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Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 10/16/01

By Stephanie

Livvie: Caleb?

Caleb: Here, my love.

Livvie: Why did you call me?

Caleb: Well, I wanted to see you. But not like this. Hey. You look sad.

Livvie: Itís Jack. He -- heís left me. Heís gone.

Caleb: Gone?

Livvie: And I donít know how it happened. I mean, I donít remember how I ended up in bed with a guy that I just met. Caleb, you have to tell me, did you do this? Did you make Jack stop loving me?

Caleb: No, Olivia. I didnít make him do anything. Sometimes life is like a test, and it would seem that Jack has failed his.

Livvie: A test?

Caleb: Thatís what Iíve been telling you all along. This boyís love for you is shallow and fleeting.

Livvie: He loved me completely. He promised forever. If I hadnít messed up --

Caleb: You made a mistake -- one mistake -- and heís gone. How "forever" is that? You're starting to see it now, arenít you? Just like all the others. What they thought is true love is, in reality, conditional at best -- here today, gone tomorrow. But what we have is different, Olivia. What we have is a love that will never die.


Eve: Ian --

Ian: Did I hear you right? You're leaving me?

Eve: I canít be with a man who doubts me, a man who thinks I would deliberately hurt my own child.

Kevin: He what?

Ian: Stay out of this, Kevin, please.

Kevin: Iím already in it.

Lucy: Doc, you got to stay out of this. This is between Eve and Ian.

Ian: Thank you. Speaking of doubting people -- you now think Iím some kidnapper?

Eve: I canít speak to you right now, Ian.

Kevin: And you know what, Eve? You donít have to. You've come to me for help. You have it. You can stay here as long as you need to.

Ian: Well, this is perfect, isnít it? Just the way you planned. Here she is, coming back to you, just running back to you.

Eve: I am not running to anyone.

Ian: Then what are you doing here?

Eve: Maybe I feel at home here. Maybe I feel safe. This was once my home before --

Ian: Yeah, I know, I know. I forgot. Before the kidnapping that I set up to set up -- break up your happy family. Hmm. Very good. Maybe -- maybe Kevin doesnít care about Lucy.

Kevin: All right, thatís enough. Get out!

Ian: Is that what this is about? You two wishing that things had turned out differently?


Rafe: Anybody there? I asked you for help and I still havenít heard from you. Itís just -- itís frustrating, you know? I mean, here I am, an angel sent down here by you to do a job -- to protect Lucy and stop Caleb. Only hereís the thing -- I canít do this job because of all these -- forgive me, but all these really lame rules I got to follow! Now, Calebís regaining his power and I canít do a thing to stop him. So you tell me -- whatís the point here, huh? I mean, why didnít you just send me down here blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back? Hello? Is anybody listening? Can anybody hear me? Well, if you can, hear this -- this job sucks!


Man: Are you hearing me? I donít really care if Sinatra is booked. I need a real hard-ass for this assignment, and heís it.

Rafe: Itís about time.

Man: What the hell do you want? Iím busy.

Rafe: Iíve been trying to reach you for days, sir. See, itís about this assignment.

Man: What about it?

Rafe: Truth be told, sir, Iím not really happy with it. See, itís these rules.

Man: Excuse me? You're not really happy? You asked for this assignment. You begged me for it.

Rafe: I know, sir, but --

Man: You said you wanted to rid the world of this dirt bag who took your life -- this vampire, remember?

Rafe: Caleb, yes.

Man: Said you'd do whatever it took, whatever it needed.

Rafe: Oh, that -- thatís true, sir, but --

Man: Yeah, thatís great. Then get back to work.

Rafe: I canít do that.

Man: You canít what?

Rafe: See, things have changed, sir. I canít just guide Lucy anymore. Calebís too powerful. She needs to be warned. They all do. They need to know that heís coming back!

Man: Forget it.

Rafe: With all due respect, sir --

Man: No, with all due respect, thatís not the way we work here. Yours is only to steer. You do not drive.

Rafe: Thatís just it. Itís all these pointless rules. And Caleb -- he has none! I mean, whatís up with that?

Man: Sorry, kid. Deal with it.

Rafe: Fine. If you wonít help me, Iíll just do this on my own. Iíll do whatever I think is necessary to protect these innocent lives. That means to hell with the rules! Sir.


Eve: First you accuse me of harming my own son, and now you think Iím plotting to get back with Kevin?

Ian: Is that any more ridiculous than what heís whispering in your ear?

Kevin: Except that seems to be true.

Ian: The hell it is, Kevin.

Lucy: That is enough. Doc, you have got to listen to me. This is between these two. You have to give them just some time to talk together.

Kevin: So you think what they need is to talk?

Lucy: Yes! At least give them a chance to talk. They cannot do that if you keep sticking your nose into their business. Now, letís go outside and give them some room, please.

Kevin: No.

