell me now? I'll buy you lunch. I'll buy.

Ian: You'll buy?

Lucy: Yeah.

Ian: That sounds perfect. I'm going to go see daniel.

Lucy: Uh-oh. Are you sure that's a good idea, you know, with kevin and eve and all? Are they ok with that?

Ian: I don't have to ask permission to see my own son.

Lucy: No, you don't, but --

ian: No buts, no buts.

Lucy: Kevin is danny's legal guardian, and child services could get involved. You can'T.

Ian: I'm not going over there to cause trouble. I just want to see my own flesh and blood, that's all.

Lucy: Ok, but maybe now's not a good time.

Ian: No. No, I'm leaving. Enjoy your lunch.

Lucy: Ok.

Ian: Bye.

Lucy: Be careful.

Victor: Not exactly his middle name.

Lucy: No, it's not. However, my middle name is "starving." Please, please, can I have the special? It's not too late, is it? I'm late, I know, but please?

Victor: Well, for such a special guest, we'll work something out.

Lucy: Oh, thank you.

Victor: You're welcome.

Woman: Dr. Kevin collins. Yeah, I'm on my way now. The child's name is daniel thornhart. Oh, it's just the usual surprise visit -- make sure that the baby's ok, the parents haven't tried to force their way in to see him.

Kevin: Eve?

Eve: Shh. Shh, shh, shh.

Kevin: Sorry.

Eve: Ok.

Kevin: How is he?

Eve: He's beautiful. Yes, you are. God, it's such a pretty day. I almost wish he'd wake up so i can take him out.

Kevin: I don't know. Mac pulled a lot of strings to make me temporary guardian. If child services ever found out that you're here --

eve: Big trouble. I know, I know, I know. I know.

Kevin: And ian really wanted to see him.

Eve: Well, if it's that much of a risk, he's just going to have to wait.

Kevin: Well, telling your husband no isn't exactly my idea of a good time.

Eve: He'll just have to understand.

[Knock on door]

kevin: Oh, no.

Eve: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. What do I do?

Kevin: Uh -- I don't want to take any chances. Just hide, and i'll get rid of whoever it is.

Eve: Ok.


kevin: Ok, ok. Ian, are you crazy? I told you to call first.

Eve: Ian? What are you doing here?

Ian: I came to see my son.

Kevin: Ian, if child services finds out that you're here --

ian: Well, let me in, they're never going to know, all right? I'm not here to cause any problems. I'm here to see my son. No one's going to keep me away from him.

jamal: Come on, you stupid, rusted bolt. This is all I need right now.

Alis jamal, i was --

jamal: Ow. Ali --

alison: I'm sorry, i'm sorry.

Jamal: What?

Alison: I'm sorry.

Jamal: What? What? What? What do you want?

Alison: I just -- nothing, i -- I just -- I wanted to see you because I haven't much. You haven't been back to the apartment. I was just wondering if you were ok.

Jamal: No, no, I'm not ok. I just found out that I have a daughter, ok, and a girlfriend that knew about it but didn't even bother to tell me.

Alison: Jamal, i didn't know if you were the father.

Jamal: Ok, so you sneak around behind my back getting someone to do a D.N.A. Test.

Alison: But I decided to not even look at the test results, and then that's when you walked in. You know, I was going to throw them away without ever knowing at all.

Jamal: All right, you know, well, it's too late. But a part of me wouldn't have minded not knowing.

Alison: I mean, did you mean that?

Jamal: Of course I do. Ali, if you hadn't gone poking around, I mean, hope could've had a wonderful life with the hartmans without me having to worry about her.

Alison: But she's safe and happy with the hartmans. They -- they've got a beautiful home for her and they love her. They adopted her. What is there to worry about?

Jamal: Ali, I'm not trying to be the same never around, deadbeat father to hope like my father was to me. Ok?

Alison: Ok. Ok. But this isn't the same situation.

Jamal: I know that, ok, but it feels like it to me, now that i know that that little girl is mine.

Alison: So what happens next?

Jamal: Who knows? Ali, i mean, i'm damned if i do and I'm damned if I don'T. Ok, but if i step up -- if i step up, I could ruin this great thing that this little girl has with the hartmans. And if i don't, I'm no better than my father was.

Lucy: Victor. Victor --

victor: Lucy, I haven't even been to the kitchen yet.

Lucy: Forget the kitchen. I want you to forget everything you've ever known in your life except that woman at the end of the bar. Listen to me. You've got to occupy her time. You got to do something so i have enough time to get over to doc's, ok?

