Port Charles Transcript Monday 7/30/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Jamal: What? You're my sister?

Gabriela: That's right, Jamal, we're blood -- if you'll pardon the expression.

Jamal: No, this is some kind of stupid trick.

Alison: Gabby --

Gabriela: What do you think, Alison? Am I kidding?

Alison: No. Jamal! Ow!

Jamal: You get your hand off of her or I'm driving this stake straight through your heart.

Gabriela: Is that any way to talk to your family, Jamal?

Jamal: You think I don't mean it?

Alison: Gabby, please!

Jamal: You better let her go.

Alison: Ouch!

Gabriela: I never cared much for blue blood, anyway.

Jamal: Come on, let's get out of here.

Alison: Wait, Jamal. Wait. What if she's telling the truth? What if Gabby is your sister?

Jamal: She's not my sister. She's a damn vampire.

Gabriela: Sorry, little brother, but one has nothing to do with the other. Look, see for yourself.

Jamal: What is it?

Gabriela: My adoption papers. Yeah, it was a shock to me, too. But that's not the only surprise.

Jamal: Oh, my God.

Gabriela: Seems you and I got the same daddy.

Jamal: How can that be?

Alison: Oh, my God, Jamal, that is your dad's name. Oh! Gabby!

Gabriela: This is the last time you get in my way!

Alison: Gabby, you can't bite him, not if he's family!

Gabriela: Yeah, I figured that out. But we vampires got a lot of tricks up our sleeve, and you're not going to like any of them!

Eve: Caleb wants our baby. That lunatic is after our child.

Ian: All right, all right. Let's slow down for a minute here. A vampire? Is that what you said, Kevin?

Kevin: Yes.

Ian: Ok, that's ridiculous. And you're upsetting Eve.

Lucy: I'm sorry, but you know me. I wouldn't upset anybody if I didn't have a reason.

Ian: I agree with you. I know Caleb's got problems. There's no question. But I don't think being a vampire is one of them. And what about you? You're buying this?

Kevin: Yes, I'm buying this, and we don't have time to talk about all the details. We're asking you to trust us.

Ian: Trust you? To trust you? You're telling us that Caleb is a vampire who is after our child. You need to get some rest, both of you.

Kevin: Maybe you didn't hear me! You want to pop me, go ahead. My daughter's life is on the line! Now, I don't give a damn what you believe or what you don't believe. All I know is that the best chance we have of finding Caleb is you and Eve, and until we do, you're not going anywhere.

Jack: Livvie. No. No. Livvie. No. No!

Jack: I'm going to kill this guy. No.

Jack: Oh, my God. Oh, my -- it's -- it's not -- it's not her. Oh, thank God. But she looks just like her. My God. What has he done to you?

Livvie: Do it, Caleb. I want to feel it, everything you described, everything you promised.

Caleb: Feel what, Olivia?

Livvie: You. Your fangs in my flesh. I want you to make me yours.

Caleb: Why?

Livvie: What's wrong?

Caleb: Nothing.

Livvie: Why did you stop?

Caleb: I want you so bad. You must know this. But not like this.

Livvie: Caleb, what do you mean?

Caleb: We have to wait.

Livvie: No, I don't want to wait. The time is now.

Ian: What are you doing? You think that's going to help you find Livvie?

Kevin: You don't understand, Ian. Caleb has Livvie this minute.

Lucy: And he's going to hurt her. That much we know for sure.

Kevin: Which is why we don't have time to debate this.

Ian: Go to the police.

Kevin: You think we haven't tried that already?

Lucy: They wouldn't help us.

Kevin: The truth is they couldn't even if they wanted to, but you and Eve can.

Lucy: Please, if you don't want to do this for Livvie, for us, then at least do it for your child.

Eve: Why do you keep saying that? Why would somebody want to hurt our baby?

Ian: Don't listen to them. You're losing it.

Lucy: No, you're going to listen to me because this isn't about just my tarot cards. This is about what Michael told you, Eve, about wearing that necklace to protect you from Caleb. This is also about the judge and Emilio and Jack -- all the things that happened --

Ian: And that proves that he's a vampire?

Kevin: Oh, this is getting nowhere! Look, just tell us where Michael is. If he can lead us to Caleb, at least it's a start.

Eve: He's probably at the monastery.

Lucy: The place you and Ian got married.

Kevin: How do we get there?

Ian: I'll take you. I want to have a word with that boy anyway.

Lucy: Let's go.

Ian: I'll have Frank look after you.

Eve: No! If you think you're parking me with some babysitter, you're wrong. If Caleb is after our son, I want to know about it.

Kevin: Come on. I'll drive.

Eve: I want to hear it from Michael himself.

Ian: What are you doing? I said I'd protect you.

Eve: I know you will. I know you will. But this couldn't hurt, right?

Kevin: Let's go!

Ian: Come on.

Livvie: What are you waiting for, Caleb? I'm ready to step into the life you've shown me, experience what it feels like to have you drink from my blood.

Caleb: All in good time.

Livvie: I don't understand. Why isn't now the right time? Are you having second thoughts about me? Did you change your mind?

Caleb: No. I want you more with every minute.

Livvie: Oh. Then what is it? I'm right here.

Caleb: There's something I need to tell you, something important.

Livvie: No. I don't need to hear it.

Caleb: You do. For you to truly be mine, there can be no secrets between us, Olivia.

Livvie: But you already told me what you are.

Caleb: There's more. It's about the woman I loved before you.

Livvie: What does she have to do with us?

Caleb: She was so much like you. It was so easy to adore her, to want nothing more than to make her happy.

Livvie: Was she pretty?

