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Port Charles Transcript  Monday 10/29/01

  by Stephanie

Chris: Not so fast, Dr. Wexler. I've been trying to reach you for days.

Karen: Is that all? It feels like I've been trying to avoid you for weeks.

Chris: Take a look at this. No one else has your particular expertise in this area.

Karen: These numbers -- what is this? I've never seen anything like it.

Chris: It's blood work -- yours.

Karen: Mine? But the levels are insane.

Chris: Yeah, I think it has something to do with the syringe full of serum made from vampire blood.

Karen: Serum or not, Chris, look --

Chris: Yes, Iíve been looking. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear that these didn't come from a human being.

Lucy: Christina, it's mommy. Christina? Christina?

Kevin: Lucy --

Lucy: Oh! Doc, it's Christina -- she's here!

Kevin: Where?

Lucy: There! Doc, Iíve got to go after her!

Eve: You did it. You tried to kidnap our son.

Ian: What -- what are you talking about? I was with you.

Eve: To distract me. You hired somebody to help.

Ian: Stop right here. You're not making any sense, woman.

Eve: Oh, I'm not making any sense. Yeah, it's always me not making any sense.

Ian: For god's sake.

Eve: You've got the baby's things packed. You have two plane tickets.

Ian: They're not mine. Someone's trying to set me up. Why can't you see that?

Eve: Oh, poor dr. Thornhart, always trying to set you up.

Ian: Let me explain something to you.

Eve: No. This time you are trying to set me up, and I won't let it happen.

Ian: Listen to me.

Eve: No. You distracted me long enough in the park to have my baby taken, but it won't happen again. I have proof. I caught you red-handed trying to kidnap my son.

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Chris: Cravings -- have

Karen: You mean for stealing blood bags out of the E.R.? No.

Chris: Ok. Good. Sex. Has your libido been --

Karen: Unusually strong. Yeah.

Chris: Really?

Karen: Mm-hmm.

Chris: How strong?

Karen: Well, how graphic do you want me to be? I can't keep my hands off of frank. I want it all the time.

Chris: Really?

Karen: Mm-hmm.

Chris: Ok.

Karen: And this -- this doesn't bother me. As a matter of fact, I like it even better with an audience.

Chris: How romantic.

Karen: Mm-hmm. In the e.R. When somebody's working on a patient just this far away.

Chris: Yeah? Karen? Hey -- hey, wait.

Karen: Mmm -- just thinking about it --

Chris: What is that? That --

Karen: You mean this?

Chris: Yeah. No, no. No, it's -- it's a fragrance. It's a scent. Karen?

Karen: Yeah?

Chris: Whatever you're wearing, it's making me feel like --

Karen: Feel what? Chris, why are you looking at me that way? Oh, come on. Now you're teasing me. Chris. Hey, what's come over you?

Lucy: Doc -- anything?

Kevin: Lucy, I've looked everywhere.

Lucy: Ok, ok. She couldn't have just disappeared. She looked right at me.

Kevin: Lucy, maybe this is just --

Lucy: No, no. No, no. It's not just anything. It's her. I saw her, and she looked at me, and -- doc, I looked right in her eyes, and I could tell she knew it was me. You -- you do believe me, right? You do?

Kevin: I believe you believe.

Lucy: What? Wait a minute --

Kevin: Lucy, I believe that you saw her, but that doesn't mean that she was actually here. I mean, look where we are. This is almost the exact spot where she was kidnapped. I don't know. Maybe -- maybe her energy is here or her aura or something.

Lucy: No, no! This is not -- it is not an illusion.

Kevin: Well, then, maybe it's connected to what -- what we've been talking about -- that there's some evil force out there somewhere.

Lucy: No, no, it's not an evil force. It's not magic. It's not all in my head. Listen, if it was -- just say it was all in my head -- why would this be happening right now?

Kevin: I don't know! I don't know! Fine, then maybe -- maybe it's --

Lucy: Maybe it's what? What?

Kevin: Eve?

Lucy: Oh, my god. How can you -- I just saw my daughter, and you're standing there saying it's all because Iím jealous of eve's baby?

Kevin: Calm down, Lucy.

Lucy: No, I have seen her! I've seen Christina twice. I talked to her. I heard her voice on the phone!

Kevin: But you're the only one, Lucy. You're the only one that's seen her or heard her. Just you. I'm sorry.

Lucy: So am I. I don't want your help. I want you to leave me alone.

Kevin: I'm not going to leave you alone out here.

Lucy: Yes, you are! I want you -- you know, you have a daughter. You have a real, live, flesh and blood daughter. Why don't you go find her and help her because I don't want your help! Do you hear me? How many times do I have to say it?

Kevin: Oh, you only have to say it once, believe me. I heard you loud and clear.

Lucy: Good!

Kevin: Fine.

Lucy: Fine! I'm going to find her myself anyway. I don't need your help. Christina. Oh, Christina, mommy's coming. Mommy is going to find you. I will.

