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Port Charles Transcript Tuesday 10/2/01

By Amanda

Chris: Vitamin V -- vampire blood. All the eternal life, strength, and power in one potent dose. It'll fly off the shelves. All we need is a sample of Gabi's blood now to compare to this sample of when she was Caleb's party girl. Of course, we'll also need a person to test it on. Who will be the lucky contestant? [Noise]

Karen: What was that?

Frank: If we're lucky, it was Ramsey's swelled head exploding.

Karen: Well, he has been bragging about his work on some big medical breakthrough. He says it's going to change human life as we know it.

Frank: That doesn't sound real promising for humanity.

Karen: Yeah, well, actually, I'm a little worried about him. He has been bitten by Caleb, too, you know.

Frank: Well, yeah. I had a long talk with gabby tonight. She's having trouble getting Caleb out of her system.

Karen: This vampire stuff has made us all a little crazy.

Kevin: Yes, I need to trace a call that came in here a little while ago.

Lucy: Ahem. Well, I -- I hope you don't mind, but I sort of -- I borrowed one of your shirts.

Kevin: Great.

Lucy: Hmm. Ok, so, either I'm losing my touch or I'm going to have to call 911 because you're in a coma.

Kevin: What's the matter?

Lucy: What -- are you still worrying that Ian is some sorting of kidnapper or something? Is that it?

Kevin: Well, I'm not worried, exactly.

Lucy: Well, what are you? Because look at me, I'm half-naked. Usually when I walk in a room like this, you're a little bit more interested.

Kevin: I'm interested.

Lucy: Oh, ok. Well, then let's take this file -- get rid of that. Let's take that phone and just put right down here. Now I want you to prove you're interested.

Livvie: I know it's late, but I got the munchies. Want a bite? Sorry. Bad choice of words.

Jack: You know, we can't just ignore what happened tonight.

Livvie: This one's chocolate chip. I know it's your favorite.

Jack: I found you all alone, half-naked in the catacombs.

Livvie: Yeah. Um, honey, I really don't want to talk about it. You should really try this one.

Jack: Livvie, we have to talk about it.

Livvie: No, jack, don't you get it? I just want to feel like a normal person for a change and do normal things.

Jack: Listen to me. Normal people don't end up in bat caves and not have any idea how they got there. If we don't figure this out, it's only going to get worse. I'm afraid.

Livvie: You think that we're turning back into vampires, don't you?

Gabriela: Is anybody there? [Gabriela screams]

Karen: So, how is gabby doing?

Frank: Well, she was doing ok until we started talking.

Karen: Why? What happened?

Frank: She asked about Joe, and I had to tell her he met somebody else.

Karen: Ouch. How did that go over?

Frank: About how you would expect. Yeah, I felt bad for her, so I told I would stop by the retreat sometime, try to cheer her up.

Karen: Poor Gabby. She was so happy with your brother until Caleb came along and wrecked her life. Among others.

Frank: So you think everybody's got this big Caleb hangover?

Karen: Yeah. Like Ramsey. He's been bouncing off the walls in his office, talking gibberish. He even told me I looked beautiful.

Frank: He came on to you? I have been looking for a good excuse to clock that guy.

Karen: Hang on, hang on. Before you defend my honor, I should tell you it wasn't a real pass. It was almost like Chris was flying high on something. If I didn't know better, I would swear he was on drugs.

Frank: Maybe he's sampling his own experiments.

Karen: No, it wasn't that. Believe me, I know when somebody's using. It was something else.

Colleen: Dr. Wexler to the E.R. Dr. Karen waxier to the E.R.

Karen: Hey, Colleen. What do we got? I'm on my way.

Frank: What's wrong?

Karen: Gabi's been brought to the E.R. She's been hurt. She's bleeding.

Frank: Oh.

Chris: Just what the doctor ordered.

Kevin: Are you saying that I'm -- I'm being a little bit obsessive?

Lucy: I'm not saying it, I'm screaming it at you. Leave eve and Ian alone, ok? They're very happy. Now, you know what I think it is anyway.

Kevin: That some evil force is behind it?

Lucy: Yes, it's much better than thinking Ian is some sort of murderer. Now, in the meantime, I'm having a very, very hard time getting you in the mood.

Kevin: Must be the evil force.

Lucy: Oh, very funny. I'm not in the mood now. Forget it.