Caleb: Not as pretty as you. But she had the same long, dark, beautiful hair. I remember brushing it till it shone like silk.

Caleb's Voice: "I can hardly describe my elation when at last she agreed to be mine. I couldn't wait to make her my bride. The day before our wedding, I'm beside myself with joy." I went to her that morning, gave her the gift I had made for her. I couldn't contain my excitement. I wanted to share everything with her right then in that moment, so strong was my faith in her love. What happened next was what I most feared. She screamed and pushed me away. Her eyes, once filled with love, were now filled with terror and disgust. No amount of reassurance could convince her I was still the man she wanted to spend her life with only seconds before. She told me to get out, to never come near her again. I couldn't bear the thought of losing her, the thought of her thinking of me as some frightening, hideous creature. If only I was able to show her, make her see how wonderful and extraordinary it could be, I was sure she would no longer fear me. But she wouldn't listen. She pushed me away again, and this time, I lost control.

Caleb's Voice: I killed her.

Jack: Livvie, I'm not going to let this happen. I won't.

Caleb: So, do you want to leave?

Livvie: No. I want to thank you.

Caleb: Thank me?

Livvie: For trusting me enough to tell me everything.

Caleb: You're not afraid?

Livvie: No. Caleb, I'm not like her. I know exactly what and who you are, and I don't care. I want all of you, all of what you've shown me our life together would be like.

Caleb: You really mean that?

Livvie: With everything I am. I cannot imagine my life without you.

Caleb: Olivia, marry me. Marry me on Friday.

Livvie: Yes.

Caleb: Yes?

Livvie: Yes.

Caleb: I'm going to give you everything you ever dreamed of.

Livvie: And I'll try to be patient.

Caleb: It'll be worth the wait. It'll be worth it. I'll make all the arrangements. You're tired. You should get some rest.

Livvie: Yes.

Caleb: You have made me so happy. I never thought I could feel this way again.

Livvie: I won't let you down, Caleb. I promise.

Alison: Oh, my God, Jamal. Are you all right? Gabby, what are you going to do with us?

Gabriela: I haven't decided yet.

Jamal: Well, while you're deciding, why don't you tell me why you were coming after me?

Gabriela: Because Caleb told me to.

Alison: Why would he want Jamal?

Gabriela: Because Jamal was helping to feed Jack. Caleb hates Jack.

Jamal: Yeah? And how does Caleb feel about you?

Gabriela: Caleb loves me.

Jamal: Gabby, I don't know about that.

Gabriela: Shut up!

Jamal: Why don't you let us help you?

Gabriela: I don't need your help.

Alison: Look, Gabby, Jack was bitten, too, ok? And we're helping him. Just let us help you, too.

Gabriela: I like who I am.

Jamal: Gabby, Gabby, Gabby, this is not you. I mean, not really. I know because I know you. You were a good person. You cared about your family, all your friends, your patients.

Alison: Remember when I was sick last summer and I was in the hospital? Gabby, you totally helped me, you were there for me. You were strong and you were kind, and I always appreciated that. I'll always remember that.

Gabriela: That person is gone. I'm better now. Stronger.

Jamal: Come on, Gabby, you know that's not true. You know what Caleb did to you is wrong, ok, because deep down you are the same person. I mean, your heart, your soul, your compassion. I know it's got to be killing you inside, Gabby, but it's not too late for you. Gabby, it's -- Gabby, it's not too late for us. Gabby, you know I always wanted a sister.

Michael: Find what you're looking for?

Jack: Ah, it's you. Where is she, you bastard? What have you done to Livvie?

Lucy: Wow. This is very beautiful. I can see why the two of you wanted to get married here.

Eve: Michael restored it.

Ian: Yeah, so he'd have a place to house his brother.

Eve: That is not the only reason.

Lucy: But Michael built a church for a vampire? That doesn't make any sense.

Ian: Maybe Caleb isn't a vampire.

Kevin: Can we just do what we came to do, find Michael and find out where Caleb might have taken Livvie?

Eve: All right, I'll check his room.

Ian: I'll come with you.

Michael: No! Stop!

Lucy: What in the world is that?

Kevin: What was that?

Eve: Wait a minute. That sounded like Michael.

Ian: The cellar. That's where he kept Caleb.

Jamal: Ok, so what do you say, Gabby? Will you let us help you?

Gabriela: Sorry, no sale.

Alison: Gabby, you just found out that Jamal is your brother. That's got to affect you in some way. Or are you going to let Caleb take that away from you, too?

Gabriela: There's nothing I can do.

Jamal: But, yes, there is. You can fight this. You can fight him, Gabby.

Gabriela: Caleb loves me.

Jamal: Really? Well, would he have left you alone while he ran off with Livvie if he loved you?

Alison: Yeah. Gabby, he's using you. Why can't you see that?

Gabriela: I don't want to hear any more!

Alison: You don't want to hear any more because it is the truth.

Gabriela: You are not going to change my mind about this, and you are not going to change me.

Jamal: So what are you going to do? You're going to kill us? Huh, Gabby? You're going to take the lives of two people who just want to help you, that's it?

Gabriela: You get in my way again and I will. Here's a piece of advice from your big sister -- if you think that you or Jack or any of you can stop Caleb, you're wrong because he is always going to win.

Caleb's Voice: I've waited for this moment for so long.

Livvie's Voice: I'm your wife now. You don't have to wait any longer.

Livvie's Voice: Take me, Caleb. Drink from me now.

Livvie: Jack.

Jack: Tell me. Tell me where Livvie is!

Michael: I don't know. I'm not who you think I am.

Jack: Tell me. Tell me before I rip --

Kevin: Jack!

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