Victor: What is so -- what --

lucy: Don't ask questions. This is really serious. It's a matter of life and death. Be a hero. Clog if you have to. Go, victor, go!

Victor: Hey, excuse me. Oh, it is you. It's so incredible to see you here in port charles and looking as lovely as ever.

Woman: Excuse me, do I know you?

Victor: Well, it must be easy for a beautiful woman to forget, but such a lovely evening?

Woman: Oh. I'm sorry, but i don't have a very good memory.

Victor: Well, I think it was gdansk at a solidarity rally.

[Victor speaks polish]

ian: I don't have to ask your permission to see my boy.

Kevin: Ian, i am danny's legal guardian.

Ian: That's only temporary. I'm going to be his dad for the rest of his life.

Eve: Ian, kevin is right. If it weren't for him, some stranger would have danny right now and we wouldn't be able to see him at all.

Ian: Ok, well, you know, maybe I'll make a phone call next time, make an appointment to see my own son. I miss him, that's all.

Eve: I know you do. And kevin knows that, too.

Kevin: Look, if this is going to work, we have to be careful. But, ian, this is irresponsible.

Ian: I know how to take care of my own child.

Lucy: Doc?

Kevin: Lucy?

Lucy: Oh. Ian. Child services.

Eve: What? Where?

Lucy: She's going to be here any minute. She's right behind me. She's here to check on danny.

Eve: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. What do we do?

Lucy: Ok -- what do you mean what are we going to do? We are going to pull together here to protect that baby, and we're going to do whatever it takes together to do that, or else you might lose danny forever.

Livvie: Reality check, jack. Caleb's dead and everybody knows it.

Jack: I'm not saying he isn't. All right, maybe you're having some of these aftereffects.

Livvie: Well, I'm not.

Jack: Like before when you heard caleb's music, when you saw caleb's ring. I mean, are you sure you're not missing blocks of time doing things you can't remember?

Livvie: No, jack, I'm not losing time, and this isn't about caleb. This is me.

Jack: Livvie --

livvie: And no phony story about someone trying to poison you is going to change anything. What? You think -- you think you can make me feel sorry for you?

Jack: No, no, I do not think that. Look, I just --

livvie: No, jack, you look. Look real hard. Here's what you lost when you pushed me away. And maybe you were right because now I know for sure we're better off apart. So why don't you just leave, ok?

Jack: No, no, I'm not leaving until --

livvie: Now, jack. Leave before i have to call the police.

Jack: No, you wouldn't do that.

Livvie: Try me.

Jack: Take care, livvie.

Livvie: Don't worry. I will.

Rafe: Going somewhere, livvie?

Rafe: You're not in such a rush to get back to caleb, are you, livvie?

Livvie: Just get out of my way.

Rafe: No. Not quite yet. You can spare some time to talk to me. You remember what I am, don't you?

Livvie: A motor-mouth angel who tried to convince me that caleb was using me? How can I possibly forget you?

Rafe: Was using you, still is.

Livvie: Wrong again.

Rafe: I saw you poison jack's drink. You wouldn't have done that on your own.

Livvie: No, you think you got me all figured out.

Rafe: I know what's in your heart.

Livvie: You haven't a clue. I'm not under a spell. Not this time.

Rafe: Caleb made you believe that.

Livvie: Uh-uh. Free will, angel. It was my choice to go to him, just like poisoning jack was my choice.

Rafe: Really? Why?

Livvie: You really want to know? All I care about is caleb, only caleb. Killing jack would've been giving a gift to my husband, and I will do anything to prove that i'm worthy of his love.

Rafe: No. You'll stop yourself in the end because I know you have a good, strong heart. Maybe a little locked away right now but --

livvie: Believe what you what to believe. If you really knew me, you'd know how much evil there was in me, starting with my aunt. My father's brother, ryan, my mother, my grandmother -- the whole family tree is full of lunatics happy to kill!

Rafe: You're not them!

Livvie: It's genetic. That's how i was born.

Rafe: No. You were born to love, livvie. It's not too late. Come on. Work with me to bring caleb down. Believe me, we can do it! Believe in yourself. Come on. What do you say?

Alison: You are nothing like your father.

Jamal: Oh, no? What about gabby? Her mom had to give her up for adoption because my father, he wouldn't take responsibility. And now I'm responsible for hope.

Alison: No, you're not. She already has two people who've adopted her already.

Jamal: Yeah, because I wasn't there for her.

Alison: But you didn't even know that she was your daughter.

Jamal: But, ali, now I do, thanks to you.

Jack: It wasn't just her, man.

