Port Charles Transcript Thursday 7/26/01

By John
Proofread by Beth

Chris: [Strained voice] Jack --

Kevin: Jack --

Lucy: Jack, please --

Kevin: Jack, let him go.

Jack: You don't understand.

Kevin: You don't understand. The police will put you back in jail again if you hurt him.

Jack: "If?"

Kevin: Jack!

Lucy: Oh, Jack!

Kevin: Think about Livvie.

Jack: He kept me away from her. He made me lose time.

Kevin: He's not worth it.

Jack: Get away from me, both of you!

Lucy: Doc, we have to do something. Do something!

Kevin: What? How?

Lucy: I don't know, but look at him! He's killing his brother! He's murdering him!

Kevin: Jack!

Lucy: Jack!

Alison: Jamal, I mean, talk about last resorts. All right?

Jamal: Look, we looked everywhere else. Ok, Jack and Livvie -- they got to be somewhere.

Alison: I know, but with her?

Jamal: Look, I know Gabby threw a lot of attitude the last time we talked to her.

Alison: I know, I know, but the stalker matches Caleb's description. I got that part.

Jamal: Right. So if we hang around long enough -- I don't know, the guy might show up and --

Alison: But the odds of that actually happening, Jamal, are worse than the lottery.

Jamal: Yeah, I know. That's why you got to play to win, right?

Gabriela: Yes, I'm still holding for Mrs. Nielsen. Well, is anyone there who's authorized to get into the records at your excuse for an adoption agency?

[Knock on door]

Gabriela: Wait. No, I will not hold! You call me back. You have the number.

Gabriela: Oh, God. What now?

Jamal: Hey, Gabby, you got a minute?

Gabriela: No, not really.

Jamal: I see you're still kind of upset from your brother being hurt, huh?

Gabriela: Yeah, you think?

Alison: Well, we just thought maybe you could use some company.

Jamal: Yeah.

Gabriela: Well, you thought wrong.

Caleb: I was just saying having you stay is the most wonderful gift I could ever ask for.

Livvie: After everything you've done for me, I would've been crazy to say no. Just seeing my mother again -- Caleb, how did you do it? How did you bring her back here?

Caleb: I have special gifts most people don't, ways they would never understand.

Livvie: I guess I'm one of them.

Caleb: I'll try to explain. What's confusing you?

Livvie: Everything. All of this. How -- how could you just make my mother appear like that? I mean, is this some kind of a dream? Who are you, Caleb? How do I even know you're real?

Caleb: Oh, I'm real, Olivia. Let me show you how real.

Livvie: Show me.

Kevin: Jack --

Lucy: Jack! Please, Jack, stop! Please!

Jack: No, he deserves it.

Kevin: I'm sure he does, but killing him won't get us to Livvie any sooner. We need your help, Jack! We've got to get to Livvie!

Lucy: He's not listening. Is Chris worth losing Livvie over? Jack, Livvie. Don't let Chris hold you back. Let's go find her. Every minute counts, Jack. Please.

Kevin: You told me vampires couldn't kill their own brothers.

Lucy: A technicality. They -- they can't feed. They can't feed.

Kevin: But no problem snapping necks? That's quite a loophole.

Jack: So you guys know about me?

Lucy: Oh, Jack. Yeah.

[Chris groans]

Lucy: We sort of put the pieces of the puzzle together. Same to you, Chris.

Kevin: What the heck was going on in here?

Jack: My brother decided to lock me in this cage to run experiments on me. But I guess I lived a little longer, huh?

Chris: I was trying to save lives, keep the public safe.

Jack: You want to protect people, Chris? Here, I'll protect --

Lucy: No, no, no, no!

Kevin: No, Jack --

Chris: See? See what you get? Give that bloodsucking monster half a chance, and he just goes after the jugular. I'm just trying to keep innocent people safe.

Jack: Safe? You want to be safe?

Chris: Kevin, Lucy --

Jack: Huh?

Chris: Keep him away from me!

Jack: You want me to stay away from you, Chris? Where you know you'll be safe?

