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Port Charles Transcript  Thursday 10/18/01

Jack: Oh, oh sorry. I wasnít looking where I was going. Are you ok?

Anne-Marie: I'm fine.

Jack: Your scarf. Livvie, where did you come from? Did you see that woman?

Livvie: No, what woman?

Jack: She was standing right there where you are. I mean, I picked her scarf up, and -- and then I saw you.

Livvie: No. I guess she just ran past.

Jack: Right, right. So, how are you?

Livvie: Fine. I was just coming to see Alison. You?

Jack: Actually, I was just headed home.

Livvie: All right. So we'd better get in there, then, huh?

Eve: Thank god you're here.

Kevin: Are you all right?

Eve: Barely. I told Ian to leave.

Kevin: But I -- I thought you --

Eve: Anne-Marie came by here to see me.

Kevin: What did she tell you?

Eve: She told me personal things that Ian told me. And she told me that I was just another woman in a long line of other women. God, Kevin, I want to believe in him so much, but then something happens that makes me doubt him all over again.

Kevin: I'm amazed she came here at all, sheís so afraid that Ian will find out that sheís still alive.

Eve: She told me that she was worried about what he would do to me.

Kevin: Somethingís not right here. Ok, I want you to tell me everything she said.

Lucy: Thank you very, very much.

Ian: Itís bad enough to have Kevin believing I'm a kidnapper. Now eve believes him as well.

Lucy: I know. I'm sorry about that. I tried to reason with doc. I did, I swear. But he thinks I'm completely, totally crazy, that I'm the one acting crazy. But, Ian Thornhart, I swear to you as sure as I'm standing, I think something else is going on out there, something not really of this world. And I would bet my chakras on it that thereís something out there thatís trying to destroy all of us.

Man: Everybody stay calm! Nice and easy!

Jamal: Whatever you do, just stay behind me, ok?

Man: You -- open the safe and give me all your cash!

Frank: Now, look. This is my familyís restaurant. Why donít you let everyone go? I'll give you what we got. Now, whatís your name?

Man: The next hero is a dead hero! Get in here! Get in here!


Gabriela: You bastard!

Chris: What? Oh! Whatís the matter with you?

Gabriela: I have been working so hard to get my life back, and you -- you go to the retreat pretending to be my doctor, asking all kinds of personal questions about my mental health?

Chris: Gabby, you were infected by a vampire, and your behaviorís never returned to normal. Excuse me for being concerned.

Gabriela: You liar! You just want to use me for more research. Well, you know what, Chris? I'm going to go to the chief of staff. I'm going to tell Alan Quartermaine everything I know about you!

Chris: Fine, I lied. Is that what you want to hear? I lied. But it was because I was more than just concerned about you. It was -- it was -- look, this is embarrassing, but ever since you were bitten by Caleb, I havenít been able to stop thinking about you, dreaming about you. You are the most sensual woman I have ever seen in my life.

Gabriela: Oh, shut up!

Chris: Gabby --

Gabriela: God.

Chris: Look, it was easier just to lie to you. Donít you understand? What am I going to tell you, that someone else was, you know, accidentally injected with vampire blood and I wanted to see how you were doing so we could, like, compare the two? Come on.

Gabriela: I never would've believed that.

Chris: Of course not.

Gabriela: All right, so now what? Now what do I do with you?

Chris: Just try and understand. Thatís all I can ask.

Gabriela: Yeah, well, no more checking up on me. Yeah, right. Maybe you should seek some professional help.

Chris: Maybe you're right.

Chris: Oh, Ramsey, you're good.

Eve: So, after Ian left, I turn around and there she is. I would have thrown her out, but she started telling me these personal things, using the exact words that Ian used with me.

Kevin: Like?

Eve: Like he wanted her not just for one night but for always.

Kevin: So he handed her a line.

Eve: No. No, not just any line. The line. The exact line. The exact words that Ian said to me. How would she know that if it wasnít true? My god, he must have used that line a million times with other women, and I fell for it just like she did.

