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Port Charles Transcript Friday 11/02/01

 [Caleb's music plays]

Lucy: Christina? Christina. It's mommy. Christina? Christina --

Kevin: Lucy --

Lucy: Oh! Doc, it's Christina! She's here!

Kevin: Where?

Lucy: There! Doc, I got to go after her!

Livvie: Red -- oh, my god, it can't be. It was me. I'm -- I'm the one who's been helping Caleb. No, I couldn't. It couldn't have been, could it? Am I the one who's been driving poor Lucy half crazy by somehow turning myself into Christina?

Eve: Where is it? Why can't I find it?

Kevin: Find what?

Eve: Danny's lovey. I could have sworn it was in his diaper bag.

Kevin: All right. Tell me what a lovey is and I'll help you look.

Eve: It's -- it's a little stuffed dog. Danny loves to cuddle with it. He's going to need it.

Kevin: Just relax. I'm sure it's here somewhere.

Eve: Maybe I put it someplace else when I moved everything.

Eve: Yes.

Kevin: You see? There.

Eve: Mommy found your lovey, Danny.

Kevin: Eve?

Eve: It's going to be ok. Mommy found your lovey.

Kevin: Eve? Eve. It's going to be all right.

Eve: How did this happen?

Kevin: I'm not sure.

Eve: How?

Kevin: Eve -- listen to me. You're going to get through this, and I'll help you --

Eve: No! Get your hands off me.

Kevin: What -- what did I do?

Eve: Everything. Everything's gone wrong, and it's all your fault!

Ian: Lucy, I keep seeing Dannyís face with that social worker carrying him out.

Lucy: I know. Here. Take this. I happen to understand very well what it's like to have your child taken away from you.

Ian: But -- were you ever accused of being a kidnapper or -- or a cold-blooded murderer? Because that's what everyone thinks now.

Lucy: That is not what I think. I don't believe that.

Ian: Oh, but I see it in eve's face. I see it in Kevinís face.

Lucy: I know, but, Ian, please --

Ian: No, wait. Maybe that's what they want, maybe that's what I'll give them. Maybe they should see what an angry Irishman is capable of.

Rafe: Nothing is working, boss. I gave it my best shot, but the dreams, they didn't make any difference. I mean, all these relationships, they're just falling apart around me and I can't stop it!

Man's voice: Maybe it's about -- oh, I don't know -- revenge?

Rafe's voice: What?

Man's voice: Settling a score with this Caleb creep? That's what's driving you, isn't it, kid?

Rafe: Ok. You know what? I am tired of getting called on the carpet. You got rules, I got questions. So, what is it that's holding me back, boss? Whatever it is, just show me, would you?

[Dance music plays]

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[Dance music plays]

Rafe: Oh. That sound. I remember. That night.

Caleb: You dance like you're ready to explode.

Woman: Oh, but I am. See, you had my blood boiling for hours on that floor. It's time to let some steam off.

Caleb: Are you sure this is what you want?

Woman: Well, I'll let you know if it isn't.

Caleb: What if it's too late to say no?

Woman: Well, then, I'll just have to pay the price, won't i?

Caleb: Yes, you will. You have no idea what I'm about to do to you, do you?

Woman: Surprise me.

Caleb: Surprise.

Woman: Oh, my god -- no, no!

[Woman screams]


Caleb: Who's there? I heard you. I know someone's there.

Rafe: Let her go.

Caleb: Who are you?

Rafe: Your long night's over, Caleb Morley. Now, let the woman go and prepare to meet your unmaker.

Caleb: Oh. You're the slayer. You're the one who's been tracking me.

Rafe: And the hunting is over. Your final victim is going to get to live to see the dawn and tell her tale. But you have had your last sip, your final drink. Prepare to die.

Lucy: Stop. Listen to me. You do not mean what you're saying --

Ian: I'm tired of being accused of what I didn't do.

Lucy: Ian, please --

Ian: But maybe I'll do it now. Maybe that's what I should do. Maybe I should grab my son and get out of here.

Lucy: What? No, that wouldn't -- that's not going to do anybody any good.

Ian: I don't know that. Maybe. But at least Iíd have my son out of this miserable town and out of the -- of the system.

Lucy: No. That's the wrong thing to do, running away with Danny. You can't do that. The right thing to do is -- is for us to come together and try to fight this evil that's ruining all of our lives.