Kevin: Oh --

Lucy: No, no, no, no. Forget it!

Kevin: Ah, ah, ah. Just wait.

Lucy: No, I'm not -- no, if you want to make Ian into some troll that lives under a bridge, going ahead. And if you want to discount my very good instincts that say there is something going on here in port Charles, doc -- fine, do it. But I know there's something going on and you should know it, too --

Kevin: Excuse me.

Lucy: What?

Kevin: How do you expect me to seduce you if you won't stop talking? For instance, I do think that the shirt -- good as it looks -- would look much better on the floor.

Lucy: Oh --

Kevin: Hmm?

Lucy: Now we're talking. Were we talking? Let's not talk anymore.

Kevin: All right.

Lucy: All right.

Livvie: Caleb's dead. We saw him get blown into bits. That's what freed us. How can we turn back into vampires?

Jack: Livvie, look, I don't know how else to explain all the strange stuff that's been happening. Like you had no idea you were in the catacombs?

Livvie: No. I just remember waking up and seeing your face.

Jack: But I walled that place shut, and you got in there somehow. I mean, what if I wouldn't have found you?

Livvie: But you did. Now can we please change the subject?

Jack: No -- hey, hey, listen to me. Do you remember anything before? Did something draw you there? I mean, do you remember anything, anything at all?

Livvie: No, jack, I don't want to remember. I am trying desperately to forget. Why do you keep dragging this all up again?

Jack: Because it's still here. That's the problem. Ok, listen -- you remember when you were in the hospital when you got bit by that snake? You said something about a box, hearing Caleb's music.

Livvie: Yeah, I was delirious, jack. I don't even remember saying that.

Jack: Ok, ok. But after that, you said you were going to come see me at my place but you ended up at the catacombs.

Livvie: By mistake.

Jack: But why would you do that? Huh? Why would you go to someplace connected with Caleb?

Livvie: What, are you suggesting that I went there looking for him? That I went there deliberately?

Jack: Livvie, I'm not saying that.

Livvie: Because that's what it sounds like -- like you don't believe my story. What, do you think I'm hiding something?

Jack: I'm just trying to make sense of all this.

Livvie: No, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I went there looking for Caleb or that I was trying to seek him out. You think I'm still in love with him?

Jack: Still in love with him? I didn't know you ever were in love with him. Shouldn't your dressing

Lucy: You know, I can't wait till Christmas.

Kevin: Oh, Lucy, every day is Christmas with you.

Lucy: No. I mean, because we're getting married. And you're going to put that little gold band on my finger and then you will be mine, finally, forever and ever.

Kevin: I'm yours forever already.

Lucy: I can't really even imagine a time when we weren't together. Not anymore.

Kevin: Don't think of anyone but us, ok?

Lucy: Ok. Hey.

Kevin: Hmm?

Lucy: You know what I want? I want you -- whenever you feel like you have the whole world on your shoulder, I want you to stop and just remember this moment. Ok?

Kevin: Ok. Speaking of shoulders -- did I ever tell you just how much I love your shoulders? And how much I just love your -- everything.

Lucy: Doc.

Kevin: Yes?

Lucy: I love you.

Kevin: I love you.

Lucy: That is so good because you're stuck with me for life.

Livvie: Hey, of course I wasn't in love with Caleb, jack. I mean, not really. I was tricked into thinking I was, but --

Jack: But what?

Livvie: Ok. Caleb might have loved me, forced me to marry him. But even when I was under his spell, my heart was always with you.

Jack: Was it, Livvie?

Livvie: That's what saved me, jack -- your love. You never let go of me even when I fought you.

Jack: Giving up on you would be like giving up on myself.

Livvie: I'm glad you fought for me.

Jack: I would die for you. You know that, don't you?

Livvie: Then can you live for me, jack? Let's stop looking over our shoulders and stop holding our breath and just enjoy the time we have.

Jack: I know. Look, I'm sorry I scared you. Look, I'm just freaked out about losing you again.

Livvie: I'm scared, too. I just -- I keep thinking that something out of our control just might separate us again the way Caleb did.

Jack: Never again.

Livvie: Sometimes I half-remember a dream or -- or words Caleb said, and, you know, it's something I know I need to remember, but then it's gone. And sometimes I think I'm cured and then I wake up and I've done something really strange like tonight, and I just wonder when it'll ever be over.

