Port Charles Transcript Friday 8/3/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Eve: Ian?

Ian: Lambert.

Eve: Why are you packing your medical bag?

Ian: I'm going to make sure we have enough of everything because we're getting out of here. And no argument from you, please.

Eve: Are you sure this is the right thing for us to do?

Ian: Yeah, I do. I never thought I'd say this -- and God strike me down for saying it now -- but rumor has it there's a vampire roaming around Port Charles, and I'm not taking any chances.

Eve: So we just run away?

Ian: My da taught me how to fight anyone except women and vampires, so here we are.

Eve: Ok. So we -- we take this seriously.

Ian: Yeah.

Eve: And we don't take any chances. So where are we going?

Ian: I'm going to the one place I know with enough goodness to protect us all.

Eve: Tirama Island.

Ian: Yeah. The only place in the world where our son will be safe.

Eve: Where we'll all be safe.

Ian: I hope so. God, I hope so.

Jack: No, Alison, go to the next one. That's not it.

Alison: Jack, do you want to do this?

Jack: Sorry. Go ahead.

Alison: Standing over me isn't going to make this modem go any faster.

Jack: Ok, well, how many maison de la noces can there be, huh?

Jamal: All right, just hang on, ok? We'll find out where Caleb's got Livvie. We will.

Jack: When? Huh, Jamal? After he turns her into some bloodsucking killer?

Jamal: Jack, chill. Ok, we got a complicated program right here running on last year's equipment. Ok, why don't you go in the alley and pace or -- break something out there? Look, we're checking all the search engines, all right? If there's a match anywhere in the web, trust me, Ali will find it, ok?

Jack: Jamal, we're running out of time. I can feel it.

Jamal: Look --

Jack: I've got to get -- ah.

Jamal: Jack, just save your energy. You're going to need it for Caleb, ok?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you're right. Look, I'm going to get some more to eat.

Alison: Again?

Jack: Alison, would you get off my back please? Did you get some more of those blood packets from the hospital?

Jamal: Yeah. Yeah, they're chilling.

Jack: Thanks.

Jamal: Hey, Jack, you know, you -- you've been putting a lot of that stuff away, more and more.

Jack: So?

Jamal: So -- so can your body handle it?

Jack: Look, how the hell do I know, Jamal?

Jamal: Whoa, whoa, hey --

Jack: All that matters is me getting strong to fight Caleb. All right? Saving Livvie's life -- that's all that counts.

Jamal: Ok.

Livvie: No. Mama, don't, please, or I'm going to start crying, too.

Rachel: I just can't help it. You look so beautiful.

Livvie: I am so glad that you're here.

Rachel: Thank you. Thank you for the most incredible gift you can give a mother. Oh, and speaking of gifts, Caleb left you something. Something special for his bride on a special day.

Livvie: What is it?

Rachel: I don't know. Open it up.

Rachel: Oh.

Livvie: Oh, gosh. Mama, look how beautiful.

Rachel: Oh, you deserve this, sweetheart. You know, your husband -- he knows that it takes someone special with grace to sparkle as brightly as this does. He could just shower you with diamonds and you'd still be the rarest gem of all.

Livvie: Oh, look at me, Mama. It's my wedding day.

Rachel: Yes, sweetheart. And now you're ready.

Lucy: Hey.

Kevin: Hey.

Lucy: You hungry maybe?

Kevin: Haven't had time to think about it.

Lucy: You have to eat. Obviously, things aren't going so well.

Kevin: It's not going at all. Caleb could've taken Livvie any one of a thousand places, and it will take me days to go through these documents we took from the monastery.

Lucy: It's ok. I think we have some time here. I have a feeling about that.

Kevin: But how much time, Lucy? A week? An hour?

Lucy: What are you doing? Where are you going?

Kevin: I'm going to find Jack and see if there's anything more to go on.

Lucy: No, you're not. Jack said he would call us. He'd come find us if he had anything.

[Knock on door]

Lucy: You're not just going to sit -- please.

Kevin: I can't just sit around doing paperwork, Lucy. It's open!

Victor: Monk.

Kevin: Hi, Victor.

Lucy: Hey.

Victor: Something terrible.

Kevin: What?

Victor: I went out this morning to put some flowers on Abe Kurland's grave, but he wasn't there.

Lucy: What?

Victor: It -- it was all dug up, and -- and the lid of his coffin had been broken open.

Kevin: And the judge wasn't there.

Victor: Somebody stole the body?

Lucy: Oh, boy. Oh --

Kevin: No one stole anything, Victor.

Victor: What do you mean?

Kevin: Abe took off on his own.

Victor: What -- what are you saying?

Kevin: You better sit down, Victor.

Lucy: And you're going to need some water to drink.

Victor: I don't want some water. What --

Lucy: Well, you'll need it. Here, take this.

Abe: The rings are exquisite.

Caleb: Wait till you see the bride. You know, I've waited lifetimes for the perfect moment, perfect woman to have a family with. And having you join our extended family has made this an even happier day, Judge Kurland.

Abe: Thank you, Caleb. I've performed thousands of weddings in my time, but I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this one.

Caleb: You sure you're up to it?

