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Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 10/30/01

By Stephanie

Jack: So, this is it, huh?

Alison: Yeah. Yeah, according to the court papers, this is where bill and Cindy Hartman live -- the people that adopted hope.

Jack: Ok, so, refresh my memory on the whole game plan.

Alison: Well, I keep them talking --

Jack: While I get a sample of the baby's hair.

Alison: Yeah. Right.

Jack: Oh, boy.

Alison: Ok? Ok.

Jack: I'm here.

Alison: Anything to run this d.N.A. Test to see if -- find out if Jamal is the father of Valerieís baby.

Jack: Yeah.

Alison: Ok?

Jack: Remember, he's a doctor.

Alison: I know.

Man: Yes?

Alison: Hi!

Jack: Hi.

Alison: Dr. Hartman. I'm Alison Barrington. And this is my friend, Jack Ramsey. We're students at the university.

Dr. Hartman: What can I do for you?

Alison: Um -- well, we're doing a paper -- a research paper on --

Jack: Doctors who adopt.

Alison: Yeah.

Jack: And we wondering if we could sit down with you, ask you a few questions.

Alison: Yeah, about your daughter. You did adopt a girl, right?

Dr. Hartman: What course did you say this was for again? Sociology 233, dr. Goldman?

Alison: Yeah.

Jack: Right, yeah. Dr. Goldman.

Dr. Hartman: I thought so. No such professor, no such class. I can smell a con a mile away.

Alison: Listen -- I can explain.

Dr. Hartman: Do that and do it quick before I call the cops. What are you two really doing here, and what do you want?

Jamal: All right, so I'll just make the bank deposit on Friday.

Frank: Yeah? Great. Great. Thanks.

Jamal: Cool.

Frank: I think that's it, man. So, thanks again for covering for me.

Jamal: Hey, no problem. Anytime.

Valerie: Where are you going, frank?

Frank: Well, Karen mentioned something about green lake. But she has been so spontaneous lately; I could end up in Istanbul.

Jamal: Hey, hey, just enjoy the ride.

Frank: Oh.

Jamal: And speaking of enjoying the ride -- ahem.

Frank: Hey.

Karen: Hey, lover. So, are you ready for the vacation of your life?

Frank: Oh, you bet I am. Bring it on.

Rafe: Ok, boss. Now what? I mean, I thought I made a few points, showing these guys a peek at the love they still got for each other, but they're farther apart now than before. And I just think that's a little weird because, Caleb, he doesn't have his full powers back yet. He doesn't have his fangs. He can't feed. But their lives, they're just falling apart all around me. I mean, I just don't think he can cause that much damage by himself. It's kind of like he's got someone helping him.

Livvie: Rafe?

Rafe: You know, like -- Livvie.

Livvie: Who're you talking to?

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Karen: More where that came from.

Frank: Just let me grab my things.

Karen: Get grabbing. Let's get going!

Frank: All right.

Karen: Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Frank: I'm looking forward to helping myself to some things, too, so just -- hang on.

Chris: Ah. Karen.

Karen: Chris. I thought you'd be filling in for me all day.

Chris: Oh, chief resident. Get to make the schedule, remember?

Karen: Meaning you passed the shift off on to those two new interns.

Chris: G.H. Tradition.

Karen: We swore never to do it to anybody else, remember?

Chris: Actually the only thing I do remember is how hungry I am for some lunch. Care to join me?

Karen: Frank and I are leaving.

Chris: Really? Where are you off to while Iím slaving away for you?

Karen: Hmm. Green Lake.

Chris: green Lake. That's beautiful. I love it there. Which shore?

Karen: I found this perfect cabin on -- I see where you're going.

Chris: What do you mean, after lunch? Back to the hospital, land of disinfectant?

Karen: If you think I didn't see you drive by my apartment last night while I was taking out the garbage, you're wrong. And I'll bet those two hang-up calls were from you, too.

Chris: Hang-ups? You had hang-ups?

Karen: I know why you called, Chris, and why you're here. I know what you want from me.

Chris: You do?

Karen: And the answer is yes.

Valerie: Ah. Two ginger ales.

Jamal: Coming right up.

Valerie: Oh, it's been fun remembering old times, huh?

Jamal: Yeah. Haven't thought about that party in years.