Jack: Well, we're just going to have to keep watch. All right? Keep talking like this.

Livvie: Yeah. And not let any troubles or doubt divide us. Promise?

Jack: I promise.

Colleen: Calm down. Calm down.

Frank: God, gabby, is you all right? Gabby?

Karen: Oh, gabby -- how'd you get this?

Gabriela: It was a -- it was a crash and the light and outside -- I don't know!

Karen: Colleen, let's clean this wound.

Frank: Gabby, gabby, gabby, listen. Calm down and try to talk to us.

Gabriela: Frank, it was so terrible! I can't be here.

Karen: Ok, ok, ok.

Chris: You need a hand suturing that?

Karen: No, I got it. Colleen, give me size six gloves and sutures.

Frank: Who did this to you?

Gabriela: I don't know. It just happened. I was outside the recovery room and I was trying to get back to my car, and this street lamp exploded all over me! I can't be here.

Karen: Ok, ok, ok.

Frank: You're fine. You're fine now.

Gabriela: No! No, I'm not fine! I'm not fine!

Frank: Come on, gabby. Gabby, please, please --

Gabriela: I have to get out of here!

Frank: We're trying to help you. Come on. Relax. Calm down. Gabby, gabby, you're ok.

Gabriela: No. I'm not ok.

Frank: Calm down. You're not --

Gabriela: I can't be here.

Frank: You're going to be fine.

Karen: Take it easy. Gabby --

Gabriela: I can't be here.

Karen: You need to relax right now.

Gabriela: I can't.

Karen: I'm going to stitch you up, ok?

Gabriela: I can't. Frank --

Frank: Gabby, what has made you so afraid?

Gabriela: I don't know. I was outside and this feeling -- it came over me like something was following me. I was so frightened and I wanted to run, but I couldn't move!

Karen: Colleen, let's get her 25 milligrams of hydralazine to calm her.

Chris: Karen, call me if you need me.

Karen: Thanks.

Frank: Gabby, look, it was just a faulty street lamp. It was nothing to be afraid of.

Gabriela: No, frank, it was a sign. It was a sign I've been bad. I've done bad things!

Frank: No, no, no, it's nothing like that.

Gabriela: Yes! I have to get back to the retreat! I have to pray some more! I have to keep praying!

Chris: Colleen, I want a complete blood panel on gabby.

Colleen: Dr. Wexler didn't say anything about that.

Chris: I'm Dr. Wexler's superior. I'm asking for it. Get it now.

Colleen: Aye-aye, sir.

Chris: While the lab's getting me a complete blood workup, I'll do a few tests of my own. I'll be one step closer to finding a little slice of eternal life. Not bad for a day's work.

Chris: Now comparing cabby's blood from tonight with this sample that was taken when she was doing her little walk on the wild side. Somewhere in here is the million-dollar answer, and I think it just fell in my lap. You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say someone up there really, really likes me.

Gabriela: I'm sorry I was such a bad patient. Please don't tell the other nurses. They'll never let me live it down.

Frank: You had a bad scare. It's understandable.

Gabriela: I guess I was just in shock. Strange things happened to me, you know?

Karen: Well, you're ready to be released, but if you're still feeling a little fragile, I can arrange for you to stay here tonight.

Gabriela: Oh. I'm sure I'll be fine. I just -- I'll just get a taxi home or something, you know?

Frank: Don't be silly. I'll drive you.

Gabriela: No, frank. Really, I need to be alone. And I want to thank you for offering to come up and see me, but maybe not for a while. Ok?

Frank: Ok. If that's what you want.

Gabriela: Yeah. I need to go. I'll be fine.

Karen: Are you sure?

Gabriela: Yeah. Yeah. I just really need to get back. Thank you, you guys.

Gabriela: Help me, father, for I have sinned. Make me strong. Make me fight these feelings inside me. Make me forget.

Kevin: Eve.

Caleb: Olivia. Olivia. You were right. This is the beginning of the end for you and jack. For all the lovers of Port Charles. And who said breaking up is hard to do? Oh, I've stirred up some lies, planted seeds of doubt. Now all that delicious doubt and blame will slowly poison them from within, and this time I'll leave no marks. Nothing to show that I has caused any harm. This time they'll destroy themselves. 

[Caleb laughs]

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