Kevin: Or Anne-Marie isnít the helpless victim she makes herself out to be.

Eve: What do you mean?

Kevin: Well, think about it. She pops up here again, just when you and Ian are working things out? I mean, the timingís perfect. And she never said anything to me about other women.

Eve: She didnít?

Kevin: No. It just seems that she changes her story to suit her purpose.

Eve: So, what are you saying? Do you think that this could be some sort of set-up?

Kevin: Letís just say Iím a lot less sure of Ianís guilt than I was a little while ago.

Ian: So this is something in the stars, is it?

Lucy: No. Actually, I think itís much lower. I think we're talking hellfire and damnation.

Ian: What, we have an evil force attacking us?

Lucy: Just bear with me for a minute. You know how we all saw Caleb bite the dust, right?

Ian: Ah --

Lucy: No, just listen. I really believe that that big ratís out there -- oh!

Ian: Ooh.

Lucy: Oh, my goodness --

Ian: I'm -- Iím sorry.

Lucy: Wait -- aha! See? See?

Ian: No, no, no. Thatís no evil force. Just me being clumsy and half in the bag. I'm sorry.

Lucy: Thatís ok. I guess I am being a little paranoid. I am soaking wet here. Do you have something I could change into, maybe, out of this dress?

Ian: I'm traveling light, but there might be a robe in the --

Lucy: Oh, yeah.

Ian: Thing.

Lucy: Good idea. Ooh. Yikes. What else can go wrong tonight?

Jack: Ok, ok. When I make a move, duck under the table where itís safe.

Livvie: Jack, this guy can kill you. You donít have the same strength as before.

Frank: Ok, I'll give you the money, but no one else needs to get hurt, ok?

Man: This is all you got?

[Glass breaks]

Man: You are jacking with me, man! You better come up with some cash, or Iím going to take somebody out!

Frank: All right, just calm down, man! Calm down.

Karen: Ok. Thatís enough. You're disturbing our diners, so please leave now.

Man: Get the hell back, lady.

Karen: I'm a doctor. I can give you all the drugs you want. Deal?

Frank: Karen, please, get back!

Karen: He wonít hurt me -- not when I could give him everything he needs. So, whatís your pleasure? Painkillers? Morphine?

Man: I'll shoot!

Karen: You canít hurt me. Nothing can hurt me now.

Eve: How does she know so much about Ianís past, especially the personal things that he said to me?

Kevin: I donít know.

Eve: Once you start doubting someone, Kevin, you canít stop. Every time I turn around, something else happens that makes me suspicious. I'm afraid of my own husband.

Kevin: Letís try and stick to what we know. I love Lucy, and I know you love Ian.

Eve: I do. I do love Ian. But I donít know what to make of this Anne-Marie business. And I have a child to protect now.

Kevin: I think itís time we all start talking to each other and start trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together. I'll go to Ian. I'll compare notes with him, and we'll get to the bottom of this.

Eve: I just -- I just want to know the truth, ok?

Whatever that is.

Kevin: You'll be all right here alone for a while?

Eve: Yeah. Oh, what would I do without you, Kevin?

Kevin: Well, you're never going to have to find out.

Kevin: And I really do hope Iím wrong about Ian.

Eve: So do I.

Ian: Sorry again for spilling my drink on you.

Lucy: Thatís ok. I'm fine.

Ian: Room service? Yes, hello. I need some more booze up here. Irish whiskey. I donít know. Hang on.

Ian: 534. Yeah, cheers. Thanks.

Lucy: Ok. The more and more I ponder this and study this; I'm convinced itís not just some nameless evil after us. Itís got to be Caleb.

Ian: No, no, no. Caleb was turned into a million particles, hit by lightning. Do you remember that?

Lucy: I do. But what if he really wasnít?

[Ian sighs]

Lucy: Come on. We're not sure what destroys a vampire. We donít know if they really ever die. Itís not like we're reading some book here, following the lead. We donít know.

Ian: And, what, that coming from a vampire slayer?