Valerie: Yeah. Me, neither. We were pretty close friends once, Jamal.

Jamal: Yeah, that was a long time ago.

Valerie: Yeah. Just because you're with Ali now doesn't mean that we can't be friends again, does it?

Jamal: No, but -- a lot has happened between now and then.

Valerie: Yeah. So, tell me about it.

Jamal: I am. I guess this whole friend thing -- better just take it slow, ok?

Valerie: Sure. I understand. I guess.

Jamal: Good. Two ginger ales.

Valerie: Thanks. Hey -- do you still have that picture of hope I gave you?

Jamal: In my wallet. You want it?

Valerie: No, that's ok. Just -- you keep it. I've been thinking about old times, so -- just makes things seem simpler back then, you know? Fun.

Jamal: You had hope.

Valerie: I had so many dreams for my little girl. I wanted to give her the family that I never had.

Jamal: Valerie, you did. Ok?

Valerie: I know -- in my heart. But you don't understand what it's like, giving your child away to another family to raise, to love.

Dr. Hartman: Well, I'm still waiting on an explanation.

Jack: Listen, doctor, we're really sorry --

Woman: Honey, who is it?

Dr. Hartman: Good question.

Alison: Um -- ok. Look, we are not students from the university doing any sort of paper. We're here because --

Jack: We know your baby.

Alison: Yeah, hope.

Jack: Hope.

Mrs. Hartman: I don't understand.

Alison: I just found out that my boyfriend may be the father. I'm sorry -- the biological father.

Jack: Yeah. We promise we're not here to cause any trouble. We don't want to, like --

Alison: I just -- we just need to find out if Jamal is your little girl's -- you know -- and we can --

Dr. Hartman: All right. I've heard enough.

Jack: No, no, no. Wait, wait. Before you close the door in our faces, please. We feel that this might be good for you to know if it's true or not.

Dr. Hartman: Good for us?

Jack: Yes, if Jamal is the father, then we feel like it could change hope's whole --

Alison: Like medical history.

Jack: Medical history.

Alison: You know?

Jack: And we feel that's important for you and her.

Alison: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Hartman: All right. What is it that you want from us?

Alison: Anything. Hair, a sample of hope's d.N.A. That's all. To find out the truth. Please, dr. And Mrs. Hartman, will you please help us?

Rafe: How long you been standing there?

Livvie: I havenít. I just got here. Why?

Rafe: Oh, nothing. I just didn't know anyone was listening, that's all.

Livvie: I wasn't. I just -- I heard you talking out loud, that's all. I didn't hear a word you were saying.

Rafe: Yeah, I talk to myself sometimes.

Livvie: Tell me about it.

Rafe: So, what brings you out here?

Livvie: I don't know. I'm just taking a walk.

Rafe: Livvie, what is it?

Livvie: Nothing. Really. I --

Rafe: You know, sometimes it's easier to open up to somebody who you don't know all that well. You know, you ever hear that?

Livvie: What day is it?

Rafe: What day? Tuesday?

Livvie: I don't know how I got here, Rafe. I'm so scared. These big chunks of time -- they're just missing, they're gone, and I don't know where I've been or what I've done. I can't remember. And it just -- it keeps happening more and more.

Rafe: Must be terrifying. What's the last thing you remember, Livvie?

Livvie: Falling asleep in Jack's bed. But after that, everything's blank up until now.

Rafe: Have you thought about asking for help?

Livvie: No, Rafe, please, you have to promise me -- you cannot say anything! They'll lock me up. They'll think I'm crazy like my mother.

Rafe: Shh.

Livvie: That's why I haven't said anything! I can't -- not to a doctor --

Rafe: Shh! It's ok. Just relax, take it easy. All right? It's not your fault. You're not crazy. Look at me, Livvie. The answers you're looking for are locked away deep inside you. Now, I can help if you want.

Livvie: How?

Rafe: Just think back. Try to remember.

Livvie: No, I canít.

Rafe: I know you're afraid. But I'm right here. You'll be all right. It's better to know, isn't it? These places inside you must feel dark and strange.

Livvie: No, I don't think I can.

Rafe: I have confidence in you. If you want to remember, you can. I know you can.

Caleb: She'll remember when I let her remember.

Livvie: Caleb.

Caleb: And not one heartbeat sooner.