Chris: Freak. You're a freak!

Jack: I am?

Chris: I should've finished -- aah!

Jack: What do you think about that, huh? I'm sorry. I should see if you want something to eat. Would you like me to grab you a hamburger, raw meat, anything like that? You know what? Why don't you think about it? We'll be back. Let's go. Let's find Livvie.

Lucy: Yeah. We're wasting time.

Chris: You can't leave! Don't go! I'm --

Caleb: Still afraid I'm a figment of your imagination?

Livvie: I'm not afraid of anything about you, Caleb.

Caleb: Even my promise to grant your every wish?

Livvie: You really meant that.

Caleb: Anything you want, anytime you want it, all you have to do is ask.

Livvie: I can't. Caleb, I know you can do what you say you can. I've seen it, but --

Caleb: But?

Livvie: You've been so generous.

Caleb: I'd give you anything I could.

Livvie: But these powers of yours --

Caleb: They scare you.

Livvie: Maybe they should, but they're just like you. They're mysterious and magical.

Caleb: You're the magic, Olivia. It's you that made the miracle happen.

Livvie: What miracle?

Caleb: You opened my heart again. A heart that was -- that was closed to everything. I was lost. I was wandering alone without love, without light, without warmth. And then you gave me a reason to live again. You're the magic.

Livvie: What happened to close your heart?

Livvie: Tell me. Please.

Caleb: A long time ago, there was another woman.

Livvie: And you loved her.

Caleb: One smile from her, and my soul had wings.

Livvie: But you lost her.

Caleb: I was very young. I had no patience. But I'm wiser now, and I've -- I've learned how fragile a heart can be. I just learned this too late.

Livvie: What happened?

Caleb: The night before our wedding, before we were going to take our vows --

Livvie: Oh, God. She died, didn't she?

Caleb: That night I knew I was finished. In the core of my being, I knew I would never love again. I lived my life without feeling, and I knew that's the way it would always be. Until --

Livvie: Until?

Caleb: I saw you, Olivia. And then my heart started beating again. And I knew I wanted to live forever. So you see, you are the magic. You are the magic.

Alison: Gabby! Open this door now!

Jamal: Ali, just take it easy.

Gabriela: What the hell do you want?

Alison: To find our friends, that's it. We tried to be nice about it, but, actually, I'm getting a little sick and tired --

Jamal: Sorry, Gabby, sorry. Look, what she's trying to say is that we have some information that makes us think that the guy that's been stalking you may be able to lead us to Livvie and Jack.

Gabriela: What?

Jamal: Look, we know his name is Caleb. Ok, we know that he's holding Livvie somewhere.

Alison: And he's in love with her. That's what this is all about. Whoever this Caleb guy is, he's got a little thing for Livvie.

Gabriela: What makes you think I give a damn about any of this? And what makes you think I have any information about this Caleb and Livvie? I mean, who would have a thing for that boney brat, anyway?

Alison: Whoa, wait a second.

Gabriela: You know, I have wasted enough time on this stupidity. I want you both out of here right now.

Alison: What is the matter with you? We are just coming here to tell you that the guy who hurt your brother might be Caleb.

Gabriela: I don't want to talk to you or anybody else about Emilio or Caleb or Jack or Livvie or any of it! I am expecting a very important phone call, and it is private!

Alison: Wait -- wait, wait a second! Wait just a minute! I've had all the doors slammed in my face that I can take today.

Jamal: Gabby, just listen --

Gabriela: No, you just listen. Just leave right now!

Alison: No! Not until you listen to what we have to tell you!

Gabriela: Are you deaf, little girl? I said out of here!

Jamal: Get your hands off her! What's wrong --

Gabriela: And you, too, moron! Get out of my face!

Jamal: Ow! Gabby, Gabby, my arm. What's wrong with you, Gabby?

Jamal: Ok, Gabby, just chill. We get the message, ok? Just back off and we're gone, ok?

Gabriela: Good idea!

Alison: What the --

Jamal: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey, just forget it. Forget it. We're out of here. Come on, let's go.

