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Port Charles Update Thursday 10/11/01

By Amanda

This was your great big emergency at the hospital?

Eve: Hold on a minute, Lucy.

Lucy: You couldn't just tell me you wanted to sneak off and see eve alone?

Kevin: Lucy, let me explain, ok?

Eve: No, this is not what it looks like.

Lucy: Oh, please. I don't think it's what you think I think it is. It's not. It's the fact that you wanted to sneak over here and talk to eve alone about your suspicions about Ian, right?

Eve: You know about that, too?

Lucy: Yes, I do. My doc happens to tell me everything -- well, except for the part that he's coming here to meet you.

Kevin: Well, we had to talk, Lucy.

Lucy: Eve, doc is wrong about your husband, and if you are smart, you won't listen to a damn thing he says about Ian.

Alison: Hey. Ok, look, so I Bought this tie for Jamal, but I think that it would look really fierce on you and I think maybe you should wear it tonight for good luck.

Jack: I Canít wears a tie.

Alison: Why?

Jack: I barely can even breathe right now.

Alison: Oh, Jack.

Jack: Maybe this is the dumbest idea I've ever had.

Alison: No.

Jack: Huh? Livvie's probably going to think Iím crazy.

Alison: Are you -- are you kidding me? Look, she is going to be too busy covering you with kisses and screaming yes! Ok, this is going to be the best day of Livvieís life ever -- you asking her to be your wife.

Rafe: I speak to all that is evil and call to the one who spreads destruction wherever he walks, the last of his unholy line. I command you to show yourself!

Caleb: Who calls me?

Caleb: It Canít be you.

Rafe: Is that any way to greet an old friend?

Caleb: I got rid of you.

Rafe: Must be tough being wrong so often.


Livvie: Tonight's the big night, Jack. Nn that's huge.

Jack: Oh, come on, Alison. Now you sound like some cheesy love song.

Alison: What, and you think that girls don't love cheesy love songs? I know what Iím talking about.

Jack: No, no -- look, it's just that I don't want to push Livvie into something she's not ready for.

Alison: Well, then let me ask you this -- I mean, and be honest. What do you think of Livvieís state of mind right now?

Jack: I think it's fine. I mean, you saw her today when that guy was hitting on her. She was, you know, totally cool-minded and that makes me think she's getting back to her old self.

Alison: Well, Jamal did have some reservations about you asking Livvie to marry you right now. I mean, Jack, I don't -- I don't want to be, like, you know, pushing you to do something that you're not ready to do or you're not sure of. I mean, are you sure?

Jack: Yeah, I know that I Canít live life without Livvie. I know she loves me more than anything. I know I love her, even after all we've been through. And I know that -- I know that I want more than anything for her to be my wife. I know that.

Alison: Oh. That makes me want to cry.

Jack: And, Alison, I don't care if it sounds like some dumb, cheesy love song because I feel like shouting it from the rooftops tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, gather around because I have an announcement to make. Iím getting engaged tonight to Livvie Locke!

Whoo! Iím going to be a married man soon. Yep, yep! Whoo!

Alison: Sit down. Casanova? Ok.

Jack: What?

Alison: Ok, so you have to get ready first. Ok, get all dolled up or whatever it is that --

Jack: Right, right.

Alison: Guys do. Take your tie, ok?

Jack: Tie.

Alison: Because your bride awaits you.

Jack: Thanks.

[Alison laughs]

Alison: Go.

Kevin: Lucy, please, just leaves this alone. It doesn't concern you.

Lucy: Doc, I love you madly, I love you to pieces, but you're absolutely wrong about eve.

Kevin: You see, Lucy feels that there's some evil force that's pulling all of our strings. Personally, I feel there's a more human element to it.

Lucy: It's not human! It's Caleb. We were all there on the rooftop, right, when we destroyed that vampire supposedly? Don't you think he might be mad? Don't you think he might hold a grudge? Maybe he wants revenge.

Kevin: It's hard to get revenge if you're dead.

Lucy: Maybe he's not dead or maybe he has some friends, some spooky ghouls that come down and want to exact revenge. Don't you see, doc? We felt that evil presence and we saw that mirror shatter.

Kevin: There is no evil presence in my head making me suspicious of Ian. Cold, hard facts are doing that just fine.

Lucy: Oh, cold -- no. The cold, hard facts just sort of, what, fell into your lap. This is not some sort of witch-hunt, you know?

Kevin: Lucy, Ian has us believing that he's some kind of a saint when in fact he could be a killer!

Eve: All right. That's enough! Stop it. I don't know what is going on here. But Lucy is making some sort of sense.

Lucy: Oh. Thank you.

Eve: Anything Ian has ever done has been honorable. And yes, he has made some mistakes, but to do what you are suggesting --

Kevin: I think you're saying that because you want to believe it.

Eve: No, I am saying that because I know Ian.