Dr. Hartman: What makes you think that this Jamal is our baby's father?

Alison: Well, I found out hope's birthday, and I counted back on the calendar to the night that he and Valerie were together, and it's almost nine months to the day.

Dr. Hartman: Well, then, you have nothing to worry about. Our hope was born a month early. So, you see, all this skullduggery was for nothing. Your boyfriend couldn't be hope's father.

Alison: I don't -- I don't remember anyone at the hospital ever mentioning that she was premature.

Dr. Hartman: From what I understand, there was a time in Valerieís life when she had a lot more to worry about than whether her baby was born a bit early or not.

Mrs. Hartman: She was hiding from her boyfriend, wasn't she?

Dr. Hartman: A very dangerous, very violent young man, from what we've heard.

Alison: Yeah, I know. He was. I should know.

Jack: Is there any chance you're wrong about hope being premature?

Dr. Hartman: None.

Jack: None. So then Jamal couldn't be the father. Alison --

Alison: Yeah. I -- I understand. I'm sorry. Sorry to take all your time.

Dr. Hartman: No problem. Over and done with.

Alison: Thank you.

Dr. Hartman: You two take care, now.

Jack: All right. You, too.

Alison: Ok.

Jack: Thanks again.

Dr. Hartman: All right.

Jack: So we got what we needed, what we're looking for.

Alison: Yeah. Yeah, my god. Thank god! Oh, you have no idea what a relief that is.

Jack: Well, let's put it this way -- I have a good idea.

Alison: Oh, the nightmare's over. Jamal has no connections to hope whatsoever. So that means that he and Valerie have no daughter together.

Jamal: You know, Valerie, I know how hard it was for you to give up hope.

Valerie: Yeah. I miss her all the time.

Jamal: I could tell just from the picture how special she is.

Valerie: You could?

Jamal: Yeah. I mean, something about those eyes and that -- that big, old smile she has going on. Oh, yeah. I mean, she's -- she's really special.

Valerie: Yeah. That's what you said when you helped deliver her.

Jamal: You know, in some ways, hope was the reason Ali and me got together. All the time we spent helping you and Hope get away from Cedric and --

Valerie: So where is she, anyway?

Jamal: Who, Ali? She had something to do for her grandmother. I don't know.

Valerie: Must be nice having money and a family -- something we wouldn't know about, right?

Jamal: Yeah, yeah, neither does she. Her parents are so busy in their lives that they don't even take the time to check in with her.

Valerie: Still, got a rich grandma.

Jamal: Yeah, but she won't take a dime from her. Ali turned her back on all that when she got with me. And now I'm her family.

Chris: Did -- did I just hear you right? I mean, did you just say that you --

Karen: Yes.

Chris: You said yes. Yes, I knew it. I knew you had to feel the same way I do.

Karen: I fought it at first, but you really got to me yesterday, Chris. And I honestly feel the same way you do now. So, when do you want to start?

Chris: Start? All right.

Karen: Experimenting on me?

Chris: Yeah, experimenting.

Karen: Running regular blood tests, the whole series, top to bottom.

Chris: Top to bottom.

Karen: Yeah. To find out how my body's reacting to the vampire serum. That's what you wanted, right?

Chris: Of course I do. You know, the sooner, the better. We need to -- need to get some answers.

Karen: As soon as I get back.

Chris: Fine. Fine. And -- and you realize we're going to have to spend quite a bit of time together so I can cover all the bases.

Karen: Yeah, I know.

Chris: And that's ok with frank?

Karen: What about frank?

Chris: Well, does he know that you've been injected with the serum, that -- what's going on with you?

Karen: Uh-uh. And it's going to be our little secret, ok?

Frank: What secret?

Rafe: Caleb, what are you doing here?

Caleb: Just looking after what belongs to me.

Rafe: "Belongs"?

Caleb: Mm-hmm. You see, Iím saving souls, too, now. I'm saving them from you and an eternity of boredom. Isn't that right, Olivia?

Rafe: You don't have to listen to him, Livvie.

Caleb: Oh, I'm sorry. Her soul is already spoken for, and she'll do whatever I ask.

Rafe: Why don't you let her speak for herself, bat boy?

Caleb: Go ahead, sweetheart. Tell our friend here why you'll always come back to me.

Livvie: We'll be together forever. Caleb promised me happily ever after.