Abe: Never felt better, especially for a dead man.

Caleb: You know, it's -- it's nice to know that death is just a figure of speech in our world, isn't it, Judge?

Jamal: Hey, sweetheart. Any luck?

Alison: How's Jack? Is he doing any better?

Jamal: No, not in my opinion.

Jack: Anything new?

Alison: No, no -- oh, Jack. Please, will you --

Jack: What? What the hell -- what the hell's her problem?

Jamal: Why don't you slow down a little bit? You're starting to guzzle this stuff.

Jack: Hey, Jamal, I know the more I drink, the stronger I get.

Jamal: Look, I know that.

Jack: And it's all about Livvie now.

Jamal: I know, but you can't keep guzzling this stuff --

Jack: Look, Jamal, if I keep drinking this, I'll be able to handle Caleb. I got to save Livvie's life!

Alison: Ok, ok, ok.

Jack: What?

Alison: Yes!

Jamal: What?

Alison: I got it. Maison de la noce.

Livvie: Mama, it's already perfect. Come on.

Rachel: Just one more time. There. Oh, Livvie.

Livvie: No. Mama, don't. Please, not again.

Rachel: Don't worry, I won't. It's just that I am so happy. Honey, this is what I always wanted for you -- to find a wonderful man that would keep you safe, give you everything you ever wanted and more, to love you beyond your dreams of true love. Oh, sweetheart, it's all right there just waiting. You go out there and you grab it and you hold on tight and never let go. You hear me?

Livvie: Yes. Mama, I hear you.

Rachel: Can you promise me that?

Livvie: I do, I promise.

Rachel: Happiness forever, huh?

Livvie: I love you.

Rachel: I love you, too, baby.

Rachel: Well -- I guess it's time. Your new life, eternal love.

Caleb: Olivia.

Caleb: There isn't a woman in all the world with even half your beauty, half your soul, beyond my wildest dreams. You sure you're ready?

Livvie: If you'll have me.

Caleb: There's just one more thing you need to know before we can start. For you to be my wife, for us to live together through the ages bound as one in an everlasting covenant, you must become as I am.

Livvie: As you are.

Caleb: For that to happen, you must leave your world and enter mine. It's time for you to come to me, Olivia. It's time for you to cross over to the other side.

Livvie: The other side.

Caleb: Look at me. Look into my eyes. Are you sure you understand what I'm saying?

Livvie: Understand. Of course, my love. You're telling me I must die.

Victor: Vampire. Of course. How did I miss it?

Kevin: Everyone else did.

Victor: But the evidence was all around me.

Kevin: Evidence? What evidence?

Victor: Abe. Abe. Everything he did, everything that happened to him from the moment he came in from the woods. I should've been able to see the symptoms.

Kevin: From where, old movies?

Victor: No, from the time I was stationed in eastern Europe. We heard a lot of stories, we all did, but, of course, no one would admit believing any of them. Except I always thought all of the locals all telling the same stories -- there's got to be some truth in -- my God -- vampires in Port Charles?

Lucy: Yep, and the worst kind.

Kevin: What kind is that?

Lucy: The out-of-their-minds kind.

Kevin: The worst of it is, Victor, he has Livvie.

Victor: What? Monk!

Kevin: He's lured her off somewhere.

Victor: To kill her?

Kevin: To marry her.

Victor: Well, we -- we've got to find her!

Kevin: Well, we're open to suggestions! I mean, what did the villagers in eastern Europe do when they had to crash a vampire wedding?

Lucy: Uh, Doc, I -- I have something I've been needing to tell you. Um, something about the wedding you really need to know.

Kevin: What?

Lucy: In order for Livvie to be Caleb's bride, he has -- he has to turn her.

Kevin: You mean into a vampire?

Lucy: Yeah.

Victor: It's not going to happen. Not to my granddaughter. Not while I can do anything about it.

Lucy: Doc --

Kevin: What you're saying to me is that my daughter's wedding is actually her funeral, is that it? So if we don't find them and stop them, Livvie will die.

Eve: Are you sure I can't help you carry some of that?

Ian: Nope. For the last time, I got it. Ok.

Eve: Wow. It just doesn't seem like we stay in one place for very long, does it?

Ian: Gather no moss, Lambert.

Eve: Well, actually, I wouldn't mind a little bit of moss. I mean, who knows when we'll ever be back here, if we'll ever even come back here?

Ian: It doesn't matter where we are, as long as we're together in a place where there's no danger for our child.

Eve: Right. Because I can't lose this baby, Ian. I will not lose another baby.

Ian: Don't even think that way. Trust me. Believe in me, ok? I'll take care of you, both of you. I promise. Whatever it takes.

Eve: I love you so much.

Livvie: I'll do whatever I have to to be with you, Caleb. I trust you.

Caleb: And no harm will ever come to you, Olivia, or the child I've chosen to be ours.

Livvie: A child?

Caleb: "Dying" is a -- is a word used by people who don't understand the possibilities. To sad and ordinary souls, it's the end. But to the extraordinary, it's just the beginning. A second birth. With one last breath, we're born again into a new and vibrant way of life filled with power and knowledge, with all senses working at the highest level.