Lucy: You know what? I just happen to be very new at this whole calling out evil thing. But I do know somebody who might be able to help us -- my cousin Rafe. Heís an expert. He has all these powers, and maybe we could just call him and ask him, "is there a way that Caleb could --"

Ian: Perfect. Mm-hmm.

Lucy: You donít know! He could know.

Ian: Sure. Yeah, give him a call; tell him to join the party. We got more booze coming.

Lucy: Ok, fine, I -- will. Actually, maybe I wonít. You see, remember that night in the woods when we were holding hands and doing the chanting and I tried to summon evil and it didnít exactly swoop down on us? Well, thatís because Rafe sort of stopped it from swooping.

Ian: Then whatís the point of being a vampire slayer?

Lucy: My cousin is very protective of me. And he actually showed me a vision of my death, Ian. And it wasnít a very pretty sight.

Ian: Vision of death, is it? I'm going to keep drinking.

Lucy: Oh -- ok. All right. Me, too. Wait. I'll get it. Listen -- Rafe has these amazing powers, and you know what? He really did show me a vision of my death, which means that he can see into the future, which means he does have these amazing powers -- and that death part was really scary.

Ian: Ok. I canít believe I'm going to ask you this. Who killed you?

Lucy: Well, thatís the part Iím not really very clear on. But what if -- just what if it actually was Caleb?

Ian: Enough with the Caleb stuff. Let it go. Please. Itís over.

Lucy: I canít do that, see. I really canít. Because if I do, Iím afraid some big blob of evil is going to descend upon all of us and destroy us -- you and me and eve and Kevin and --

Ian: Lucy -- you canít put the world on your shoulders. I've tried it, and it doesnít work.

Lucy: I have to. I have no choice -- you know, it seems to me Iím the only one that actually believes that Caleb is the one behind messing up all our lives. Donít you see, if I do not find out what is destroying all of us and get rid of it, then we are all completely, totally doomed.

Man: Back off, lady. I swear I will shoot you.

Karen: You could try, but you canít hurt me. So put the gun down.

Man: I'm warning you.

Frank: Karen, what were you doing? That guy could have killed you.

Karen: It worked, didnít it? I stopped him.

Frank: Oh, my god. If anything would have happened to you -- look, you're hurt. You're bleeding.

Karen: Thatís strange. I donít feel any pain.

Andy: Police!

Frank: Hey, itís under control.

Andy: Yeah, we got a call there was a robbery in progress. Medical helpís on the way.

Frank: That jerk right there -- heís all yours.

Andy: Come on.

Alison: God, are you ok? Are you hurt badly?

Jamal: No, no, I just got a bump on my hard head. I'm fine.

Alison: Well, I should probably go get you --

Valerie: Some ice.

Alison: Or something.

Jamal: Yeah.

Alison: Wow -- the robber must have gotten in through the back. Somebody must have left the door open.

Valerie: What, are you suggesting it was me?

Alison: Well, I didnít say that, Valerie.

Jamal: Look, why donít you two just chill, ok? The guyís a druggie. He would have found some way in.

Andy: Mind if I ask you some questions about what you witnessed?

Jamal: No. Sure.

Valerie: Only Jamal needs to take it easy, you know. He got hurt.

Alison: Thanks, val. Think we got it from here.

Officer: Letís go, punk. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and may be used against you in a court of law.

Chris: I heard about the trouble on the police scanner. Everybody ok?

Valerie: Yeah -- over here. He got his head hit. Is it serious?

Chris: Let me take a look. No, it just looks like a nasty bump. Keep the ice on it, ok?

Jamal: Yeah. Good thing I got a hard head, right?

Frank: Hey, Ramsey, over here. The lowlife broke some glass. Karen got a cut.

Karen: Itís nothing.

Chris: Just going to need a couple of stitches. Good thing you caught the guy, huh? Stealing is such a horrible crime, isnít it?

Alison: Are you guys ok? Huh?

Jack: Yeah.

Alison: Yeah? What? Oh, my god. She is all over him. Sheís driving me crazy.

Livvie: Yeah, I'd be upset, too, if some woman who slept with the man I loved showed up on my door. And then I find out thereís a baby involved?