Caleb: Because what kind of love do we have?

Livvie: Never-ending love. The only kind that lasts.

Rafe: Do you really believe that, Livvie?

Livvie: Jack and the others will all wind up leaving me one day, but Caleb will be with me forever. Their human love fades and his never will.

Caleb: I am so proud of you, sweetheart.

Rafe: So, you got the guts to stop pulling her strings for a second and let me talk to her, huh?

Caleb: Be my guest. With or without me, she knows who she belongs with.

Rafe: Look at me, Livvie.

Caleb: Ah -- but don't tell her what to do. It isn't nice, and it's against your rules.

Rafe: Livvie, listen to me. I know about life, human life. I know how fragile it is.

Caleb: So very, very short.

Rafe: I also know there's only one thing that has the power to transcend both time and death.

Caleb: Taxes?

Rafe: Love, Livvie. Human love. When it's real, it never dies.

Caleb: She didn't just fall off the turnip truck, man. She has been let down her whole life. That is until we met.

Rafe: Think about Jack -- how you met, how you fell in love, how he fought to save your soul, even if it meant giving up his own. Think about that kind of love. That's real.

Caleb: Oh, please.

Livvie: It used to feel so good.

Rafe: That's it. Allow yourself to remember the good times before you were under Calebís shadow. Then maybe you'll start to remember other things.

Livvie: I want to. I want to remember everything.

Caleb: You're wasting your breath, Rafe, because the minute I leave, she won't remember any of this.

Rafe: Unless I can get her to remember all the stuff you're making her do.

Livvie: "Do"?

Rafe: And that you're not her real love at all but Jack is. Then you'll be lost to her forever.

Mrs. Hartman: So, we're safe now? What if they find out about hope not being born prematurely?

Dr. Hartman: Don't worry.

Mrs. Hartman: Are you sure?

Dr. Hartman: We won't lose our little girl. Whatever it takes, we'll never give her back.

Jamal: Whoa. What's getting into you, girl?

Alison: What? What, you complaining?

Jamal: No way. I'm just wondering where this new habit of yours of jumping into my arms whenever you see me is coming from lately.

Alison: Well, I just love you so much. Do I need another reason?

Jamal: No. No. I love you, too.

Alison: Then why don't you show me? Huh?

Frank: You guys going to tell me what's up, or do I have to start thinking the worst?

Karen: I was just telling Chris here where we're going on our vacation's a secret, that's all. I mean, the last thing I want is for Mr. Chief resident here to think that he could bring me back early. Right?

Chris: Absolutely.

Karen: So no peep from G.H. I've got your word?

Chris: Yes. Yes, you've got my word. Enjoy yourselves.

Frank: So, what -- what's up with him, anyway? It's like he's glued to you.

Karen: Are you jealous?

Frank: Of Ramsey? Come on.

Karen: Give the guy a break. I mean, his life's totally empty outside the hospital. He hangs around me because Iím nice to him when nobody else is.

Frank: Yeah, and why exactly are you suddenly being so nice to him?

Karen: I guess I just feel sorry for him, that's all.

Frank: Yeah, well, you know, I guess I've never really trusted him.

Chris: Yeah, green lake. Have any cabins available up there?

Caleb: You are playing a very dangerous game now, my friend.

Rafe: Powers aren't as strong as you thought they were, huh?

Caleb: I can show you exactly how powerful.

Livvie: Help me, Rafe.

Caleb: He can't.

Rafe: But you can help yourself. It's within you.

Caleb: I'm your destiny.

Rafe: You know this man is evil. You helped destroy him once. You can do it again.

Caleb: You gave me life, Olivia. There is no greater love than that.

Livvie: Yes.

Rafe: No, Livvie, don't listen to him!

Caleb: It was your desire, Olivia.

Rafe: No. Livvie, look at me. We'll fight him together, ok? We'll bring him down together. I'll tell you what's really happening here -- you -- no!

Livvie: Rafe!

Caleb: What, sweetheart?

Livvie: Caleb, where did he go? What happened to him?

Caleb: Oh, him. Well, he broke the rules.

Livvie: Rules?

Caleb: And you know you should never break the rules, right?

Livvie: Never.

Caleb: That's a good girl. You'll never remember any of this. You won't remember until it's too late.

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