Jamal: What?

Alison: No, jack, don'T.

Jack: No, alison -- you can't blame it on alison.

Ison: No --

jack: I pushed her into finding out.

Alison: No, that's a lie. He's not telling the truth.

Jamal: I don't get this. The two people i trusted most in the whole world hold back something this big?

Jack: No, jamal, look, we wanted to make sure we had absolute proof before we came to you and --

jamal: Before you what? Before you what, jack? Before you what? Told me what you suspected?

Jack: Yes.

Jamal: Did it ever occur to either one of you just to be straight with me?

Alison: We just didn't want to see you get hurt.

Jamal: All right, so you sneak around, get a D.N.A. Test, and then you decide to throw away the results because you, what -- you get a conscience? I don't know how to get past this. Ok? I don't know if I ever will.

Alison: What does that mean?

Jamal: Look, all I know is that the two most important people in my life betrayed me, and I don't know if that feeling's going to go away. Ever.

Lucy: Ok, let's go -- in the closet right now!

Kevin: Yeah, go, go! Now, now, now, now!

[Knock on door]

ian: I'm not.

Eve: Yes, you are. Go. Get in the closet.

Kevin: Oh, wait, wait, wait. Danny's bottle.

Lucy: What?

Kevin: His bottle!

Lucy: The bottle. Oh, here.

Ian: Why don't you just pretend that everything's fine, all right?

Lucy: Everything is not fine. Get in the closet.

Ian: Yes, it is. It's fine.

Eve: It is not.

Lucy: Ok, we're ready. Open the door. Go, go, go!

Kevin: Wait, we're not ready!

Lucy: Why?

Kevin: Where's danny?

Lucy: Oh, my gosh! The baby! The baby!


kevin: Coming, coming.

Lucy: The baby!

Eve: Oh, gosh, that's right! Take him.

Lucy: Ok, I've got you.

Eve: Be careful. Be careful.

Lucy: I've got him. He's fine, he's fine.

Kevin: Lucy --

lucy: Ok, I'm ready. Ok, ok. Go.

Kevin: Ok. All right.

Kevin: Afternoon. What can i do for you?

Eve: What if this doesn't work?

Ian: Shh.

Woman: I'm beverly troy. I'm from child services.

Kevin: Oh -- hello. I'm kevin collins. It's a pleasure.

Beverly: I understand you've been granted temporary custody of daniel thornhart.

Kevin: That's right. Oh, please, come on in.

Beverly: How's the child doing in your opinion, dr. Collins?

Kevin: Oh --

lucy: Well, as you can see for yourself, danny is doing just absolutely terrific.

Beverly: And you are?

Kevin: Uh -- this is my -- my fiancee. Lucy coe.

Beverly: Ms. Coe?

Kevin: Yes. Lucy's been helping me out with danny.

Lucy: Yes, and as you can see, he's doing remarkable. He's just an amazing, astounding, incredible little boy.

Kevin: Yes, he is. You know, unfortunately, it's time for his afternoon nap.

Lucy: Oh, yes, yes. And in your line of work, I'm sure you know how important a regular schedule is.

Kevin: Absolutely right. Couldn't have said it better myself. So, in the future, if you'd like to call anytime --

beverly: That's all right.

Kevin: Call ahead and talk.

Beverly: I'll just sit and observe for a while -- if that's acceptable?

Lucy: A while? What -- a while?

Beverly: A while. Don't let me interrupt. Just pretend i'm not here.

Kevin and lucy: Pretend.

Lucy: Right.

jack: Jamal, low we messed up.

Alison: We just didn't want to hurt you, that's all. I love you.

Jack: Just give it some time, all right?

Jamal: You don't get it, do you? Neither one of you get it. This is not something that's just going to go away.

Alison: Jamal, please --

jamal: Look, I don't even want to talk about it.

Alison: Please?

Jamal: I got to pick up a part for my bike.

Alison: Jamal --

jamal: Later.

Alison: What do we do now, jack? What do I do?

Jack: I'm so sorry tt i pushed you into finding out the truth about hope. It's --

alison: No, you didn't. It's -- it's not your fault. I wanted to know, too. I just -- I wish that I could go back and turn the clock backwards, but i can't.

Jack: Oh. Me, too. Do you remember the good days when we sat here? You guys would cook muffins, we work on bikes?

Alison: Yeah. Me and jamal, you and livvie finally got together. I just -- I wish i knew how to make this better, but I don'T.

Jack: Neither do i. Neither do i.

Lucy: I haven't heard danny cry not even one time since he's been here, huh, my little smudge pot?

