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Port Charles Transcript Wednesday 10/17/01

By Stephanie and Suzanne

Alison: Livvie isn't answering her phone, either.

Jamal: Well, maybe they need some time alone.

Alison: What, from each other?

Jamal: Sweetheart, Jack and Livvie will talk to us when they're ready.

Alison: I know.

Jamal: But in the meantime, do you remember what we talked about?

Alison: Yes, that we should be taking one night for ourselves.

Jamal: Mm-hmm.

Alison: Yeah.

Jamal: Not talking about anybody else or anybody else's problems.

Alison: Right. Yes. No -- no Jack, no Livvie. No gabby. No Valerie. Oh! Especially no Valerie. Oh, Jamal?

Jamal: Hmm?

Alison: Don't you think that maybe we should save this for a more non-public place, like maybe the movie theater or something?

Jamal: Now, you know I can't wait that long.

Alison: Well, then maybe we should order or something. Don稚.

Jamal: Do.

Valerie: Hey, Jamal. Alison. Can I take your order?


Lucy: Hi. Can I have a martini? A big, fat, juicy martini with double the olives and triple the ginny.

Jack: Lucy. Hey.

Lucy: Hi. Hey, it's so good to see you.

Jack: It's good to see you.

Lucy: Come here. Oh.

Bartender: Hey, I remember you two.

Lucy: Pardon?

Bartender: You were in here about six months ago, fogging up the mirrors pretty good, if I remember. But you're still together?

Jack and Lucy: No.

Lucy: No, no. No.

Bartender: Oh, it's one of those. Don't worry.

Lucy: Wow, that was really very weird d駛a vu.

Jack: Uh, yeah.

Lucy: Yeah.

Jack: Yeah.

Lucy: Wait, wait, what are you doing here?

Jack: Same thing as last time -- trying to forget.

Lucy: Wait a minute, you don't mean that --

Jack: Yeah, Livvie and I did break up.

Lucy: This is so weird because I -- I left doc.

Jack: Wow.

Lucy: Yeah.

Jack: This really is d駛a vu.

Lucy: Oh, thank you. Ok, just -- just tell me, what happened?

Jack: I don't know. I -- I don't think I know her anymore.


Anne-Marie: I'm not a ghost, Eve, even though Ian would have liked me to be. I'm very real, and I知 here to warn you.

Eve: I don't know how you got in here, but Ian will be right back.

Anne-Marie: I had to warn you so that you could protect your child.

Eve: I don't believe the things that you told Kevin.

Anne-Marie: Then he'll go after you. If you don't listen to me, you'll wind up dead.


Jamal: You're working here?

Valerie: That's right.

Alison: Since when?

Valerie: Since I ran into Frank.

Frank: Isn't this great? I didn't even know Valerie was back in town, but her timing couldn't have been better.

Alison: Yeah.

Valerie: Seems they've been short on waitresses since you've been spending more time at the bike shop.

Alison: Yeah, Frank, you know, if you guys are desperate, I can pick up more shifts.

Jamal: Yeah.

Frank: No, we're good now.

Alison: Yeah.

Frank: I think. Hey, look, I need to get back to the kitchen.

Alison: Yeah.

Valerie: Look, I know this is awkward for you guys, but I really need the job. And if you want me to, I値l try and stay out of your way, but I'd like it if we could be friends -- or just friendly, maybe.

Alison: Yeah, I guess, you know, if you need the job.

Jamal: Yeah, you know, we can deal.

Valerie: Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Jamal: I'll be right back.

Valerie: Just so you know, I don't like being threatened.

Alison: What?

Valerie: You drawing the line with Jamal only makes me want to fight for him harder.

Jamal: Hey, Frank, sorry about that.

Frank: Yeah, is there a problem I should know about?

Jamal: Things are just a little tight between Ali and Valerie right now.

Frank: Yeah, I got that. Since when?

Jamal: Since Ali found out me and Val had a past.

Frank: Oh.

Jamal: Yeah, well, like one night. A very short past, one night.

Frank: Well, hey, man, look, I already gave her the job, and it seems like she really needs it.

Jamal: No, it's cool, it's cool. No problem. Let's hope things stay that way.

Frank: All right, man.

Jamal: All right.


Karen: Hey, you want to play doctor again?

Frank: Oh, hey. Maybe a private examination. That was a little crazy in the on-call room.

Karen: Oh, you haven't even seen crazy.

Frank: Where are you getting all this energy? Didn't you just finish a shift?

Karen: Yep, and now we're going to go out and party all night. Got a problem with that?

Frank: Hey, I知 smiling, aren't I? I just hope I can keep up.

Karen: Oh, don't worry; I'll keep up for both of us.

Frank: You know, I'm not used to this wild side of you. It's like you're on some kind of drug.


Lucy: Well, what do you mean exactly, you don't know her? What -- what has she done?

Jack: Look, you know what? That's her business. Besides, I don't even think I could explain it if I tried.

Lucy: Well, you're going to try. You have to try and explain it to me. Come on, what happened?