Livvie: Caleb.

Caleb: You'll see inside the deepest places of the human heart and mind, and you'll hear the music of the stars playing softly in your ears.

Livvie: The stars.

Caleb: Our minds will merge at will, and we'll whisper in ways that humans can never imagine.

Livvie: Yes. Please.

Caleb: But to walk by my side, Olivia, you must say goodbye to this mortal life. You must surrender to a peaceful sleep. But when your blood mixes with mine, you'll wake up in a world where anything is possible, and we'll be soul mates, you and I, forever.

Livvie: Soul mates.

Caleb: And the child I've chosen to be with us will join us soon. A beautiful, infant soul reborn into our family.

Livvie: Our child.

Caleb: There can be no doubts, Olivia. You must come with an open heart. Crave this life. I can't be with you if you don't embrace it and me with your own free will. You must make your choice now. Do you want to be one with me? If you do, say it aloud from the depth of your soul. Is it your wish to spend all eternity with me?

Livvie: Yes. Yes, Caleb, with all of my heart. I'm yours, my love, no matter what.

Jamal: That's it? You got a match?

Alison: I told you.

Jack: Well, where is it at? All right, never mind. Just print it out, let's go. Where's it at?

Alison: I don't know.

Jack: Look, what's taking so long?

Alison: Well, it's not exactly around the corner.

Jack: Meaning what?

Alison: Meaning it's up in the mountains upstate.

Jack: Oh.

Jamal: Damn!

Alison: No, look, it's ok, though. I'll just call Nana and she'll give us the Barrington plane. I'll get her to loan it to us.

Jack: There isn't time!

Alison: Jack, please?

Jamal: No, stay back, Ali.

Jack: Caleb is going to --

Alison: Jack!

Jack: Is going to get to her before we have a chance to get to Livvie. No, no, no, no.

Alison: Jack?

Jamal: No, just -- stop it, stop it.

Jack: I'm not going to let Caleb get to Livvie. No. No!

Alison: Jack?

Jack: No! Livvie.

Jamal: Oh my God.

Ian: You got everything, Lambert?

Eve: Yeah, I just -- let me grab my purse.

Ian: Ok. Grab it and let's go.

Eve: I'm grabbing, I'm grabbing.

Ian: The last thing we need's for trouble to walk in the door as we walk out.

Eve: All right. Oh!

Ian: What's the matter?

Eve: Oh! Honey, it's the baby. It's too soon.

Ian: You're ok. It's all right.

Eve: It's too soon.

Ian: Just relax.

Eve: Oh, God! Ian, the baby! Tell me I won't lose this baby! I can't lose this baby! Oh, God, no!

Ian: I'll take care of you, I promise. Come on, let's go.

Eve: Oh! No!

Ian: Don't move. Hold on.

Kevin: Victor?

Lucy: What?

Victor: Ok. The agency has put us on the grid, code blue. It's just a matter of time.

Kevin: But we're out of time.

Lucy: No, no. I -- I don't think so, not yet.

Kevin: Lucy, how does anyone know? How can anyone know that?

Victor: Look, this is the most sophisticated electronic surveillance system in the world. It's the only way to find Livvie quickly enough to --

Jamal: Kevin. Lucy.

Lucy: Jamal, Alison? What?

Kevin: What?

Alison: It's Jack.

Lucy: What about Jack?

Alison: He disappeared right in front of us.

Kevin: What?

Jamal: Yeah.

Alison: Yeah, right after we figured out where Livvie was.

Kevin: What -- you what?

Alison: Yeah, ok, listen. Kevin, you should've seen it, though. His eyes -- they got all red --

Kevin: Alison, be quiet. Talk to me. You know where Livvie is?

Alison: Yes, that's why we're here. Ok, look, the pilot -- he already has directions.

Lucy: Wait, wait. Back up. What do you mean "the pilot?" Where are you going?

Alison: The plane, the plane. We called Nana. She's going to let us borrow it. We're taking the Barrington plane.

Kevin: No, no, you're not.

Jamal: Kevin, Kevin --

Kevin: It's too dangerous. You two stay here with Victor and Lucy. She's my daughter.

Alison: But she's my best friend.

Kevin: I'm not going to argue about this with you. You're staying here. You got it? And that means you, Jamal. I'm going alone.

Lucy: No.

Kevin: Lucy --

Lucy: The heck you are. Doc, listen, you know how I am when I get like this. I am going with you. We are going together.

Kevin: Fine. If we're going, let's go.

Lucy: All right.

Kevin: Come on.

Abe: We gather in the twilight to celebrate the coming together of two souls committed to be one, entwined for all eternity. Caleb and Olivia, you are the bone, flesh, and heart which will soon be creating a new family unit. You enter joyfully into this covenant. My honor and duty and pleasure it is to join these fated souls as willing wife and husband, through this life and the many lives and generations which will follow. If there be anyone who would object to this union, speak now --


Abe: Or eternally --

Jack: Livvie!

Abe: Hold your peace.

Jack: Livvie! Livvie!

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Jack: You're going to have to kill me because I'm not leaving here without Livvie.

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