Ian: Bellboy's on his way. He's going to prove that Iím not behind this.

Eve: We'll see.

Ian: "We'll see"? Is it easier for you to believe that I would kidnap my own son?

Eve: What do you expect? Look at all the evidence.

Ian: Maybe this is time for you to believe in me. Think about why you're here. You got the same phone call I did. You know why? So you'd walk through this door and you'd see me holding the child. That's what they want -- me looking like --

Eve: Who's "they"?

Ian: "They." The same people who are sending notes to Kevin. The same "they" that have a woman running around town pretending to be Anne Marie. "They."

Eve: I don't know if I should believe you.

[Knock on door]

Ian: Hang on.

Bellboy: Dr. Thornhart.

Ian: Who ordered those tickets?

Bellboy: You did. One for you and one for the baby, just like you told me.

Ian: Like I told you?

Bellboy: Yeah, when you called down and had me charge them to your room.

Ian: Who are you working for?

Bellboy: Whoa, easy, easy, easy.

Eve: Stop it. Take your hands off of him, Ian. Ian.

Bellboy: Hey. I'm out of here, man.

Eve: I've had it.

Ian: Eve, he's working for them. He's just part of the whole thing.

Eve: Oh. Now it all makes sense -- everything that you've done.

Ian: Everything Iíve done?

Eve: You tricked me into tearing up that restraining order to get me to trust you again so that I would turn my back on the baby. You did that deliberately!

Ian: I -- Iíve --

Eve: I would never, never have taken my eyes off of Danny in a public place, especially after what happened with Caleb. This was all just a part of yr plan.

Ian: My plan?

Eve: Yes! And then you wanted me to go to the loft by myself. You wouldn't come with me. Everything that Kevin and everybody else said about you is true.

Ian: Oh

Eve: You can't be trusted.

Ian: Yeah. The powerful Kevin Collins -- of course, he knows the truth about everything, regardless of what he feels about you. Fine. Can I ask you -- how about putting a little faith in your present husband? Where are you going?

Eve: I'm leaving, and don't try and stop me.

Ian: I've -- fine. Fine. I'm -- listen, eve, I -- what are you going to do, put another restraining order on me? Is that what you're going to do?

Eve: I might. I might do that. And I'll press charges, too.

Ian: Ok.

Eve: Now get out of my way. Let me go. Ian, let me go.

Eve: It's ok, Danny.

Ian: I'm not giving up.

Karen: Chris? Anyone in there? Hey, hey, hey, hey. Ok, you got me. We're even. I started. I flirted first.

Chris: No, no, no. Don't -- don't go.

Karen: What's wrong with you?

Chris: Nothing. Nothing at all. I'm just worried about you.

Karen: I know what this is really all about.

Chris: You do?

Karen: Mm-hmm. You are trying to figure out why your serum mutated in me, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Karen: So you can re-create the original compound and take it yourself safely.

Chris: No, no. Karen, that's not it.

Karen: No, hell, Chris. I already told you I wouldnít be your guinea pig.

Chris: Karen, listen to me. I -- I swear to you that's not what this is about at all.

Karen: Oh, so what is it about, Chris?

Chris: Well, I just believe that there could honestly come a time when you really need me.

Karen: What for? If I crash, I can take care of myself.

Chris: Yeah, and you know what they say about doctors who do.

Karen: They have a fool for a patient.

Chris: Right. So I think, you know, you should let me watch over you, make sure you're all right. You need to take it easy anyway.

Karen: Maybe you're right. Maybe I should take it easy.

Chris: What?

Karen: Thanks, Chris. You just gave me a great idea.

Chris: Where are you going?

Karen: I am going to take your advice. I'm going to go on a little impromptu vacation with frank.

Chris: Frank?

[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: Well, Lucy, if you've come to apologize, Iím not going to make it -- eve.

Eve: Hi. It's me again.

Kevin: Come on in.

Eve: He went too far this time, Kevin. I had to get away, and I had to take Danny away.

Kevin: All right, just slow down.

Eve: He tried to kidnap my son.

Kevin: He what?

Eve: He got me to trust him again so that I would tear up the restraining order.

Kevin: Ok. Just go back, tell me everything one step at a time.

Eve: I am -- I'm trying to tell you everything --

Kevin: All right -- look, I know you're upset. So am I. Over something Lucy did. But, frankly's making me start to think that there's more to this.

Eve: More to this? Like what?

Kevin: Sit down. Eve, Iím actually starting to think that there's -- that there actually is some dark, active force out there somewhere.

Eve: No. No. No. Caleb is gone, Kevin. This has nothing to do with some supernatural threat that Lucy keeps talking about. You were right about Ian all along. He's lying. He's manipulative.

Kevin: Eve, eve --

Eve: He's dangerous.

Kevin: Eve, calm down.

Eve: He got me to meet him in the park with Danny. And he got me to turn my back on Danny just long enough for someone to take him.