Jack: Lucy, being with her is hurting her more than it's helping her.

Lucy: Ok, that's not exactly answering the question. Come on, Jack, you love her and she loves you very much. Or is that it? Something's changed? Somebody's come between you, someone else?

Jack: Yes, there's somebody else -- Caleb Morley. He may be dead, but she hasn't been the same since that night on the roof.

Lucy: You know what? None of us have really. I mean, think about me and Doc now, and now you and Livvie, and Eve and Ian. It's almost like Caleb wasn't the only one who got struck by lightning. You know, we're all acting different. It's like that movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," you know, when everybody stops acting like themselves and now we're all at each others' throats.

Jack: Yeah, we were more together when we were fighting Caleb.

Lucy: Yes, exactly. We were united, standing together, and now it's like we're trying to destroy ourselves. You know what? If I didn't have people telling me I should know better, I would think Caleb set some sort of curse on us from wherever he is.


Eve: You are a coward and a liar sneaking around, telling lies about my husband.

Anne-Marie: I've been sneaking around because I'm scared to death of Ian. I don't want him to know that I知 alive.

Eve: So you told Kevin.

Anne-Marie: Everything I told Dr. Collins is true. You must believe me for your own sake.

Eve: I believe my husband. He's a good man.

Anne-Marie: I thought so, too. He has a way with words, so charming in that gruff way of his, so ready to tell you everything you want to hear.

Eve: I don't want to hear any of this.

Anne-Marie: I was married. Just like you were. Trying to work things out, just like you were. But Ian manipulated everything so I wouldn't have a chance. Once he got me alone, he worked his powers.

Eve: If you don't leave right now, I知 going to call the police.

Anne-Marie: He told me he wanted me not just for one night but for always.

Eve: What did he say to you?

Anne-Marie: That he wanted me not just for one night but for always. Did he say that to you, as well? I'm not saying that he doesn't love you, Eve. I think Ian believes everything he says and does in the moment. There's been others, too.

Eve: Others?

Anne-Marie: I know Ian. I've kept tabs on him ever since he did this to me. It's the same pattern. Everybody has theirs, Eve, but his are dangerous. I know everything may seem fine now. He says and does all the right things. But the minute you question him too strongly or don't live up to the woman he expects you to be, his love can be lethal.

Eve: I don't want to hear any of this.

Anne-Marie: I know you don't. But I wish that someone had been there to tell me. Get away while you still have the chance. Protect yourself and your baby.

[Elevator bell dings]

Anne Marie: Oh, God, he's back. He'll kill me if he sees me. Is there another way out?

Eve: The back hallway. Go!

Ian: Hey. What's wrong?  Here we go. All fixed. No one's coming in there.

Eve: Thank you. I'll fix a bottle for Danny.

Ian: Did something happen when I was gone?

Eve: No. Why?

Ian: I don't know, it seems like something is bothering you. Did -- did Kevin call?

Eve: No. No, I'm just tired from everything.

Ian: Yeah, we all are. But I'm glad you're here so we can work this out. Couldn't live my life without you.

Eve: That reminds me of something. Do you remember that first night in the cabin when you told me you wanted me not just for one night but for always?

Ian: Of course.

Eve: That was it, you know -- the moment when I knew I was in love.

Ian: The line works every time. I was kidding. Just joking.

Eve: I know. That's not what I was thinking.

Ian: Ok, what were you thinking?

Eve: We both said some pretty unpleasant things to each other today, and I think it would be best if we took some time to cool down.

Ian: What? The night someplace else tonight.  You did talk to Kevin, didn't you? Where is all this coming from? I thought we were going to work this out together.

Eve: I'm just confused!

Ian: Ok, then let's talk about it,  let's -- let's get past this, please.

Eve: I want to be alone with the baby.

Ian: Where is this coming from? What --

Eve: Please. Just go.

Ian: No, I'm not going to leave without you telling me what's wrong here.

Eve: Ok, fine, if you don't go, then I値l go and I知 going to take Danny with me.

Ian: The Hell you will.


Frank: I am so sorry. I didn't mean that -- I don't think that you're --

Karen: Back on drugs?

Frank: Well, I'm glad that you can laugh about it because I really didn't mean it the way it came out.

Karen: I know.

Frank: You've just been so up lately -- not that I am complaining.

Karen: Well, that's good because what I知 feeling is better than drugs.

Frank: So what is it?

Karen: You mean besides being madly in love with you?

Jamal: Uh, sorry to interrupt. I'm sorry, but, Frank, forget what I said earlier, ok? I don't think there's going to be any problem.

Alison: I can't believe that you just threatened to go after my boyfriend.

Valerie: I'm just telling you how things are going to be.

Alison: And what makes you think that I won't tell Jamal what you said.

Valerie: I'll deny it; say that you took something the wrong way. You'll look like the jealous, insecure girlfriend, and you know how much guys love that.

Alison: You know, Valerie, I don't really know what you're trying to prove here, but if you stick around, it's going to be a lot harder on you than it is on me.

Valerie: Oh, really?