Eve: Kevin --

Lucy: Doc --

Eve: I can handle this.

Kevin: Are you sure?

Ian: What do you think; sheís in danger from her own husband?

Kevin: I do now, yes.

Eve: Itís ok. Iíll be fine, really. Please.

Kevin: Iíll be outside if you need me.  Lucy, what are you thinking?

Lucy: Do you want me to tell you what Iím thinking? Honestly, what Iím really thinking?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Lucy: Ok, Iíll tell you. Iím thinking maybe Ian is absolutely right.

Kevin: What?

Lucy: Maybe you wanted Eve to leave him. You did, didnít you?


Livvie: Maybe you're right. I needed to let go of Jack. Heís probably better off without me.

Caleb: Maybe you're better off, too.

Livvie: I just feel so terrible for what I did to him.

Caleb: Someone who truly loves you doesnít give up.

Livvie: Yeah, well, I betrayed him.

Caleb: You betrayed me, too. Did I walk away? Have I given up on you for even one moment?

Livvie: No.

Caleb: You tried to kill me, and still Iím here, in love with you.

Livvie: You've never stopped.

Caleb: And I never will because what I feel for you is beyond boundaries. Itís beyond anything you ever could experience with Jack. Think about it. Think about a love that has no end and, no matter what happens, itís there for you forever.

Livvie: Forever.

Caleb: I know that sometimes thatís hard for you to comprehend. You've been hurt so many times. People have disappointed you -- your mother, Jack.

Livvie: They all leave me.

Caleb: But I wonít. I will be there as long as you want me, as long as you'll allow me to be. So, you see, the decision is yours, Olivia. You can be alone in the cold, harsh world of these people, or you can have love, starting right now, that will be everlasting.

Livvie: I donít want to be alone. Caleb, I canít be alone.

Caleb: You donít have to be, my love. Not anymore.


Man: Ok, kid. You got it all figured out. You're going to make all these changes. Tell me how you plan to break all the rules, huh?

Rafe: Well, first off, Iíd just warn Lucy and all the others that Calebís not dead -- or undead, or whatever. But, you know, Iíd tell them that heís on his way back.

Man: Go on.

Rafe: And then Iíd -- Iíd find a way to trap him, you know, and just end all this once and for all.

Man: You'd kill him?

Rafe: Yes. To protect these innocent people, yeah.

Man: I think maybe itís revenge.

Rafe: What?

Man: Settling a score with this Caleb creep. Thatís whatís driving you, isnít it, kid?

Rafe: No, I just --

Man: Thatís why you called him out sooner than you should have and gummed up the works.

Rafe: I never meant to do that.

Man: I donít care what you meant. He knows what you are. You blew the hell out of your own cover.

Rafe: No, I can still fix things! You see, if it wasnít for these rules --

Man: The rules are in place for a reason. They've been there since the beginning of time. But you know better, right? You're not on the job two months; you're going to show us all how itís done.

Rafe: No. Itís just that my friend -- these people are in so much pain.

Man: Well, thatís really tough, kid, because pain is part of life. People grow stronger from pain. They learn from it. You got to let them make their own decisions.

Rafe: Fine, but what if they make the wrong ones? What if Caleb wins?

Man: He might! He might. The battle between good and evil is as old as time. Except we got something on our side -- our faith that the good in peopleís hearts will prevail. And therein lies your challenge, Rafe, my boy -- to remind them of whatís inside, in here, that counts. You think you can do that, kid? You think you can set aside your hatred for Caleb and help make that happen? Huh?


Kevin: Do you think I wanted this to happen? Do you think I wanted Eve to leave Ian and uproot their child like that?

Lucy: I donít want to believe that, no. I do not want to believe that. But, frankly, itís getting harder and harder not to.

Kevin: You've asked me before if I have any feelings left for eve, and I told you the answer is no.

Lucy: Well, maybe the two of you donít even realize it. You know, who would have thought she would have actually left Ian? But she did, and where does she show up? She shows up at your door with her baby and all her bags, ready to move right in.

Kevin: Sheís scared, Lucy. She didnít know where else to turn, and I am still her friend.

Lucy: You're also still her ex-husband, and that is a fact Iím getting a really hard time right now ignoring. I canít.

Kevin: What are you talking about?

Lucy: You. Doc, donít you see? You're obsessed with Ianís past. And the one point that keeps coming up in all that is that you and Eve were happily married before the kidnapping.

Kevin: Actually, we werenít.

Lucy: Well, whatever. Donít you see? You're so possessed with her -- with her life, her problems, everything -- that Iím beginning to feel like just some sort of discarded consolation prize.

Kevin: You know that isnít true.

Lucy: Do I really?

Kevin: Lucy, for the gazillionth time, I love you. We're engaged, for godís sake. I want to marry you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Lucy: I -- I feel just a "but" coming here.

Kevin: The only "but" is that I still care about eve, but only as a friend. And to be honest with you, if she needs to stay here, I wonít turn her away.