Alison: No, we're not. We are trying to find our friends and warn you about a killer, and you treat us like --

Gabriela: What makes you think Caleb is a killer? What makes you think he ever hurt anyone?

Alison: Why are you defending him? Because that's exactly what it sounds like.

[Phone rings]

Alison: What kind of nut case are you?

Gabriela: Enough! Get out! That's the phone call I'm waiting for. Turn and walk away while you still can.

Jamal: Do it, Spunky, now. Ok, you heard her. Look, I'm sorry. Ok? We both are sorry.


Gabriela: Hello? Hello? Finally. I've been trying all damn day to get you on the phone!

Alison: What are you doing dragging me away like that?

Jamal: Look, look, just forget about it, ok? Let's just get out of here.

Alison: No. I had a few things that I was dying to say to her.

Jamal: Yeah, "dying" is the word, ok? Let's just go.

Alison: What are you talking about? I can handle myself. What is her problem, anyway?

Jamal: Ali, listen, listen --

Alison: What? What?

Jamal: Don't you get it?

Alison: What?

Jamal: In a couple more seconds, her problem would've been our problem.

Alison: What are you talking about?

Jamal: Ok, I had a feeling about it at the hospital -- her and Emilio and everything -- but now that she's put that death grip on me, I'm sure of it.

Alison: Sure of what? What?

Jamal: Gabby is a vampire. Ok, the reason why she doesn't want to talk about Caleb, the reason why she's protecting him, is because she's a vampire.

Livvie: That was such an incredibly sad story, Caleb. So beautiful and sad, the way it ended.

Caleb: That was then. We can add our own ending now, write our own story, make it a happy one.

Livvie: My family is worried about me being with you because they think you're dangerous. But if they could only see what I see and know what I know.

Caleb: What do you know, Olivia?

Livvie: That you are gentle and giving. You've been hurt, and you're afraid to be hurt again.

Caleb: Call them and tell them what you know.

Livvie: You're serious?

Caleb: Let the people you love know you're not being held against your will. Let them know I would never hurt you.

Livvie: They won't understand.

Caleb: Then make them understand. You know you can. Make them understand.

Jack: Ok, where do we start?

Kevin: Well, we hoped you'd have an idea.

Jack: Why? I've been stuck in a cage.

Lucy: Ok, wait, wait. We know Caleb probably has Livvie, right?

Jack: Yes, I saw him take her.

Kevin: Where?

Jack: I don't know. He usually tries to find me.

Lucy: Well, that's because he usually has something that he wants from you.

Kevin: Yes. In this case, my daughter. He wants to make her over to his bride. He wants to make her over to --

Jack: Dr. Collins, you can't hurt my feelings. I know what I've become. Now, I promise you I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure Caleb doesn't turn Livvie into what I am, what -- my kind, whatever. You know -- me.

Kevin: So you do have an idea?

Jack: Yes.

Lucy: Why did you just lie?

Jack: Because I knew you guys would want to come, and you can't.

Kevin: If you think we're going to let you go off and do this alone, you're wrong. Livvie is my daughter. I'm going with you.

Jack: You have to let me go alone on this.

Kevin: I'm sorry, I can't.

Jack: Listen to me. I can bargain with this guy. I can make a trade with him. You can't.

Lucy: What kind of trade?

Kevin: What do you have that Caleb wants?

Jack: Me. I can give him me.

Kevin: You?

Jack: Yes, why not? I mean, he says he's going to turn me or he's going to destroy me, and at least this way I can put up a fight. You -- you guys can't. He will kill you guys, and that'll make it that much closer for him controlling Livvie.

Lucy: He may be right, Doc. He's making some sense here.

Jack: You have to stay away from Caleb. He is dangerous. You're only putting yourself in danger when you're around him. I swear to you -- I swear on my life that I will bring Livvie back to you.

Lucy: Doc?

Kevin: Look, I know you believe you can --

Jack: I can.

Kevin: But not alone. If you know where to find Livvie, great, but I want to be there when you do.