Alison: Really. See, Jamal and I are in love. We're very happy. So if you'd like, you can just stick around and see that every day. That's just no problem. I mean, be my guest. I'd be happy to rub your face in it.

Jamal: Hey, ladies. Everything cool?

Valerie: Yeah.

Alison: Yeah.

Jamal: There you go.

Alison: Couldn't be better.

Jamal: Cool.


Jack: Caleb's curse, huh? You know, Lucy, there's a part of me that wishes you were right because then I have something to blame for Livvie and I growing apart.

Lucy: But maybe -- you know, maybe there is a force that is pulling you apart.

Jack: Lucy, the force of what we've been through. And I hate to say this, but maybe we changed too much from this whole thing. I mean, I was a vampire.  Livvie married a vampire. It's a horror story that we both lived through together, and maybe that's it. Maybe we remind each of something we're trying to forget. 

Lucy: Ok, maybe. Maybe you're right. 

Jack: Yeah. 

Lucy: Oh, I can't shake this feeling that there is something out there, something big that is working against all of us. 

Jack: I don't know, I don't know. I just know that standing here drinking is not going to fix anything for me. Here. Drinks are on me. Would you like me to call you a cab? I'm going to go call a cab for myself. 

Lucy: No. No, no, no, no, no. Actually, you know what I'm going to do? I think I'm going to stay right here and get a room in the hotel. 

Jack: Why is that? 

Lucy: I don't want to go home. I hate big, empty, lonely houses and I don't want to take the chance there's a bunch of messages waiting on my machine from Doc and I don't want really to take the chance of him stopping by. 

Jack: Not ready to talk? 

Lucy: No, I'm not ready to talk at all. In fact, I think I just need a whole night off from him. Are you ok? 

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I'm going to be fine. 

Lucy: Ok. 

Jack: Lucy, thanks for the ear. I appreciate it. 

Lucy: You're welcome. Ta. 

Jack: Bye. 

Lucy: Jack? Hang in there. 

Jack: You, too. 

Lucy: Ok. Wow, this is fun. This is really fun. Could go take a bath. I could order room service and eat myself silly. I could maybe eat all those peanuts. Boy, this being alone stinks. Hey, I have a very, very, very important question for you. You aren't closing right now, are you? 

Bartender: No. You can stay as long as you like. 

Lucy: Good. Then I want another one of these, and then maybe another one -- maybe, you know. Thanks. 


Ian: No, you're not going to take my son and start running again. What's going on here? An hour ago, everything was fine. 

Eve: Shh! Please keep your voice down. You're going to scare the baby. 

Ian: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you. 

Ian: Are you scared of me? 

Eve: Please just go. 

Ian: Ok. 

Ian: I guess I'll get a hotel room or something. 

Eve: Don't you need to get some things first? 

Ian: No, I -- I don't want to scare you for another second. 


Jamal: So you ladies had a chance to talk? 

Valerie: I think we understand each other now. 

Alison: Perfectly. 

Jamal: All right. So, what did I miss? 


Karen: Well, if you think tonight is going to blow your mind, wait until I tell you about the trip I have planned for us. 

Frank: Trip? 

Karen: Just get a few days off. It'll be worth it. 

Frank: Do I get a preview? 

Karen: Well, the place doesn't matter. Just imagine making love all day and all night. 

Frank: Hmm, I think I can do that. 

Karen: Hmm, and I'm feeling like I could do anything, Frank. I want us to try everything, whatever comes to mind. I don't want to waste a single minute, starting by telling you how much I love you. I love you, Frank Scanlon! 

Jamal: All right, Frank! 

Valerie: Yeah! 

Jamal: Frank, my man! 

Man: Get on the floor! Get on the floor! Everybody get on the floor! Get over there! This is a holdup! 


Lucy: Ian? 

Ian: Hey. 

Lucy: Hey. What are you doing here? You went home with your wiff -- wife, Eve. I saw you go. 

Ian: Yeah, apparently, she didn't want me there. What's your excuse? 

Lucy: I have none except I don't want to be with Doc tonight. 

Ian: Can't say I blame you. 

Lucy: This is sad. Look at the two of us, staying in a hotel when we're supposed to be with the people that love us. It's really not right. What is wrong with this picture? 

Ian: I don't know. Lonely and pathetic, right? 

Lucy: Lonely and pathetic. No, no, I don't like those words. Don't ever say them again. I don't -- can you -- do you want maybe a little company or something? 

Ian: Sure. Why not? A man shouldn't drink alone, right? 

Lucy: Oh, no, no, a woman. You know, I always say a woman. Not a man, but a woman. 


Jack: Oh, oh, oh. I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going. Are you ok? 

Anne-Marie: I'm fine. 

Jack: Your scarf. 


>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "Port Charles: Tempted." 

>> On the next "Port Charles" -- 

eve: I told Ian to leave. 

Kevin: But I thought you were -- 

Eve: Anne-Marie came by here to see me. 

Kevin: Something's not right here. Ok, I want you to tell me everything she said. 

Lucy: There's something out there that's trying to destroy all of us. 


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