Kevin: Fine. You know him, but please, please hear me out.

Eve: No, that's enough. No more gossip. No more breaking into our loft.

Lucy: What? Doc, you broke into their loft?

Kevin: Oh, of all the people --

eve: I want you to stay out of our lives. No more talking to that woman. I don't want to hear any more of her lies. Come on, Danny. It's time to go, baby.

Lucy: Doc, it seems like you've been keeping a lot of secrets from me.

Ian: Yeah, hi, hello. This is dr. Ian Thornhart. Eve Lambert is one of my patients, and I read in her file that her previous physician had recommended a psych evaluation after her first son died. Now, if there's any information about that that you could fax to me, Iíd appreciate it. Yeah -- yeah, right here at general hospital. Thanks. Iím doing this for you, eve. For us.

Caleb: And all this time, I thought I had crushed this little worm.

Rafe: I know what you're doing to the people of Port Charles, Caleb, and the party stops tonight.

Caleb: Getting a little uppity, aren't you? Maybe I need to teach you another lesson.

Rafe: Nice try, but I know you're not back to your full powers yet. Otherwise, I couldn't have called you out here for this nice little chat.

Caleb: Don't push it. You still don't want to see my bad side.

Rafe: You're hurting innocent people, Caleb. Leave them alone.

Caleb: Or what? You'll keep me after class?

Rafe: Or our next fight will have a very different outcome.

Caleb: You Canít kill me, slayer. Iím not even fully alive.

Rafe: Which makes you vulnerable as hell. You're still weak, and I've picked up a few tricks since the last time we met.

Caleb: What you're doing is Boring me, Rafe. Iím out of here.

Rafe: We're not done talking.

Caleb: How'd you do that?

Rafe: It's not much fun being someone else's prey, is it? It's terrible wanting to run but knowing you Canít, wondering if you're about to stare your own death right in the face.

Lucy: Let me get this straight. You broke in to eve and Ianís loft and you have met with this mystery woman?

Kevin: Her name is Anne Marie. And according to her, Ian not only murdered her husband but threw her in front of a car. Oh, and by the way, she was pregnant at the time and she lost her baby. Ok?

Lucy: Ok. Ok. All right. Where is this woman now?

Kevin: I don't know. She ran off Before I could ask her any more questions.

Lucy: So she ran off. Doc, doesn't that make you suspicious of her motives? Don't you see something else has to be going on here?

Kevin: Yes, like maybe Ian pulled the wool over all our eyes.

Lucy: Or maybe you have blinders over your eyes so tight, if you don't take them off, we're all going to be in a lot of trouble.

Kevin: Why Canít you at least consider that all roads seem to lead to Ian?

Lucy: Because what I see is my nice, normal, logical guy breaking into people's apartments and talking about murder. You're acting crazy.

Kevin: Oh, that's what is about, isn't it? You think I've gone off the deep end again, don't you?

Jack: Ahem.

Alison: Well, hello, Mr. Ramsey. Uh-huh, you're looking pretty good, pretty sharp. If I wasn't so stuck on Jamal, I might -- ahem -- give Livvie a run for her money.

Jack: Stop.

Alison: Ok, ok. So I was thinking about it -- how are you going to propose to Livvie?

Jack: Oh, Boy. I've been thinking about that all day and I keep getting it all jumbled up in my head. I don't know.

Alison: Ok, do you want to practice on me?

Jack: Oh, don't you think that that should be between me and Livvie?

Alison: Oh, you know that she's going to tell me everything anyway, so practice makes perfect. Do you want to go?

Jack: Right, right. Maybe -- yeah, right.

Alison: Ok.

Jack: Let's go over here.

Alison: Ok.

Jack: You -- you sit here.

Alison: Ok.

Jack: Ok?

Alison: Yes.

Jack: Let's see -- yeah, we can check. Got the ring.

Alison: Ok, so, honey, is there anything that you want to tell me?

Jack: Ahem. Look, Livvie, I -- oh, Boy, that's bad. Ok. Livvie Locke, you're -- ok, Livvie --

Alison: Oh, Jack, she knows her name.

Jack: Oh, this is terrible. Why am I doing that?

Alison: No, no, no, no, you're doing so good. You are. Ok? So good. Just keep going. Just go, Jack.

Jack: Right. Livvie, what --

Alison: What?

Jack: I combed my hair. What are you looking at?

Alison: No, nothing. Iím just trying not to stare at your face. I'm, like, looking at your head. Iím sorry. Iím just trying not to distract you. Livvie will be better at this. Go again. I am so ready.

Jack: Look, Livvie -- Iím not very good with words, as you can see. But I want you to know what's in my heart.

Alison: And what's that?

Jack: I thought that I was going to live my life all alone until I met you. And you made me believe in love. You made me believe in myself.