[Phone rings]

Kevin: I'm going with you, Jack.


Lucy: Doc, shouldn't you get the phone? It might be Victor, something about Livvie.

Kevin: Hold on.

Jack: Don't worry, I'll find Livvie.

Kevin: Jack, no!

Lucy: Jack come back here!

Kevin: Hello?

Livvie: Dad, hello.

Kevin: Livvie? Is that you?

Livvie: Yeah. Hi, dad. It's me.

Chris: Oh, yes. Hello? Yes, I need some help. I'm in a cage. I've been locked into a cage. What? No, I'm not kidding. Why would I call 911 if I'm kidding? Yes, this is an emergency! I'm in a cage, it's in a laborator-- hello? Hello? It's in a laboratory, the corridor -- hello? No, I -- no, no, don't hang up. I can hear you. I'm just not getting a good -- aah! Ugh!

Chris: No! What'd I do to deserve this?

Alison: God.

Jamal: You ok?

Alison: Of course she's one of them.

Jamal: Yeah.

Alison: God, this all makes sense now.

Jamal: Yeah, how she knew more about Caleb than she ever let on.

Alison: See, all the while I thought that she was acting totally crazy, but really she wasn't.

Jamal: No, of course she was.

Alison: No, Jamal, not for a vampire. I can't believe that we didn't think of this sooner.

Jamal: No, no, no, we did. See, we just didn't connect the dots. We all knew she was acting --

Alison: What? What? What?

Jamal: She must've bit Emilio. That explains what happened.

Alison: Wait, how can that be? That's her brother. And isn't it the rules of the vampires that you can't feed on your own family?

Jamal: Yeah -- I mean, I don't know. I'm not sure what rules are right or wrong anymore. It's just -- but you know what? The one thing I am sure of is that if Gabby's a vampire -- and she is -- that she can lead us straight to Caleb and then to Livvie.

Gabriela: There's no question? You have the adoption papers? Yes, I -- I understand. Yeah, I'll -- I'll be right over. Oh, my God. I can't believe this. This can't be true!

Jamal: Now, now, now, now!

Alison: Oh, my God, that was close.

Jamal: Ok, Spunky, come on, let's do it.

Alison: Ok. I'm right behind you.

Jamal: Shh.

Alison: You better be right about this, Jamal.

Kevin: Livvie, where are you?

Lucy: Is she all right?

Kevin: Livvie, I'm going to come and get you. Just tell me where you are.

Livvie: I'm fine. In fact, I'm having a really wonderful time.

Kevin: Alone?

Livvie: No. Not exactly.

Kevin: Now, Livvie, tell me, is -- is someone there with you? Is it Caleb?

Livvie: Dad, please.

Kevin: If he's there with you, tell me. Did he hurt you?

Livvie: I told you, there's nothing to worry about. I'm here because I want to be, ok?

Kevin: Livvie, listen to me. Caleb is dangerous. Now, I know that you think that he's --

Livvie: You don't know anything about him or what I think.

Kevin: Livvie --

Livvie: Could you just put Jack on the phone, please? Do you have any idea where he is?

Caleb: Relax, Dr. Collins. I promise I'll take good care of her.

Kevin: No, no. Don't hang up! Livvie?

Lucy: Doc?

Kevin: Livvie?

Jack: Livvie! Livvie! Livvie! Livvie! Don't give in, don't give in. Listen to me. Don't let that bastard hypnotize you. Trust in our love because I'm coming. Just be patient, I'm coming for you. You just have to believe in us. You have to believe in us. Just believe in our love. Ok? Please.

Caleb: All taken care of?

Livvie: But I wasn't finished yet.

Caleb: Your father knows you're safe and happy. He'll tell all who are concerned. That's what you wanted, isn't it?

Livvie: Yeah.

Caleb: Good. Now, do you think maybe you could get them out of your mind for a while? Just focus on us? If you promise to do this, I promise you the best is yet to come.

Livvie: I promise.

Caleb: Then I have another surprise for you. Come on. Take my hand, Olivia. That's it.

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