Kevin: Well, what about Ian?

Eve: Ian pretended to be just as upset as I was while all this was happening. And then I got this phone call from someone saying, "I know where the baby is."

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, whoa. One thing at a time, please. Do you have any idea who made the call?

Eve: The voice was distorted, but it sounded like it could've been a woman. In fact, I think it was probably Anne Marie. Everything she warned us about Ian is coming true.

Kevin: But you're not sure that Anne Marie made the call.

Eve: No. But I am sure about Ian. That's the sad part. I went into the hotel room, and there was Ian with Danny in his arms and two plane tickets out of the country. He was this close to running away with my son. If I hadn't gotten there in time --

Kevin: Oh, god --

Eve: When I did, he would've taken my baby.

Kevin: It's all right.

Eve: He might've been taking my baby, Kevin.

Kevin: You're safe now. Now we know who's behind all this trouble, and I know exactly what to do about it. There is no way that Iíll let Ian near you or your baby again.

Ian: Lucy. Are you all right? What are you doing here?

Lucy: I -- I saw her. I saw -- I saw Christina.

Ian: You saw her here in the park?

Lucy: Here in the park. I saw -- I swear I saw her, and then she just mysteriously disappeared. And the police are looking for her and Scottís got all of his men looking for him, but --

Ian: Nothing, right?

Lucy: Nothing.

Ian: It's very strange -- two kids in the same park the same day.

Lucy: What are you talking about, two kids in the park?

Ian: Daniel was kidnapped here earlier.

Lucy: My god, Ian --

Ian: No, no, no, he's fine. He's back home. Everything's ok. But I'm the main suspect all of a sudden.

Lucy: I'm not getting this. You're the main suspect? How is that possible?

Ian: Someone's trying to set me up. I don't know who, but I'm -- I thought I'd come back here and look for clues.

Lucy: What does eve say about all this?

Ian: She says whatever Kevin tells her to say.

Lucy: Listen, I am really sorry about that.

Ian: Yeah. It's been one accusation after another. I don't know this woman that's running around town pretending to be Anne Marie. And, no, I did not kidnap eve. And I also -- I did not kidnap my own son. But my wife doesn't believe me.

Lucy: Hey -- for what it's worth, I believe you. You know, I mean, I just know what it's like when you have somebody that you're -- that person's supposed to love you and supposed to trust you, but who --

Ian: Doesnít. So Kevin doesn't believe you, either? So much for soul mates, huh? Can I ask you something?

Lucy: Please.

Ian: How can he look in your eyes and tell you that what you saw was real?

Lucy: Thanks. I think you believe me, and it's a really good feeling to have someone who actually does and doesn't think I'm crazy.

Ian: Ok, so here we are -- I believe you, you believe me, and the two people who are supposed to matter most in our worlds don't have any faith in us at all.

Lucy: Sounds awful. Maybe we could take it as a sign. I mean, maybe it's a sign from the universe that we are just supposed to stop worrying about what eve and Kevin think for a while and maybe 're supposed to start helping each other instead.

Karen: That's it. Another 30-something-hour shift is over. Now off for my fun-filled vacation --

Karen: Chris.

Chris: Karen. Ever since you were injected with serum, something's different. Something's changed.

Karen: You made it happen. You pumped me full of strength, life.

Chris: Yeah. I've never thought of you this way before.

Karen: Don't think. Make love to me, Chris. What are you going to do?

Ian: I thought I'd help you.

Lucy: Thank you. I appreciate that. But Danny and eve -- what are you going to do? Because I don't think eve's going to let you anywhere near that

Ian: I never thought I'd say this, but I don't really care what eve wants right now. If she thinks that Iím a kidnapper, then --

Lucy: I know. Don't say it. Danny is even more at risk.

Ian: She can't ignore the fact that there's someone out there trying to destroy our family. Well -- he's not safe with her.

Lucy: I hate to say it, but you're right. And I also hate to say, but I --

Ian: I know. I know. God knows I didn't take the boy away before, but I will now. I got to keep him safe.

Kevin: Ok. Mac's called off the search for Daniel, and he's sending a few of his men over to talk to Ian.

Eve: I can't believe it. I'm siccing the cops on my own husband. I heard you ask Mac about Christina. Is there a new lead?

Kevin: Well, if you believe Lucy, there is. She thinks she saw Christina in the park and at the hotel and who knows where else by now.

Eve: If you want to go talk to her, go right ahead. You know Danny and I will be just fine here by ourselves.

Kevin: I'm the last person Lucy wants to see right now. I think I'm better off just giving her some time.

Eve: Some time.

Kevin: What is it?

Eve: I think my time's up.

Kevin: For?

Eve: Wavering. There is no question in my mind that Ian is a very dangerous, sick man. And in order to protect Danny, I have to do something I never thought I would do.

Kevin: Which is?

Eve: I have to get a divorce.

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