Jack: Livvie, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to be the person that you lean to when you need comfort. I want to be the person who makes you smile. Let me take care of you for the rest of my life. Marry me. Oh, god. That was terrible. How -- how did I do?

Alison: That was magnificent. Truly really beautiful.

[Phone rings]

Jack: What --

Alison: It was really beautiful.

Jack: That's Livvieís --

Alison: Yeah.

Jack: Livvie's cell phone. Maybe she's -- yeah? Uh, yeah -- ok. Ok. Thanks, thanks.

Alison: I need some water.

Jack: Oh, that was someone confirming Livvieís hotel reservations for tonight.

Alison: Oh. Yeah.

Jack: I wonder what that is.

Alison: Well, gee, I wonder. She's probably got some really cool, really romantic night planned for you. Iím sure that's why she just happened to accidentally leave her phone with you.

Jack: Do you think maybe , you know, pick her up and whisk her off to the yacht. And if you guys don't tell me all the details tomorrow, Iím never going to talk to either one of you ever again.

Jack: Ok.

Alison: Ok. Don't forget the ring.

Jack: All set, all set. Yeah, ring.

Alison: Yeah.

Jack: I've got the tie.

Alison: Oh, my god.

Jack: Now I got to go get the girl.

Alison: You're going to be an engaged man the next time I see you. My god!

Jack: Wish me luck.

Alison: Yeah. You really won't need it, though, because you have love on your side.

Jack: Yeah. Thank you.

Alison: Ok.

Jack: Bye.

Alison: Ok, bye.

Jack: Whew.

Rafe: You Canít escape me now, Caleb. How does it feel? Is your whole miserable life flashing Before your eyes?

Caleb: Iím too busy enjoying myself right now to look back, Rafe. Have you seen how screwed up the people in this town have become? I guess it's true what they say -- love hurts.

Rafe: Thanks to you. But that all ends tonight.

Caleb: You know, it's a good thing I don't have my full powers back or Iíd be talking and you'd be dying.

Rafe: All these idle threats, they're starting to sound a little pathetic, Caleb.

[Caleb's music plays]

Rafe: Now behave.

Caleb: I never seen a slayer with this power. How is that possible?

Rafe: I ask the questions. You're not in control here, not anymore.

Caleb: There's something different about you. Besides the smell and the atrocious manners, I just Canít quite figure out what it is.

Kevin: You think I've lost it. You think I've cracked under the pressure, right?

Lucy: No! Now, Iím not saying you're having a breakdown, but, doc, something has gotten into you.

Kevin: Oh, I see. Now Iím possessed.

Lucy: Wait a minute. Don't do that. Don't put words into my mouth. That's not what Iím saying. Iím saying we're all a little whacked out here. You know, we better wake up and smell the coffee or we all are going to be in a lot of trouble.

Kevin: What if you're wrong, Lucy? What if you're wrong? You just sent eve into the arms of a killer.

Lucy: Well, what if you were home and someone knocked on your door and had all this horrible dirt on me? Would you just invite them in, say sit down, or would you turn them away?

Kevin: Don't change the subject.

Lucy: Iím not. Iím just trying to get you to see that -- that someone or something is doing a hell of a job taking Ianís life and putting this horrible negative spin on it. And, doc, you are feeding the flames here. Don't you see you're doing that? If you don't stop, you are going to ruin eve and Ianís lives.

Ian's voice: Now, don't be nervous. You're about to meet the most beautiful woman in the world.

Ian: What am I doing? I don't doubt eve. Yeah, hi. Thornhart here. Iím expecting a fax concerning my wife. Yeah, when it gets in, just throw it out. I don't need to see it. Perfect, thank you.

Eve: Come on, sweet pea. Oh. Hi. Iím glad I caught you.

Ian: I was just thinking about you.

Eve: Oh. I have been a complete idiot, Thornhart.

Ian: No, it's me. I've been a caveman.

Eve: No, I don't care who is right or wrong, ok? We have to stop fighting.

Ian: Sounds good. I missed you.

Eve: I missed you. No more doubts or second-guessing.

Ian: You got it.

Jack: Whew.

Jack: Livvie?

Caleb: There's no way you should have the power that you have.

Rafe: This is about you, not me. There's no room for evil here, not anymore.

Caleb: I would rather cease to exist than hear another one of your whiny lectures.

Rafe: I'll keep everyone safe from you if it's the last thing I do!

Caleb: And it just might be. But then again, that's never been the job of a slayer, has it? Saving the world? So what's changed, Rafe?

Rafe: Nothing. You believe humans are basically weak, incapable of lasting love. Iím going to prove you wrong.

Caleb: Then go ahead. Kill me. Do it! Staring at me ain't going to get it done, Rafe. So why aren't you destroying me right now? Wait. I get it now. I was right the first time. I did destroy you.

Rafe: Iím going to send you straight back to hell!

Caleb: That's why you Canít kill me. You are dead. Iím talking to a dead man.


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