Alison: No -- no, no, no, no. Jamal has nothing to do with that.

Livvie: How could you be so sure, Alison? I mean, Valerie and Jamal seem pretty tight to me.

Alison: Livvie, why would you even suggest something like that?

Livvie: I donít know. I just think itís pretty weird that she shows up in port Charles after all this time, thatís all.

Alison: Jamal said that she had received a letter about the retreat here.

Livvie: Yeah, well, maybe sheís lying. I mean, come on, Alison. You're right. Look at them.

Alison: Yeah, every chance she gets.

Jack: Ok, guys, come on. All right? Doesnít mean Jamal has anything to do with the baby.

Livvie: Yeah, maybe not. But wouldnít you want to know the truth, Alison? Even if the baby is Jamalís, your love was meant to be. It'll go on forever. You can get through anything. Right, Jack?

Jack: Livvie, stop. All right, whatís gotten into you?

Livvie: You'll forgive Jamal, Alison, even if Jack canít forgive me, even if Jack doesnít love me enough.

Jack: Livvie, I said stop.

This is the way

we wash our face

Eve: Oh.

[Daniel cries]

Eve: Shh. Itís ok, baby. Itís ok. Mommyís here, buddy. Mommyís here, Danny. Yes. We're going to go for a little ride in the car so that mommy can think about some things, ok? Yeah. We've got each other. Yes, we do. But daddyís all alone tonight.

Lucy: You know, doc -- we -- me and doc and I -- all of us -- the two of us have been through so much. You know, we conquered every minefield, every obstacle, and now this.

Ian: Well, just think of it as a bump in the road.

Lucy: "A bump in the road"? This is more like a huge, gigantic crater, and itís all because he just has this soft spot when it comes to protecting eve and -- no offense.

Ian: Donít have to convince me.

Lucy: Is it possible, do you think -- is it possible that you can completely divorce your soul mate? You know, just cut it off. Or maybe, better yet, what if you could just bop him on the head, you know? I'm so mad right now, I feel like thatís what I could do is just bop him and -- he just doesnít get it, does he?

Ian: No. I canít seem to get through to eve, either.

Lucy: Look at the two of us. We're quite a cheery, little pair here, arenít we?

Ian: Yeah. Hey --

Lucy: Hmm?

Ian: I'm glad you're here. And I'm glad we're friends.

Lucy: Yeah. Me, too. Me, too.

[Knock on door]

Ian: Come in.

Frank: Look, Karen, they want me to make a statement down at the station, but I hate leaving you.

Chris: I'll take good care of her, frank.

Karen: Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll see you later.

Frank: Ok.

Karen: Ok.

Chris: It'll be my pleasure stitching you up.

Karen: You're not getting near me, you jerk.

Chris: Yeah, well, you're going to give me back that serum that you stole from me, too. Oh, my god.

Karen: The wound healed itself. Itís like my hand was never cut.

Chris: Better keep this between us, ok?

Jack: Livvie, why are you trying to stir up problems between Alison and Jamal? And why'd you say that about Valerieís baby?

Livvie: I donít know. Jack, it just -- it just kind of came out. I donít know.

Jack: You never know what you're doing anymore, do you?

Alison: Livvie --

Jack: Just forget it. Forget it, all right?

Alison: No, wait --

Jack: Look --

Alison: Jack, what if Livvieís right? What if the math adds up?

Jack: Donít listen to Livvie, Alison. All right, sheís really messed up right now.

Alison: But what if thatís why Valerie came to town? What if sheís right? What if Jamal is the father of Valerieís baby?

Livvie: God, what have I done?

[Calebís music plays]

Calebís voice: I've created chaos. They destroyed me. Now itís my turn.

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Lucy: Wait, wait, wait. This is not what it looks like.

Kevin: Really? So you're not half-naked in Ianís room?

Alison: I have to ask you a question about you and Valerie.

Livvie: Why donít you just leave them alone?

Caleb: Not until everyone that raised a hand against me is ruined.

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