[Daniel whimpers]

Ian: Howís it going? Itís all right. But itís ok. Itís ok. Thereís my little boy. I know, itís fine. Itís ok. Itís ok.

Eve: You really have a way with him.

Ian: Because I love him. And I love you.

[Daniel cries]

Ian: But itís all right.

Eve: Shh.

Ian: And I know you're angry with me.

[Daniel cries]

Ian: Come here, itís ok. Come here. I should never have questioned your capabilities of being a mother. Sorry about that. But how can you believe Kevinís lies?

Eve: I have never known Kevin to lie.

Ian: Heís convinced the woman I love, without any evidence, to believe the worst about me.

Eve: Why would he do that?

Ian: Because he hates me. He hates me for taking you away from him. But I can live with that. What I canít live with is you believing horrible things about me.

Eve: I donít know what to believe anymore.

Ian: Believe in us. Look at us. Believe in us. I love you, and Iíve loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you. And I think you still care about me. So letís -- letís not believe this stuff. Donít believe I would ever hurt you. You know I wouldnít. We belong together. Look at us -- the three of us. Letís grab our stuff and go home as a family.

[Daniel whimpers]

Ian: I know it'll be all right.


Livvie: I still donít understand how this is happening. I mean, you coming back.

Caleb: When the time is right, you will understand everything.

Livvie: But when will that be?

Caleb: When I know I can trust you. And what you showed me today, that isnít far off. But for now all you need to know is that those people who tried to destroy me are getting whatís coming to them. And when all this is said and done, you and I are going to live happily ever after. You do want that, donít you? Happily ever after?

Livvie: Itís all Iíve ever wanted.

Caleb: Me, too. But thereís still work to be done.

Livvie: You're not going to hurt anyone?

Caleb: Hurt anyone? No, my love. Not I.

Ian: Come on, letís go.

Eve: Yeah.

Kevin: Everything ok here?

Eve: Yes, I think it is.

Kevin: Whatís going on?

Eve: Well, Ian and I talked, and --

Ian: And we're going home.

Kevin: Eve?

Eve: Thatís right. I realize that I overreacted.

Kevin: Overreacted?

Ian: Sheís made up her mind, Kevin.

Kevin: I wasnít talking to you.

Eve: I have, Kevin, and I appreciate everything that you've done.

Kevin: Look, just do one thing. Just think about this for a while -- at least a day.

Ian: She doesnít have to think about it. Sheís going home where she belongs.

Eve: Itís all right, Kevin. Iíll call you if I need anything, ok?

Ian: Letís go.

Eve: Thank you. Thanks.

Kevin: Where are you going?

Lucy: Eve isnít the only one leaving. Good-bye, Doc.


Man: You just canít deny that you've got your own reasons for wanting to stop Caleb. I think I might have made a mistake. You're too green for this job.

Rafe: No. No, no, no, I can handle it!

Man: No, no, no, Iím sorry, son. You talked me into giving you this gig against my better judgment, and itís not going to happen again.

Rafe: So, what are you saying?

Man: Iím saying you're fired.

Rafe: Fired?

Man: Terminated, finished, done.

Rafe: No! No! No! No!

Man: Sorry, kid.

Rafe: You canít do this!

Man: Iím doing it. You gave it your best shot. You're on your own.

Rafe: No, no, no. No, no, no. What about all those people down there?

Man: Well, until we can find somebody to take your place, they're on their own.


Ian: Thanks for believing in me.

Eve: Well, you know, with everything thatís happened and us being on edge, I --

Ian: Itís all right. You donít have to explain.

Eve: I love you so much. That never changed.

Ian: I love you more than anything. Come on.  Whatís wrong?

Eve: Ian, I just remembered something. Earlier, when I was here in the loft, that window over there just blew right open and this cold gust of air came in, and it blew little Dannyís picture off the windowsill. It shattered it to pieces. And then, out of the blue, the mobile started playing on its own. Thatís why I freaked out. Thatís why I went to Kevinís house.

Ian: Itís ok. Iím -- Iím here now. Iíll check it out, all right? Latch is broken, thatís all.

Eve: Ok, well, can you please fix it? It really needs to be fixed.

Ian: Well, I canít fix it now. Iíd have to go to the hardware store.

Eve: I donít want that window to not be locked.

Ian: Ok. You going to be all right with me being gone?

Eve: Yes. Just hurry back, please.

Ian: Just as fast as I can.

[Eve gasps]

Eve: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Woman: Iím Anne-Marie.

Eve: No, you're not. Ian said Anne-Marie was dead.

Anne-Marie: I would have been if Ian had had his way.

Eve: What do you want?

Anne-Marie: I want to tell you what your loving husband did to me, eve.


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Lucy: If people didnít keep telling me I should know better, I would think that Caleb sent some sort of curse down on us.

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