Ian: Lucy -- I'm through fighting dragons. That's your job. All I want is for my son to be safe. That's all I want, and -- and the way to do it is to grab him and to just vanish.

Lucy: Ok, fine, fine. What about eve?

Ian: What about her?

Lucy: You are not the kind of man who would do that to her --

Ian: Why don't you ask her what kind of man I am? Because I don't know anymore. I'm trying to get through to her, and I canít. All I know is that we both lost Daniel.

Lucy: No. No, you have not lost Danny. You havenít. That's not permanent.

Ian: You don't know that.

Lucy: I know. I know. I also know that you're hurt and you're so angry and you're frustrated, and you have every reason to be. But, please, believe me, there's a reason this is happening.

Ian: Yeah, and we both know her name, don't we?

Lucy: No. This whole thing is about lies. We have to find the truth. We are all being manipulated. Even eve.

Ian: She's made her choice, and it's time I made mine.

Lucy: Ian, don't -- you listen to me. I know you. So you cannot stand there and hide the truth from me.

Ian: Ok. So what am I hiding from? What is this truth?

Lucy: The truth is your heart is being ripped out. You love eve very, very much.

Kevin: Eve, just listen to me.

Eve: No. I made that mistake, and look where I am now. I listened! Why couldn't you just stay out of it? I was in love with my husband, and I trusted him with all of my heart. We were building a family. And then you had to come along with your doubts and your suspicions and your could-bes and you killed it!

Kevin: Eve, I never wanted this.

Eve: Why did you do it to me, Kevin? Why?

Kevin: Because I care.

Eve: "Care"? You care? My husband is gone! That's what your caring has done!

Kevin: I never wanted this to happen. You know that.

Eve: Well, it did, and it couldn't be any worse. Anything is better than this!

Kevin: I know! Everything's out of control! I don't know how we got here, eve! I didn't ask Anne Marie to come to town! What I found out about Ian dropped in my lap! I didn't ask for it, but I couldn't ignore it, either, and you know that.

Eve: They took him away. My baby's gone. I'm not crazy. How did this happen? How did this all happen?

Kevin: No, you're not crazy. We're going to make this right. We'll get Danny back, I swear. We'll find a way.

Livvie: Why did I do it? It doesn't make any sense. They're my family and my friends. I couldn't have. C

Eve: Who's there?

Eve: Oh, my god. Danny? Danny?

Kevin: You're saying that Ian would hurt his own son?

Anne Marie: Ian is capable of anything. As long as he gets and does what he wants, he doesn't care who he hurts.

Caleb: I'm very pleased. You gave an excellent performance.

Livvie: My god -- all those blackouts, those huge blocks of time -- it was me. What have I done?

Eve: What do I do now, Kevin?

Kevin: You mean what do we do. You're not alone in this.

Livvie: No, I'd -- Iíd never have done it alone. He forced me. He changed me. He's the reason I couldn't remember. He wanted it that way. He made it all happen like this -- Caleb. Caleb.

Ian: I never thought I could love anything as much as I do that little boy. And eve.

Lucy: Maybe that's because finding eve is like your whole life becoming a full circle, you know, complete. And then, when you have a child together, it's like you're taking your heart out and watching it run around laughing and loving.

Livvie: Ian -- what is he doing here?

[Caleb's music plays]

Ianís voice: I would never hurt you or my son. I just want my family back.

Caleb's voice: Oh, I think we can leave a better message than that.

Livvie: God, no. No, I didn't. Not that, too.

[Phone rings]

Lucy: Hello?

Christina: Mama, it's me.

Lucy: Christina? Christina, baby, is that really you?

Christina: I love you, mama.

Lucy: Oh, Christina. Please, baby, don't hang up.

Livvie: No, stop. Make it stop. He did it all. He used me -- my mind and my body, too. He -- god, that bastard.

Rafe: You've caused a lot of damage.

Caleb: Have i?

Rafe: But you're all done with that now.

Caleb: Confident little fellow, aren't you?

Rafe: Any reason I shouldn't be?

Woman: Help me. Please, whoever you are, help me.

Caleb: Concentration, slayer. Keep your eyes on the fangs. Isn't that what they teach you in wood stake class?

Rafe: Sorry, vampire. I know you don't like to get your claws dirty, but you can't always get what you want in this world.

Caleb: How about the next world?

Rafe: There'll be none of that for you.