Kevin: That's -- that's right, baby cakes. Not a single peep. You know, he's a very happy baby.

Lucy: Oh, yes, he is, and I think that means he comes from a very happy, well adjusted home. And, you know, my doc would know that because he's a therapist.

Ian: Sounds like a pair of actors doing a telethon, doesn't it?

Eve: Why won't that social worker leave?

Ian: It's ok.

[Lucy hums]

lucy: Now I'm going to hum his favorite song because every time he hears it --

[daniel cries]

[lucy hums]

beverly: He cries like a baby, apparently.

[Daniel cries louder]

[lucy hums]

kevin: Lucy.

Eve: I can't stand it. Danny --

ian: Lambert, shh.

Beverly: Do you mind if i ask you a standard list of questions?

Kevin: Not at all. Actually -- unless you mind if i ask you a few questions?

Beverly: No.

Kevin: Where are you from?

Beverly: Iowa, originally.

Kevin: No -- iowa. That's -- you know, that's the one state in the union i've never been to. Could you do me a favor here? I actually have a map right here, and I wonder if you could just point out a few places to me. Like -- well, you know, where --

lucy: Give me the pacifier. Ok, what do I do if it doesn't work? Give him the finger? A -- a finger? My finger. Give him my finger.

[Daniel cries]

[lucy hums]

kevin: Of course you do. Isn't that right, lucy?

Lucy: Uh -- yes, my sweet bunch of carrots. What -- what was the question?

Beverly: I said i was just wondering since you're helping dr. Collins, if you have any experience with children.

Lucy: Well, yes, of course i do. I have two wonderful, beautiful daughters.

Kevin: Lucy is a wonderful mother.

Lucy: Oh, thank you. Um -- you know, it's -- it's true, though. You know, babies do fuss. You should know that. They -- they do fuss a lot. Don't you, little lambkins?

Kevin: You're absolutely right. They fuss and fuss.

Lucy: I -- the baby, sweet cakes.

Kevin: Well, my warmness, if -- if danny could talk, he would say, "you're absolutely right, auntie lucy."

Beverly: Uh-huh?

Lucy: Yes. Thank you. Look, the -- the point is, is you just have to look them right in the eye and tell them that you love them and that they're going to be ok. It's just simple as that.

Beverly: Mm-hmm. That simple. I see.

[Daniel stops crying]

beverly: Hmm.

Lucy: Yeah, there. That simple.

Kevin: Just like she said.

Lucy: Snug as a bug in a rug.

Beverly: All right, dr. Collins. I've seen enough. We'll -- we'll stop back again. But I've seen enough for one day.

Kevin: Well, just as long as you're satisfied.

Beverly: Mm-hmm. Stay where you are. I'll see myself out. Good-bye.

Lucy: Ta.

Kevin: Good-bye.

Beverly: And good luck to all of you.

[Door closes]

lucy: Oh, thank god.

Kevin: That was close.

Ian: Too close.

Eve: Danny, are you ok, sweetheart?

Lucy: Wait a minute, eve. You know, maybe you better not --

eve: Lucy, I am taking him because I'm not going to stand here and let some stranger make decisions about my baby.

Ian: Eve, hold on for a second.

Eve: What if she decides that he's not happy?

Ian: If you --

eve: What if she decides to put him in a foster home?

Ian: Just listen for a second.

Eve: No, I won't let that happen.

Ian: I'm not going to let it happen, either. And I think I figured out a way to hold on to danny for good.

Eve: Ian, how?

Ian: I don't think you're going to like it.

Livvie: I just told you I love caleb, so why would i want to destroy him?

Rafe: To save the people you really care about. To give yourself another chance to love, be loved.

Livvie: I am loved. I'm caleb's wife. I'm his partner. I'm not just some robot who does what she's told.

Rafe: Yeah, well, we'll see how you feel about that when caleb starts dishing out the really hard jobs.

Livvie: It's been a walk in the park so far.

Rafe: Well, what are you going to do when caleb tells you to hurt your father?

Livvie: What do you think?

Rafe: I don't think you have it in you. Not your dad, livvie.

Livvie: You really don't get it, do you?

Rafe: I know you love him. That's what I get.

Livvie: You are so wrong. I already figured out exactly what i'm going to do to my father.

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eve: We've moved back in together and -- and it feels --

ian: Wonderful.

Eve: Yeah.

Frank: Did chris really inject you with some kind of serum made of vampire blood?

Lucy: I just wonder if we can build a lifetime together. Do we have a chance?

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