Caleb: That's why Iím staying in this one -- for now and all time.

Rafe: Your time's up!

Caleb: You're not the first. There were others.

Rafe: I'll be the last.

Caleb: You are the last. I killed all the others.

Rafe: I've watched you. I've taken my time. I know all your tricks.

Caleb: Really?

Caleb: Slayer, slayer.

Caleb: You're going to pay for that, slayer.

Woman: Kill him. Finish him now.

Caleb: You hungry for death, you dirty Russian whore?

Woman: No, stay away. Help me.

[Speaking Russian]

Woman: I can't -- my leg!

Caleb: That's it. Keep your eyes right here.

Rafe: No, no. Whatever you do, don't look in his eyes. I said get the hell out of here now!

Caleb: Give your god my regards.

[Woman screams]

Woman: Oh, god.

Caleb: Tell him thanks for the exercise.

Rafe: Ok, boss. I asked you for an answer, and I got one. But I got to tell you, remembering it all again, feeling the way I felt the night I died, realizing that evil won because I got distracted -- well, not an easy lesson to learn. But I won't let it happen again. Caleb's strong, and he's getting stronger. But I won't let him win, and I won't let my anger or anything else get in the way of me doing my job. Because, otherwise, these poor souls down here -- they don't stand a snowball's chance in hell.

Eve: We all get what we deserve. That's an old saying, right?

Kevin: But bad things sometimes happen to good people. That's an old saying, too. But you're not being punished for something you did.

Eve: No?

Kevin: No. Your beating yourself up over something you have no responsibility for isn't helping. Now, if you want to get Daniel back, you have to pull yourself out of this.

Eve: The judge said I wasn't fit.

Kevin: The judge said you have to have an evaluation, and I know what they're looking for. Now, I can help you, but I can only do that if you keep fighting.

Eve: Well, I'll try.

Kevin: No. You'll do better than that.

Eve: Everything that matters to me is on the line, Kevin.

Kevin: I know, and I'll do everything that I can. And if that means looking the court shrink in the eye and lying, Iíll do it. We're going to get Daniel back where he belongs. But to do that, you have to trust me.

Eve: I trust you, Kevin. I do trust you. I always have.

Ian: Now, you know what? I wish you'd just listen to me for once. Whether I love eve or not is not really the point here.

Lucy: Oh -- you know what? You're right. You're right. Silly me. I'll tell you what the point is. It just dawned on me. The point is you should take Danny. Why don't you? You run away with him so the person who is trying to destroy your life wins. That's a great idea. And then you can teach Danny that's how you live -- running away from everything.

Ian: That's a low blow. Thank you, woman.

Lucy: Hey. You know what? I've been called a lot worse than that. But if it found its target, good, because I want you desperately to see what this is really about.

Ian: Which is what, in your opinion?

Lucy: This is about good versus evil. And the Ian Thornhart I know would not run away. You're not a coward.

Ian: I don't like losing a fight, that's for sure.

Lucy: No, and you don't -- not until you say you lose. You don't lose a fight, and you don't give up until the fat lady sees the whites of her eyes. I know it's sort of a clichť thing happening here. That's what you're going to say.

Ian: No. It's not a clichť if the woman who says it believes it. Thank you.

Lucy: Ok. For what?

Ian: Giving me hope.

Lucy: Did I do that? See, I really wasn't going for that. I was just generally being selfish because I would really miss you a lot if you were to leave.

Ian: You would?

Lucy: Yeah, I would.

Ian: Well, I guess I'd better stay, then.

Lucy: Really?

Ian: Yeah. I love you, Lucy Coe.

Lucy: I love you, Ian Thornhart.

Ian: Come here.

Livvie: All right, Caleb, where are you? Come out and show yourself, you coward!

Caleb: Olivia. I didn't call for you.

Livvie: Too bad.

Caleb: I don't understand.

Livvie: Oh, no? Well, I do now.

Caleb: How did you remember?

Livvie: It doesn't matter.

Caleb: Oh, it does matter.

Livvie: You lied to me, Caleb. You said you had a friend help you.

Caleb: And I did.

Livvie: But it was me! You crawled inside me. You made me do things, say things, be things! You made me hurt the people I love, and I'm going to kill you for that. You hear me? I swear to god, Caleb, Iím going to kill you.

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Karen: I'm just starting to warm up.

Livvie: I'm going to make you pay for what you did to the people I love.


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